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Tempted To Fall Episode 9

Tempted To Fall Episode 9
Second-to-last episode

Written by Sonia Okehie

No matter how much we try to avoid certain situations, it sadly still occurs and most times we find ourselves unready to face it. In as much as Natasha has been avoiding any interaction with Dora like a plague, it still happened regardless and the fact that Vincent was present, made the whole situation even more tensed and complicated. The confrontation of a lifetime was about to go down but it’s quite apparent that non of them was ready for it at all.

Immediately Dora entered Natasha’s office, Vincent got up from his knees and stood opposite his wife’s desk. When Dora saw both of them together, she instantly became tensed and began to panic. “I didn’t know you have a visitor, I think I will come back later” she said.

When Dora said that and wanted to leave, Natasha immediately chipped in and stopped her. “There’s no need leaving because you are already here” she said and Dora stayed back. The atmosphere was tensed and awkward as everyone tried to avoid eye contacts. Vincent was really uncomfortable but had to take the lead and break the silence. “I’m glad you both are here so I can clear myself and be justified. Dora, please tell my wife all that happened and also tell her if we ever made love. Please talk now and ensure to say nothing but the truth” he soberly said.

After keeping mute for a while, Dora took a deep breath and began to explain. “Natasha, firstly I want to say ‘Sorry’ to you and also acknowledge that I messed up big time. It all started back when we were still in school, I have always loved Vincent and greatly envied your relationship with him. I felt he was rightfully mine because he saw me first before approaching you that day but somehow became yours. Since then, I found it difficult to completely let go because I still had hope that one day he would be mine. When I realised that your marriage was gradually hitting the rocks, I saw it as an opportunity to strike and take what rightfully belonged to me. Vincent never requested for my nudes and have never led me on. At a time, he almost gave in but God stepped in and stopped whatever could have happened that day. Vincent loves and respects you so much because if he didn’t, then he would have fallen easily but that wasn’t the case. I am very sorry Natasha and would give up just anything to receive your forgiveness. I know you might never trust me again and I take the blame for that but sincerely need your forgiveness. Please my friend” she soberly said.

When Dora was done talking, Natasha shook her head in disbelief and strongly held herself from crying. Dora’s revelation was quite shocking and disheartening. In as much as Natasha was still very angry and hurt with her husband and Ex best friend, she somehow felt sorry for Dora for reasons unknown; probably because she could imagine what her supposed ‘best friend’ went through emotionally all those years.

After digesting the information properly, Natasha finally spoke up; “So all these years you were never truly my friend? I am asking because if you were, then you would have gotten over your feelings for my husband and wish me well rather than try to break my home. Friends are meant to build each other up and not tear each other apart. I understand your feelings was involved in all this but did you ever for once think about me? Did you think about my own feelings and also how my child would feel if you took his dad away for your own selfish reasons? If the table turned and I was in your shoes, I would never hurt you the way you have done to me. For crying out loud, there are so many men walking the surface of this earth so why didn’t you get over your feelings for my husband at least after we got married? This is the height of betrayal and I don’t ever think things would be the same again for us. I don’t hate you and have forgiven you but I just hope you truly forgive yourself when it finally dawns on you that you lost a good friend and sister that can do absolutely anything for you. Just so you know, I have requested for transfer and will be leaving this branch next week. I wish you all the best and would appreciate it if you leave my office now” she sadly said.

At that moment, it’s safe to say that Dora and Natasha’s relationship had finally come to the end of the road. It was a sad parting indeed but it had to be so because their friendship will never be the same again after that incident. There’s no way Natasha would trust Dora ever again after what she had done; it was a permanent scar that would take Forever to heal.

Unfortunately, Dora had to leave the office after Natasha was done with her speech. It was a shameful exit but it had to be done because any other action or interaction made by Dora about the issue might trigger a harsh reaction from Natasha. She shamefully walked away, so as to give Vincent and his wife the privacy she interrupted

With Dora gone, Vincent locked the door to avoid any other interruption and fell on his knees afterwards. Tears slowly fell off his eyes as he looked into his sober wife’s eyes. Natasha’s heart had soften by then so Vincent figured it was the best time to make amends with her and also ask for her forgiveness. “Babe, I am so sorry for everything and I take full responsibility and blame. I should have been a better and supportive husband to you but failed woefully when you needed me the most. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you at your lowest point. Please forgive me and give us a second chance for the sake of our son. Please I beg you” he soberly said.

There were just so many thoughts going through Natasha’s mind at that moment. Despite the fact that she wanted her husband back, she didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. She was still going through a journey of self recovery and didn’t want anyone to temper with her growth or peace of mind. With this in consideration, it’s apparent that Vincent had a lot of work to do than the heartfelt speech he gave on his knees.

After being speechless for a while, Natasha finally managed to say something. “I honestly can’t deal with you right now and would appreciate it if you leave too. For the first time in a long while, I am finally putting myself first so I wouldn’t want to jeopardise that priceless practice and feeling. I miss my family and want us back but don’t think accepting you back is the right action to take now. Please leave my office because I am about to round up for today. I’ll tell our son you sent your greetings” she calmly said. Without arguing much, Vincent pecked her on the cheek and sadly walked away.

With Vincent and Dora gone, Natasha broke down in tears. She sobbed bitterly for a while before closing for the day and heading home. It was such an emotion filled day for each of them and it made them sober. Dora burst into tears immediately she got home and Vincent was down all through the remaining hours of that day; same with Natasha’s too. It wasn’t an easy development for everyone to digest but the deed was already been done.

Just as mentioned, Natasha was transferred a week later to another branch in town where she wouldn’t be bumping into Dora everyday. The best way to heal from a heartbreak or betrayal faster is to totally cut off from that person and avoid places you can see or bump into them. This helps your healing process and also saves you the stress of having reopened wounds each time you see the cause of your pain. Natasha made a good decision to go away from anything that constantly threatened her peace and healing.

Days turned to weeks and Vincent still hadn’t gotten his family back. It was greatly eating him up because he missed his family more than words could say. Unable to bear the loneliness and pain any longer, the desperate man paid his wife an unexpected visit one fateful night.

It happened one day that Vincent was restless all through because he missed his family dearly. As evening drew near, he couldn’t take it any longer so he got into his car and headed straight to Natasha’s house. When he arrived at the small bungalow estate, the gateman let him in because they knew who he was. After gaining access into the estate, he walked straight to his wife’s bungalow and knocked on the door.

As Vincent knocked, his heart skipped several beats because he didn’t know the reaction he will get from Natasha when she eventually opens the door. After three (3) knocks, the door opened and she was shocked to see her husband standing there.

Before Natasha could fully express her surprised state, Vincent held her by the waist and hurriedly planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned to see the fate of Vincent and Natasha’s marriage.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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