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πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ

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|β€’ JEREMY β€’|

Yes! At first I thought I was actually doing everything for Leah because I wanted to win the bet. But I got to realize that, it wasn’t for the bet but because I wanted to.

I admit that I did start everything because of the bet but along the line, I just find myself wanting to please her and make her happy.

Now, I finally won the bet!

But one thing is sure, I really do love Leah. I didn’t entirely win the bet because I fell in love with her which wasn’t supposed to be so.

I never even put much thought into the bet issue.

I was supposed to make her fall in love with me without me falling for her. But I did.

And I don’t regret it one bit that I fell in love with her.

But the question going through my head right is, “how will she feel when she finally gets to know half of it was a bet?

Is she gonna believe that I truly love her and not because of the bet?

How’s the gonna react?”


I didn’t want to pull away from the kiss but I had to.

I pulled away from the kiss and we both breathed in and out, trying to catch our breathe.

I placed my forehead on hers and smiled lightly at her.

“Thank you,” I smiled lightly and hugged her.

She giggled lightly and hugged me tighter.

“It’s an honor being your boyfriend and I promise to be the best boyfriend ever,” I smiled wholeheartedly and stared intently at her.

“Same here. It’s an honor too and I promise to be the best girlfriend ever,” she smiled and kissed my lips lightly.

“Have you ever dated a guy before or had your first kiss?” I asked calmly as sat on our usual way of sitting.

With her head on my shoulder while my arms tightly around her.

“No. I haven’t dated or had my first kiss,” she said and nodded her head negatively.

“Really? Wow! I’m so lucky to be your first,” I retorted genuinely.

“Me too. But I never believed we were gonna date. If someone had told me that we were gonna even be friends talk more of being in a relationship with you, I would have smacked the person on the head or even kick the person,” she laughed lightly.

“Really? Why?” I asked and pouted.

“Well, I never liked you. You were just too arrogant and full of yourself. You were also a jerk.

And you bullied me,” she said and pinched my arm painfully.

“Ouch!” I groaned and soothed my painful arm.

“Well, I’m sorry. I already changed and I wouldn’t go back to being that arrogant jerk again.

I’m ready to change for the better all for your sake. That’s how much I love you,” I smiled and kissed her hair.

“Awwwn, stop flattering me,” she giggled and hid her face in my chest shyly.

“But do you know what?” I suddenly asked. She took her head from my shoulder to stare keenly at me.

“What?” She asked calmly.

“Your lips were so soft on mine. It tasted like strawberry lollipop.”

Her face went all red as she blushed hard.

“Yours tasted like strawberry and it was soft too.”

“I’m afraid your lips are gonna be my addiction very soon,” I smiled while she blushed harder.

I giggled lightly and tickled her.

She laughed heartily and tried to yank my hands away but she couldn’t.

I kissed her softly on the lips and her face went all crimson red again.

Awwwnnn, blush queen!


I fidgeted fearfully as I stared at my mom’s burning gaze on me.

She stared suspiciously at me and walked out of my room.

I stared at my feet nervously and twitched my lips.

My heart was thumping loudly and I felt so scared at that moment.

Mom came back and handed me a pregnancy test kit.

My nervousness increased as I took the kit from her.

I stood up from my bed and walked into the toilet.

My palm was sweaty and i suddenly feared the worst.

I broke down in tears as I stared at the two red thin lines in the kit.

I got to my room and mom yanked it away from me.

“What? Charlene you’re pregnant?” Mom thundered dumbfoundedly and continued staring at the kit.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I whimpered and went on my knees.

It didn’t just occur to me take an after pill or tell him to use protection.

Now this? I’m pregnant?

Oh God!

Why does this misfortune have to happen to me.

Actually, after four days of returning from the camp, I started throwing up, feeling weak, loosing appetite and sleeping heavily.

I tried to hide the sickness away from mom because I was scared.

My period was overdue for two days but I still didn’t give much into it.

But not until today mom suspected my sudden illness and I threw up too.

And that was it, the kit was positive.


I jolted back into reality as I felt a stingy pain on my cheek.

I held my cheek and wept bitterly.

“How dare you Lene? How dare you!” She rasped angrily and smacked me again.

