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I was really so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know when I rushed to hug him tight.

“You’re gonna choke me with your tight grip around my neck, if you don’t let me go.” Jeremy laughed and coughed slightly.

I regained my senses and quickly disengaged from the hug.

I gave him an apologetic smile and sat properly on my seat.

“Cry baby.” Daisy teased and smiled lightly at me.

“I’m not a cry baby.” I defended with an eye roll.

“Of course you are. Your face is flushed red because of how hard you were crying.

You looked like a sulky baby.” Jeremy teased with a smirk.

“Awwn, stop it. You’re making me feel shy.

I’m not a cry baby.” I pouted sadly and batted my eyelashes innocently.

Daisy and Jeremy bursted into laughter while I stared at them like two crazy persons.

“Cry baby Leah.” Jeremy smirked.

I used the back of my spoon and hit him lightly on his knuckles.

“Haaa!” He groaned painfully and rubbed the back of his hand soothingly.

“Serves you right.” I smirked and hit him again at the back of his hand.

He glared playfully at me while Daisy chuckled lightly.

We ate the rest of the lunch in quietness.



I called mom and told her that Jeremy already paid my camp fees and she was so elated.

Throughout the day, I was smiling and all peppy at nothing.

I guess I was feeling too happy.

I’m really thankful to Jeremy. I would’ve felt so much bad if I didn’t go to the camp.


Days flew bye and it was just a day to the camp.

I arranged my neat and well ironed clothes in my luggage.

I also kept some of the things I’ll be needing in my big backpack.

When I was done arranging my stuffs, I sat on my bed and smiled in satisfaction.

I’ll be going to camp the following day and I’m so happy.

I can’t wait for the day to be over so tomorrow can come quickly.

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight because of how excited I am.


I kissed my siblings good-bye as I slide in the back of my car.

“Bye Leah.” The chorused together and waved at me.

“Bye twinnie.” I smiled and blew them kisses.

We waved at each other as my chaffeur drove out of the house.



“Hey.” I smiled cheerfully and hugged Daisy.

“Hey.” She cooed softly and pecked my cheeks.

We held our hands together and stood beside the school gate.

Other students had arrived and they were each carrying their luggage and backpacks.

Coincidentally, I and Daisy had the same pink luggage but mine was a little smaller than her’s.

“Same luggage.” I giggled at Daisy.

“Oh! What a coincidence!” She exclaimed happily.

I laughed and pulled her cheeks playfully.



“We are really sorry for the delay in the bus that’s to convey us all to the airport but the bus would be here any minute from now.” The vice principal apologized to us.

We’ve been standing for the past 50 minutes and still no sign of the coaster bus.

Some students were already starting to grumble.

Jeremy had arrived earlier and the three of us were coincidentally, having the same luggage but Jeremy’s own was blue.

Jeez! Jeremy was happy when he found out we had the same luggage.

Soon, the coaster bus arrived and we all lined up and climbed into the bus.

Jeremy waa supposed to go with his car alongside the other J4 guys but he insisted on tagging along with us in the bus.

The three of us sat at the back of the bus and chattered noisily.



We arrived at the airport and we all stood waiting for our vice principal and three teachers who accompanyed us, to sort out some stuffs.



I placed my head on Jeremy’s shoulder as the airplane ascended into the clouds.

We were actually on our way to Florida were the camping would be held.


After hours of driving, the driver finally pulled in front of a huge mansion.

It’s actually a lake house in a forest in Florida.

It surely can contain all thirty of us.

Students wowed as we were led into the big mansion.



Fortunately for I and Daisy, we were both to share the same room.

We were all told the rules and regulations guiding the camp for the next two weeks.

They were just five rules.

*No fighting.*

*No endangering of another’s students life.*

*Girls are not to for any reasons, sleep in the boys room. So as the boys.*

*Not going beyond where you were asked not to go.*

*No phones.*

Jeez, the last rule was really not good and it got a the students grumbling and murmuring.

We were not happy, but we still had to obey and our phones and ipads were taken from us.

Any one who break’s one of the rules and he or she is caught, that would be the end of the students camping.

And seriously, no body wants to break any of them and be sent home.

So, we just had to obediently succumb to the rules.

But nevertheless, I was still very happy because I and Daisy were gonna be in the same room.

The boy’s dormain was a little far from ours.

You’ll have to climb a long staircase then enter an elevator before getting to the rooms.

When the boys were given their room numbers, I had listened and got to know Jeremy’s own.

I don’t know, but I just felt like having it stored in my memory.

