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The Bet

💅 THE BET 🎗️






“Well…….” I began after few seconds of an uninterrupted silence.

She stared curiously at me and sipped from her drink.

“Well, back then when I was in middle school, I had a best friend. Her name was Olivia.

We were in the same grade and of the same age too.

We were very close, I mean super close.

We did almost everything together. We even visited each other at home.

She was a great friend. We both did mischievous things together and we were like partners in every crime.

Students and even teachers thought we were sisters and they found it hard to believe that we weren’t even related at all.

That was how close we were back then.



We read our books together, played together, ate together, did mischieves things together.

We were literally always together.

We were inseparable.

We loved each other dearly and we were the envy of other students.

Our friendship bond was really strong and many students wanted to be our friend but we didn’t agree.

We didn’t want a third party in our friendship.

Just the two of us was better.


During our third year in middle school, a new student came.

A cute guy who was also a brainaic.

He caught the attention of every girl in the school and he was literally on every girl’s lips.

They talked about him all the time.

I would always see group’s of girls and the topic on their lips were about the new handsome student.

Every girl had a crush on him.

But not me and Olivia.
We didn’t give a damn about him.

But then again, he became our rival in our academics.

I and Olivia always had the best scores on every test and exams and also the best results at the end of the term.

But the guy, Travis was doing better and he was almost taking our first place.

That made us seat up tight and studied extra hard.


Olivia suddenly liked Travis and made friends with him.

I wasn’t too bothered since it was what she wanted.

I couldn’t talk her out of it because Travis was also a nice guy.

Olivia became very close friends with Travis and she even abandoned me.

She didn’t talk with me or do things the way we usually do before.

I felt so hurt and side ~ lined..

She didn’t care about our friendship any longer.

She suddenly choosed Travis over me, over our long time friendship.


She had openly confessed that she loved Travis which got me stunned.

But what got me rather too stunned and speechless was when Travis said he loved me.


Like what the hell?!

We barely even talk, so how come does he even like me talk more of love.

He even went ahead to say so many nice words about me.

I’m nice, I’m intelligent, I’m quiet, I’m not hot tempered and so on.

But like seriously Olivia had those characters too.

I mean, we had almost everything in common when it came to our behavior.

So why did Travis fall for me instead of her?

Why didn’t he reciprocate her love?

They always hang out together unlike me..

So, why me?

I was so dumbfounded and confused.

Olivia was so pissed and angry.

I could see the fury in her eyes that very day.

She was greatly angry and embittered..

She yelled it to my face that I stole her lover away from her.

She called me all sorts of despicable names and I was greatly hurt.

I tried talking sense into her but she shone me instead.

She even called me a slut.

Saying, I went behind her back to make Travis fall in love with me.

But that wasn’t the truth.

She didn’t give me the chance to even explain myself..

She didn’t want to hear any of my words….. That was how angry she was.

Then finally, she ended our friendship.

That day, we had an heated argument that almost resulted in a fight.

Nobody interfered in our arguments, they only stood and stared at us surprisingly.

I had gotten home that day and cried my eyes out.

I was hurt real bad.

My six years friendship with her just ended within the twinkle of an eye.

It went down the drain.


We became enemies.

We didn’t talk to each other and we didn’t even walk in the same path or direction.

The students and teachers were utterly surprised and shocked.

They didn’t expect our friendship to end just like that.

I couldn’t believe because of a guy that doesn’t love her and I don’t love caused our friendship to end.

Travis stopped being friends with her.

I became sad and withdrawn.

I didn’t talk to anybody but Olivia was quick to make other friends within two weeks of our friendship break up.

She moved on real quick but I couldn’t…



Olivia went too far when she sent the three notorious boys in our grade to rape me in the girl’s restroom.

Travis had saved me and reported the boys to the school authorities.

The boys confessed that it was Olivia who paid them to rape me.

I was utterly so shocked.

I wept bitterly like a baby.

I was barely fourteen years old and I almost got raped.

Olivia was only being clouded with jealousy and hatred towards me.

She had agreed to the conspiracy and begged me for forgiveness.

She said she didn’t know what came over her.

But I already detested her.

What if Travis hadn’t saved me and caught the boys?

What if they had succeeded in raping me?

Would she had confessed or would her sorry bring back my virginity?

Or the pain I felt?

She was expelled alongside the boys from school.

I thanked Travis and I was grateful to him.
But that didn’t make us friends.


Ever since then, I became afraid of having a friend or friends.

I was afraid of getting hurt and betrayed a second time.

So, I resolved in being alone and quiet.

Not to ever associate with anybody.

I’m a naturally quiet girl but the betrayal made me more reserved.

I dreaded friendship.

Travis had asked me out but I politely declined.

He was transferred to another school in our first year in high school.

So, that’s it…….” I explained and blinked the tears that welled up in my eyes.

The memory was still fresh in my mind and it was hurting too.

I wiped my tears and stared at Daisy who had a sad countenance on.

“I’m so sorry about your past friendship.

Olivia is very stupid and annoying to have betrayed a rare gem like you.

She threw away a precious gem without knowing.

She made a huge mistake betraying you.

And I’ll say this again Leah, I’ll never betray you.

I’m not like unreasonable Olivia. I’m never gonna hurt you or plan evil against you.

I cherish you as my friend.” Daisy said with all seriousness.

I felt so touched as she said those words.

I had this urge that she was being sincere and genuine.

“Thank you Daisy.” I smiled and wiped the tear that had unconsciously rolled down my cheek.

“It’s okay Leah. I’m glad we are friends and I’ll never do anything to jeopardize our friendship.

You mean a lot to me.” She smiled and placed her hand on mine while I smiled back at her.



Leah was really painfully betrayed…..

I hope Daisy is a good girl and an angel in human form and not a devil in disguise..

To be Continued…

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