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πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ

{ πŸ’ He Has To Win!πŸ’˜ }



⛹️ Game on!🀾



I held the unconscious Paisley firmly in my arms.

I carried her in a bridal style and walked down the stairs.

I hastily walked to the sick bay and a nurse took her from me.

Jeez! She’s slim but has weight like that of a plumpy lady.

The nurse attended to her and a drip and oxygen was placed on her.

“She’s got a high fever.” The nurse said as I stared at the sleeping Paisley.

She looks so cute and fragile in her sleep.

“Oh! Okay.” I mouthed lowly as I stared at her chest heaved up and down slowly.

“She would be fine if she wakes up but she’ll still needs proper treatment at the hospital.” She added.

I just nodded my head with my gaze still on her.



I went back and took her backpack that had fallen on the stairs when I carried her.

I didn’t go to the class but stayed with Paisley.


“Ouch!” She groaned painfully and stirred awake.

I came down from the chair I sat on and went to meet her.

She held her head and struggle to seat on the bed.

I held her hands and helped her seat on the bed.

“Huh? What I’m I doing here?” She asked with a crumpled look as she stared around the sick bay.

“You passed out when you were about climbing up the stairs to class.” I retorted.

She looked at me like I’ve grown two horns on my head and wings at my back.

“Jeremy, don’t tell me you actually brought me here?” She taunted and huffed disbelievingly.

* Jeremy calm down, the first step to win this bet is to be nice to her.

Don’t talk harshly at her and avoid her harsh words on you.*

I admonished myself calmly.

Seriously, I was about flaring up and screaming at her.

“Yeah. You passed out in my arms.” I retorted calmly with a smile.

“Wait! Did Jeremy just smile at me?

Oh my God!

Leah, you’re dreaming and you need to wake up!” She said like someone who had gone insane and continuously hit her head lightly.

“Don’t be so dramatic Paisley, I’m just being nice okay?” I smirked and raked my hand through my hair.

“Nice indeed!” She huffed.

She was given some drugs and the nurse said she could go to class but she should make sure she goes to the hospital for proper treatment.

“A thank you will do, you know Pai.” I said as we climbed up the stairs to the classroom.

“Yeah, my bad. Thank you Jeremy.” She said with a sarcastic scowl.

“Ermm…. Pai..” I stuttered and itched my non itching hair.

“Yeah? What is it?” She asked keenly and stopped walking.

“I’m actually sorry for what happened at Daisy’s birthday party.

It was just like a prank. I’m really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” I said with a remorseful countenance which was just a charade and faux.

She stared surprisingly at me with her eyes wide opened and her mouth hanging in the air.

“Fly is gonna find it’s way into your mouth if you don’t close it.” I teased.

She closed her mouth unconsciously and gulped down nothing.

“Oh! Okay. And Jeremy please call me Leah.” She said with a shrug.

“And your new self is creepy me out Jer.” She smirked.

My stomach did some happy dance and I felt butterfly in my stomach as she called me Jer.

It sounded so sweet and romantic coming from her mouth.

“Okay.” I smiled.

We continued walking and got to the classroom.

I winked at her and walked proudly to my seat, feeling so happy and proud of myself.

I mentally patted my head for an act well done.

I’m such a good actor.

I think I should feature in a movie.

I smiled and sat on my seat.

My friends glanced at me surprisingly but I ignored them and continued smiling.




I feel my face start to heat up as Jeremy winked at me.


Don’t tell me I’m suddenly blushing because he winked at me!

This is unbelievable!

Okay, Jeremy is acting creepy.

Like seriously, Jeremy spoke to me calmly and even smiled occasionally.

It’s so rare and creepy coming from him to me.

I mean, we’ve never be on good terms and suddenly, he’s being nice to me.

Something is really fishy and I won’t fall for his trick.

I’m way smarter than him.

If it’s one of his ways to get back at me, then I better avoid him.

But seriously, I enjoyed the nice and comfortable conversations we had.

But still, he isn’t to be trusted.


Seems our Leah is smart πŸ˜›.

And Jeremy is becoming softer and nice πŸ˜‚……

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By Scholastic ✍️.