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Miss Perfectionist – Short Story by Wilfred Bright



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Miss Perfectionist

I’m to perfect to get a B in my fifth grade

Written by Wilfred Bright

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🌹A short story🌹

The blaring of the alarm wakes Clara williams up, she off the alarm, then strecth a little bit sitting up on the bed.

“I could swear I placed my slippers 3 inches apart from each other, why are they joined together.” Clara frowns staring at the slippers that magically joined together even after she spends an hour last night rearranging and arranging the slippers the perfect way. Clara Williams is a perfectionist and she expects everything and everybody should also be as perfect as her.

She throws daggers at the slippers before rearranging it the perfect way, 3inches from each other. She admires her work a little bit before slipping her legs into the slippers. Perfect.

Clara Williams is a 21 years old lady who is so addicted to the word *perfectionist* don’t be surprised if she uses a scissors to trim flowers because that’s what she is, a perfectionist.

“So perfect. But… What is that over there. Ugh it’s makes my skin looks not so perfect. Did I get bitten by a mosquito I am so going for a check up and fixed this. My skin needs to be flawless, extremely perfect.” Her frowns deepens as she stares at the spot bitten by the mosquito in the mirror.

“For now I’ll leave you be and go have my morning bath.” Clara thinks, she checks her naked body in the mirror two more excutive time before getting into the bathroom.


“Good morning mum, good morning Dad.” Clara greets happily walking into the sitting room.

“Good morning sweetheart. Don’t you think it’s to early to be putting on makeup besides you’re not going anywhere today.” Mrs Williams says staring at her daughter worriedly.

“No it’s not, any thing could happen and I have to be always prepared. I have to always look perfect.” Clara replies her.

“Oh okay.”

“Honey I’ve told you to let her be. This is just a phase.” Mr Williams whispers to his wife.

“Yeah she’s still on a phase for the past 22 years. She was a perfectionist from my stomach.” Mrs Williams whispers back adding the additional year Clara was in her stomach.

“Mum Dad, I was wondering since I will be going to the university next week, before going I would love to see all my report card from my kidargatten to my grade 6, where can I find them.” Clara asks.

“You will find then in the Attic in a particular blue box.” Her dad says. She thanks her dad and head to the attic.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Clara screams out really hard staring at the 5th grade report card in her hand.

“Clara is everything alright, why are you shouting.” Mrs Williams asks concerned, climbing down the stairs of the attic in quick steps.

“I got a B in my English, in fifth grade. How is this possible and how come I never got to see this.” She exclaims in disbelief.

“I thought you burnt her 5th grade report card.” Mrs Williams whispers to her husband hearing, only.

“I thought you burnt it.” Mr Williams whispers back.

“Well it’s obvious I didn’t. Now our dear perfect daughter has found it.” Mrs Williams says through gritted teeth, glaring at her husband.

“Honey, I know this situation right now, doesn’t really look that perfect but what can a one B do huh, your report card still looks perfect.” Mrs Williams cajoles her daughter.

“No it does not look perfect anymore mum. It’s a B, I do not want to ever see a B in any of my report card not even a grade 5 report card. I am going to change that B to A.”

“And how do you intend to change it.. no way, you’re not thinking of going back to 5th grade to retake the exam right?.” Her mum asked in shock.

“You took the words right of my mouth mother.” Clara says smiling.

“You’ve got to be joking. There’s no way I’m sharing a class with you.” Fred, Claralittle brother asks climbing the down the attic stairs.

“No, I’m not little brother.”


“Why are you in your uniform sis, Don’t Tell me you really want to write an exam meant for only fifth graders only.” Fred asks his sister as she walks into the kitchen wearing the fifth graders uniform. After her supposed announcement of changing her B to a perfect A. Everyone had gone back to their normal life thinking, dear perfect Clara Williams was only joking but she’s about to shock the hell out of her family.

“Yeah, good question. Why are you in fifth graders uniform.” Her mum concurs.

