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MIRACLES : A Short Story





Written by Sonia Okehie ✍️

Miracles are more real than anything you can currently see or touch, but it’s quite unfortunate that some people still don’t believe that extraordinary things can happen in an ordinary world. This tale will open the eyes of many to the realness of Miracles. Are you ready? Well, I hope you are because this is one of a kind.

Several years back, a prominent and powerful man in the society had two beautiful kids; a boy and a girl. David was his name and he was married to only one wife name Esther. These two highly influential couple were blessed with two kids and they pampered their children more than you could ever imagine. The names of their kids were Jaja and Kiki.

Before the age of eight, Jaja and Kiki had landed properties of their own that were bought in their names.Their birthdays were always a show of wealth display because David and his wife usually went over the top to spoil their kids whenever it was their birthdays. Kiki was the envy of so many girls at that age, same with her brother Jaja. They were spoilt and never lacked anything they ever wanted.

Saying that David’s kids were born with a silver spoon is an understatement because their standard of living was much more than a regular rich man. Life so smiled at David’s family to the extent that they became a prayer point and reference for other people seeking to experience the good side of life.

Years passed and Jaja slowly approached 10 years old. For his 10 years birthday, David was ready to paint the town Red and Blue and shut it down if possible. An event planner was hired to make that day a memorable one indeed and invitations began to reach the hands of fellow wealthy men in the society who were the couple’s friends.That day was designed to be a great one indeed but something drastic happened that very day that changed the lives of the wealthy family and turned their smiles to tears.

On that beautiful day, Jaja was so happy for this 10th birthday and went playing with his elder sister Kiki. Prior to that day, Jaja received a pre-birthday gift from his dad and it was a cute bicycle. The little boy was extremely happy with his gift and couldn’t wait to go for a ride the next day. On that fateful day he went for a ride, the gateman wasn’t close by so the kids were left alone to play in the massive compound with no guardian to watch them and make sure they were safe.

“Kiki, push it to go faster!” Jaja said with so much excitement as he drove the bicycle, “Let me drive, let me drive too!” Kiki desperately voiced out, “Push me first, you will drive after me” he said and they continued their play. Few minutes into the bicycle ride, something sad happened.

It turns out that there was a slide pavement around the main entrance of the gate so while Kiki pushed Jaja with so much energy, the bicycle sped up and went very fast. Unable to gravitate well, the bicycle jammed the wall with full speed and Jaja hit his head on the hard concrete wall near the gate. Immediately the incident happened, he fell on the hard floor with force and instantly became unconscious.

As Jaja unconsciously laid on the floor, blood began to drip from his head, nose and ears. When Kiki saw that her brother was bleeding and wasn’t responding to her attempt to revive him, she burst into tears and ran inside the house to alert her parents on what was happening. “Daddy! Mummy! Jaja is not waking up, blood is on his body…Come please, Come!” she soberly said.

The look on Kiki’s face was enough to tell that there was serious fire on the mountain. Before she was even done talking, everyone rushed outside to see what was happening and saw Jaja lying helplessly on the hard floor. Esther almost collapsed due to the shock she felt that very moment; “What happened to my son? Get the car! Get the car!” she screamed. The driver drove one of the cars to the scene and they headed to the hospital with immediate effect. Kiki stay back home and wasn’t allowed to follow her parents to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, David and Esther were nervous and scared of the unknown because Jaja was still very much unconscious. They tried to revive him by shaking his body or calling his name but all to no avail. The blood never stopped dripping from his head, nose and ears. After about 20 minutes, they arrived at their family hospital and Jaja was rushed to the emergency ward with immediate effect. A doctor was contacted and treatment began instantly to revive the unconscious little boy whose birthday was unfortunately that very day but all effort yielded no tangible results.

It’s been over an hour since a whole medical team of qualified professionals have been trying to revive the little boy but all efforts proved abortive. After several hours, they became tired and resorted to the reality that Jaja was in a Coma state. They put him on oxygen because he wasn’t breathing well on his own. When they were done, Jaja was transferred to another ward and had lots of machines plugged to his body to sustain and keep him alive while still in Coma. After a fruitless day, one of the doctors called the couple to his office to break the unfortunate news to them.

“Firstly, I want you to calm down and not panic because this isn’t the end of the road. Your son is doing fine but we haven’t been able to revive him yet. He sustained a severe injury in the brain and it isn’t looking too good. There’s still hope that he might wake up anytime from now so there isn’t any need to feel too sad or hopeless. Your son has been transferred to another ward and breathing with the aid of an oxygen. Don’t worry too much, just take everything to God in prayers and keep your faith alive” the doctor said with a warm comforting smile on his face. The couple thanked the doctor for his assurance that Jaja was in good hands. David told the doctor to do everything within his power to make sure that his son wakes up from Coma and comes back to consciousness, no matter the amount of money involved. The doctor told them to go home and come back the next day in hopes of a good news. The couple thanked him once more and left.

