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The Bet

πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ






“Hurry up Pai, will you?!” Mom yelled from downstairs.

I hurriedly brushed down my hair and let it fall down my shoulders.

I carried my back pack and scurried out of my room.

“Good morning mom.” I greeted mom casually.

“Morning Pai.” She replied and pecked my cheeks.

“C’mon mom, I’ve told you times without numbers that you should stop calling me that.

My name is Leah and not Paisley or whatever.” I said and scrunched up my face angrily.

“Whatever.” Mom said and we both sat on the dinning room.

My name is Leah and I’m seventeen years old.

I attend Stars High School and I’m in my final year in high school.

I’m kinda an introvert because I barely associate with people and I don’t have any friend.

I’m just on my own.

I have two siblings and they’re twins.

Jayden and Mirabelle.

They are six years old and in basic class.

They’re adorable too and the opposite of me.

They’re talkatives and have too many friends.

They are happy and lively twins.



Well, my name is also Paisley but I hate being called that.

Well because, dad said I was a mistake that, he didn’t want to have a child at the time mom got pregnant for me.

He had even told mom to terminate it but mom was adamant.

And so, he hated me.

I felt he named me Paisley because I’m a pain to him.

The name doesn’t mean pain but it sounds like painπŸ™„..

So, I don’t like being called that.

I prefer my second name mom named me which is Leah.



I heard the school bus horn.
I pecked mom goodbye and scurried out of the house clutching my backpack.

I entered into the school bus and sat at the extreme of the bus at the back.

I hate being crowded by students and hearing their gossips.

“Oh my God! Jeremy just got Charlene, the school newbie to date him.”

“She’s so lucky!”

“I’m jealous!”

“When will any of the J4 notice me?”

The girls in the school bus continued to rant endlessly.

They were gasping and looking at only God knows what, in their phones admiringly.

Some were even blushing..


They were all smiling and some even had sad and jealous countenance.

I can’t believe almost all the students at Stars are in love with the stupid and proud J4 guys.

The guys are handsome but they’re definitely not my type.

Jeremy is the worst!

I so much hate him!

Always finding pleasure in taking advantage of girls and hurting them.

Well, the girls are also stupid.

I brought out my headphones and placed it on my ear and connected it to my phone.

I don’t want to listen to their stupid and annoying talks of four annoying guys.

Thankfully, we arrived at school.

I alighted from the school bus and stretched out my body.

I smiled lightly as the cool breeze swept through my face and blew my hair.

I walked slowly into the school compound with my earphones still on.

I avoided the gaze of other students on me.

I looked ahead and saw some group of girls surrounding a girl.

I strained my neck a little and saw the newbie, Charlene.

Oh! The girls are hovering around her because she’s dating Jeremy.

Like seriously?

He just ended his relationship with Courtney two days ago and now, the newbie that just got admitted a week ago?

This is so annoying!

I rolled my eyes and walked ahead.



Classes were normal as usual.

With me just listening and jotting down necessary things the teachers said.

During lunch break, I sat on my table and ate alone as usual.

Suddenly, the cafeteria became rowdy and there were shouts and squeaky noise from the students.

I took my gaze from my food and saw the J4 students entering into the cafeteria with their partners by their sides.

Charlene was blushing hard as she held until Jeremy’s hand.

She feels so lucky!

She must feel like a queen!
She would probably feel on top of the world too.

I hissed loudly as students squealed happily and took pictures of them.

I faced my food and continued eating.

“Hey.” I heard a tiny voice beside me.

I lifted my head and stared at the person and it was Charlene.

Like seriously?

Did she just talk to me?

I mean, we’ve never talked and she’s always staring daggers at me like I did something bad to her.

We don’t even know each other.

“Hi.” I replied casually and roamed my eyes around her body.

Her skirt is more skimpy and shorter than it was before.

Her hair was dyed and she wore a light make-up.

Her cologne was nice too.

She also wore silver earrings and she wasn’t wearing any when she was admitted.

“I want you to carry my order I’m gonna make and bring it to my table.

I want chicken sauce and juice box.” She said proudly and rudely.


“Are you talking to me?” I asked and touched my chest.

I need to be sure I aren’t dreaming.

“You heard my crystal clear, bring over my order and don’t be late or clumsy.” She snapped, eyed me and catwalked back to her table.

“You’re not serious!” I snapped angrily.

She turned around and walked back to me.

And then, she landed a resounding slap on my cheek.


To be Continued (tbc).

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