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After we both disengaged from the hug, she wiped her tears and we both walked back to the classroom.

She couldn’t stop smiling….

School was finally over.

I arranged my books inside my backpack then brought out my phone and earphone.

I zipped my backpack closed and flunged it at my back.

I connected my earphone to my phone and fixed in my earphones in my ears.

Daisy walked up to me, we etwined our hands together and walked out of the classroom.

“Leah!” Daisy suddenly called as I was about entering inside my car.

“Yeah.” I turned and stared at her.

She seems to be contemplating as she fondled with her finger nervously.

“C’mon, spit it out”, I urged softly.

“Well, Friday is in two days time and that’s when we’ll be having a sleepover night.

So, I wanted you take permission from your parents so that after school on Friday, we’ll go to my house together.

You know, to prepare for the sleepover before the other girls would arrive.” She said with a nervous smile.

“Oh! Okay, I’ll tell my mom. And if she gives me her permission, I’ll tell you tomorrow at school.” I said with a small smile.

“Alright. Thank you.”

She hugged me lightly before waving goodbye at me as I entered into my car.

We waved at each other as my chaffeur drove out of the school compound.

I wonder if mom’s gonna agree……… I’ve only had a sleepover once at Olivia’s.

But her’s was different because mom liked her.

So about Daisy’s request, I don’t even know if I should have high hopes that mom’s gonna agree.

She hasn’t even met Daisy yet.

But nevertheless, I still want her to give me the go-ahead.

It will really mean a lot, if not to me but to Daisy.

I sighed lowly as I placed my head on the car headrest and listened to the song playing from my earphone.



“Good evening mom,” I greeted with a smile and pecked her cheeks.

“How was school today Leah?” She asked with a warm smile.

“As usual.” I shrugged perfunctorily.

“But mom, you’re home early today. What happened?” I asked and stared at her.

“Oh that?! Well, I’ll be going for a business trip for a week tomorrow and I had to leave the office on time to get my things ready for tomorrow.

I was actually gonna tell you and your siblings about it later,” she replied with a smile.

“Okay mom.”

“And mom!” I called as she made to leave.

“I have something to discuss with you after dinner,” I added.


“Thanks mom,” I smiled lightly and climbed up the stairs.



I took my bath and wore something comfy.

I blow dry my hair and rolled it up in a messy bun.

I wore my flip flops and walked out of my room.


“Paisley, can I have a word with you after dinner?” Dad asked and sipped from his juice.

I rolled my eyes and stared at my food.

“Not sure. Maybe next time,” I said, not trying to sound rude.

“Okay,” He mouthed.

Mom stared at me and shook her head sadly.


“Thanks for dinner,” I thanked my parents and took my dishes to the kitchen.


“So, what do you wanna discuss with me?” Mom asked.

We were both sitting in the balcony, having a good view of the sky.

“Well mom, first of all, I have a new friend,” I said and swinged my legs uniformly.

“Really dear? That’s nice,” mom said and smiled.

“Yeah. Well, her birthday would be coming up this Saturday and she invited our grade mate to attend an house party.

And she also wants the girls to have a sleepover at her house on Friday,” I expounded softly.

“So?” Mom shrugged confusingly.

I sighed and stared hopefully at her.

“So mom, I wanted to ask for your permission to attend the sleepover and the house party.

Daisy, my friend wants me to bring my clothes along to school on Friday so we can go over to her house from school”, I sighed softly.

“So, you’re saying you wouldn’t be coming home after school on Friday?” Mom asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded my head positively.

“What about your siblings? I’m leaving the country tomorrow and I’ll be back in a week’s time.

So, who’s gonna take care of them?” Mom asked.

“Well mom, you can drop them off at aunt’s Samantha’s house and I’ll bring them back home on Sunday,” I suggested with a glimmer of hope.

“Alright. I’ll think about it.

I’ll give you my answer tomorrow morning before I leave for the airport,” she smiled and ruffled my hair.

“Thanks mom.”


I had my bath and got ready for school.

I was done getting ready and so, I made my way downstairs.

I was super early because I wanted to meet up with mom before she leaves for the airport.

Hopefully, she would agree.

I just want to make Daisy happy. And I already promised her that I would come for both the sleepover and house party.

“Good morning mom.”

