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Tempted To Fall Episode 4

Tempted To Fall Episode 4

Written by Sonia Okehie

There’s a limit for everything and so with temptations. When tempted, if you don’t act fast to terminate the source of that temptation, it’s just a matter of time before you succumb to it. The best way to weaken the strength of sin is to expose it by telling someone. If Vincent had told his wife about the whole incident, it probably wouldn’t have gotten to the extent it was already at. The fact that he kept everything a secret was the reason he was still dealing with Dora’s advances. Too bad it had gotten to the extent of receiving nude photos from the home wrecker.

Immediately Vincent viewed the nude photo Dora sent to his WhatsApp, his blood became hot and his emotions were triggered. As a man that he was, his manhood began to play funny games which in turn set him in the mood but the only thing missing was that Dora wasn’t close by at that moment. Fortunately, he quickly came back to his senses and hurriedly deleted the photo from his phone and blocked the number that sent it.

Few minutes later, Natasha walked into the parlour to inform Vincent that food was ready. “Babe, come and eat” she said and he carried their son to the dinning table where they ate like one happy family; but were they truly happy? Because while the eating was going on, the only thing on Vincent’s mind was the nude picture Dora sent a while back. He kept thinking about the photo and just couldn’t get his mind off the Hot Banging Body that was in that picture. It was an emotionally draining day for the young man but he managed to scale through.

After that day, Vincent’s cravings for intimacy became unbearable for him. Most nights, he would go to bed in full preparation to touch his wife but something would turn him off immediately he tries to make advances towards her. It could be Natasha’s big tummy, her unkempt looks or her unromantic responds to his subtle advances. Vincent’s mood usually dies once he tries to make love to his wife and the whole thing began to get tiring for the desperate man.

In this case, it’s hard to throw blames at one party because they were both at fault and were the reasons the spark in their marriage was slowly dying. The least Vincent could do as a husband that he was, could be to point out to Natasha what he wants her to change and help her work on it, than to totally avoid her or play dumb. For crying out loud, she is your wife and life partner so why ignore sensitive issues like this that have the capabilities of ruining your marriage?

On the other hand, Natasha also wasn’t helping matters by neglecting herself the way she was doing. How can a once attractive lady totally forget herself to that extent? It’s quite understandable that people deal with a lot of stress after child birth, but not to the extent of forgetting their true self and letting go of the ‘Babe’ they once used to be. Natasha would have tried to work on some important aspect of herself so as to save her marriage from losing some intimate spark. At this point, all we can do is pray and hope for a quick revival to save their marriage before Dora makes a permanent entrance into their home.

While Vincent was dealing with his hormones, Dora wasn’t making matters any easy for the starved married man. She kept sending nudes to him in the afternoon period, knowing he would be at work and not with his wife. The harassment continued and eventually became unbearable for Vincent that he had to call and warn Dora one day. immediately she picked up, he went straight to the point. “Stop this now, stop this Dora! Do you want to ruin my marriage? What is all this for crying out loud? I don’t want you period! Leave me the hell alone” he furiously said.

When Vincent was done talking, Dora chuckled over the phone and probably shook her head in a laughable manner. “Are you done talking?” she asked and burst into laughter. “See I have not even started with you. My heart belongs to you and I won’t rest until you are mine. I know you want me too, I can swear that you are dying to rip my clothes off right now. Those nudes are nothing compared to the full package you will get when you see that body in real life. Call me when you are tried of lying to yourself about what you want. I love you” she said and ended the call.

When the call ended, Vincent was left dumbfounded, confused and more starved than he was before making that call. There was just something about Dora’s audacity that drove him crazy and made him more confused on what to do. At that point, it was going to take only the grace of God for Vincent to overcome Dora’s advances towards him.

The fierce battle to overcome temptation continued till Vincent finally lost and was defeated. One fateful day, Vincent woke up feeling highly starved of intimacy. He wanted to make love to his wife that very morning so bad, but we all know their marriage was going through a rough phase that made them feel unattractive towards each other.

When Vincent opened his social media handles later that day at the office, the first thing his eyes saw aroused his urges the more. The poor man tried to put himself together but completely lost it when a message from Dora came in and it was a new nude photo.

It felt as though the devil was truly out to ruin Vincent’s marriage that fateful day because everything that revolved around him at that moment was something that made his condition worse. The young man kept fighting back and forth till he lost the battle completely and finally gave in to Dora’s advances.

After about an hour of staring at the nude picture that was sent by Dora, Vincent finally texted her back for the first time. “Where are you now?” he texted, “At the office, do you want me?” she texted back, “I want to see you today; what time and where do you want us to meet?” he texted, “let’s meet by 4pm at Candela Hotel, are you cool?” she texted, “Yeah I am cool, I will book a room for us so we can talk” he texted, “There wouldn’t be any time for talking because I will be too busy dealing with you tonight. See you!” she finally texted.

What an awkward text message between two people that were about to betray a good woman that hadn’t done anything to deserve such betrayal from both her husband and best friend. Sadly, it was already a sealed deal expect rapture took place to stop them.

The most disheartening thing is that Dora saw Natasha immediately after sending those messages to Vincent. They work together at the same company and she sees her supposed best friend everyday. How can Dora’s conscience be at peace and how does she sleep at night? So sad!

Finally, it was time for the scheduled meeting. Vincent arrived at the hotel before Dora and booked a nice expensive room. Shortly after he arrived, Dora called to informed him that she was at the lobby. He gave her the room number to meet up with him.

Immediately Dora entered the cozy room, she walked towards Vincent’s direction like someone that had a serious mission to accomplish and needed no distraction. Before he could even open his mouth to greet her, she shut him up with a passionate kiss and whispered into his ears; “Are you ready for me?”

The atmosphere was thick with burning sensations all over. Vincent took a deep breath and replied ‘Yes, I am all yours!”

End of episode 4 😉
Stay tuned to see what happened next.

Written by Sonia Okehie

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