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The Bet


💅 THE BET 🎗️






“Thank you, and I’m glad I gave you a chance to be friends with me.” I retorted with a smile.

She nodded slightly and smiled at me.

After lunch, and both walked to the classroom together.

Telling Daisy about Olivia’s betrayal felt as if a burden had been lifted up my shoulders.

It felt nice and nerve relieving that I shared it with her.

And I hope she wouldn’t be like Olivia…



School was finally over…

I felt so unusually happy as my hand on Daisy’s hand swang uniformly.

We were both walking towards the parking lots to enter our ride.

We weren’t talking but just smiling and swinging our etwined hands together.

I felt so happy…..

We said our goodbyes as we entered our respective cars.

Her’s was the first to leave before mine trailed behind her’s.


I got home and had my bath before going downstairs to have dinner…

When I was done, I went back to my room and had my nap.



“What’s up dude?” Jayden hollered and we both shook hands.

“Hey.” The other’s greeted and sat beside me.

“Yeah.” I retorted casually.

They stared curiously at me as if I’ve grown horns on my head and their smile was creepy as well.

“Okay, fine….. What is it guys?” I asked and surrendered my hands in the air and turned to face them.

They chuckled and took creepy glance at each other.

“What’s up with you and Paisley?” Javier asked with a smirk.

“I don’t get.” I answered with my face scrunched up confusingly.

“I mean, you haven’t been bullying her and you haven’t told us your plans about getting back at her.

Man, it’s been a week now and you haven’t still said anything concerning that girl.” Javier expound and their eyes were staring keenly and curiously at me.

I sighed and rubbed my temple………

“Well , the truth is that I don’t wanna get in her bad books.

I don’t want to be greatly or hugely humiliated and embarrassed by that girl.

She’s a sneaky twit.” I shrugged and stared at them.

Jayden suddenly bursted into a mocking laughter and then, the two boys also.

I looked at them confusingly not understanding the reason for their laughter.

“So almighty Jeremy is afraid of Paisley? Woah!!” Jayden laughed and clapped his hand dramatically….

I rolled my eyes and glared angrily at him.

“Shut up dude! I didn’t say I’m afraid of her. I just don’t want to get on her bad side so she doesn’t humiliate me greatly.” I snapped at him.

“Really?” He deadpanned with an amusing grimace.

“Yeah…… Really…..” I retorted with a snort.

“Alright…… Or?…” He asked with a smirk..

“Or what?” Javier and I chorused together…

“You like her and you’re thinking of a way to approach her and the best way is to stop bullying her and not to be in her bad book so she would accept you.” Jayden deadpanned with a smirk.

“Hell no!!” I half yelled and smacked him hard on his head.

“Ouch! That hurts!” He pouted and rubbed his head….

“Good for you. That’s for spitting out rubbish from your mouth.

Next time think twice before you talk except you want another hard smacking on the head..” I expound with a smirk.

“Fine, I give up! If you say so……” He said and winked at me while I rolled my eyes.


Okay, for the past one week, I haven’t really been getting on Paisley’s nerves.

She’s back to being her quiet herself with her just hanging out with Daisy.

I really admire her but sometimes I think I’m scared of her….

Not really scared but just scared to be in her bad book.

If she can humiliate Jason without a second thought then who am I?

Who knows? Mine might be worst.

She’s so different from other girls that flaunt their cheap selves at me……. So different….

I think she even hates me…. She always gives me that angry stare whenever our gaze locks.

Jeez…… Her glares gives me goosebumps…….

I really don’t wanna make her hate me for real or more than she already has.


I and the boys talked about other stuffs and finally left the studio to the classroom……

So many thoughts of Paisley going on in my head….


Seems our Jeremy is afraid of our dear Leah or don’t you think so?😂😂🤔😒😝….

To be Continued…

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