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Taming Mr Hottie (Completed Stories)



Taming Mr Hottie

Taming Mr Hottie

Complete Story: “TAMING MR HOTTIE” Written by Wilfred Bright – Genre: Romance, Love, Suspense, Read More of my stories at Trending Love Stories

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Completed Stories

EMMA’S REVENGE (Complete Story) by Wilfred Bright



Emma's Revenge Written by Wilfred bright


📌📌 She’s out for revenge… He wants to arrest..📌📌

Emma's Revenge Written by Wilfred bright

Story description

Little Emma woke up in the middle of the night, only to find out the whole building was on fire.

In her shock she had gone straight to her parent’s room, to inform them of the fire but, she only ended up getting the worst shock of her life!. Her parents were dead.

A man who she had never seen in her life, took her in and brought her up as his daughter, and also trained her to be a really good fighter, if not the best.

But could Emma forget about the past and moved on?.

Could she forget the image of her parents laying coldly on their bed?.

ofcourse she can’t.

And since Emma couldn’t forget the night of her parents murder, she went on a killing spree.

10 men, 10 powerful men, 10 well know men, were responsible for the death of her parents and she would stop at nothing to kill them all.

Her plan was very much simple, on every 15 of March(that was the date her parent were murdered in cold blood) Two out of those men, would die.

She has already been successful in killing six, now she just had 4 to go, but with a handsome detective in her way, her mission might as well be called mission impossible.

But ofcourse, Emma isn’t one to give up. The death of her parents must be avenge!.


Detective Alex, had tried everything in his power to stop the famous ghost/assassin, from killing anybody else. But no matter what he did, she always managed to outsmart him.

He couldn’t quite understand it… The killer only killed once a year, and that is every 15 of March.

He would always pondered and ask himself repeatedly, “Why that date, why every year, and why two men?.” He had a lot of questions, but only ghost herself could answer those questions. And he will stop at nothing to have her in jail.


Two strong headed people. Two personality. One the officer of the law, and the other a killer who must be arrested!.

⚔️⚔️ EMMA’S REVENGE ⚔️⚔️

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📌📌 She’s out for revenge… He wants to arrest..📌📌

Prologue ✨ ✨

Little Emma woke up in the middle of the night, due to the excessive hotness she’s feeling. She got down from the bed, and then walked out of her room.

Her eyes opened wide in shock, her hand went involuntarily to her nose, blocking the smokes. There was smokes everywhere in the house, little Emma wondered what is the cause of such outrageous smokes. She decided to call her parents attention to the arising fire, so she immediately walked to her parents room.

Emma knocked on her parents room door, no answer. She coughed repeatedly at the same time, knocking continually on the door. But still, no answer came.

The smokes was getting much more intense by every second. She knew they must be a fire downstairs already. She decided she couldn’t keep on knocking on the door, so instead she placed her hand on her parents room doorknob, she turned it and the door gave way.

She inhaled deeply a little bit afraid that something must have happened to her parents. She exhaled in relief, seeing her parent were actually sleeping on the bed soundly.

Emma walked to her parents bed, then tapped her father on the shoulder lightly. No answer came from her father, she tapped him again and again, repeatedly calling, but still no response from her Dad.

She walked to her mother’s side of the bed, and also tried waking her mum up, but just like her father, her mum also didn’t respond to her callings.

“Mummy, Daddy, please wake up, the house is on fire. Please wake mum, dad! Wake up.” She yelled getting really anxious by every passing seconds. She wondered why her parent weren’t saying a word, or responding to her. She began to get really scared, noticing her parents were actually laying on the bed like dead people.

Her mind whispered to her, that her parents were dead, but she refused to believe, instead she tapped them more eagerly, shaking them really furiously, begging them to wake up.

“Your parents are dead, kiddo.” A man said from behind her. Emma turns around in fear, “Who are you? Why are you in my house? And why do you say my parents are dead? What have you done to my mummy and daddy?.” Emma asked the unknown man, in the brink of tears.

