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Next morning, we all had breakfast together which was prepared by the cooks.

God! The food tasted so nice. But not as nice as my mom’s meal.

We chattered noisily as we ate breakfast.

The dinning room was huge and it was able to contain us all. But Daisy said it isn’t the main dining room.

The dinning we used was particularly for her dad whenever he had business associates around.

We all ate to our satisfaction.

The maids cleaned the house and the room we messed up eating all sorts of junks the previous night.

One by one, the students and some other person’s started leaving.



Daisy pecked my cheeks while I waved at her.

I slide into the passengers seat and waved at Daisy again while she blew me a kiss.

I chuckled lightly as my chaffeur drove off.

Actually, I was the last person to leave because Daisy begged me to stay a little longer with her.

When I was ready to leave, I called Lou to come pick me up.

She suggested her driver drive me home but I politely declined.

She grumbled, but finally agreed I call Lou.



“3:30pm!!” I shrieked in horror as I stared at the wall clock.

I hurriedly got down from my my bed and made my way to the bathroom.

I actually wanted to get a short nap but I ended up sleeping for too long.

I’m supposed to be at Daisy’s by 3:00pm and now I’m thirty minutes late, if not more!

I hurriedly had my bath and went back to my room.

I applied my body lotion and wore my undies.

I sat on my makeup stool and brought out my hair dryer.

I plunged it and used to it blow dry my hair.

I picked out my makeup instrument one after the other and applied it on my face.

It was just a light makeup.

I smacked my lips together and let the lip gloss rub my upper lip and down.

I dyed the side of my hair pink and curled it down my shoulders.

I tucked it some strands of my hair and placed a tierra on my hair and a small butterfly hairpin.

I opened my wardrobe and brought out my pink ball gown which was hung on a hanger inside the wardrobe.

The ball gown stopped at my feet and it had sparkles at the chest region.

It had a v ~neck shape and a sleeve hand.

I opened my jewelry box and took out a silver necklace and bracelet.

I wore them on my neck and wrist respectively.

I slide in my legs in my silver stilletoe and picked my white wallet purse.

I stared at myself on my makeup mirror and smiled lightly in satisfaction.

Gosh! I looked so amazing.

I literally turned myself into a beautiful goddess.

I opened my drawer and took out a shopping bag which had Daisy’s gifts in them before leaving the room.

I was super late already.

My siblings weren’t around, they had gone to visit my aunt whom doesn’t stay too far away from us.

Lou opened the backseat of the car while I gracefully slide in.



I showed my card to the security guard outside and they let me in.

Lou had gone home already but he would be back when I’m ready to go home.

“Hey Leah.” Daisy beamed and pecked my cheeks.

“Hi. Sorry I’m late,” I said with a smile and hugged her.

“It’s fine. Glad you came.

You aren’t late, the party hasn’t officially started. So, you came in time.” She smiled and etwined our hands together.

“And by the way Leah, you look beautiful and adorable.

I like your new hair,” she complimented with a smile.

My face heat up as I stared at her.


We both walked inside the noisy house.

The huge sitting room was decorated with three colors of light and her pictures were hung beautifully on the wall.

Balloons and ribbons were placed on the wall.

*Happy birthday Daisy* was written beautifully on a ribbon at the entrance of the sitting room.

Loud music was playing in the background and students were drinking, some talking, some dancing and the others just sat and watched others.

“Happy birthday Daisy.” Different students beamed as I and Daisy made our way upstairs.

“Thank you.” She appreciated them smiling.

Finally!! After walking pass many students and loud music, we finally got to her room.

“Haaa!” I breathed out as I laid tiredly on the bed.

“Lazy girl,” she teased and we both laughed lightly.

“Happy birthday.” I smiled and hugged her.

“Thanks,” she beamed.

“You aren’t dressed up, why?” I asked as I took in her appearance.

She was just clad in a pink jumpsuit and a ribbon was placed on her ponytail hair.

She was putting on a golden necklace and bracelet with matching earrings.

She had a white lacy sandals on.

“Oh! I’m still waiting for my makeup artists.

They were caught up in traffic but they would be here very soon.” She shrugged with a smile.

“Oh! Okay,” I mouthed casually.

“What about your parents?” I asked and stared at her.

“Dad’s late and mom went to the office to attend to some work but she’ll be back very soon.” She said with a sad sigh.

“Oh my! I’m sorry for your loss, I mean the death of your father.” I cooed softly.

“It’s okay. I’ve gotten over his death. It’s been four years already.” She shrugged.

I smiled and hugged her.




I roamed my eyes around the party but I couldn’t even get a glimpse of her.

Or didn’t she come? I thought.

No, that can’t happen.

I specifically dressed up cutely to impress her and I wouldn’t be happy if she doesn’t come.

I sighed and drank from the glass of wine in my hand.

I dropped the wine glass on a tray and walked to the dinning room.

I raked my hand through my hair as I continued to look for Paisley endlessly.

Suddenly, my eyes went to the stairs and my eyes almost popped out from it’s socket.


Paisley was climbing down the stairs with Daisy but my main attention was on Paisley.

She looked so cute and adorable.

Her dressing, her hair and everything about her was beautiful and expensive.

I was literally drooling over her.

Mehn!! This girl looks very beautiful and breathtaking.

My eyes were still glued to her as they both climbed down the last staircase.

“You’re gonna drool on your shirt if you don’t close your mouth,” I heard the taunting and teasing voice of Javier from behind.

I closed my mouth that I didn’t know was opened and turned to face my three friends.

I could see the taunting smirk on their faces.

“Seriously dude!” Jayden teased and laughed mockingly.

I creased my eyebrows and stared at him.

“You were staring at her like you wanted to eat her up.” Javier chuckled and nudged my arm playfully.

“Whatever!! She was just looking gorgeous and I was lost admiring her beauty.” I said and shrugged my shoulders.

“So you agree she’s beautiful? Can’t believe you were so mesmirized by her beauty that you had to drool over her.” Jason teased with a smirk.

“Cut it off guys!!” I smacked hard and they kept shut immediately.

“Why don’t you ask her out today? I’m sure she’s gonna scream for joy.

Just make her your girlfriend and when you’re tired of her, you can break up with her.” Jayden said and smirked proudly.

“Do you think she’s gonna agree? Are you sure she’s gonna say yes to my proposal?

You know she’s kinda different from other girls.

And it’s not like I’m gonna date her because I like her but I just want to have fun with her like I’ve done with other girls.” I smirked.

“She would definitely scream yes. Who wouldn’t want to date almighty Jeremy?

It’s a privilege you know.” Jason seconded with a grin.

“Yeah.” Javier agreed.

“Alright. Then I’m asking her to be my girlfriend today.”



Seems our Leah was really too breathtaking that our Jeremy even drooled…😁..

Now the question is, will Leah agree to date him?

How’s he gonna ask her out?

More are coming!!

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