“Simple, I’m retaking my English exam. I told you guys already.” Clara replies in a duh tone, taking her favorite cereal from the fridge. She takes her bowl from the cupboard, where she keeps it at the perfect spot. Everyone knows the bowl belongs to her so nobody use it except from her.

“Mum can you please tell Clara she can’t retake that exam.” Fred yells stabbing his plate of omelette.

“Mum can you please tell my junior brother who wouldn’t mind his business that it’s my life and I can decide to write a fifth grade exam if I chose to.” Clara retorts, pouring some of the cereal in her bowl.


“You are so unbelievable. It would have been better if aliens starts falling from the sky, because that would be a more believable story than a high school graduate retaking an exam meant for fifth graders.”

“Say what you want but you can’t stop me from getting my perfect A.” Clara says sticking her tongue out.

“Ugh, you’re so unbelievable.”

“I’m not unbelievable Fred, I am perfect.” Clara retorts.

“Mum are you not going to say anything.” Fred asks staring at his mother.

Mrs Williams sighs exaggeratedly before replying her son “What do you want me to say son. Your sister is right, it’s her life. If she wants to do something as shameful as this, then it’s her choice.”

“Point of correction mum, it’s not shameless but perfect.”


“I’m never driving you to school, ever.” Clara yells angrily getting down from her car.

“Oh please, I had rather walk home than to be in your car.” Fred yells back, getting down from the car. He bangs the car door really hard then walked away.

“So rude.” Clara mutters angrily, glaring at her brother who is already far gone.

“Hmm, I guess it’s time I should go find that old principal.” She mutters taking her eyes off, her little brother.


“Come in.” A voice yelled behind the office door, as Clara knock on it. Clara opens the door and walked in, “Clara Williams it’s so nice to see you, you’re looking more older than the last time I saw you.”

*Erm I’m supposed to be telling you that principal Brad. you’ve not only grown more old but there’s not even a single hair on your head. I think I should call you principal Bald instead.* Clara thinks chuckling to her dry joke.

“Why don’t you take a seat so we can both discuss.” Principal brad says.

” There would be no need for that, I need to head to class now. I just want to confirm if you got the alert.” Clara had discussed with the principal a week ago, asking him to let her retake the fifth grade exam and change her score. Principal brad had found it a stupid idea and would have asked her to go to the wilderness of Egypt to get wisdom and think much better, sadly his words got swallowed down when he heard she would pay. You might call it bribery but they call it exam fee.

“Yes I did.”

“Well that’s all I’ve got to say I will be on my way, I do not want to miss my exam.” With that said Clara turns around then walked out of principal Brad’s office.

*What a weird girl she is. But well the money she sent to me can be used to repair the damaged pipe in the toilet, and it will still remain.* Principal brad thinks.


“Can I ask why you’re dress in my school uniform, miss.” A little girl asks standing in the way of Clara as she tries to get into the class.

“No you can’t, now get your little self out of my way.” Clara replies her, she doesn’t need any distraction and definitely not one in the shape of a little girl.

“No I won’t, until you answer my question.” Clara sighs and decides to answer the question, beside what harm can it cause. “I am writing the English exam along you guys.”

“Do you know what i think, I think you’ve lost your way and you definitely sew the wrong uniform. This is the fifth graders class not for highschool students.” Hayley says glaring at the big lady in front of her.

“I know I don’t have any obligation to explain this to you but I’ll do so anyway. I found out I got a B in my English exam, when I was in fifth grade so I’m here to change my degrading B to a perfect A, now get out of my way.” Hayley looks at the insane girl in front of her thinking she must be crazy.

“Wow, you are so dumb for a grown up and I thought grown up where wise. I think you should go for a check up.”

“If you don’t get out of my way, I’ll definitely check your brain take it out and feed it to the dogs in my house.” Clara threatened in a scary voice, Hayley felt a little shaken by the threat so she walked back into the class in hurry.

“Don’t you think that’s a little to harsh.” A voice asks behind Clara, Clara turns around so she could put a face to the amazing voice she just heard.

*Oh damn, he looks so hot!.* Clara thinks, literally drooling in her head.

