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The Bet

๐Ÿ’… THE BET ๐ŸŽ—๏ธ

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I and my three friends laughed hysterically as we heard the shouts and cries of Paisley.

So she can cry and shout like that?

She hasn’t seen anything yet.

It was all Javier’s idea that we should scare her with a rubber snake.

I had opened the door of the store room and fortunate for me and unfortunate for her, she was asleep.

I flung the rubber snake and closed the door back.

We all stood behind the door and heard her shout and cry for help.

I would have so much love to see her expression but I don’t want her to know that I’m responsible.

This is just the beginning.

I’m gonna make sure I deal with her and she wouldn’t know the person.

She wouldn’t know what hit her.

I and my friends did an high five and walked away.

Serves her bitchy self right.


I hissed angrily and threw the god damn snake away.

I stepped on it and squeezed it with my legs angrily.

Who would have brought it in to scare me?

If I remembered vividly, there wasn’t a snake when I came in.

Did someone throw it in when I was asleep?

I thought and sighed.

But who could it be?

Everybody must have gone home already.

I gave up racking my brain to try to think whosever that would have scared me with the rubber snake.

The door opened and the detention master walked in.

“Two hours is over. You’re free to go.” He said and handed me my stuff’s.

I checked my time on my phone and it was way past two hours!

Two hours and forty minutes!

What the heck!

“Like seriously, sir Luke, it’s way past two hours.

You’re mean.” I grumbled angrily and dashed out of the room.

Probably, he might have forgotten about me๐Ÿ™„… And just got realized that I’m still in the school’s detention room.

I don’t get the fact that the store room should be used as a detention room for any students who deserves to go on detention.

I prefer the detention of sitting alone in class reading that being kept in that God forsaken store room!


I got to the parking lot and thank goodness, my chaffeur was still waiting for me.

“Sorry I’m late. I was given a two hours detention.” I said to my chaffeur.

“It’s alright ma’am.” He replied politely.

I got in the passengers seat and then, he drove off.



“Leah! Where have you been?” Mom said worriedly as she ran to hug me.

I exhaled deeply and disengaged from the hug.

“I was given a two hours detention.” I said and rolled my eyes.

“What did you do Leah? I know you aren’t a stubborn child. So, what happened?” She inquired and stared intently at me.

“Well mom, it’s a long story. Right now, all I need is a cool bath, nice dinner and a cool siesta.” I said and smiled.

” Alright. Go take your shower already. Your body is filled with dust and cobwebs.” Mom groused and pushed me to the stairs.

“Please help me tell the maid to bring my food to my room.

I don’t have the strength to come downstairs to eat.” I told mom and ran up to my room.

Yuck! My uniform stinks!

I pulled off my uniform and got into the bathroom and under the shower.

I wore a white short and a pink tank top.

I rolled my hair in a messy bun and got on top of my bed.

A maid walked in and dropped my tray of food on my bed.

“Good afternoon ma’am Paisley……. Sorry ma’am, I mean Leah.” She stuttered with a bow.

“Thanks. You can go.” I said and rolled my eyes.

She took my uniform and walked out of my room.

I sat properly on my bed and opened my meal.

I salivated as I stared at the food.

My favorite!

Without further hesitation, I took my cutleries and started eating.


I stirred awake as my alarm rang noisily.

I turned it off and got out of bed.

After taking my bath, I wore my uniform and combed my hair.

I didn’t bother to pack it up but let it fall down my shoulders freely.

I carried my backpack and phone and walked out of my room.

“Good morning dad, mom.” I greeted my parents and pecked their cheeks respectively.

Mom responded but dad ony scoffed and continued eating.

“Good morning sis Leah.” My twin siblings greeted enthusiastically.

“Morning to you my adorable siblings.” I enthused and pecked their cheeks.

“You’re not having breakfast?” Mom asked as I made to leave the dinning room.

“No mom. I’m not hungry. I’ll eat lunch at school.” I retorted plainly and smiled lightly at her.

“Hmm.” She muttered and glared suspiciously at me.

“Is there any other specific reason I don’t know about?” She asked.

“Fine mom! I can’t afford sitting with your husband and eating breakfast with him.

He might ruin my morning with his grumpy face.” I scoffed and walked out of the house before any further talk.

Mom is just gonna lashed out at me and reprimand me like always.

I mean, I’ve tried all my best to be in the good books of dad but he wouldn’t accept me.

What I’m I supposed to do?

Kill myself to please him?!

No way!!

The school bus arrived in no time and I jumped in.

As soon as I sat inside the bus, I became the topic.

* Can you imagine? She had the nerves to slap Jeremy!*

* Humph! She’s pretending to hate him whereas she’s secretly wishing to date him and be in Charlene’s shoes.*

* I thought she was very quiet and can’t even hurt a fly.

I guess I thought wrongly.*

The students continued to gossip and stole angry glances at me.

I huffed and plunged in my headphones.

I don’t give a damn to what’s over they say.

I’m not aggressive or whatever.

I just don’t like it when someone tries to bully me because they think I’m quiet and can’t fight for my self.

If that’s what they are thinking, they really don’t know me.

No one dares bully me!


I changed into my white yoga pants and shirt. Then wore my white snickers.

Well, we are having a yoga practice today and we were asked to wear our outfits.

I got to the yoga class and stood amidst the other students.



After hours of tiring practice, I went to a bench and plonked myself tiredly on it.

I brought out my water bottle and gulped down the water.

I exhaled deeply and wiped my sweaty face.

I stood up from seat and continued…


I was too lazy to change into my uniform and so, I walked back to the class with other students in my yoga outfit.



We were having geography as our last subject.

The teacher scribbled down something on the board and asked me to come solve it.

I stood up from my seat and went to the front of the class.

Suddenly, the whole class gasped loudly and I wondered why.

Then, some students were already chuckling and laughing mockingly.

I stared at their faces surprisingly.

“You’re stained. Your white yoga pants is stained with blood.” Someone screamed mockingly from the back.


I’m stained!

How come?

I turned and checked my yoga pants and truly, I was stained.

“You couldn’t even keep track of your next menstrual cycle and now you’re stained and you’re even wearing white.” Someone taunted.

Oh God!!

What an embarrassment!

Why today of all day?

And I even wore white.

It was vivid and I became terribly ashamed as the students stared at me.

I threw the marker away and ran out from the classroom in tears as the students laughed at me.


Chai! Nothing is as embarrassing as this.

White for that matter๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿคฆ…….

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To be continued…

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