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I thanked Jeremy and returned his water bottle back to him.

He was just staring at me and smiling sheepishly.

What’s wrong with this guy?

After resting for a while and chatting with Jeremy, without us bickering at each other, the bell rang. Signifying sports over and we were to return to class.

I grumbled loudly while Jeremy chuckled softly, as we made our way to the classroom.

I was sweaty and tired and I didn’t think I’ll be comfortable sitting in class with my sweaty sportswear on.

I diverted to the girl’s locker room while Jeremy walked to the class.

I took out my towel and jogger’s and left for the restroom.

I took my bath and wore my jogger’s before going back to the classroom.

I wrapped my sportswear and kept it neatly in my backpack.

I sighed tiredly as I sat on my seat.

Daisy came in few minutes later and we both talked briefly before she went to her seat.

We just had one subject that day before school ended.

I waved at Daisy and Jeremy goodbye as I slide in the back seat of my car.

Can’t wait to go home and sleep till tomorrow morning.

I feel so tired and worn out.

All I need right now is a cold bath and long sleep without interruption.


I woke up with the sound of my blaring alarm.

“Huhhh!” I groaned disappointedly and turn off the alarm.

I stretched out my body and yawned loudly.

I got down from my bed and slipped my legs in my flip flops, before staggering to the bathroom.


I can’t believe it’s Monday again. I mean, the weekend was just too fast.

It flew like wind and now, it’s Monday morning.

I still wanted to have enough sleep and I had to try to keep my eyes opened by force, as I brushed my teeth.

Even with my disheveled hair and sleepy eyes, I still looked beautiful.

I smiled and stared admiringly at myself as I continued to brush my teeth.



I ate breakfast and waited for the school bus. Just few minutes of waiting, the school bus arrived.

I kissed my mom and siblings good-bye.
I picked up my backpack and dragged my lazy self out of the house.

I entered into the school bus before the driver drove off.


I got to school and Jeremy was the first to welcome me.

“Hey, good morning.” He greeted with a smile.

“Yeah.” I replied perfunctorily and rolled my eyes.

“Leah!” Daisy smiled lightly and hugged me.

“Hi. How’re you doing today?” I asked cheerfully.

“I’m fine.” She smiled and etwined our hands together.

The three of us walked to the classroom together with just I and Daisy chatting and ignoring Jeremy as if he wasn’t there.

“Don’t forget we are friends Paisley.” Jeremy smirked proudly, before walking to his seat.

I just scoffed and sat on my seat.



“Good morning students!” Our vice principal greeted cheerfully with a smile.

He’s a short chubby man with big spec and a bald head man.

He doesn’t smile except he has good news to tell. And I guess he’s about to tell us one.

I hope it would be something great and worth being happy for.

“Good morning sir Daniel.” We chorused together.

“How was your weekend?” He asked with a smile and adjusted his spec properly at the bridge of his nose.

“It was fine sir.” We chorused yet again.

“Well, I have good news for you all and you’ll be so elated to hear it.” He said and the students went wide with enthusiasm.

“So, you’lll be going for a two weeks camp before your examinations.

The camping is also part of your examination. It’s part of learning and also for fun.” He expounded with a smile and a darted his eyes to all of us.

The students squealed happily while I just smiled lightly at Daisy, who was standing beside me.

“The fee and every details has been sent to your parents but I just decided to let you all.

Your payment ends this Friday.

Any other details added later will be brought to your notice before Friday.

For now, this will be all.” He enthused and walked majestically out of the podium.

The students went wide with ecstacy and jubilation.

“You all can go to your class.” A teacher said and with that, we were all dispersed.

Students walked in group and started talking in ecstacy as we all walked out of the hall to the classroom.

“Hey, I’m so happy. Mom would definitely agree.

I’m gonna definitely go.

I’m so happy.” Daisy squealed happily and jumped happily on me.

“Yeah. Mom would definitely agree but I’m still happy though.” I shrugged casually.

“I’m gonna start getting ready already.” She said cheerfully.

As we walked to class, Daisy couldn’t stop giggling and talking happily.

She was so elated.



“Hey.” Jeremy smiled and sat on top of my desk.

“Yeah. What do you want?” I asked perfunctorily.

“C’mon Leah, stop being mean to me. We weren’t enemies before you know?

We just had a little misunderstanding.

And last Friday, you agreed to be friends with me. So, what’s with the stern attitude?” He asked calmly and stared intently at me, as if searching my eyes for answers.

“Okay, fine. What do you want?” I asked politely with a tight lip smile.

“I just want you to stop being mean to me. At least, let’s start talking friendly.

Let’s be friends.” He cooed softly and held my hand in his.

“But Jer…..” I tried talking but he caught me short.

“Please Leah. Let’s just call whatever we had a truce and be friends for real, close friends.

I’m not asking for too much, just to be close to you.” He cooed softly and swing my hands playfully.

“Alright. Friends.” I smiled lightly.

“Thank you Leah, it really means a lot to me.” He smiled and he surprised me by pulling me to a warm hug.

“You welcome.” I smiled lightly.

He ruffled my hair playfully and came down from my desk.

“Let’s have lunch together.” He said and batted his eyelashes innocently and gave me cute puppy eyes.

