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The Bet

πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ






I held my chest and laughed hard as Paisley ran out of the class in tears.

I and my friends high five and laughed more.

Well, it was my idea.

She isn’t really on her period.

I was the one who poured red ink on her seat and unfortunately for her, she sat on it without looking.

Gosh! It’s was so embarrassing to her and hillarious to me.

I could pay a million dollars to see that pained look on her face again.

The geography teacher calmed the laughing students down and continued teaching.

Another student had to solve what Paisley was supposed to solve.



I couldn’t help but grin through out.

Serves her right.

Some of the students had even taken videos and pictures of the scene and soon, she’s gonna be talk of the whole school.




I ran into the restroom and wept.

Such an embarrassment!

But then, I remembered something.

I usually do have painful cramps during my period but I aren’t feeling any bit of pain in my lower abdomen.

I checked my yoga pants clearly in the mirror and found out that it wasn’t really blood.

It was like a red ink or something.


Who could have poured red ink on my chair and made it look like it was my menstrual blood.

So, everything has been for nothing.

First it was a rubber snake and now this?

Who’s this person?

The person should pray I don’t get to know him or her or else?

I fumed inwardly.

I stayed in the restroom unable and ashamed to come out.

How I’m I supposed to tell the class that it was an ink and nothing more?

I just sat in the toilet seat and did nothing.



When I was sure that we were done with school and students might probably be going home, I came out of the restroom.

As I walked out along the hallway of the restroom, I suddenly heard moans and smooching noise coming from a particular room.

I traced the sound and got to a door.

I placed my ear and eavesdropped on it.

” Ha….. Hum…… Gently….. Faster…. You’re so sweet.” I heard the moans of a girl.


A boy and a girl having sex in the girl’s restroom?

The voice sounded very familiar.

I placed my ear and listened keenly again.

Oh my God!

It was Charlene and a guy!

The voice of the guy sounded like Jason’s.


So Jason and Charlene are having sex behind Jeremy?

Charlene is such a bitch and Jason a dick!

” Haaa. You were so sweet and huge.” Charlene said.

Ewwwwwww!! Gross!!!

That irritated me like yuck.

“I thought you were a virgin.” Jason said.

“Oh forget about that! I’ve only had sex twice in my alma mater and this one we just had made it thrice.” Charlene said.

I covered my mouth with my hand to avoid me from gasping out loud.

“Really? But anyways you were so sweet and still tight.” Jason said.

I scoffed irritably and walked out of the restroom hallway.

I can’t believe I just heard the moans from sex.

It’s my first time and I’m so surprised.

Can’t believe that Jason would go behind Jeremy and have sex with his girlfriend.

And Charlene is so cheap .

Anyways, it’s none of my business.



I sneaked into the classroom and took my bag.

I went to my locker room and changed into my uniform.

I was about sneaking out and running out of the locker room when I bumped into the detention master.

Oh God!
Why now?

“Are you stalking me?” I asked him and crossed my hands akimbo.

“To your detention room.” He replied instead with a scoff.

I rolled my eyes and walked away.



The next morning, I brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I curled my hair and let it fall down my shoulders.

I hummed softly as I wore my shoes.

Today seems to be a bright and happy day.

I carried my backpack and walked out of my room.

I got to the dinning room and thank goodness, dad wasn’t there.

Just mom and my kid siblings.

I greeted mom and sat down.
I ate breakfast smiling while mom took surprised glances at me.

It’s rare so see me always happy during breakfast.

It’s one that they don’t see in me all the time.

The school bus came and I got it.

The students were whisperings and gossiping about what happened to me the previous day.

I ignored them as usual fixing my headphones on.



“I can’t believe Jeremy! Do you know he was the one who poured red ink of Leah’s seat so as to make it look like blood?” I heard a girl say in the restroom.

Mine was beside hers and I could clearly hear what she was saying.

“Really? How did you know?” I heard another girl ask.

“I caught him when he sneaked into the class and poured it on her seat.

I had gone to take my water bottle in the class when I caught him doing so with his friends beside him.” The first girl expound.


That douchebag Jeremy!!

He made me feel humiliated right?

I would get back at him.

I rinsed my hand and walked out of the restroom.



The class suddenly became rowdy as the J4 guys entered into the classroom.

They seldomly attend classes.

The girls went all peppy as they stared dreamily at him.

As he walked with pride to his seat, I stuck out my leg unknowingly to him.

With his head raised up in pride, he tripped over my leg and fell hard on the floor with a thud with him lying face flat on the floor.

The students gasped out loud in shock as they stared at him.

I smirked at him while he stared vacuosly at me.

I crouched in front of him and whispered mockingly.

“Pay back. Let’s call it a fair play.” I smirked and sat on my seat and crossed my legs…….


Good for Jeremy!
How dare he?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…

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