The mansion was really huge and I was so bedazzled by it’s exterior and interior decorations of the mansion.

The lake is something else, so big and beautiful.

We were given time to explore the mansion and we were even showed important places in the mansion.

The huge dinning room, the beautiful garden with different species of flowers and colours, the relaxation place, the pool side and others.

It was really awesome and I think, I’m gonna enjoy my stay here. Including other students.

We were also told other things we needed to know.

There were just four teacher’s, including the vice principal.

The principal didn’t want to tag along because of her busy schedules and unfinished work she needed to finish asap.

One of the best camping site I’ve ever been to.

And the most amazing part is that, it’s my dream city.

I love, love Florida so damn much.

Even if we aren’t gonna be given the chance to explore Florida, I’m glad I was able to come.



A bell rang out noisily, jotting me out of my dream Land.

I stirred awake and rubbed my sleepy eyes.

“Hey, get up will you? It’s dinner and you don’t wanna be late to the dinning hall.” Daisy groused and shook my body repeatedly.

I groaned disappointedly and sat on top of the bed.

I got down from the bed and slipped my legs in my slippers.

Daisy tugged on my arm and we both left for the dinning.

When we got there, other students had arrived.

But thank goodness and sweet of Jeremy, he kept vacant seats for us.

He beckoned on us and we gladly went to seat beside him.



“Listen up students!” One of the teachers ordered sternly and hit a glass cup with a small table spoon.

We stopped chattering noisily and turned to face the teachers.

“Good. Well, there’s something you all should know and I think you’ll like.

Alpha High School, we’ll be coming to join us in our camping sites for just one week.

The information came to us a little bit late.

The students would be arriving tomorrow and your roommate would be changed.

Every students here would be paired up with a student each from Alpha High.” The teacher expounded with a smile.

Murmurings filled the air as students murmured angrily and hit their cutleries angrily on their plates.

It was so obvious that they weren’t happy with the idea.

Even I, ain’t happy.

Alpha High School is one of the best school’s back at California.

But ours is more greater than theirs.

The school is filled with proud and arrogant students.

They’re so naughty and flirty.

Almost all the girls were skimpy short skirt and dye their hair any colour.

Short skirts are allowed in my school but not dyeing of hair; it’s totally not acceptable.

The students there are mischievous and proud peacocks. They’re worst than the students at ours.

They’re spoilt brat and they’re so full of themselves.

Jeez! I don’t like them.

The students are too much of a bully.

I actually got to know so many things about them because we’ve been paired so many a times for different activities.

We’ve been paired up twice for camp, four times for basketball, twice for a spelling bee competition and thrice for a football game competition.

Well, the good news is that, we’ve always defeated them.

We are always winners and it got them really upset and they detested us.

Who cares?

They’re looser anyways, and they will always be.



The students grumbled in dis~ satisfaction and they stopped eating.

I just tossed on my meal and sulked.

The last time I was paired up in the same room with an Alpha student, jeez!

It didn’t turn out well.

I literally almost hated camp because of her.

Can’t even remember the bitch’s name.

Daisy had a confused countenance but I wasn’t ready to explain things to her.

Alpha students coming here, means only one thing :

*We aren’t gonna enjoy our stay with them around.*

The teachers successfully calmed the angry students down, but they were still mumbling angrily.

Dinner was finally over and we went back to our respective rooms.

I just walked morosely to the room, with Daisy quietly trailing behind me.


We all stood out impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Alpha student.

My face was all scrunched up in anger.

They’re really good at keeping someone late.

A coaster bus with *ALPHA HIGH SCHOOL * imprinted on it, drove inside the huge mansion.

I breathed out a sigh of relief.

The door opened and the students gracefully alighted from the bus, one after the other.

They all had proud countenance on as they stared at us.

The boy’s were looking handsome and cute, as always.

And the girls, slim with skimpy skirts on.

I rolled my eyes as one of the boys gave me a lewd wink.

“Dickhead.” I muttered with a scoff.

The students alighted from the bus and it was remaining a student in.

I stared keenly as the student gracefully and majestically alighted, with a sunshade on.

She removed her glasses and our eyes met.

Holy mother of Mary!

Conniption fit gripped me immediately and I stared at her dumbstrucked.

I was rather too speechless.

I pinched myself to make sure I ain’t dreaming or seeing things.

But the sharp pain made me realize that, I wasn’t dreaming or seeing things.

Why does it have to be her of all people?

She smirked at me and joined the other students.

What the hell?

My worst nightmare I never thought of meeting again.


Can this camp get any worst?


Who do you think Leah saw?🤷🤦🤦.

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