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πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ

{ πŸ’ He Has To Win! πŸ’˜ }



πŸ’˜Game on! πŸ’ž


|β€’ PAISLEY β€’|

I ran away as tears poured down my cheeks.

I was so happy that I had dressed so well just to impress him.

Only for me to get there and see an heartbreaking scene.

I wiped my tears but they came rolling down in fast current.

I just couldn’t stop crying.

I got to my room and slammed the door shut and plomped tiredly on the bed.

I don’t get why I’m suddenly so heartbroken because I caught Jeremy and Charlene kissing.

*What do you expect when he’s a playboy?* I asked myself and continuously hit my head.

*He’s probably still in love with her*

I cried hard and dug my face inside my pillow.

I felt so hurt and I didn’t know why.

Why am I suddenly feeling so sad and bittered when I saw him with his ex kissing?

We are just friends and we aren’t even dating.

So, why am I suddenly so worked up seeing them kiss?

I asked no one in particular and continued crying.

But why did he ask me to come meet him there when he knows I was gonna see them together?

Did he intentionally want me to get jealous?

I muffled my cry as different unanswered questions came flashing in. And there wasn’t anyone to answer them.

I won’t lie or deceive myself anymore, I like Jeremy.

Yeah, I do. Because I see no other reason why I should feel so jealous and sad seeing him kiss Charlene.

That clears the doubt that I really do like him.

But the question is, does he like me too?

Oh God!
And he’s a playboy.

I just hope this feelings wouldn’t turn into something so big that I’ll regret later.

I stood up from the bed and pulled my white gown.

The gown was really pretty and it brought out all my curves. It stopped just on my knee and it hugged my body so well.

I even had to curl up my hair and style it beautifully.

But it wasn’t a date, or was it?

Like seriously, why did I even put in so much effort when it wasn’t even a date but a normal talk?

Jeez! I’m so stupid and unreasonable.

I sighed and unbuckled my sandals and flunged them away at a corner.

I might just end my friendship with him to make this feelings I’m suddenly having towards him, to fade.




I growled angrily at the bitch and fisted my hand in a tight ball.

She smirked and stood up on her feet.

“By the way, your lips tasted nice, just like mint,” she smirked and brushed past my shoulders.

I walked away angrily and I couldn’t help but think about Leah.

Why was she so shocked?

And why was she crying?

Why did she even dress nicely?

I raked my hand through my hair as thoughts of Leah filled my head.

What was she doing there all dressed up?

Even if we talked just briefly, I couldn’t stop myself from taking in her pretty appearance.

But I know it’s all Charlene’s doing.



As I sat on my bed, I thought of different ways on how I was gonna apologize to her.

I don’t know, but I suddenly felt I have an explanation to tell her, and an apology to give her.

But why?

She isn’t my girlfriend.

But I think I wanna apologize because we are close friends and as a friend to her, she needs an explanation on why she saw me with my ex.

But to be frank and sincere, *stop being a playboy* is one of my steps in winning her heart.

But now that she had seen I and Charlene kissing, she was sure gonna still see me as a playboy and I seriously don’t want her to have such impressions on me.

I hope she hears me out and forgive me.

I need to win the bet!
I have to!

So, putting my ego aside, I concluded that I was gonna apologize to her.



Even as we played a game under the moon and shinning stars, I and Jeremy didn’t talk to each other.

I was sitting a bit far away from him but I stole quick glances at him when he isn’t watching.

He’s so egoistic!


He can’t even apologize.



I excused myself and walked out of the sitting room where we all were playing the truth and dare game.

I got outside the mansion and went to the ocean side.

I sat on the ground and watched the wave from the ocean.

Everywhere was silent with just only the sound of the ocean.

The moon and stars brighteness sparkled beautifully at the ocean.

It gave it a beautiful sight.

I curled up my knee and rested my chin on it.

The cool breeze swept my hair in different directions and it felt so good.

The weather was cold, most especially because I was sitting closed to an ocean.

I sighed lowly and played with the sand and at the same time, watched the wave from the ocean.

It looked so magical.



“Well, well, well…. Who do we have here? The cry baby.

The cry baby who cried because she saw her friend kissing her ex.”

That devil’s voice is a voice I can never forget even if I’m deep asleep.

Her voice was taunting and I could tell she was smirking.

“Charlene, please not now.

I wanna be alone,” I sighed softly and continue playing with the sand.

My back was still against her and I didn’t want turn to see her evil face.

“Oh c’mon Pai, I’m here to say hi. I mean no harm,” she said and I heard footsteps approaching me.

I stood up from the ground and turned to face her.

She was on a black trouser, black sleeves shirt and a black hoodie over her head.

She looks like the devil’s daughter.

Her hair which was dyed black was loosed freely down her shoulders.

She looked so scary wearing all black at night.

“What do you want Charlene?” I asked and crossed my arms.

I stared intently at her while she smirked.

She took a step forward towards me and had a devilish grin on her face.

She took steps that were suspicious towards me.

I noticed she was coming too close to me and so, I moved backwards.

She moved forward while I moved backward again.

“What are you doing Lene?” I screamed as she continued to move uncomfortably towards me.

Each steps were suspicious and she still had a smirk on her face.

I finally got to the surface of the ocean.

I stopped moving and glared hard at Charlene.

She was looking all vicious and I wonder what was going on in her head.

She got so closed to me and gripped me by the neck.

“You deserve to die! You are nothing but a bitch!

I hate you, you snitch!

You managed to make the two guys I love, like you.

You’re a pain in my neck and I don’t wanna see your face ever again!” She rasped angrily and before I could utter a word, she pushed me hard and I found myself inside the ocean.

I was struggling and gasping for air as I tried to swim out, but the current of the ocean was too much.

It kept floating me back!

I cried out for help as my body was beginning to sink.

I couldn’t hold up any longer.

Charlene laughed hysterically and walked away.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I was starting to drown.

I was getting tired already but the only thing I could do was wave my hands out for help.

As I got down inside the ocean, I heard my name from afar.

At that moment, I couldn’t decipher who it was.

Life was starting to slip out of me and I found myself slipping into unconsciousness.



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