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πŸ’¦ Game on! πŸ’„



I blinked my eyes rapidly and took my gaze from her.

I can’t believe Charlene is here!

Why did she have to attend Alpha High and what does the two schools have to be paired up again together?

Three teachers accompanied them and they weren’t looking strict or even putting on decent clothes.



I prayed non-stop in my heart as we were being paired up again.

I don’t want to even be a little bit closed to Charlene.

I’m gonna try my possible best to avoid her before they leave.

I don’t wanna step on her toes a second time and start up a fight or a mischievous plan.

I sighed tiredly as one of the teachers from our school called paired up names.

I sighed sadly as Daisy’s name was called and she was paired up with another student.

We both shared brief eye contacts before she left.

Finally, my name was called.

I looked at the girl that we were being paired together and I had to roam my eyes around her body.

She was chewing on a gum noisily and her hair was dyed red.

Her uniform is nothing to write home about.

Too revealing, short and skimpy.

Jeez! Is she even a student?

She looks like a college slut.

I don’t think I’m ever gonna make friends with her. And I also don’t intend making friends with any of the students from Alpha.

Neither will I get along well with her or any of the students.

*Room 25*

And Daisy’s is room 20.

Anyways, ours is a little bit closer to each other’s own.

She eyed me and popped out her gum noisily.

“Hey, I’m Lindsay. Hope we would get along pretty well.” She smiled and extended her hand for an handshake but I ignored her and rolled my eyes.

“And you’re pretty too.” She giggled lightly and placed her hands on my left shoulder.

I removed her hand and stared intently her at her.

“I hope we don’t get along well because I don’t like you.

Your first impression is zero and I seriously don’t like you.” I deadpanned and gave her a brooding look.

She sighed and walked ahead of me.

I exhaled a deep breath and trailed behind her.



After dinner, we sat around a fire outside and listened to the story one of the teachers from Alpha told us.

I wasn’t listening because Jeremy was busy tickling me gently and pretending as if he wasn’t doing anything to me.

I didn’t want to burst out laughing like an insane person because everybody were so engrossed listening to the story I barely even know anything about.

“Jeremy stop it!” I giggled lightly and swat his hand away.

“What?” He gave me an innocent look and smiled lightly at me.

I gave him an hard and long glare and pinched his hand a little.

“Ouch! What was that for?” He asked with a pout.

“You’re such a pretentious devil.” I grinned.

He smirked at me and tickled me again.

I bursted into laughter even before I could stop myself.

The students and teacher, suddenly turned to look at me.

I bent my head shyly and chewed on my bottom lip.

The students took their gazes away from me, while the the teacher continued talking.

“Stop it!” I warned, with my voice a little stern.

He only chuckled and smirked. He winked at me and sat properly like he was listening keenly to whatever story the teacher was saying.

I don’t even know the title.

Daisy didn’t even glance at me as she listened keenly.

“I’m gonna kill you when the teacher is done!” I smirked and punched him lightly on his shoulder.

I shifted away from him before he could retaliate.

He looked at me while I stucked out my tongue mockingly at him.



Lindsay, my roomie isn’t always sleeping in the room we both shared.

She always begs me not to tell on her that she doesn’t stay in her supposed room.

But anyways, it still didn’t concern me.

It’s her life and not mine.

I had trying talking to her once, I actually asked her where she always go in the night till the next morning.

She smiled and told me that, she stays with her friend whose door is a little closer to ours.

But I had my doubt; I didn’t believe her.

Her movement speaks otherwise. She seems to be sneaky in one of the boys room. But I can’t conclude just yet because, I haven’t caught her red handed.

Just two days and she’s already staying out of the room.

What kind of a girl is she?

But anyways, I ain’t bothered one bit about her.



The Alpha students weren’t being bullies to us but they still had that scornful and proud full look on.

We all ate together and played together.

We’ll seat around a big fire and engage ourselves in different games.

We were doing fine together anyways, but I’m thankful of one thing, Charlene and I haven’t crossed paths.

I’m more than glad.


“Florida!” I yelled happily.

“Washington DC.” Jeremy said.

We were playing a game of saying the different states in America.

We all sat in a big circle and a fire was in the center.

We were clapping our hands and smiling.

When it get to your turn, you’re to mention one state without thinking much into it.

Seconds into the game, ten out of fifty students were already out.

I was sitting beside Jeremy at the right hand side while Daisy was sitting at my left hand side.

The game was really interesting and we laughed anytime a person failed or say a country as a state.


