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Tales Of An Ice Woman

Writen By Presh Alicia DaisyβœοΈπŸ“



After that visit, Greg and Greta continued their relationship the way it was before. Orals and just being with each other. All those while, Greg convinced her to get treated.

Greta had always refused sadly. She won’t be able to go through something so painful, and it has a lot of processes that even takes more than a year, and still might not be cured. She had resigned her life to a life without penetrative sex, a husband, children and the others. She’d cried when saying those.

But, as days passed, Greg was able to convince her to get treated. At least to try.

Greg found out that he cares so much for her and he didn’t know when it began. But Greta is a kind, loving woman behind that icicle, and he cares a lot for her.

πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’Two Months LaterπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Greta had her first penetrative sex.

She had been on the Cone-treatement for some weeks now and even before the cone-treatment, there were several other treatments and therapy sessions with a psychologist too.

According to the doctors, physical and psychologocal health goes together. The state of mind and body goes hand in hand.

Greta went through excruciating painful sessions before she got to the Cone-treatment and even that one was no trip to the park. As usual it starts from inserting small spherical spaced object (cone) into her body and leaving it for several minutes before withdrawal, she went through the stages of Cone-treatment and finally, the night arrived when she was ready to give herself fully to Greg.

That night was special and Greg made it feel that way too. Renting out a hotel room, and decorating everywhere including the bed like two people on honeymoon.

When they kissed, it was passionate and soul-searching. Beautiful. Greg undressed her slowly and spread her out on the bed like a sacrificial lamb. His caresses were unhurried just as hers, and orally, they brought themselves towards the very peak of pleasure until finally, he left her quivering and begging for more.

He lowered himself on her and sucked and licked and nibbed at her. She was crying out and almost mindless with the pleasure when he positioned himself and thrust into her.

Instead of pain, the move triggered her orgasm as she convulsed around him, screaming out and thrashing with pleasure. Greg had to bite his lips so hard, he drew blood in his attempt to take it slow and easy with her.

She was so tight around him, she gripped him fiercely. It’s as if her body wants to clamp together again but he was stopping the movement.

When she came down from her orgasm, Greg pushed towards his own fulfillment. Starting with leisure thrusts, he escalated until he was mindlessly plunging into her repeatedly.

Greta held tight onto him thankful beyond majors that this finally happened to her. She never expected it in her life.

When Greg slipped his hand between them and touched her, it sparked her pleasure and together they embarked on another journey of seeking fulfilment, which later rewarded them with the very best satisfaction.

That night, Greta was the happiest. Her life has changed. It couldn’t get better.

Who could possibly ever do wrong?


Greta woke up the next morning and Greg had disappeared without saying a single word to her. No notes. Nothing.

It devastated her to no ends leaving her heartbroken and shattered.

She went back to the office with hope. Whatever must have happened, there must be an explanation. But then again, one look at Greg’s cold face provided her the answer.

He was done with her. He has finished with her.

Greta turned and walked like a woman in a trance to the toilet. There, she cried herself out. Hours later, she turned in her resignation and walked away. He never said a word her.

When she left, Greg allowed the cold face to desolve. He palmed his face in his hands, feeling pained. It’s for the best, he told himself.

It still devastated him when he remembered the call that has broken him this morning.

Talia, his ex-fuck. The only bitch he has kept for more than two weeks, apart from Greta. Talia has been begging and pleading and doing everything for him them to get back together but it never worked.

She’s done all kinds of pleading, even emotional blackmail but he remained unshakable.

Then, this morning he’d gotten a call from the hospital that Talia committed suicide.

She left a survive note. Very simple words…. “I know now, you can never forget me. I still love you, Greg.” She fisted the note tight as she died.

The reminder gave him a headache. It should never had happened. He never thought she’d kill herself and even though he bribed the doctors around to surgically remove the note and destroy it, it has hardened him again towards women.

They are all manipulative bitches. All of them. They will do anything to get what they want. No, he wouldn’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise again.

He will never forget the night he had with Greta. But, he pushed the care and affection he felt for Greta to the deepest part of his frozen heart and locked it in. Never to get out again.


Weeks passed and Greta still nursed a broken heart. He really stayed with her all this long, pretending to care, putting her through the excruciating pain of treatment, just so he’ll sleep with her and move on?

It’s the longest height of painfulness. He really is a heartless manipulative bastard.

Greta made a resolve that she must get over him. Treat him like he never happened. She will continue her treatment, she wouldn’t crumble just because of him. She will move on, and she’ll forget him!

She found a job in another company as the boss’s secretary and resumed working. Yes, the pay isn’t as good as working for Greg but the old boss wasn’t a coldhearted man. He has a kind smile on his face all the time.

Greta’s world did another crumbling when after weeks of getting sick, she finally went to the hospital, only for the doctor to look at her pitifully and tell her she’s pregnant.

“Preg…what?” Her voice was shaking and tears filled her eyes.