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The man walked to the bed, “My name is Sylvester. Am in your house to save your parents, but I guess I’m too late. I said your parents were dead cause they are really dead.” Sylvester said, then carried up her father’s hand and showed her his wrist. Her father’s wrist has been cut with a knife. Emma checked her mother’s hand and just like her father’s wrist, her mother’s wrist has also been cut.

“To answer your last question, I didn’t do anything to your parents, I just arrived at your house Emma.” He grimaced staring at the dead bodies of Mr and Mrs Davis.

Emma looked at the man, she felt confused, she knew for a fact that she had never seen this man in her life before, or ever seen him with her parents, so… How did he know her name.

“If you are wondering how I know your name, then I will tell you. Your parents and I are old friends, I’m sure you didn’t know but your parents are actually secret agent. We all worked under the same company, but separated after your mum and dad got married. Your parents re-signed, when your mum got pregnant with you. But you see, your parent knew something they shouldn’t have know, and so therefore the both of them got killed.” Sylvester explained.

Emma tried to catch up with him, but everything he said just only ended up confusing her. Her parents were secrets agent? They re-signed when her mum got pregnant with her?.

Emma stared at both her parents face, wishing she would just wake up and all this drama, would just turn into one big dream. She pinched herself, and she felt the pain. She closed her eyes tightly, but she didn’t wake up. This is not a dream! Her parents are really dead, and the man in the room is real.

Reality dawned on little Emma, that her parents are dead, they are really dead!. “So… Do you want anymore confirmation or are you ready to leave.”

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“Leave?. I do not understand.” Emma said confused, her face scrunched up.

Sylvester sighed exaggeratedly, “in a matter of time Emma. This whole house would blow up, or have you forgotten that your house is literally on fire. We better leave now, or in the next minute we would become nothing but burnt bodies.”

“Where would you take me to?.” She asked him.

“I will take you to my house and take care of you. I promise, I’m not a bad man. Take my hand.” Sylvester said stretching forth his hand. Emma looked at her parents dead body, wiped her tears and then placed her hand on Sylvester outstretched hand.

Sylvester smiled at her, then carried her up in his arms. “How are we going to leave the house?. The whole of downstairs is already on fire, I doubt we could leave through the front door.” Emma informs him.

“We will go through the window of course.” He said, he didn’t give her chance to reply him, before jumping out of the window. The both of them landed inside the swimming pool.

“Oh my God, I just literally saw my life before my eyes. How could you just jump out without getting my consent first!.” Emma yelled, getting out of the swimming pool.

“If I had let you talk, what exactly would you say?.” He asked her pointedly.

“Well… That I.. wouldn’t want to jump out of a freaking window!!.”

“You see.. this is the exact same reason why I didn’t let you say a single word.” He drawled getting out of the pool. He carried her up in his arms, and then carried her to the car. He puts her in the back seat, and then got into a front seat/driver’s seat.

Emma watched her parent’s mansion, through the back glass of the car, right before her own eyes, the mansion exploded into bits, with her parents dead body in it.

Her heart constricts in pain, her eyes held pain and anger at the same time. She stared at the burning house in pain, “Whoever is responsible for the death of my parents, will surely pay for this.” She thinks angrily.

Complete Chapter:

Emma’s Revenge

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Completed Stories

MISTAKES (Completed Stories) by Wilfred Bright



Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright

Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright

Complete Story: “MISTAKES” (Novel). Written by Wilfred Bright.

[A dream shattered, A dream broken.]

Genre:  Love, Suspense, educating story. Read More My Stories at TrendingLoveStories Page.

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Completed Stories

Married At Sixteen [Completed Story] by Authoress Ricky



Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

Complete Story: “MARRIED AT SIXTEEN” Novel Written by Authoress Ricky – Genre: Romance, Love, Suspense, Read More of my stories at TrendingLoveStories

NOTE: keep refreshing this page so as to get the latest episodes when updated…


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