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“Leah, jeez! You were something else when you talked rudely at Jeremy,” Daisy laughed and nudged my arm playfully.

“Yeah. He got whatever he deserves.

I mean, I’m not so cheap to fall for his silly trick.

We seriously don’t like each other so, why would he ask me to be his girlfriend?

Except he has something up his sleeves,” I shrugged.

“Yeah, you’re right. I really liked your boldness,” she smiled and patted my back.



Finally, the party ended.

I waved goodbye at Daisy as I slide into the backseat of the car.

She blew me a kiss while I smiled lightly at her.

She waved at me till my car was out of sight.

I got home feeling so tired and weary.

I climbed up to my room and I didn’t even bother pulling off my shoes or even my dress before jumping on my bed.

I yawned tiredly and within the twinkle of an eye, I fell asleep.


“Leah, Leah wake up.” I heard tiny voices of my siblings and they were shaking me vigorously.


I yawned and squinted my eyes opened.

“What is it?” I groaned lightly and touched my forehead.

“You’ve been sleeping since forever and we’ve been trying to wake you up but you wouldn’t bulge.

You were sleeping like a corpse.” Mirabelle said with fear resounding in her tiny voice.

“Oh! I was just too tired and exhausted.” I grumbled.

“It’s past dinner time and we are hungry. Dad called and said he would be home late.” Jayden grumbled with a pout.


I pinched the tip of his nose lightly while he grumbled noisily.

“Just give me a minute and I’ll come downstairs and fix us a quick and simple dinner,” I said as I got down from my bed.

They both nodded and walked out of my room.

I peeled off my gown and walked dizzily into the bathroom.

After changing into something comfortable, I left my room.

I got to the sitting room and met my twin siblings watching cartoon.

I yawned tiredly and walked to the kitchen.

I felt dizzy and my head was hurting.

I managed to prepare noodles and served my siblings their’s.

I barely even touched my meal.

After eating, I took them to their respective rooms and tucked them into bed.

I pecked them goodnight and left for my room.

Seems like I’m about to fall sick.

I opened my drawer and took out a pain relieve medicine.

I placed it in my mouth with my face scrunched up and used my bottle water to gulp it down.

I laid on my bed and drew the duvet closer to my body. I switched off my bed stand light and fell asleep.



Next morning, I and my siblings went to church.

Dad ordered pizza and barbecue.

I ate little out of it while my siblings devoured them hungrily.

My temperature became high and I was having a pounding headache.

Dad bought some drugs and I grudgingly took them.

I sure do hate drugs.

Sunday was just normal with me staying in bed while my siblings and dad went to have fun.

I was to weak to get up from the bed and my siblings badly wanted to go out. And so, I told them they could leave without me.

And now, I’m home alone.

I thought by the following day, the sickness would have gone……..


“Leah, you’re burning up!” Mirabelle’s tiny voice shrieked up in fear.

I groaned and forcefully opened my heavy eyes.

“Why are you here?” I asked and sat on top of my bed.

“The school bus just left and I was surprised to see your car in the compound and you didn’t follow the school bus and so, I decided to come check up on you.” Mira said.

“Oh my!” I shrieked in sheer horror and pushed Mira as I hurriedly got down from the bed and ran to the bathroom, ignoring my pounding headache.

“Are you sure you still wanna go to school!?” Mira yelled.

“Of course!” I yelled back as I stood under the running shower.

“But you seem sick. Your body was burning up and you don’t seem okay to me.” She yelled again.

“Don’t worry Mira, I’m fine.
Just go already.

I can take care of myself and you don’t have to worry.” I yelled.

“Oh! Okay.”

Then I heard retreating footsteps and finally, the sound of the door open and close again.

By the time I was done getting ready for school, I was super late like never before.

I felt weak but I still wanted to go to school.

There’s nothing more than I hate to skip school.

I hate it.

I got in the driver’s seat while Lou drove off.

Mira and Jay had already got to school while dad had gone to work.

“Drive faster,” I urged Lou impatiently.

He increased the speed of the car, he started driving fast but not recklessly.


As I climbed up the stairs to my class, I suddenly felt tired and weak.

My eyes were heavy and everywhere was starting to spin around and move in circles.

My eyelids were starting to close.

I staggered backwards a little but I was quick to hold the stairs railings for support.

As I made to climb another staircase, I suddenly lost my balance.

I was feeling whoozy already.

I ended up falling over at Jeremy’s chest unconsciously.

He was climbing down the stairs and I didn’t seem to notice it.

He caught me by the waist before I could fall.

I stared at him and my eyes finally closed….

Darkness egulfed me.


πŸ˜ͺ… Our Leah is sick.

Thank goodness Jeremy was there so save her before she could fall off the stairs πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜›….

This is just the beginning of Jeremy’s kindness towards her πŸ€—.

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