“You’re almost two months along, Miss Danes.”

Greta was shaking her head. “B-But I c-c-can’t be. My condition!”

The doctor nodded too because even he knows that it’s a problem. “You don’t have to fret much, Miss Danes. You have to register for a private special care. Although Vaginismus is rare, we still know of women who had it and still had children.”

That gave her hope. “Truly? Really, doctor?”

The doctor smiled then. “Yes, my dear. You’ll be fine. But as for now, you need to take good care of yourself. You’re dehydrated and it’s not good for your baby.”

Greta heard everything the doctor said and nodded to them. It took her days to get used to her pregnancy and when she did, she fell in love with the little life inside of her.

The life she created out of love. Greg is a bastard but he gave her the greatest gift of all. A baby. She never thought she’ll have one of her own.

🌼🌼🌼Three Months Later🌼🌼🌼

Greg was a mess. He couldn’t forget Greta, and he remembered her everyday. He tried to hide it under professionalism like everything is so great but once he steps foot into his lonely house, he remembers her. The memories of her stays with him all the time.
He wanted her back. He was stupid to let her go. All women weren’t the same. Greta never clinged to him or did any of those pitiful things when they went their separate ways.

Instead, she kept her head high and walked away from him.

He has tried to look for her but he hasn’t been able to find her. She packed out and never left a trace. Out of desperation, he’d gone back to her mother.

Miriam Danes was determined to stay angry at him for hurting her baby but she’d taken one look at him and pitied him. The man looked like hell and since he had the guts to come here, that can only mean that he truly feels for Greta.

Miriam didn’t tell him that her daughter is pregnant. That Greta is having a difficult pregnancy. She didn’t tell him any of those, instead she gave him the new address of her daughter where she went to live outside the states.

Miriam is still a happy woman that Greta is on the road to recovery from her condition. Miriam had finally told her daughter the truth of her condition one day, and Greta had cried her eyes out.

“I don’t have the memory, and I’m happy. Thank you for telling me, mother.” She had said to her mother at last.


Greta was stressed all the time. Her legs were slightly swollen and hurts. She wasn’t having the easiest of pregnancy but she still had to work.

She would have quit work but then, she wouldn’t have money again. Her account has depleted drastically since her pregnancy and the special care the doctors placed her in.

That evening she was coming back from work, feeling faint. She was almost on her front door when her eyes blurred and she felt lightheaded. She was falling but she couldn’t stop herself.

She placed a protective hand on her swollen belly, almost hitting the ground, but two strong arms caught her.

“Jesus, Greta…..” The stranger she couldn’t see well groaned and she finally knew that she has lost her mind because he sounded like Greg.

“Honey….oh, baby….” The Greg-like voice sounded pained, and panicked.

“Save my baby…” Was the only words she could say before she lost consciousness.

Greg carried her to the hospital and as the doctors saw to her, he was still dumbfounded.

She’s pregnant. She’s pregnant and it’s his baby. He knows this like he’ll know any other thing. He was sure of it.

God, what he would have lost! His family is right here and he never saw them because of his hatred for what some women already did to him. He’s been so selfish!

But never again, Greg vowed! He would make amends, even if it takes him years for her to forgive him.

But Greta wasn’t like that. She forgave him when he pleaded for her forgiveness. Time has dulled the burning hatred she thought she felt for him leaving only the bone-deep love she has for him.

He took her back with him and took special care of her all through her pregnancy and with another person caring for her, Greta was able to pull through and make it till the very last day.

The day she gave birth was the day Greg proposed to her, right there in the hospital. As his woman was in labor, he was setting up a ward and decorating it for his proposal.

Greta gave birth through C-Section.

But as she held her baby in her arms, all the pain and difficulties she went through was worth it.

The little life of a boy in her arms kept her tired lips smiling and when Greg proposed to her after she woke up from sleep, it became a day she will never forget in her whole life.

A month later, they got married. Another unforgettable day for the couples in love.

And as years went by and Greta’s condition fully disappeared, she stopped using her cones after her pregnancy and she has been okay since then. Her sexlife with her loving husband was off the charts, and coupled with her baby, she was living a happy life.

Five years later, she had her second baby. A little girl too. The loving couples stared at each other with so much love on their face as they watched the little baby sleep in her crib.

“I love you, honey.” Greg whispered to her, kissing her forehead.

She leaned into his touch and sighed out in bliss. “I love you too, baby.”


*Don’t force anything in this life.
What will be, will be.
What will be yours, will be yours.
Aim at getting it. Try your best to get it.
But, never force it.

*Don’t ever loose hope. Whatever your condition might be in life, remember you are different and a different circumstance that’ll put a smile on your face is coming for you.
Keep your head high and hang onto hope.

*Don’t let hatred and revenge cloud your judgement. It will only affect your future and not in a good way. Learn to let go.

Β© Presh Alicia Daisy

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