“No I don’t think so, she started it. By the way I’m Clara Williams.” Clara introduce stretching her hand forth for a handshake.

“I already know who you are Clara and I’m Henry Walters.” Henry replies her claiming her hand.

“You do.” Clara asks smiling widely.

“Yeah, the principal told me I should be expecting you in my class today.”

*Now that is a joy killer.* Clara thinks, frowning.

“Wait you said the principal informed you to expect me in your class. Are you by anyway grade 5 teacher.” Clara asks shocked.

“Yeah, you’ve got any problem with that.” Henry raised an eyebrow at her.


“No, it’s just that when I was in fifth grade, my teacher Mrs Robinson, always wore this long skirt and she had white hairs, it made me believe all teachers are supposed to be old and ugly. Please don’t tell her I said that she’s actually a sweet woman.” Henry chuckles shaking his head at the weird girl, he terms her weird because he can’t just understand why a lady her age would want to retake a grade 5 exam all because of a B.

“Why don’t we go into the class.” Henry says.

“Yeah sure.” Clara replies, still standing waiting for Henry to get in first.

“Please, Ladies first.” Henry bows chivalrously.

Ooohh he’s such a gentleman, the perfect guy for the perfect girl like me. Clara thinks her head soaring in the sky.

“Class as you can see I have somebody standing right next to me, Clara why don’t you introduce yourself to the class.” Henry says standing in front of the class with Clara standing next to his side.

“There’s no need for that, we already know who she is. She’s the big mama.” Hayley yells and the whole class burst out laughing.

” Hayley, have some respect.” Henry yells.

“I can’t possibly respect her if she’s wearing my school uniform, and also wants to write an exam meant for fifth graders alone.” Hayley mocks.

“Hayley one more word from you and I will call your mum.” Henry threatens. Hayley frowns, she had a lot more to say to the dumb idiot standing in front of the class but she kept quiet instead. She definitely does not want Henry calling her mum.

“You can go ahead Clara.” Henry says.

“Thanks.” Clara replies, “my name is Clara Williams and I’m happy to….”

“Oh my God, are you Fred Williams sister.” A girl sitting on the back yells in excitement.

“No!.” Fred yells.

“Yes, I’m his sister.” Both Fred and Clara said at the same time.

“No we are not related in anyway.” Fred insists, Clara glares at him. Is he really denying her right now, in front of his classmates.

“So which one of you is telling the truth.” The girl asks again, looking confused.

“Isn’t it clear Sophie, Clara is telling the truth and Fred is ashamed to call Clara his sister. Fred I really understand your pains.” Hayley says pouting.

*I hate her.* Clara thinks.

“Ignore her Clara, you can sit over there.” Clara thanks Henry and goes to sit at the chair Henry pointed at.

“Hi, I don’t want to sound rude like Hayley but don’t you think, you are old to be writing this exam.” A little boy sitting next to Clara asks.

“No. No I don’t think so.”


“Fred! Fred! Fred Williams I demand you stop right there.” Clara yells running after her little brother in the big open field.

“Just go away.” Fred yelled back walking as fast as he could but that was not enough cause his sister caught him by the hand and made him stand before her.

“Let go of my hand.” Fred says trying to get free from his sister strong hold.

“No I won’t. You are going to tell me why you denied me back there.”

“What do you think. You’re in my class, wearing fifth graders uniform, and you want to write an exam meant for fifth graders. I will be more than ashamed to call you my sister, cause you’re nothing but a cheat.” Fred spits out.

“What? I’m not a cheat.”

“If you think you’re not then I guess everyone who failed their their fifth grade exam should all retake their exam and get freaking straight A’s. Wouldn’t that be fair and then every student in my class should also grow up believing they could change their grades whenever they want. You’re just so self centered, you never think of others.” His words hits her like a rolling tornado. Is she being self centered? Does she not think of other?

Clara was so deep in thoughts she didn’t know when her brother left or when Mister Henry stood next to her.

“Hey.” He says bringing her out of her world of thinking.


