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|β€’ JASON β€’|

“Leah!” I screamed in deep breaths as I ran towards the ocean.

Charlene smirked as we brushed past each other.

I gave her thumbs up and quickly ran towards the ocean.

I jumped into the ocean and swim deeper. I searched tiredly in the water and I finally saw the floating body of the unconscious Leah.

I swim closer to her and held her firmly by the waist.

I successfully brought her out of the water to the sand.

She had gone all pale and she looked lifeless.

I pressed her chest slightly and she coughed out a little amount of water, weakly.

I continued pressing her chest but it seems it wasn’t helping as she didn’t even move any part of her body.


I was about doing mouth to mouth resuscitation when I heard hastened footsteps approaching.

I moved away from Leah and turned to face Jeremy who was already closed to me.

“What happened to her?” He asked and took a worried glance at still the unconscious Leah.

“She almost got drowned,” I replied and sighed.

His eyes almost popped out from it’s socket as he stared shockingly at Leah’s body.

He pushed me aside and crouched in front of her.

I grunted silently in anger as I watched him press her chest.

Why did he have to come and ruin everything for me?

Why? Just when everything was going on smoothly.


I restricted myself from walking closed to him and dragging him away from her.

He was doing mouth to mouth resuscitation and it angered me greatly.

He was indirectly kissing he!

I was supposed to be the one doing that and not him! My inner mind screamed angrily.

I fisted my hand in a ball and stomped out of the place.

Seeing him that way would only anger me more.

I need to cool off my head before I explode from anger.

|~ JEREMY ~|

I had a feeling that I should go after Leah and apologize to her but my ego wouldn’t allow me.

And when I saw Charlene go out too, I decided that I was gonna go look for Leah.

I don’t trust that bitch one bit.

Only for me to get to the ocean side and see Jason trying to save Leah.

God! I almost had a panic attack when I saw the almost lifeless body of Leah.

After pressing her chest countless times, and she didn’t respond, I had no option than to do the mouth to mouth resuscitation.

After some seconds, she coughed out water with her eyes still closed.

Water came out from her nostrils and mouth and her breathing was rapid.

“Leah? Leah?” I called worriedly as I placed her head on my thigh. But she still didn’t bulge.

Without thinking twice, I carried her up in my hands in a bridal style and ran all the way to the mansion.

My heart was thumping loudly with fear. I couldn’t believe I was almost crying but I restricted myself from crying hard.

I felt so scared. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

And at that moment, I knew I liked her.

I don’t want anything to happen to her.

I just care so much about her and I wouldn’t be able to take it if something bad happens to her.

And by the way, I didn’t see Jason again. When did he leave and why?

How did he get to know the ocean side?

Gosh! I’m so confused.

I carried her into the sitting room and almost all the students gathered around us.

A teacher came in and carried her and we both made our way to the vice principal’s car.

The students were murmuring but I didn’t get to listen.

I felt so scared.

She wasn’t moving but she was breathing slowly.

Daisy wanted to come along but she was restricted.



“Shit!” I cussed angrily as I paced worriedly in my room.

I felt so pained and angered.

I took my phone and smashed it against the wall. I took my laptop and also destroyed it.

I destroyed so many things in my room with the anger building up in me.

I do lots of crazy stuff’s when I’m angry. I destroy anything I lay my hands on.

“Calm down will you? It’s okay.

I’m here for you okay?” Charlene cooed.

She stood up from the bed and took slow strides towards me. She stood in front of me and held my shoulders.

“It’s okay. We were still able to achieve something. At least, they are not in good terms.

Leah is probably still angry with Jeremy, so you have to calm down,” she whispered softly and hugged me.

“I’m here for you Jason, I’m here.

I’m ready to give myself to you over and over again.” She said and disentangled from the hug.

Shit! She just got me!

I need her right now!

My dick in her would do the trick to let go of the raging anger.

I smiled and kissed her roughly on the lips.

She responded and wrapped her hands around my neck.

I slide my hand under her short skirt while she moaned.

I took her in my arms and dropped her gently on the bed.

We kissed roughly as we pulled our clothes simultaneously.

I can’t wait to fuck her so hard. My dick shoved deep inside of her vagina is all I need right now.

Seeing her in her birthday suits got me more hardened.

Widening her legs and getting proper balance, I shoved in my full length inside of her while she moaned in ecstacy.

Her moans only made me drive into her crazily.



We both reached our climax while I released inside of her.

We got under the covers breathing heavily and perspiring.

Jeez! It was one hell of a hot sex.

Still sweet and tight.

“I love you,” she whispered and kissed me soundly on the lips. She snuggled deeper into the my body and fell asleep.

I sighed lowly as I watched her sleeping self.

