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Tales Of An Ice Woman

Written By Presh Alicia Daisy✍️


“It’s late, I’ll take you home, Miss Danes.” Greg Williams said curtly, his jacket removed and hanging loosely in his arm.

Greta’s heart fluttered. She composed herself. “No, thank you, sir. But I can’t burden you—”

“It’s no burden. I can’t bear it on my conscience if you get hurt on the road, I want to personally see to it that you get to your destination.” He was already walking out, leaving her to follow.

Greta took a deep breath in resignation and followed him out. She wondered which conscience he was talking about. The whole world knows that Gregor Williams doesn’t have a conscience.

Too bad her frozen heart don’t seem to think it’s a big deal.

But even if the heart is willing, what about the body?


Greg insisted on following her into her two bedroom comfortable apartment. Her cat rushed out and scrambled onto her body in her usual form of greeting but quickly disappeared after one glance at the stranger.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Her voice came out breathless and Greta didn’t know why.

Maybe because it’s the fact that the man she loves is standing in her sitting room, or the fact that she’s nervous about his presence?

He shook his head once and instead, he took slow measured steps closer to her. “I don’t want a drink, Miss Dane.”

He came within her personal space and ran a hand on her smooth cheek. “I want to kiss you, Miss Dane.”

He didn’t give her a chance to be surprised about the unexpected declaration, instead, he was ravaging her mouth, kissing her senselessly. Not soft or gently, but hard and demanding, just like him.

Greta’s brain shut down like a computer at the kiss and her kiss closed as she kisses him back.

Her kiss wasn’t the kiss of an experienced woman, Greg thought, but he enjoyed it to no measure. Fuck, he knew it would be like this to be inside her mouth. Will she taste as sweet when he’s buried inside her?

Only one way to find out.

He kept kissing and caressing her, moving her to the couch at the same time until she landed on it. All the cold and frigidity that always surrounded her had disappeared leaving only warmth.

“Fuck, I’ve always wanted to do this….” He groaned as he held her shirt and yanked hard. The sound of buttons popping out and falling everywhere filled the air.

Soon, she was naked from the waist up because he yanked her white bra down too.

“Fuck, so beautiful.” He carried the breasts in his arms and played with them. Then, he took the nipple into his mouth and suckled hard.

She gasped and writhed in his arms, so lost in desire, she forgot everything. For the next minutes that followed, Greg pleasured her upper body, leaving her in a state of shimmering desire.

He kept her in the height of desire as he rid her of her remaining clothes, leaving her blissfully happy in his arms, but when his arms trailed downwards….

A soft sound of pure distress left Greta’s mouth as she felt the familiar squeeze…the spasm that came as her inner muscles closed up to protect her from any invasion.

Greg had no idea what just happened and continued venturing south but Greta stopped him, her eyes so pained and filled with shame.

“What is it,Greta?” He asked, calling her by her first name only for the first time, his voice was not as harsh as his usual tone too.

“Nothing.” I was already pulling my panties on, “I-I can’t do this, Mr Will—-”

“Greg. Call me Greg, at least when we are alone.”

“A-Alright, Greg. I can’t do this….” Not to go into painful details, she was quick to supply, “I can help you though….”

She was already reaching for his belt and unbuckling it. She brought him out and held him up. He was warm and large in her hand, her chest jerked at the sheer size of him.

Her body rejects just a finger. The very size of him will be the death of her. She closed her eyes and took him into her mouth.

Greg groaned out his pleasure as she suckled him, bobbing her head up and down. Greg wanted to fuck her and for a moment, he had succeeded. He didn’t know the switch fhat turned in her head for her to change her mind, but he decided that this blowjob was great too.

He had always wanted to fuck her mouth. And so, he indulged one of his fantasies. He held her head and positioned her well to lean back on the couch. Then, he’d climbled the couch, fed her his c0ck as he leaned over her, holding the top of the couch for balance.

“Fuck.” He grunted as he thrust over and over onto her mouth, swimming in the very ocean of pleasure and then, he was groaning out loud as he came and she milked him dry with her sexy mouth.

Few minutes later, he was ready to return the favor and give her times-three of the pleasure she gave him but his cold secretary was back. She’d dressed up again, her back as straight as a ramrod, her face emotionless.

Greg let her have it. She should freeze him out today, but it’s fucking ending today.


And that was how their relationship took a turn in the next few weeks to come. They made out like rabbits. Everywhere.

Sometimes in the office, Greg will call her in and lock the door, persuade her to her knees and feed her his c0ck, but when he tries to return the favor, she wouldn’t allow it, and instead she’s only okay with him playing with her breasts.

He would have actually believed her to be an icicle without feelings like every man in the office already did, he would have….if he weren’t holding her in his arms from time to time and watching the very fires of desire burn in her eyes.

Apart from sexually, she even smiles at him and jokes with him from time to time. And there’s this very air of innocence that clings to her like an invisible cloak, it always made him wonder how that was possible. She’s twenty-six years old.

As days turned to weeks, Greg became determined to really sleep with her.

In as much as the orals had been satisfying…so satisfying to the extent that he hasn’t taken another woman in weeks which is a first for him. But he wanted more, he wanted to be inside her.

And oneday, he got the chance again.


It was raining heavily when they finished working late that night. Greg was adamant that he wouldn’t allow her go home through the rain, and so she has to pick staying at the office with him, waiting that rain out or she gets into his car and allow her drive him home.