“Here, I got this for you.” Henry says giving her the painting in his hand. Clara takes the painting from him having a look of confusion on her face.

“This doesn’t look like a painting. It looks so imperfect.” Clara comment staring at the picture.

“This painting you just called imperfect it’s cost millions. This is a copy the real copy is in the museum.”

“Why would a painting that doesn’t even make sense be that costly. All he did was to mix different colours together.” Clara says frowning. Henry chuckled, principal brad was right about her, he finds it weird that he likes her for that. Okay, maybe not so much.

“Maybe sometimes you need a little bit of nonsense to make a sense. Maybe sometimes you need a little bit of imperfection to make a perfection. Think about this Clara, I will be in the class exam starts in 5 minutes.” Henry pats her lightly on her shoulder before walking away.

Clara stares at the painting again but she couldn’t just get the message Henry was trying to pass.

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“Times up. I’ll start taking the answer sheet, no one should write on his or her answer sheet again.” Henry instructs the class.

Clara sighs contented by what she wrote, the exam was really simple and it wasn’t in anyway hard for her.

“Your paper miss Clara.” Henry asks, standing in front of Clara desk. Clara happily gives him her answer sheet but for some reason she couldn’t let go of the other end of the paper.

If you think you’re not then I guess everyone who failed their their fifth grade exam should all retake their exam and get freaking straight A.

You’re just so self centered, you never think of others.

Maybe sometimes you need a little bit of nonsense to make a sense. Maybe sometimes you need a little bit of imperfection to make perfection. This words came back to her, she knew right then she isn’t doing the right thing.

“Miss Clara can you please let go of the answer sheet.”

“Do you know what Mister Henry, I think I’ll out sit this particular exam. I’m very much okay with my B.” Henry smiled widely at her, then walked off to the next desk.

“Oh now you don’t want to get that big perfect A anymore.” Hayley asks, standing in front of Clara’s desk.

“You know Hayley. I admire you, by the time you get to highschool no body would dare bully you. PS: I’m a very big fan.” Clara says smiling at little Hayley.

“Uhm, tha… thanks.” Hayley stutters, surprise by the change in Clara.

“You’re welcome.”

“PS: I am so getting married to your brother.” With that said Hayley ran away shyly, Clara chuckles.

“Are you sure you don’t want that perfect A, anymore.” Her brother asks from behind her, Clara now gets why Hayley ran away shyly.

“Yeah I’m sure. I guess my little brother made me realize I was cheating the whole world by trying to change my B.”

“Wow, I should have recorded that.”

“Sorry but your are a minute late.” Clara says sticking out her tongue.

“So can we go home now.” Fred asks.

“No, I have to talk to a certain person first.” Clara replies her brother then walked over to Henry, he’s currently sitting on his chair.

“Hey.” Clara says, Henry lifted his head up to stare at her.


“I was wondering if we could go, you know hang out, some other time.” PS; she has never done this before.

“Sorry but I can’t do that. You are my student remember, I’m not supposed to go out with my student.”

“Well I stopped being your student from right now, school is closed.”

“I will be looking forward to that date then.” Henry says smiling.

“Okay, see you.” Clara walks way from his desk, went back to her brother and together they both walked out of the class, out of the school building, straight to the driveway.

From now on she won’t be that perfectionist anymore.

She’s not going to spend hours trimming down the flowers.

She’s not going to rearrange and arrange her slippers before she goes to bed.

She not going to put make up in the morning, unless she’s going out.

She’s not going to examine her naked body in front of the mirror.

Lastly, she will not go to the doctor for a check up all because of a mosquito bite.


“Hmmmmm, today is gonna be an imperfect perfection.” Clara yawns getting up from her bed. She walks over to her mirror placed a kiss on it smiling.

“Sorry mirror but I’m not stripping in front of you today. Infact I’m never stripping in front of you again. I think my b**bs are perfect the way they are, so are my eyes or my nose. My body structure is definitely okay.” She placed a kiss on the mirror one more time before walking away.

