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πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ

{ πŸ’ He Has To Win! πŸ’˜ }



🀝 Game on! πŸ’”



I stood up from the floor and climbed onto the bed, but I didn’t seat closed to him.

He had stopped laughing but a smirk was plastered on his annoyingly cute face.

“Good morning,” he greeted with a smile.

“Yeah, morning,” I mouthed lowly.

“Sorry about earlier,” he said and sighed softly.

“It’s fine. But did you really sleep here?” I asked with my hands akimbo.

“Yeah. And it seems your roomie didn’t come here,” he shrugged and stood up from the bed.

I nodded my head and stared at my feet.

“So, how are you feeling? Does your stomach still hurts?” He asked and took his gaze to my stomach.

Speaking about that, I didn’t even realize that my stomach was hurting the previous day and now, it isn’t hurting one bit.

“I’m fine. My stomach doesn’t hurt,” I said and shook my head negatively.

“Alright. I’ll get going now before they find us together and before they’ll ring the bell for breakfast,” he added and took his phone from the bed.

“Alright, thank you,” I smiled and fondled with the tip of my hair, feeling shy.

“Erm… Leah?” He called and darted his eyes to my lips.


“Can I hug you?” He asked, a little twitchy.

I smiled and my face heat up. My face would probably have gone all red from blushing.

“Yeah, sure.”

I stood up from the bed and walked closer to him.

He also walked closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

At first my body went stiff but I relaxed my body and I reciprocated by wrapping my hands around his neck.

He drew me closer and kissed my hair.

We both disentangled from the hug and smiled at each other.

“I’ll get going now,” he smiled.


He opened the door and took one glance at me, before leaving the room.

I held my chest and plopped on my bed.


What was that for?

My heart was beating in a funny way already and I don’t even know why.



After I was done bathing and getting dressed, the bell rang for breakfast.

I brought out a novel from my backpack and climbed onto the bed.

I sat at the edged of tbe bed and flipped open the pages.

I got to the page I stopped reading and continued.

I’m not having the appetite to eat.

Lindsay hasn’t been to the room since the previous day and it got me thinking about her staying out of the room all the time.

Can’t she just seat her butt in one place?

The door creaked opened and Daisy walked in.

“Hey,” Daisy cooed softly and came to meet me on the bed.

“Hi,” I smiled lightly.

“You aren’t down having breakfast, why?” She asked and darted her eyes around my body.

“Don’t have the appetite,” I shrugged.

“Oh! Okay. Jeremy told me about yesterday.

I came to check up on you yesternight but you were already asleep and Jeremy was with you too.

So, I decided not to disrupt your sleep.

But I promised myself that I was gonna see you this morning.

So, that’s why I’m here,” she smiled softly and patted my hair.

“Yeah, thank you. ”

“I’ll go join them at the dinning but I’ll be back after I’m done eating.” She said and stood up from the bed.

“Alright, thank you,” I smiled appreciatively.

She hugged me lightly and left my room.


It’s been five days already since the beginning of the camp. Everything has been going smoothly.

Three guys from Alpha high asked me out and I bluntly told them a big no.

Like seriously, guys has been trying to make friends with me and also date me but I ain’t one bit interested in any of them.

Jeremy is always angry whenever he sees me talking and laughing with another guy.

Jeez! What’s his problem?

What’s wrong with him?

These past two days that guys suddenly got interested in me, Jeremy has been acting as if he’s bipolar.

He’s always angry and having unnecessary mood swings.

He’s laughing this moment with me and the other moment, he’s angry and getting all worked up because a guy winked at me.

Or, I wave back at a guy.

Jeez! He isn’t my boyfriend but I don’t get why he would be acting like he’s protective of me or we are in a relationship.

I’ve tried talking to him and he got suddenly upset.

But seriously, I’m worried about him.

About our friendship.

I hope sooner than later, he would come back to his right senses.

But all the same anyways, camp has been fun and in two days time, Alpha high would be leaving.

And I ain’t bothered but happy.

They need to give us some space to enjoy our own stay without any interference not even from them.

And also, maybe when they’re gone, Jeremy would come back to his right senses.

And we’ll be closer than before.



|~ JEREMY ~ |

I know I’ve been acting like one who have a bipolar depression because of my recent behaviour towards Leah.

Having unnecessary mood swings because of other guys around her.

I feel like plucking out their eyes and cutting of their mouth.

Those guys are really getting on my nerves.

They aren’t even as cute as I am but Leah would still talk and laugh with them.

She’s always talking to them as if she’s known them for a long time.

Alpha high and us, haven’t been on good terms before.

Unlike before, Leah doesn’t even look at them twice but now, she’s even laughing with them.

It’s becoming annoying.

But seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel like Leah is all mine. That she doesn’t have the right to talk, smile and laugh with any other guys apart from me.

I just want to be the only guy she smiles and laugh with.

I just can’t wait for two days so Alpha high can leave.

I’m already sick and tired of seeing their annoying faces.

And also, Charlene.

That bitch! I don’t know why I had to meet her in the same camp.

She’s been acting all bitchy around me.

Trying to come closer to me and want us to be together again.

But that crap isn’t gonna happen.




“Shit!” I cussed under my breathe.

The way Jeremy and Leah had become so close is really annoying me.

I really do like Leah and I wanna have her.

I wanna be the one to date her and have her first kiss.

Not Jeremy!

He’s always getting every good thing I’ve always wanted.

If not because of this stupid bet, I would have been the one, talking and laughing with Leah.

Gosh! I never released that she was so pretty until I saw her at Daisy’s party.

And even here at the camp.

She’s damn so pretty.

I know with the way things are going between the both of them, they will surely fall in love with each other.

And I won’t let it happen!

I’m gonna have Leah and no one else, not even Jeremy.

But I need a plan.

A plan to separate them, a plan to make Jeremy loose the bet and a plan to get Leah like me and become close to me.

And I can achieve that plan with the help of someone special.

Thinking about it, a smirked formed on my face.


What’s Jason planning to do?

And who’s gonna be an accomplice in his plan?πŸ€”πŸ€¨

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