It was fun.


For dinner, we all had desserts and drinks.

I ate enough and my face was all smeared of chocolates.

“Take it easy Leah or you’re gonna choke on your chocolates,” Jeremy teased and wiped my lips with his thumb.

My eyes almost popped out of it’s socket as I stared at him.

I quickly yanked his hand away and wiped my lips.

“What do you think you are doing? Students are watching!” I groaned lowly and eyed him.

He chuckled softly and winked at me.

I rolled my eyes and continue stuffing my face with chocolates.



As Daisy told a story, I suddenly felt a sharp pain below my abdomen region.

I bit my lips hard to prevent me from groaning in pain.

I shifted uncomfortably and rested my head on Jeremy’s shoulder.

I was already perspiring despite the cool breeze.

The sharp pain come again, but this time, in full force.

I groaned and held my stomach in pain.

“Leah, what is it?” Jeremy asked worriedly as he stared at me.

“My stomach hurts,” I groaned in pain and clutched tightly on my stomach.

“Why?” He asked.

I shook my head negatively and groaned again in pain.

Then, I felt something drop on my pants!


I gasped loudly in horror and closed my mouth with my palm.

No, no, no, don’t tell me this is happening to me today!

Oh my God!

Why today?

And I ate too many chocolates.

“What is it?” Jeremy asked softly.

“Cramps!” I managed to answer truthfully but my voice was low and croaky.

“Cramps?” He asked, his face scrunched up confusingly.

I bit my lips shyly and took my gaze to the ground.

I was shy and still contemplating if I should tell him what’s really wrong with me.

He’s my friend right?

I breathed in and out and took my head from his shoulder.

I turned to face him and sighed softly.

“I’m on my period,” I whispered softly and my face heat up in embarrassment.

I suddenly felt so shy and I know my face would have gone all red from blushing.

But thank goodness, it’s kinda dark and Jeremy wouldn’t be able to clearly see the blush.

“Oh!” He mouthed speechlessly and nodded his head.

“I’m coming!” He added sharply and stood up from the ground where he sat.

Before I could ask him a question, he was already out of sight.

He came back seconds later and before i knew what was going on, he swept me off my feet and carried me in a bridal style.

“Jeremy!” I shrieked lowly.

“Stay still,” he ordered.

I sighed and ducked my head into his chest, feeling rather too bashful and shy.



He got to my room and placed me on my bed.

I held my stomach as the sharp pain came again, this time, tears were already rolling down my cheeks.

I quickly used my thumb to wipe it off.

It hurts!

“Stay still. I’ll just go get you a pain relieved medicine,” he said and pecked my forehead.

Then, he walked out of the room.

He came back and dropped the medicine on the bed.

He help me seat comfortably on the bed with my head resting on his chest.

He opened the medicine and gave me two tablets and water.

I took it from him and swallowed it before gulping it down with the water.

“Go have a warm bath.” He said and before I could protest, I was already up in his arms.

I smiled lightly and wrapped my hands tight around his neck.

He placed me on the floor and left the bathroom.

I mixed my bath and entered into the bathtub.

After I was done bathing, I tied a towel around my chest.

I stepped out of the bathroom and I ran back immediately I saw Jeremy.

“I won’t bite.” He laughed.

No way!

I can’t and I won’t dress in front of him.

I held my stomach as it still hurts a little. The pain relieve drug really did help a lot.

“Psst!” I called out to Jeremy as I clutched tightly on my towel and stood behind the bathroom door.

“Yeah?” He turned and smirked.

I itched my hair as I dallied for a while.

“Ermmm….. I didn’t come with a sanitary pad and I was wondering if you could please tell Daisy to lend me her’s,” I whispered shyly and bent my head.

“Alright.” He smiled and walked out of the room.

I heaved a sigh of relief and leaned my back against the door. I held my pounding chest and released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding.

I closed my eyes and sighed softly.

“Leah!” Jeremy called softly and knocked gently on the door.

I snapped my closed eyes open and moved away from the door.

Still clutching tightly on my towel, I opened the door slowly.

He stretched out his hand and gave me a polythene bag.

I reluctantly took it from him and stared shyly at my feet.

Jeez! I can’t believe Jeremy is doing all these for me. I feel so shy that I can’t even stare up at him in the eyes.

“Your panties, sanitary pad and clothes are inside.

I just decided that I should add your panties and clothes because I felt you’ll need them.” He expounded shyly and ran his hand through his hair.