Greta had bit her lips with indecision, because she has avoided anything that has to do with going home again with her boss. It’s better it happens here in the office because it’s easy to stop him from taking things further.

Now, she doesn’t have much choice. She reluctantly agrees.

But instead of her boss driving her to her house, her drove her to his own house. All her protests he pretended not to hear but he did tell her that she can’t go out in the rain because he wouldn’t allow her catch cold all in the name of getting home.

“My home was nearer.” He’d solidified to her.

They’d eaten dinner together and even watched movies. They saw a side of each other they’ve never seen before. Greta saw her boss laughing and so relaxed, he even told her all about his childhood and in turn, she did the same.

They were so free with each other that when the romantic moment came out they easily fell into it. They kissed and caressed each other. Greg lifted her to his arms and carried her to bed.

He’d undressed her in between kisses and undressed himself too. This part was easy for them because over the past few weeks they’ve become so accustomed to each other even though they couldn’t get enough.

The new part was after Greta gave him blowjob but he was determined to pleasure her too. He’d coaxingly opened her legs and just in that very moment, he watch her body slid tightly closed like a lid.

Greta moaned out her embarrassment and distress when she felt the familiar spasm and saw Greg watch it happen to her.

“By heaven…..” Greg was so confused.

Greta started trying to close her legs back but Greg wouldn’t let her. “Please…” She’d pleaded, but he wouldn’t.

“You have Vaginismus.” He stared her in the eyes.

Greta was dumbfounded. She didn’t think he would know what it is. The condition is so rare that only medical people knows about it.

“H-How did you know….” She whispered.

“My mother. She’s a gynaecologist. When I was sixteen, she came home talking about that condition. That was sixteen years ago.” He still had shock and awe on his face.

Greta looked away, “Now you see why I haven’t been able to…” She couldn’t finish it without crying so she didn’t. She swallowed tightly and looked away.

Greg had surprised her when he leaned up and took her lips into another kiss. They’d kissed for long and then he’d asked her to tell him everything.

She reluctantly did. Telling him the history of her life and her condition. She’s a woman that loves babies but she can’t even have them because of her condition.

“Have you tried to get treated?” He’d asked gently.

“I’ve tried but it was so painful, I refused to try it again, I won’t. Just the pelvic scan and examination is an excruciating pain on it’s own, I can’t.”

Greg had gotten her to agree to get him take her to the hospital tomorrow and more updates about her condition, since it’s been long she went to the hospital.

Afterwards, he’d promised her that he wouldn’t attempt any sort of penetration, he wouldn’t hurt her that way. Then, he’d proceeded to pleasure her with his hand and mouth.

“Ooohhhh……” She moaned loud as he rubbed her cl!t and proceeded to give her heads. It’s the first time someone ever did that to her because she never allows anyone that close with fear that he’ll try to penetrate her. But Greg, she’d come to trust.

And she didn’t regret it. And she really enjoyed it. And she wanted more, she thought as she fell over the blissful edge with a loud moan and shivers running down her body.

All the while, he never tried to break his word to her. It made her fall all the more in love with him.


After several hours in the hospital, the doctor had called him out to give him the vwr shocking news.

“She has Acquired Vaginismus not Lifelong Vaginismus.” The doctor has said.

“Doctor there’s no way her condition is that way. She told me everything. The doctor that diagnosed her when she’s fourteen told her it’s lifelong, and it must be, because she has never had any penetrative sex before.”

“She’s not a virgin, Mr Williams.” The doctor had revealed gently.

It was like a cold water pressing down on Greg but he knew for a fact that Greta didn’t lie to him. Whatever Greta told her is what she believed it is.

“I need to see her mother, Mr Williams. Since she’s the woman that took her to get diagnosed when she’s fourteen, there might be more she has to say. Vaginismus makes it obvious that she can’t have sex but she wasn’t born with this condition, Mr Williams and that makes it more treatable. But we need to know more…..what happened to her. Because, something did.”
After that visit to the doctor, Greg had taken a Greta in pains home, he didn’t try to tell her what the doctor said. Instead, he used her personal files in the office to find out her about her family home address.


When he visited Mrs Miriam Danes and introduced himself, the kind woman had welcomed him warmly and attended to him courteously. Then, he’d told her why he visited.

He was surprised when Mrs Miriam closed her eyes in defeat and started sobbing like a child. She cried her eyes out, and nothing Greg said consoled her.

Several minutes later, she’d calmed down and told him the truth. The things she told him shocked the living daylight right out of him.

Greta was sexually assaulted when she was just eight years old by her male teacher in school. The experience was so traumatic for Greta that when she woke up in the hospital, she had no memory of what happened. Her subconscious and survival instincts had triggered the memory loss.

She had woke up with no memory of the traumatic experience. Her parents had been happy about it, there daughter would live her life not having such painful memory jeopardize her life. They’d put the teacher in jail and they thought life was finally good.

But what Greta didn’t remember, her body remembered. They developed their own protection for her in form of Vaginismus, so she’ll never hurt that way again.

It was a big pill to swallow, but Greg did swallow it. The advantage is that it isn’t lifelong but acquired. It will make it easier for her to get treated…..if she can get treated.


After that visit, Greg and Greta continued their relationship the way it was before. Orals and just being with each other. All those while, Greg convinced her to get treated.

Greta had always refused sadly. She won’t be able to go through something so painful, and it has a lot of processes that even takes more than a year, and still might not be cured. She had resigned her life to a life without penetrative sex, a husband, children and the others. She’d cried when saying those.

……To Be Continued.


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