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“Oh my God!!” I screamed in shock as I stared dumbfoundedly at the crying Daisy.

“Daisy!” I shrieked….

“What about Mara? How did you two end up making out in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Well, I noticed she had eyes for me.

I could tell she likes me because of the lustful stares she always give to me.

She came to my room that she needed to use the bathroom and I don’t know how, but we ended up making out.

And since you didn’t like me like the way I do, I accepted Mara.

At least she can give me what you can’t.” She scoffed sadly.

“Daisy,” I called gently and crouched in front of her.

She wiped her tears and stared sadly at me.

“You probably hate me right now, but it’s fine if you do.”

“Of course not Daisy! Don’t say such a thing.

I don’t hate you okay?

Knowing you’re a lesbian wouldn’t change anything.

It wouldn’t change the fact that I still like you as my friend. You’re still my friend.

I’m not in the right position to play judge and jury in your life.

Who I’m I to condemn you? You aren’t the only lesbian in the world.”

“I hate my life. My life is so fucked up.

Why can’t I be like other normal girls who fall in love with boys and not girls?” She sobbed on my shoulders.

“Don’t say such a thing Daisy. You’re normal.

You didn’t create yourself.

It’s fine okay? Don’t hurt yourself by yourself with your harsh words.” I cooed softly and patted her hair.

“My fucking damn life….. I hate the way I feel towards girls. I can’t feel it towards boys and it’s killing me.

I’ve tried to help myself but it’s not helping matters.”

“It’s okay. Today is your birthday and you’re not supposed to feel sad or cry.”

“Stand up. Let me get your makeup done and then, you change into another of your birthday clothes,” I said with a smile and made her rise to her feet.

“Thank you so much Leah. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“And, your secret is safe with me,” I added.
I smiled and we both hugged ourselves…



Daisy cut her birthday cake and the dance floor was opened.

She didn’t want to dance and so, she sat on the the seat specially made for her.

She made me her VIP and I had to seat beside her on a special chair too.

It’s more like an high table were other dignitaries sat.

Her mother arrived early just in time when she was about to cut her cake.

She’s young and very beautiful.

Students weren’t the only people around but her family members, and her mother’s co-workers.

But it was mostly filled with students.

“I’ll just go over there and have some few drinks.” I whispered ~ yelled at Daisy because of the loud music, so she could hear me.

“But there are drinks and everything you want on the table. Why go over there?” She jibed.

“I just want to get my butt out of the chair a little.

I’ll be right over there and you can watch me.” I said and gestured my hands towards a spot close to the bar.

“Oh! Alright!” She grumbled lightly.

I smiled and pecked her cheeks before coming down from my chair which was a bit high.



I took few non alcoholic drinks and drank slowly.

I ate desserts, barbecue sauce and some cake.

The invited guest gave their gifts to Daisy and they all started leaving.

Daisy introduced me to some of her cousins and we just talked casually.

They were too proud.

Soon, it was just the students around and it made me even happy.

Some couples took the opportunity and they started smooching and some where even making out on the couch.


I sipped from juice and watched the students.

Some boys were trying to get the attention of some the single girls and it made me laugh.


Jeremy walked up to meet me with the other J4 guys trailing behind him.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes as he took my drink and sipped from it.

Suddenly, the music stopped and all attention were on us.

Jeremy smirked and held me by my waist leaving me rather too speechless.

“Paisley Leah Williams,” he called me by my full name and smirked at me.

I wanted to wriggle out of his hold but his hands were firmly on my waist making me cringe a little.

“Be my girlfriend!” He blurted out with a flirtarious smile.


Is this guy being serious right now?

I pushed him off and stared gob smacked at him.

Did he just say that to me?

“Are you talking to me?” I asked with a scoff and poked my chest.

He rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Who else is standing in front of me if not you?

I’m obviously talking to you and I just asked you to be my girlfriend,” he deadpanned and winked at me.

“You must be joking! Like are you in your right senses?

Come, I hope there’s nothing wrong with your medulla oblongata?

Or is there something wrong with the 206 bones that makes up this your skeletal frame up?

Because I see no other reason while you will walk pass the other girls and subliming walk up to me and open this your mouth and utter such gibberish to me!” I blurted out angrily.

“You must be so stupid to think of me as other girls that would fall at your feet and worship you.

In your dreams dear Jeremy! Keep dreaming if you want.

But I want to tell you this, even in your dreams I wouldn’t fall for you or even date you.

Now, if you would excuse me!” I smacked and walked past him and in the process , I brushed past his shoulders.

I scoffed and walked back to my seat.

Jeremy stood dumbfounded at the spot I stood like a bloated goat.

He was obviously too shocked.

I mean, he wanted the whole students witness such scene.

I know he doesn’t like me and I wouldn’t be a fool to fall for his trick.

I’m not like other girls that would jump in excitement, scream a big yes and hug him happily.

In his wildest dreams!!



I couldn’t believe it!

I was embarrassed greatly by that pesky brat!

An opportunity other girls are dying to have she just threw it away and insulted my pride!

The students were murmuring to themselves and it vexed me the more!

The music began playing again while I walked away angrily from the scene.



“Dude! I can’t believe this! Almighty Jeremy just got rejected by a girl!” Javier exclaimed shockingly while I fumed in anger.

“I’m really surprised and speechless! I didn’t expect such from that girl!” Jayden chipped in.

“Such guts and temerity!” Jason spat out angrily.

“But it’s so surprising that you couldn’t get her to date you.

I mean almighty Jeremy!” Javier said and laughed mockingly and that got me more angry.

“I can get her!!” I screamed angrily.

“Of course you can’t!” Javier mocked.

If not for the fact that we are best friend, I would have shoved a big punch down his throat.

He’s pissing me off!

“Why don’t we make a bet?!” Javier grinned obviously enjoying my angry mood.

“No way!” I smacked.

“You see, you’re afraid of getting humiliated again!” Jayden laughed hysterically.

“Fine! I’m not scared.

Say the bet, I’m in!” I blurted out and Javier smirked at me.

“You’re given two months to make Paisley fall in love with you, you get to date her and kiss her.

I haven’t seen her with a guy before and I think she hasn’t had her first kiss yet.

So, you would be the first person to kiss her and it will be willingly.

You’re to give us proof that you actually kissed her and asked her to date you in which she’s to say yes.

It will either be a picture or a video.” Javier said with all seriousness.

“Easy peezy!” I smirked.

“Now, don’t forget that every failed bet has consequences.

Now, consequences to fail the bet, the three of us would have our way with her.

I’ve been dying to shove my dick into that tight vagina of her’s.

This might be the perfect opportunity for me to carry out the deed.

Or the school would be signed in our names.
Deal!” Javier smirked with all seriousness.

“Deal!!” I conceded with a nod and did a lopsided grin.



Let the game begin!!πŸ˜šπŸ€—…

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