I tucked in a loose strand of her hair and pecked her forehead, before falling asleep.



|β€’ PAISLEY β€’|

“Ouch!” I groaned painfully as I stirred awake.

I opened my eyes gently and surveyed my surroundings.

I was in the hospital with a drip fixed to my hand and an oxygen was placed on my nose.

Huh? What happened to me?

I tried to think hard and I finally got to remember what happened.

That witch!

She tried to kill me by making me drown!

But who could have saved me?

Just then, the door opened and Jeremy and Daisy walked in.

“Hey. Thank goodness you’re awake,” Daisy smiled and hugged me lightly.

“Yeah,” I shrugged stared at Jeremy.

“Leah?” He called gently and walked closer to me on the bed. I rolled my eyes and took my gaze to the ceiling.

“Leah, I’m sorry,” he said sadly and held my hands.

I removed my hands away from his and hissed.

He’s the cause of everything. If he had talked to me about him kissing Charlene, then, I wouldn’t have gone to the ocean side alone.

“Leah, I’m really sorry,” he cooed softly and a tear slide down his cheek.


Wait, don’t tell me Jeremy is about to cry.

“I’ll explain everything to you but just no I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” he said softly and he surprised me by going on his knees.


Tell me I’m dreaming!

If it’s a dream then I don’t wanna wake up.

“Jeremy please leave. I’ll tell you when I’m ready to talk to you. But for now, please leave.” I said and took my gaze away from him.

He stood up and without saying anything, he walked out of the ward.

“That was harsh you know,” Daisy sighed and stared intently at him.

“Whatever!” I said with a shrug.

She shook her head sadly and sat down beside me on the bed.


Daisy told me I’ve been in the hospital for nothing less than 12 hours.

It’s noon already.

She also told me that, the Alpha students didn’t leave again like they intended to.

It was because of what happened to me. They wanted to make sure I’m okay before they leave.

She also told me that, Jeremy was the one who saved me by doing a mouth to mouth resuscitation for me.

Woah! Jeremy indirectly kissed me.

Oh my God!

But she also told me that, Jason was the one who brought me out from the water.

I was so surprised and speechless.

Jason and Jeremy saved me?


I’m seriously confused!


The Alpha students left but the teachers apologized to me and Charlene was asked to kneel in front of me and apologize, because I told them it was Charlene who pushed me.

She also admitted it.

Well, she apologized to me but she did it begrudgingly.
But I didn’t give a damn!

I don’t want her fucking apologies.

The teachers also promised that, they were gonna make sure she serves her punishment when they get back to school..

I didn’t care though.


I and Jason became a little closer to each other after I finally got to know the truth that, he was the one who brought me out of the water before Jeremy came.

I was really surprised that Jason could do such a thing as that, but I was still grateful to him.

Even if we were once on each other’s neck, we let bye gone be bye gone.

We became rather close.

It’s been two days after I was discharged from the hospital and the apology Jeremy made. But, I haven’t spoken to him.

He’s been trying to get my attention but I just snubbed him.

I don’t get why I’m still angry with him and not ready to forgive him.

Jeez! I’ll definitely forgive him but I want to act tough for a while.



“Leah?” Jason called tenderly and swing my hands playfully and stared intently at me.

It’s the first time we are being this close to each other.

We aren’t that close for us to have close body contact with each other.

“Huh?” I asked with a twitched lips and stared curiously at him.

What does he want to tell me that he’s gone all serious all of a sudden?

“I like you. I mean, I love you,” he said softly.


I stared at him with my eyes nearly falling off. Like, did Jason just confessed his feelings to me?

I was stunned and speechless.

“I’m sorry Jason!” My voice quivered lightly after I finally got my voice.

I withdrew my hands from him and stared apologetically at him.

“I understand,” he muttered sadly.

He pecked my cheeks and ruffled my hair playfully.

What the hell?

I couldn’t do anything but just stood gobsmacked like a statue.

“Can I hug you?” He asked with a small smile.

I didn’t answer but just continued staring like I’ve seen a ghost.

He chuckled lightly and hugged me tightly.

As we hugged, my eyes suddenly caught Jeremy staring angrily at us.


Oh God!

I suddenly felt so scared.

I quickly disengaged from the hug and continued staring at him.

He turned around and walked away angrily.

My heart beat accelerated as I watched him angrily leave.

Oh my God!

He looked so angry and disappointed.

Oh God! What have I done?

I felt a slight pain in my heart as I watched him leave out of my sight completely.

I turned to look at Jason and he had a smirk on his face.

I glared daggers at him and ran off.

“Jeremy!” I screamed pathetically as I continued to run.

Oh God!

I pray he hears me out and forgive me.

I’m in a deep trouble!



And she hasn’t forgiven him yet🀦.

Jason has succeeded in causing a rift between them.

I hope they settle their differences on time.

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