Oh my God!

He looks really cute when he does that.

“Uhm.. Thank you Jeremy, I really appreciate,” I smiled with utmost sincerity.

“You welcome,” he smiled.

“And Leah, we are friends now and you should learn to be free with me.

You shouldn’t be shy about all these stuff’s or any other thing.

Just be free with me.

And don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything, I’ll always be here for you,” he added with a genuine smile.

“Uh. Okay. Thanks again,” I smiled and nodded my head.




When I was done wearing my clothes, I walked out of the bathroom.

Actually, the pant Jeremy choosed was a red laced pant which revealed a little of my butt.

Jeez! Can’t believe that out of all my pants, he had to get me that.

I met Jeremy on the bed operating his phone.


“Hey,” he cooed and drew me closer to himself..

I willingly drew closer to him and placed my head on his chest.

“Does it still hurt?” He asked and touched my stomach.

“A little but I’m sure by tomorrow, it will be gone,” I said and rubbed my stomach.

“Okay,” he mouthed and stroked my hair affectionately.

“How come you’re with your phone?” I asked.

He smiled and dropped the phone beside me on the bed.

“I have my ways. My dad’s the owner of the school,” he shrugged with pride resounding in his voice.

He made me place my head on his legs and rubbed my stomach.

He gave me his phone and after playing a game, I gave it back to him.

My cramps wouldn’t let me concentrate.

“Just sleep. And by tomorrow, you’ll be fine,” he smiled.

“Thank you Jeremy.”

I closed my eyes and with his palm soothing my stomach, I suddenly felt at ease.

Soon, I drifted off to sleep, enjoying his hand on my stomach.

β€’ JEREMY β€’

I smiled lightly as I watched the sleeping Leah.

Her face was pale and her lips were pale too but it still looked attractive.

She groaned lightly and I had to soothe her stomach more and pat her to sleep.

Her chest heaved up and down as she slept.


She looked like the sleeping beauty.

I couldn’t believe I did those things for her.

*Brought sanitary pad from Daisy*

*Brought out her panties and clothes for her.*

*I even made her lie on my leg and soothe her stomach.*

What’s suddenly wrong with me?

I just find myself doing things I’ve never done because of her.

I was supposed to be in another relationship but I don’t want her to continue to see me as a playboy.

I just suddenly feel like doing so many things just to impress her and make her trust me.

I kissed her forehead and laid her properly on the bed. I used the duvet cover to cover her body.

I got under the covers with her and I just smiled and stared at her.

I tucked in behind the loose strands of her hair and pecked her cheeks.

She smiled lightly but the smile left just the way it came.

Staring admiringly at her and her pink lips which was tempting to kiss, I fell asleep.



I stirred awake and yawned lightly.

I tried to toss to the other side of the bed, when I felt a hand firmly around my waist.


I opened my eyes fully and I almost swallowed my tongue.

Jeremy was sleeping beside me on the bed with his hand around my waist.

Our faces were close to each other’s and we were breathing the same air.

I roamed my eyes around his face and a smile escaped my lips.

His hair were disheveled and almost covering his eyes. His nose was more sharper and pointed at a very close view.

His lips were pale pink but it was still attractive.

I unconsciously trailed my finger from his forehead to the tip of his nose and then, to his lips.

I placed my finger on his lips and stared admiringly at him.

He looked so cute and more handsome as he slept.

I moved closer to him and brought my lips closer to his.

I used my hand and moved his hair from the front and moved it backwards.

My heart was thumping loudly and I felt suddenly nervous and confused.

But I knew at that moment, all I needed was to kiss his tempting and inviting lips.

I was about placing my lips in his when his eyes snapped opened.

Oh my God!

It felt as if my breathe got seized at that moment.

I quickly moved away from him and in the process of moving backward with a rush, I rolled out of the bed and whipped my butt hard on the floor….


That hurts!

Jeremy bursted into uncontrollably laughter while I rubbed my painful butt with a sad pout.


Embarrassment in the highest order!

Can’t believe I almost kissed Jeremy!

And he caught me!

Oh my God!

Seems I’m sick.

I need to see the doctor because I see no reason why I should feel tempted to kiss Jeremy except I’m sick.

Yeah, I’m definitely sick and I need to see the doctor asap before I finally loose my mind and kiss him.


But Leah is funny sha πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.

Bad timing, why did Jeremy have to wake up at that moment?πŸ€¦πŸ™πŸ€¦..

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