“What happened to you darling. Your hair is messy, you don’t have make up on. I don’t even think you’ve had your bath and you are in your PJs. What is going on, I can’t remember the last time i saw you in your PJs. You look so…”

“Imperfect.” Clara completes, her mum’s statement.

“You’ll call it imperfect, I will call it normal. You look so normal.”

“So are you saying I was abnormal.” Clara frowns at her mother.

“No that’s not what I meant but really why are you like this, don’t you want to be prepared for anything.”

“No mum, I don’t need to be ready. I’m okay like this.” Clara smiles at her mum then walked to the kitchen leaving her mum standing there looking so astonished. “Oh my God, I think aliens are falling down the sky.” Mrs Williams utters.

“No they are not. I told you it was a phase.” Mr Williams whispers in his wife’s ear, wrapping his hands around her waist.

“Yeah. And I’m so happy the phase is over.” Mrs Williams whispers back.

Sometimes you need a little bit of nonsense to make a sense.

Sometimes you need a little bit of imperfection to make perfection. Don’t ever doubt yourself.

✍️ Thanks for reading 😍

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Completed Stories

EMMA’S REVENGE (Complete Story) by Wilfred Bright



Emma's Revenge Written by Wilfred bright


📌📌 She’s out for revenge… He wants to arrest..📌📌

Emma's Revenge Written by Wilfred bright

Story description

Little Emma woke up in the middle of the night, only to find out the whole building was on fire.

In her shock she had gone straight to her parent’s room, to inform them of the fire but, she only ended up getting the worst shock of her life!. Her parents were dead.

A man who she had never seen in her life, took her in and brought her up as his daughter, and also trained her to be a really good fighter, if not the best.

But could Emma forget about the past and moved on?.

Could she forget the image of her parents laying coldly on their bed?.

ofcourse she can’t.

And since Emma couldn’t forget the night of her parents murder, she went on a killing spree.

10 men, 10 powerful men, 10 well know men, were responsible for the death of her parents and she would stop at nothing to kill them all.

Her plan was very much simple, on every 15 of March(that was the date her parent were murdered in cold blood) Two out of those men, would die.

She has already been successful in killing six, now she just had 4 to go, but with a handsome detective in her way, her mission might as well be called mission impossible.

But ofcourse, Emma isn’t one to give up. The death of her parents must be avenge!.


Detective Alex, had tried everything in his power to stop the famous ghost/assassin, from killing anybody else. But no matter what he did, she always managed to outsmart him.

He couldn’t quite understand it… The killer only killed once a year, and that is every 15 of March.

He would always pondered and ask himself repeatedly, “Why that date, why every year, and why two men?.” He had a lot of questions, but only ghost herself could answer those questions. And he will stop at nothing to have her in jail.


Two strong headed people. Two personality. One the officer of the law, and the other a killer who must be arrested!.

⚔️⚔️ EMMA’S REVENGE ⚔️⚔️

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📌📌 She’s out for revenge… He wants to arrest..📌📌

Prologue ✨ ✨

Little Emma woke up in the middle of the night, due to the excessive hotness she’s feeling. She got down from the bed, and then walked out of her room.

Her eyes opened wide in shock, her hand went involuntarily to her nose, blocking the smokes. There was smokes everywhere in the house, little Emma wondered what is the cause of such outrageous smokes. She decided to call her parents attention to the arising fire, so she immediately walked to her parents room.

Emma knocked on her parents room door, no answer. She coughed repeatedly at the same time, knocking continually on the door. But still, no answer came.

The smokes was getting much more intense by every second. She knew they must be a fire downstairs already. She decided she couldn’t keep on knocking on the door, so instead she placed her hand on her parents room doorknob, she turned it and the door gave way.

She inhaled deeply a little bit afraid that something must have happened to her parents. She exhaled in relief, seeing her parent were actually sleeping on the bed soundly.

Emma walked to her parents bed, then tapped her father on the shoulder lightly. No answer came from her father, she tapped him again and again, repeatedly calling, but still no response from her Dad.

