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πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ

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πŸ’– Game on! 🀦


|β€’ PAISLEY β€’|

“Jeremy please wait! Let me explain!” I said breathlessly as I ran up to meet Jeremy.

I held his shoulders and breathed tiredly.

I had ran all the way from the garden where I and Jason were talking, to the waterfall in front of the mansion.

Where the garden is actually located is kinda far from the main mansion.

But thank goodness I was able to catch up with him.

“It’s not what you think!” I sighed and placed my hand on my chest tiredly.

He turned around and faced me and stared intently at me.

“Yeah, it’s not what I think.” He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

“Jeremy please,” I sighed and stared apologetically.

“What? I thought you were still angry with me over Charlene’s issue,” he snapped at me with an eye roll.

And gosh! I suddenly felt bad.

My eyes watered in tears and I had to take my gaze to my feet.

“Jer, I’m sorry. Just give me a chance to explain myself. It wasn’t my fault,” I sighed sadly and drew invisible lines with my legs.

“Really?” He scoffed and laughed lightly but it wasn’t a genuine but mocking laugh.

“That was the same thing I told you, remember? I even had to let my ego aside and kneel in front of you, begging you.

But you were so adamant! You refused!” He yelled angrily.

“But I said I’m sorry,” I whimpered and took my gaze from from the floor to stare at his face.

“Humph!” He snorted and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, fine! Since you don’t wanna forgive me, then it’s fine,” I sighed sadly and wiped the tears that I didn’t know had rolled down my cheeks, till I felt my cheeks wet.

I took a quick glance at him and walked away.

I felt my heart shatter into pieces as I walked away and Jeremy didn’t bother to call me back.

I felt so pained.

Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably and as I tried to wipe them off, it only poured out more.

I was just being too selfish and inconsiderate.

I regret not ever listening to him and letting go whatever had happened between him and Charlene.

I should have been considerate enough and listened to whatever explanations he had.
That’s what friends do right?

Why was I being so stubborn and unforgiving?


I got to my room which I stay alone now and plopped hard on my bed.

I buried my face in my pillow and wept bitterly.

I just can’t imagine that my new friendship with Jeremy would end this way.

It hurts!

β€’ JEREMY β€’

“Argh!” I groaned frustratedly and rubbed my temple.

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed softly.

“Why?” I muttered angrily and punched my hand on the wall.

I looked at my hand and my knuckles were already bleeding, but I cared less.

I just felt so angry and disappointed at myself.

I shouldn’t been too harsh or inconsiderate on her.

I should just have listened to her.

They didn’t even kiss.

They just hugged.

But my stupid and jealous self got all worked up because I saw them hugged each other.

But she had seen me kissing my ex!

Mine was even worse!

Even as I stared at her walk away in tears, my heart shattered.

I felt so sad.

I didn’t mean to make her cry.

But seriously, I don’t get the reason why I’m suddenly so jealous.

I just want to be the only one close to her, the only guy to touch or hug her.

But then again, I remembered I have a bet to win.

But with the way things are going, I don’t think I’m doing all these kindness because of the silly bet I had with my friends.

I just find myself doing it because I want to.

I just wanna be close to her every damn time.

But I really regret ever making a bet on her.

I just hope we settle our differences so I can win the bet.

I have to make her fall in love with me before it’s too late.

And at the stage she is right now, I know she’s vulnerable and she’s likely to fall in love with me.

And I think this is the perfect time for me to win her heart.

But what about my heart?

Do I just like her as a friend would? Or is there any deeper feelings I still can’t comprehend?

I just hope that whatever I’m about to do, I wouldn’t hurt myself in the process and also regret it.




Our two weeks camp has ended with us, having so much fun.

Ever since I and Jeremy fought, we haven’t spoken a word to each other.

I haven’t even been to the ocean side again. I just hang around the pool side in the mansion.

Daisy noticed there wasn’t something wrong and after I had explained everything to her, she told me to talk to him and clear whatever doubts he had.

But I just couldn’t.

Jeremy doesn’t even spare me a side glance talk more to stare at me.

We’ve really being giving each other the silent treatment.

Somehow, I still felt bad and guilty.

But nevertheless, I still see it as a way of getting rid of whatever feelings I was having for him before.

But truth be told, the feelings never died. It still remained.

Gosh! I don’t even know what to do!

Well, the camp already ended. I had so much fun and I learnt a lot of new things.

My vice principal wasn’t lying when he said the camp was also gonna be educating.

I really learnt so many things.


Throughout our ride home, neither of us spoke to each other.

We were sitting closed to each other, with Daisy just in between us.

I was sitting at the left side of the window, Daisy at the middle and Jeremy at the right side of the window.

Our gazes were both outside the window respectively.