I chuckled softly and poked his chest playfully.

“Alright, no problem. But if any rumors should surface about us dating promise to stand up for me and tell them we are just friends.” I said and stared at him, with all seriousness.

“Yeah, of course.” He said and nodded his head positively.


As Jeremy walked back to his seat, some girls threw scornful glances at me but I just turned my gaze away.

They should think anything for all I care as long as Jeremy stands up for me and tell them we are just friends.

But I just hope that I wouldn’t have too many enemies because I’m close to him.

I don’t want to have too many enemies because of a guy.

But anyways, I’m glad we wouldn’t be bickering at each other again.



“Mom, sweet mom.” I cooed sweetly and did kissing sounds over the phone.

“Just spill out Leah. I know you want me to do something that’s why you’re saying sweet words to me.” She laughed lightly.

“C’mon mom, you know I usually do say nice words to you even when I don’t want anything from you.” I pouted and itched my non itching hair, even if she isn’t seeing me.

“Yeah, I know. So my sweet Leah, what do you want?” She asked with a chuckle.

I rolled my eyes and itched my hair, cogitating for a while.

“Well mom, my school would have sent you an email….” I paused and sighed softly.

“Oh! Yeah. About that, I’ll be sending them the money on Wednesday. You don’t have to worry about that.

You’ll be going for the camp.” She said and I could tell she was smiling.

“Mommy!” I squealed happily and jumped happily on my big, bouncy bed.

“Really mom? Thank you so much. I love you!” I screamed enthusiastically and did a happy dance on my bed.

“You welcome baby girl, I love you too.” She giggled lightly.

“You’re amazing mom.” I giggled happily.

“Alright. So, how was school today?” She asked.

“It was great mom. And how’s England and work over there?” I asked.

“England is great and work is going on perfectly and smoothly.” She said and sighed softly.

“Alright. What about your siblings? Hope they’re doing great and aren’t being stubborn and at loggerhead with each other?” She asked and chuckled softly.

“They’re doing great mom.” I smiled.



I and mom talked for a while before she ended the call.

I danced and sang happily as soon as mom ended the call.

I’m so happy!


The next day, I got ready and left for school.

I and Jeremy said hi to each other before going to our respective seats.

Jeremy and his friends already started attending classes more often than before.

I’m happy he’s changed a little.

He doesn’t speak rudely at me and boast pridefully.

Even if it’s just be a day we became real closed, I’ve seen quite a bit of changes in him.

At least, he behaved properly when we talked together.

During lunch time, I, Daisy and Jeremy ate lunch together, amidst glares and murmurings from some of the girls.

But it didn’t bother me.


“Leah.” Mom spoke dejectedly over the phone and I could tell something was wrong.

“Yes mom, you sound sad, it’s anything the matter?” I asked with a soft sigh.

“Leah dear, I’m sorry.” Mom sighed sadly.

“Mom you’re scaring me. What is it?” I asked with so much anxiety resounding in my voice.

“I won’t be able to make the payment for your camp and I’m sorry, you wouldn’t be able to attend the camp.

Something came up but I’ll explain better to you when I get home.

I’m really sorry Leah.” She said with a sad sigh.

I dejectedly and absent-mindedly dropped my phone on the floor.

I plopped on my bed and tears streamed down my face.

I wouldn’t be able to attend camp…..

It hurts! I really want to!

“Hello, Leah are you there?” Mom asked, but I was too dejected to pick up my phone from the floor.

I buried my head on the bed with my pillow on my head.

I cried bitterly and tossed and turned angrily on my bed.


“Hey, Leah what is it?” Daisy asked worriedly as I walked sadly to my seat.

I forced out a smile and shook my head negatively.

“Leah?” She called worriedly and stared at me.

“I’m fine. I just wanna be alone.” I waved my hand aside for her.

She sighed and walked to her seat.



As I put my fries in my mouth, I bursted into fresh tears.

I sniffed in and wiped my tears.

“Hey Leah, what is it? Why are you crying?” Jeremy cooed softly and patted my back.

“I…….I…..” I stuttered and broke down into tears.

Jeremy leaned forwards to me and wiped my tears with his thumb.

“Now, calm down and tell me what’s wrong.” He said softly.

I drank a little water and exhaled in sharp breathe.

“Mom said I wouldn’t be able to to attend camp because of some issues and I’m not in good terms with my father.

I really do want to go to camp.” I cried softly.

“Is that why you are crying?” Jeremy and Daisy chorused together.

They glanced at each other and chuckled lightly.

“You don’t have to feel sad about that Leah.” Daisy cooed and patted my back.

I shook my head vigorously and negatively, sniffing in my tears that wouldn’t stop pouring out.

“You don’t have to cry Leah, I mean, I already paid your camp fees even before it was announced.” Jeremy suddenly said with all seriousness.

“What?” I almost choked on my saliva.

“You aren’t kidding are you?” I asked, dumbfoundedly.

“I ain’t. I payed your camp fees. I was gonna tell you on Friday.” He said and grinned.

“Oh my God Jeremy! Thank you so much.” I yelled happily, leaned towards him and hugged him tightly, forgetting we were in the cafeteria.

“You welcome Leah, anything for you.” He smiled and ruffled my hair playfully.


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