“Morning baby girl,” she smiled and pecked me lightly on my cheek.

“You’re early,” she teased and smiled lightly.

“Yeah. I wanted to make sure I get to talk to you before you leave for the airport,” I shrugged and took an apple from the table and took a bite from it.

“Oh! Okay.

But why don’t you just go after school? Like, get ready at home and go?” She asked.

She kept the tray of food on the table and stood in front of me.

“I don’t know. She just wanted me to ask for your permission to go over directly after school,” I shrugged and chewed slowly on the apple.

“Okay. You can go to the house party but, you aren’t gonna go to the sleepover directly after school.

You come home first then get ready before you leave.

Besides sleepovers are at night.

So, after school, come home first. Then later, you can go over for the sleepover night,” mom said calmly.

“Okay mom, thank you,” I beamed enthusiastically and hugged her.

“You welcome.

Is there anything you need to bring over for the sleepover or party that you want me to give you some money to purchase?” She asked sweetly.

“No mom, thanks.” I grinned.

“Alright. Hope you know know the way to her house?” She asked.

I itched my non itching hair and stared at her.

“Hmm, I don’t really know the way. But she gave me the card and the address is written on it.

I’ll just show it to Lou and we’ll be able to get there.

We can use the car’s GPS to get there.”

“That’s so smart of you.”

I smiled lightly and hugged her again.


“Have a nice day at school.” Mom smiled and kissed me on my forehead.

“I sure will, thank you. And you too, have a nice flight and trip.” I beamed and pecked her cheeks.

She waved at me and walked out of the house……



“I’m sorry Daisy,” I apologized sadly as I stared at the smiling Daisy.

She was smiling but I knew it wasn’t genuine. It didn’t come from her heart.

She’s just trying to cover up her sad countenance with a smile.

“It’s okay Leah. At least you still get to attend both.

I’m happy. But I would have been more happier if your mom had said yes for you to come over at my house from school.

But anyways, I’m still happy,” she replied with a smile.




“Are you going somewhere Leah?” Mirabelle asked with hands akimbo as I applied my lip gloss on my lips.


“Can we come with you?” Jayden asked with his gaze on me.

I shrugged and curled my hair and let it fall freely down my shoulders.

I placed an hairpin at the side of my hair and stared sweetly at my beautiful self on the mirror.

I stood erect and turned to face my siblings who had their little eyes roaming around my body.

They were both staring keenly at me.

“Okay, quit staring at my like that.

I’m going over at a friend’s house for a sleepover night.

And I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” I said with a convincing smile.

“But we wanna come with you.” Mirabelle protested.

“No baby.”

After talking to my siblings, they agreed to stay at home.

Dad didn’t travel so, he would be back before night falls.

I gave them my laptop and game control to play with in case they are bored.

After kissing them goodbye, I left the house.


Daisy was happy to see me.

She showed me her room, her wardrobe, her library and so on.

Her parents duplex is so huge and magnificent.

The house is wow!

Her room is like that of a Disney princess room.

It’s colourful and beautiful.

Her room is huge and breathtaking.

There are so many workers in the house, maids, chiefs, bodyguards, gardners and so many.

She even has three personal cars and four bodyguards.

None of her parents were around and it made me relieved a little.

Other girls arrived and we were many.

The sleepover was to take place at a big, spacious spare room in the duplex.

We talked, laughed, ate popcorn, drank juice, and ate desserts.

We said jokes, did truth and dare.

We bond together and had fun.

I got to talk to other students and other persons.

It was really fun.

We watched a late night movie before going to bed.

Actually, some persons fell asleep after having gone halfway through the movie.

I slept in Daisy’s room with her.

Other’s slept in the room she actually prepared for the sleepover night.

She had suggested and begged me to spend the night with her in her room and I obliged.

Can’t wait for the birthday party tomorrow….


“Hey dude,” Jason hollered and we both shook hands .

“Are you going over to Daisy’s party tomorrow?” He asked with a smile.

“Yeah. If not for anything but to see Paisley.” I blurted out even before I could stop myself.


Seems our Jeremy can’t wait for the party so as to see our Leah 😊😉😋..

I wonder what’s gonna happen at the party🤔😏💃💃….

Next chapter is gonna be hot and you don’t wanna miss it..😋😋….

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