I sighed sadly as I listened to Ed Sheeran song playing on my head phone with my eyes closed.

We finally got to the school after hours of being in the bus and plane respectively.

We called our respective driver’s to come pick us up at school.

Jeremy was the first to leave with the rest of the J4 guys.

Daisy was the next and I suddenly felt lonely as she left.

After almost about an hour, mom’s car drove inside the school compound.

Feeling so elated, I hurriedly ran to meet her even before she alighted from her car.

“Mom!” I squealed enthusiastically and hugged her tight.

“Hey baby girl,” she laughed lightly and ruffled my hair playfully.

“I missed you mom. I’m surprised to see you here. I mean, I didn’t expect to see you here,” I rushed my words breathlessly and hugged her again.

We both disengaged from the hug and laughed lightly.

“I missed you too baby girl. That’s the reason I wanted to surprise you by coming to pick you up myself,” she enthused and pulled my cheek playfully.

“Thank you mom,” I smiled and said pecked her both cheeks respectively.

“Your siblings also came with me,” she smiled and just then, my siblings alighted from the car.

I ran to meet them and scopped them in my arms.

I swirled them around and carried them down on the floor.

“Hey darlings,” I smiled and hugged them lightly.

“I missed you Leah. You were gone for just two weeks but it seems like forever,” Mirabelle pouted with a cute baby face.

“Awwwnnn, I’m flattered,” I smiled and patted her hair lightly.

“Me too Leah. It’s seems like you were gone forever. I missed you so much,” Jayden said with a smile.

“Awwwnnn, I missed you too little guy,” I laughed and pecked his cheek.

Mom took my luggage and we walked to the car, alongside Mira and Jay.

As the chaffeur drove us home, I and my siblings talked endlessly.

They were both bombarding me with questions that I was almost out of breath.

They didn’t give me breathing space.

From one question to another.

I almost ran out of words.

But all the same, I answered them cheerfully.


After dinner, we all went to bed.

The day has been so tiring for me that I slept off immediately my back touched the bed.

That was how tired I was and I felt.


Next morning, I took my bath and joined my parents and siblings for breakfast.

My parents went to their respective places of work, leaving just I and my siblings as usual, at home.

My siblings settled to play chess while I just went to my room.

I read a novel, logged into different social media accounts before sleeping off.



“Paisley,” dad called calmly and stared at me.

“Yeah,” I replied perfunctorily and stared at my fingers.

We were both sitting at the balcony after eating dinner.

Dad said he wanted to have a word or few with me.

I had declined at first but mom urged me to go.

So, here we are sitting in the balcony.

“Paisley dear, I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for the times and years you thought and felt that I hated you.

I knew it took me seventeen years to tell you this, but I truly I’m sorry. I regretted not ever treating you well and hating you.

I’m sorry I gave you the impression that I hated you and I never wanted you.” My dad said and sighed softly.

He held my hands and stared affectionately at me, what he has never done before.

I gave him a look to go ahead, to continue.

“Well, when I was still dating your mom, my parents never for once approved of our relationship.

They never wanted us to be together.

But for the fact that I loved your mother, I didn’t listen to them but continued to date your mom.

Your mom was from a poor home and she was still struggling to pay her fees in the university.

But I was from a wealthy family.

Then one day, my parents introduced a girl to me and said, we were gonna get married.

After much persuasions and for peace to reign, I agreed to get married to the girl.


But the day I was supposed to end the relationship with your mom, that was the same day she told me she was pregnant for me.

She had cried and told me that, we were gonna get married.

She said she doesn’t want to have a child out of wedlock or be a single parent.

Her parents also supported her.

When my parents got to here the news, my father had an heart attack and died.

One week later, my mother also died.

I was so angry, devastated and embittered.

And the worse part was when I lost my inheritance to my younger brother, according to my father’s will for not getting married to the girl he asked me to get married to.

I and your mother eventually got married.


But during the time you were conceived, things were rough, tough and bumpy.

I had to struggle hard to survive because I wasn’t having a dime from my parents wealth.


I blamed you for all the misfortunes that happened to me and then, I hated you.

I felt you were the cause of everything.

But I just got to realize that I’ve been a fool for hating you for what you know nothing about.

I’ve been foolish to hate my daughter who’s a priceless Jewel.

But nevertheless, I’m ready to correct my mistakes and make it up to you.

I’m sorry I got to realize how important you are to me, too late.

But I hope you forgive me and give me a chance to be the father you never had, and I never was,” he sighed guiltily.

I sniffed in my tears as the tears kept pouring out in fast current.

I was so emotional.

“I forgive you dad,” I breathed out and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Pai. I love you so much,” he said and patted my back gently.

“And I love you too dad.”


Dad and I finally got to catch up lots of things like father and daughter.

I was finally so happy that I was in good terms with him.

