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Tempted To Fall Episode 7

Tempted To Fall Episode 7

Written by Sonia Okehie

Change isn’t a rosy transformation because it requires high level of determination and a permanent ‘Goodbye’ to your comfort zone; this is one of the reasons a lot of people fear ‘Change’. Natasha knew very well that her recent negligence to the things that concerned her mental and physical well being was affecting her marriage but she paid deaf ears and refused to do anything about it. Why wait till something is broken before you fix it? What happened to fixing that issue immediately you identified the problem? It’s sad that Natasha allowed things to escalate the way it did before she realised that she needed to find herself again. Anyways, it’s better Late than Never!

It’s extremely refreshing knowing that Natasha was deliberately taking a step at a time to regain herself again. That gym class she was about registering for was a Big step towards her recovery journey. If she put in the work and stay dedicated, it’s just a matter of time and her Banging Hot Body will be back. That decision alone meant that she was ready to leave her comfort zone for a Change to take place. What a relief indeed!

Fortunately, Natasha was able to register for the gym class and training commenced with immediate effect. She was assigned to a good coach that knew the right exercise for every physical problem. He was highly motivational and was a source of strength to Natasha whenever she wanted to give up. In just two weeks, results began to show and it encouraged her the more to remain dedicated.

While Natasha was living her best life and finding herself gradually, Vincent was greatly troubled and wasn’t at peace. He wasn’t happy with the fact that he hadn’t seen his son and wife for over a month. He always stopped by at Natasha’s office everyday just to see if she would show up but she never did.

Whenever Vincent visited Natasha’s office, he usually bumped into Dora and it was always an awkward experience. Each time he set his eyes on the woman that was behind his misery, the rage he felt within would worsen. To be honest, if not for the fact that Vincent was a gentleman, he would have given Dora the beatings of her life in one of those days. In order not to create a scene, he usually respected himself and just ignored her.

On the other hand, Dora was also going through intense guilt like never before. The fact that her evil secret was now in the open was what made her sober. If Natasha hadn’t found out about their secret affair, I bet Dora would still be sending nudes to Vincent. She was now remorseful because she realised that she had lost both her best friend and also any chance of making Vincent hers. it was a total loss for the home wrecker because she lost on both ends and was left with no one to fall back on. It’s apparent that Dora didn’t think her actions through but it was too late to retrace her steps.

Another thing that got Dora more worried and scared was the confrontation that was ahead, between Natasha and her. The nervous lady kept praying for that day to never come because she didn’t know how she would face her best friend whom she betrayed.

Any day Natasha didn’t show up for work, Dora would take a deep breath and say a silent prayer of gratitude because she wasn’t ready for that dreadful confrontation at all. She was always absent-minded during work hours and hardly ever concentrated on work activities. Each time she bumped into Vincent, she would hide her face in shame and ensure to leave that area fast to avoid further eye contacts. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning of Dora’s misery because more was coming.

While Vincent and Dora were battling with their conscience, Natasha was greatly regaining her self worth, dignity and physical appearance. It was already up to a month since she started her fitness journey and mental health therapy and it was amazing how tremendously well she was doing. Her body looked snatched and her glow was unrecognisable.

To be honest, Natasha had done well and needed accolades. The beautiful thing was that no one had seen her yet; except maybe her family members. Her new growth and glow was kept a secret because she needed enough time to completely digest everything before revealing to the world.

Regardless of the good new developments going on in Natasha’s life, she was still bothered and worried about what decision to take as regards her marriage. Despite the fact that she wanted her marriage to work, she still felt betrayed by the two people who were supposed to have her back. It was going to take a while for Natasha to finally decide on what she wanted to do with Vincent and Dora, but for the meantime, she was enjoying her glow and snatched body.

Finally, it was time for Natasha to return back to work after over 5 weeks of being absent. She still wasn’t ready to return to her matrimonial home but was ready to go back to work. All the while she was away, Vincent still hadn’t seen her nor his son but he knew they were staying in a two bedroom property Natasha secured a while ago as an investment. He wanted to pay them a visit so bad but couldn’t do so because Natasha blocked all access to he had to her. It wasn’t an easy time for the confused man but he still had a little hope in his marriage but I guess he was in for a serious shocker by the time he sees the new Natasha.

The main reason Vincent wasn’t going after his wife and kid the way he rightly should have done was because of the loss of interest he had for Natasha due to the lost spark in their marriage. However, he had no clue that she had snapped back and was looking even more healthy, beautiful, snatched and hotter than ever. If only Vincent knew what had been happening behind closed doors, then I believe he would have put in more effort to get his family back. Well, the big reveal was about to go down and no one saw it coming at all.

The D-day finally came and it was on a Monday morning. On that day, Dora came in early for work and was seated in her office when she overheard people happily greeting and praising someone at that entrance. Curious to know what was happening, she walked down to the entrance to find out what was going on.

Immediately Dora got to the entrance, she became more confused as she got closer to the scene. She kept arguing within herself that it wasn’t whom she thought it was. When she got closer enough to confirm her doubts, her mouth was left wide open and her palms instantly became sweaty. Lo & Behold, It was no other person than the New Natasha.

Immediately Dora fully walked into the entrance, Natasha turned and their eyes jammed. At that moment, Dora wished the group would just open and swallow her up because the shame was too much for her to bear. “Natasha, is this truly you?” she shamefully asked.

Without hesitating, Natasha gave her a befitting reply. She smiled faintly and said; “Not the Natasha you used to know”.

End of episode 7 😉
Stay tuned to see what happened next.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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