She walked to her mother’s side of the bed, and also tried waking her mum up, but just like her father, her mum also didn’t respond to her callings.

“Mummy, Daddy, please wake up, the house is on fire. Please wake mum, dad! Wake up.” She yelled getting really anxious by every passing seconds. She wondered why her parent weren’t saying a word, or responding to her. She began to get really scared, noticing her parents were actually laying on the bed like dead people.

Her mind whispered to her, that her parents were dead, but she refused to believe, instead she tapped them more eagerly, shaking them really furiously, begging them to wake up.

“Your parents are dead, kiddo.” A man said from behind her. Emma turns around in fear, “Who are you? Why are you in my house? And why do you say my parents are dead? What have you done to my mummy and daddy?.” Emma asked the unknown man, in the brink of tears.

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The man walked to the bed, “My name is Sylvester. Am in your house to save your parents, but I guess I’m too late. I said your parents were dead cause they are really dead.” Sylvester said, then carried up her father’s hand and showed her his wrist. Her father’s wrist has been cut with a knife. Emma checked her mother’s hand and just like her father’s wrist, her mother’s wrist has also been cut.

“To answer your last question, I didn’t do anything to your parents, I just arrived at your house Emma.” He grimaced staring at the dead bodies of Mr and Mrs Davis.

Emma looked at the man, she felt confused, she knew for a fact that she had never seen this man in her life before, or ever seen him with her parents, so… How did he know her name.

“If you are wondering how I know your name, then I will tell you. Your parents and I are old friends, I’m sure you didn’t know but your parents are actually secret agent. We all worked under the same company, but separated after your mum and dad got married. Your parents re-signed, when your mum got pregnant with you. But you see, your parent knew something they shouldn’t have know, and so therefore the both of them got killed.” Sylvester explained.

Emma tried to catch up with him, but everything he said just only ended up confusing her. Her parents were secrets agent? They re-signed when her mum got pregnant with her?.

Emma stared at both her parents face, wishing she would just wake up and all this drama, would just turn into one big dream. She pinched herself, and she felt the pain. She closed her eyes tightly, but she didn’t wake up. This is not a dream! Her parents are really dead, and the man in the room is real.

Reality dawned on little Emma, that her parents are dead, they are really dead!. “So… Do you want anymore confirmation or are you ready to leave.”


“Leave?. I do not understand.” Emma said confused, her face scrunched up.

Sylvester sighed exaggeratedly, “in a matter of time Emma. This whole house would blow up, or have you forgotten that your house is literally on fire. We better leave now, or in the next minute we would become nothing but burnt bodies.”

“Where would you take me to?.” She asked him.

“I will take you to my house and take care of you. I promise, I’m not a bad man. Take my hand.” Sylvester said stretching forth his hand. Emma looked at her parents dead body, wiped her tears and then placed her hand on Sylvester outstretched hand.

Sylvester smiled at her, then carried her up in his arms. “How are we going to leave the house?. The whole of downstairs is already on fire, I doubt we could leave through the front door.” Emma informs him.

“We will go through the window of course.” He said, he didn’t give her chance to reply him, before jumping out of the window. The both of them landed inside the swimming pool.

“Oh my God, I just literally saw my life before my eyes. How could you just jump out without getting my consent first!.” Emma yelled, getting out of the swimming pool.

“If I had let you talk, what exactly would you say?.” He asked her pointedly.

“Well… That I.. wouldn’t want to jump out of a freaking window!!.”

“You see.. this is the exact same reason why I didn’t let you say a single word.” He drawled getting out of the pool. He carried her up in his arms, and then carried her to the car. He puts her in the back seat, and then got into a front seat/driver’s seat.

Emma watched her parent’s mansion, through the back glass of the car, right before her own eyes, the mansion exploded into bits, with her parents dead body in it.

Her heart constricts in pain, her eyes held pain and anger at the same time. She stared at the burning house in pain, “Whoever is responsible for the death of my parents, will surely pay for this.” She thinks angrily.

Complete Chapter:

Emma’s Revenge

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Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright

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