Mom also apologized to me for everything.

Dad also made it clear that he doesn’t regret ever getting married to mom but during that period, he was just angry.

I didn’t need to forgive mom because I wasn’t angry with her.

She’s been a great mother to me. She’s been both my mother and father and I can’t be mad at her.

I love her so much than words can describe.

Mom also told me what happened that she couldn’t pay my camping fees. She was duped by a fraudster but thank goodness, she’s back on her feet. Everything’s back to normal.


A week after the camp, school resumed and we were preparing for our final exams.

I and Jeremy still haven’t talked and swears, it’s killing me.

Is he that he doesn’t like me that’s the reason he hasn’t spoken to me?

I’m just so worried.



For almost two weeks, I and Leah haven’t spoken to each other.

Gosh! It hasn’t really been easy for me staying without talking to her.

It really pains me we haven’t spoken a word to each other, but I plan on talking to her, so I can win the bet faster.

I need to end it fast.

My friends has been on my neck asking me if I ain’t gonna accomplish the bet.

But I told them to give me a little more time.


As I stared at the chirping birds and beautiful butterflies, I smiled in amazement.

The sight in front of me was really so beautiful.

I was currently sitting on a long bench in the garden.

I just wanted to clear my head. I sipped gently from my orange juice and exhaled deeply.

The cool breeze emitting from the garden swept through my face and blew my hair to different directions.

I felt good bumps break out from my skin as I felt a prescence behind me.

Before I could turn around, I felt strong arms around me.

I shuddered in fright but my shoulders relaxed when I perceived the sweet smell from him.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been such a douchebag and I’m really sorry.”

His voice was calm and soothing.

I stood up and turned around to face him.

“I’m sorry too Jer. I really I’m,” I said and held his hand on mine.

“Thank you,” he smiled and hugged me.

We sat on the bench beside each other. My head was on his shoulder while his hand was wrapped around me.

He explained everything to me and I suddenly felt so foolish for not hearing him out before.

I also explained mine to me and he was happy that I declined Jason’s proposal.

He kept saying cussed words at Jason for whatever he said to me.

It made me laugh and also wonder why he was suddenly so angry.

Or could it be that he likes me?

At that thought, my face heat up.



I and Jeremy became closer than before and I got to realize how sad I was when we weren’t on good terms.

How much I missed him.

And I promise myself that, I’m not gonna make him angry again.

I don’t want us to fight anymore.

I just want us to be closer.



Even as I became closer to him, I find the feelings I have for him become deeper.

I know I feel more than just like for him but I don’t know if he feels the same way for me.

The garden has suddenly been our very close place. We hang out a lot in the garden.

We just seat beside each other with our body close, and we also look around the garden.
Watching the birds singing and the butterflies perched on different flowers.

And as we sat as usual in the garden, we just turn and smile at each other occasionally.

“Leah!” He called in a soft tune.

“Huh?” I asked and took my head from his shoulder to stare at him.

“I want to tell you something,” he said with all seriousness.

His eyes suddenly sparkled beautifully and he looked all serious.

We sat facing each other and he had a smile on his face.

He held my hands in his and smiled.

“Okay, you’re acting creepy. Just say want you to say and stop smiling creepily,” I teased and we both laughed.

“It’s not a coincidence that we became friends. And for this past one month that we’ve been friends and become closer, I never regretted it.

As time went, I found out that I really liked you.

When we fought, I was really bittered.

I wasn’t really happy.

I got to find out that this past few weeks, I didn’t just come to like you but I’ve grown to love you.

I love you Leah.”

At that moment, it seems time stood still. It was as if we were just the only one on earth.

My heart was thumping so loud that I thought he would hear it.

Butterflies danced happily in my stomach and I felt so… I couldn’t even understand or explain the feelings. But I knew I was damn elated.

Did Jeremy really just say he loved me?

Like he loves me?

“Leah?” He called softly and chuckled softly.

“You aren’t dreaming okay? It’s real.

So, say something,” he said and stared intently at me.

“Jeremy, I didn’t think you’ll one day say this words to me ever.

You’ve been so nice and you’ve also become a changed person.

The characters you exhibited before, you aren’t doing them again.

You’ve become so different in a better way.

I love you too and I’m glad you said this to me,” I said and sniffed in the tears that I didn’t know unconsciously rolled down my cheeks.

He smiled lightly and wiped the tears.

“So, Leah will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll be your girlfriend Jeremy.” I enthused.

He moved closer to me and closed the remaining space between us and tilted his head.

I moved my face closer to him and closed my eyes.

Then, I felt his soft wet lips on mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and reciprocated the kiss.

He deepened the kiss while I just let him take over the kiss.

I and Jeremy dating!

It’s a dream come true for me.



Jeremy has finally won the bet🀦.

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