“It was a mistake mom. I’m sorry,” I cried out and held my cheek.

“Why would you have sex with a guy in the first place? Why for crying out loud?

After everything I taught you! After everything I did for you!

Why Charlene? Why?” Mom asked bitterly.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared angrily at me.

“Who’s responsible? And you better not lie to me!” She snapped sternly.

“Erm mom… It’s erm…” I stuttered nervously and fidgeted fearfully.

“Speak out before I do something that both of us would regret!” She snapped angrily.

“It’s a guy Jason! He was my grade mate at Stars High School.”

“Hope you’re telling the truth?”

“Yes mom. It’s the truth.”




My friends hailed me happily as they watched the video between I and Leah.

A student actually videod the scene without Leah knowing. It was planned out.

I just felt that Leah was definitely gonna say yes that was why I asked a guy to video the scene from a reasonable distance.

After the guys were done watching the video, they all hollered at me.

“Finally man! You got her to fall in love with you. You asked her out and she agreed, and you kissed her too.

Mehn! I’m jealous. Congratulations Jeremy, you won the bet of making Leah fall in love with you, date and time you and you both kissed.” Javier hollered happily and punched my arm lightly.

“Congratulations man, for winning the bet on Leah,” Jayden laughed lightly.

“Okay, guys. Enough!” I ordered sternly. They stopped talking and stared keenly at me.

“I cut the bet. I love Leah for real and I wouldn’t want anything not even this stupid bet which I agreed to, to tear us apart.

I love her, not because of the bet but because of what I feel,” I announced with all seriousness while the boys just stare at me agape.

“Wow man! I knew it. I knew you were gonna fall in love with her,” Javier smirked and nudged my arms playfully.

“It’s fine. You already won the bet. Congratulations,” Jayden smiled lightly and shook hands with me.

Jason just smiled and nodded his head positively.

“And please guys, nobody should tell Leah about the bet. She’s gonna be so angry and bittered.

And I really don’t want that to happen.

Please, it should remain a secret between the four of us.

I don’t want anything that would jeopardize my relationship with her.”

The boys nodded their head in agreement.

Even if I’m gonna tell Leah about the bet, it wouldn’t be now.

I’m gonna wait for the right time.


I smirked inwardly as I watched the video over and over again. I smiled in satisfaction also, as I listened to the audio.

Now let see, if that stupid Jeremy would still get to date Leah.

With my perfect evidence, I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m gonna win.

I’m so happy!



I whimpered tearfully in pain as I listened to the audio.

It was about Jeremy talking to his friends and how they hailed him for winning the bet.

I can’t believe everything Jeremy has been doing and what he said were all lies!

He deceived me!

He made me look like a fool.


Jason had told me that he wanted to tell me something and I followed him to the field which was empty.

He surprised me by giving his phone and played a video of what happened between I and Jeremy a week ago.

About our love confession and the kisses we shared.

That wasn’t enough, he made me listen to the conversations the guys had about Jeremy winning the bet.

Everything was just fake!

It hurts so much!

I turned around and ran away in tears, out of the field.

I got to the girl’s restroom and wept bitterly.


“Leah, I’m sorry. I can explain!” Jeremy begged and held my hands.

I swat his hand away and stared at him with tears filled eyes.

“Explain what Jer? You lied to me!

You used me and made me look like a fool.

You made it look as if I made a mistake falling in love with you!

You made me looked like a fool! You hurt my feelings Jeremy and I hate you for that!” I yelled tearfully and squatted on the floor.

“I’m really sorry Leah. But just let me explain,” he begged as tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Explain what? You agreed to it didn’t you?

What’s there to explain? We’ve been dating for barely a week and you didn’t bother to tell me. You made me hear it from another person.

It’s not fair!” I cried out and bent my head.

“Leah?” He called softly.

I stood up and smiled sadly at him.

“You know what? You’re just a jerk! I hate you! I regretted ever falling in love with you.

I regretted every minutes we spent with each other,” I laughed sadly.

“You know what? It’s over between us Jeremy! I don’t want to ever see your stinky face around me again!

I hate you and it’s over between us!” I cried out and punched his chest.

I turned around and ran away in tears.

“Leah please!” He called out but I didn’t even spare him a glance as I ran out the garden in tears.



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