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The Bet

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God! I felt so humiliated.

I’ve never been so humiliated before in my entire life.

I groaned in anger as I stood up and glared angrily at her.

“You’ll regret ever humiliating me. I promise to pay you back.” I sneered angrily at her and stomped to my seat.

“Get back to your seats! And stop staring!” Jason snapped at the rowdy students.

They scuttled to their seats and they all became quiet.

I glared angrily at her from my seat while she sneered at me.

She rolled her eyes and turned her head to another side.

I never thought she could some nerves.

I’m gonna teach her a bitter lesson.


I chuckled lightly as I took a quick glance at Jeremy’s scrunched up face in embarrassment.

He better doesn’t do anything stupid or else, he would see the other side of me he hasn’t seen before.

The arithmetic teacher walked into the class and only few of us returned her greeting.

She taught us and gave us some few exercises to do.

I finished solving mine and closed my notebook.

Soon, the time to solve the exercises was over.

The arithmetic teacher went round the class and started giving scores.

When it got to my turn, she hesitated for a while.

She stared at my workout and then, back at me.

Then, a slight smile curved in her lips.

“You did awesomely great than the other students I’ve scored.

You even solved yours in a higher standard.

Tell me, what’s the secret?” She expound with a smile.

The students attention were on us and they were staring keenly at me.

“Well….. Erm.” I cleared my throat repeatedly.

“Study. I study ahead.

I study very hard and burn the midnight oil.” I said feeling nervous.

“Wow! That’s great.” She commended with a smile.

She stood erect and faced the class.

“You all should try and emulate her. Paisley right?” She asked and turned to look at me.

“No ma’am. Leah.” I said.

“Oh right! You all should learn to study very hard and burn the midnight oil so as to do very well in your academics.” She expounded with a smile.

“Excuse me ma’am!” Jeremy suddenly said with a smirk.

“Yes?” The arithmetic teacher asked and darted her gaze to him.

“Well, you haven’t even checked the others workout and you’re already giving her all the credit?

There are still fifteen more students for you to check their workout.” He groused and rolled his eyes.

I scoffed and looked at him irritably.

The arithmetic teacher nodded positively and left my table.

That bastard!

He’s doing it on purpose to annoy me!

To make me pissed off….

He still doesn’t know me that well.

I’ll still get back at him…..

Fortunately for me and unfortunately for Jeremy, I still had the highest score.

And I was applauded.

I smirked victoriously at him and stuck out my tongue mockingly while he glared hard at me.



Throughout class that morning, Jeremy didn’t get on my nerves again.

I was happy……

During lunch break, I went to the cafeteria and ordered my snacks.

I sat on my usual table and munched on my snacks.

Jeremy entered the cafeteria with his friends behind him and Charlene beside him.

The cafeteria went all rowdy as the students squealed enthusiastically.

I stood up from my seat and made to leave when Jason suddenly stepped on my toes.

“Ouch!!” I shrieked in pain and stared angrily at him.

He pushed me down and I fell hard on my butt.


Next, he took a students lasagna and poured it all over me. Then, he took a can coke and emptied everything on me.

I gazed murderously at him while the students laughed crazily.

“I told you I’ll surely get back at you.” Jeremy smirked and walked stylishly and with pride to his usual table.

Jason and Charlene booed at me and trailed behind Jeremy.

I bent my head in embarrassment and tried my best not to cry.

I won’t cry.

Charlene turned back and used a spoon to hit me on my head before scurrying off to meet the boys.

The students laughed at me and took pictures of me.

Some even took videos of the embarrassing scene.

“Hey.” I took my head from the floor and stared at a girl.

She pulled me up and wrapped her jacket around me and took me out of the cafeteria.

Some of the students gasped in shock as she walked me out.

I got to the restroom and cleaned up.

Daisy, the girl who had helped me gave me her jersey and I wore it.

She’s a newbie and was admitted on the same day with Charlene but we haven’t even spoken to each other before.

“Thank you so much.” I appreciated her with a smile.

“It’s nothing.” She smiled.

“I’m Daisy and you are?” She introduced and stretched out het hand for a handshake.

“Leah.” I said and placed me hand on her’s and we both shook hands.



“I’ve always admired you since I came but I was too nervous to talk to you.

You’re always alone and don’t talk to other students.

At first I thought you were a snub but after watching you closely, I found out that it’s your personality.

You’re naturally quiet.” Daisy said as we walked back to the classroom.

“Yeah. I like being alone.

I don’t want friends. They end up betraying you.” I shrugged.

She stopped walking and held my hands, staring intently at me.

“Leah, I’m not like other girls. I’m never gonna betray you.

I like and admire you Leah and I want us to be friends.

Let’s hangout and get to know each other better.” She said sincerely looking all serious.

I hesitated for a while and stared at her pleading eyes on me.

I’m just scared.

I don’t want what happened to me before to repeat itself.

But like she said, she’s different. Everybody aren’t the same.

Why don’t I give her a chance? Who knows?

She might be different in a good way.

She even helped me a while ago and she seems nice.

I exhaled deeply and stared at her.

“I accept. We can be friends.” I said.

She gasped loudly and popped out her eyes dramatically and engulfed me in a big hug.


Do you think Leah made the right decision?

What happened to her before that she’s afraid of having a friend?

Do you think Daisy is a girl that can be trusted?


Your thoughts on this chapter below 👇…

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