Before leaving the hospital, David paid a hug sum of money to the hospital for a professional medical doctor to visit Jaja’s room every 10 minutes to check up on him since they were leaving. The hospital appointed one of their best doctor to keep an eye on the unconscious boy.

What a sad way for that beautiful day to end. A day that was supposed to mark a new age in the life of the obedient little boy. The exorbitant birthday party that was meant to be the talk of the town sadly had to be cancelled. A phone call was put through to everyone that was invited to inform them of the sad news. The disappointed and shocked guests shared in their pain and assured the couple that Jaja was going to be alright before the next day. “Amens” were said at the end of every good prayer by the disappointed guests.

All through the remaining hours of that sad day, David, Esther and Kiki never stopped sobbing and praying. The atmosphere was filled with sad vibes and negative energy because no one stopped crying. David called the hospital every now and then to get updates on Jaja’s health but the sad news still remained the same. It was such a terrifying day for that family but despite the fear and tension, they still had hope that everything would be alright the next day. Well, if only they knew what lied ahead. Sad!

First thing the following day, Esther was at the hospital to watch over her son and see how he was faring. She hoped that things would have gotten better by then but it only got worse than the day before. It broke her heart greatly to see her son lying helplessly on his bed; too bad she couldn’t do any other thing than stare at him. The nurses and doctors came in occasionally to administer treatment on the little boy. After about three hours later, David arrived at the hospital to see how things were going. It broke his heart to find out that Jaja’s revival couldn’t be determined by any person but God. They kept their faith alive and hoped for a miracle to take place.

One year passed, two, three, four, till sixteen years later but Jaja was still in Coma. At that time, he was now 26 years old but still unconscious and hadn’t shook his body for once since the day he was brought in. David and his wife were 16 years older, so was Kiki. That family went through a lot of trauma, pains and heartbreak all through those years but still had to keep their faith alive that someday their beloved son and brother would come back to them in full consciousness. It wasn’t easy for that grieving family but it’s refreshing to know that they hadn’t completely lost it due to what they were going through.

Jaja’s case has been a prayer point for well wishers and relative all through those years. Some of his friends even thought he was dead because they hadn’t seen him for over 16 years. David went silent on his son’s condition when he got tired of explaining to people what was going on. Also, he realised that the media were using insiders to get details about his son’s condition so they could run a story on it for the general public. He didn’t want his family’s business out in the public so he decided to go mute on the matter.

While life was horrible for the grieving family, a certain lady named Solange was very excited to graduate from nursing school after so many years of applying and getting rejected. On the day of Solange’s graduation, she was awarded the best graduating nurse and given instant employment in one of the best hospital in town; which happened to be the hospital Jaja had been admitted in for the past 16 years of his life. The excited young lady in her mid-twenties couldn’t wait to take over the world and help as many sick people as she could.

It wasn’t even up to a week since Solange started working as a nurse in the hospital and she was noticed by almost everyone due to her outstanding work ethics and character. Due to her optimistic nature and attitude, the head of operations appointed her to Jaja’s case to be his private nurse. Her duties included bathing him, cleaning him up and also giving him his injections.

The very first day Solange set her eyes on Jaja, she was somehow drawn to him in an unexplainable way. For unknown reasons, she felt obligated to his betterment and well-being. Initially, she wasn’t aware of what happened to him and also wasn’t aware of how long he had been admitted in the hospital. It was during one evening when she was at duty that a senior college of hers gave her the gist.

“Solange, I heard you have been appointed to Jaja in ward 18? That’s a huge one for you” a senior colleague said, “Yes I have, but what do you mean by ‘huge one’?” she innocently inquired and her colleague smiled faintly. “That gentleman has been in Coma for 16 years now. I started working here 10 years ago and he came in before I did. It’s really sad and I try to avoid that room due to the goose-bumps I feel whenever I enter there. I just pity for his tired family” her colleague revealed.

Immediately those words sank into Solange’s head, her heart shattered into tiny pieces. She felt highly devastated and couldn’t explain why her heart was in pains for a man she barely knew and hadn’t met before in her life. After what initially seemed like a casual conversation turned sour, Solange sadly walked back to her unit. All through the remaining hours of that day’s work, she couldn’t concentrate due to the sad energy in the atmosphere.

After about an hour later, it was time for Solange to take Jaja’s medication to his room. When she arrived at the room, her body instantly became cold and numb. She managed to administer the treatment she came to do and sat close to the bed afterwards.

For about 20 minutes, Solange just stared at Jaja without uttering a word. She watched him as he lay helplessly on the bed. After sitting close to him for a while, she managed to say something. “Hello, can you hear me? I don’t know if you can but I want you to know that I will be praying for you. It’s been a very long time you have been away from your family and loved ones, I know we just met not too long ago but I genuinely want the best for you. I believe you would wake up very soon. So many nurses have come and gone, with you still being here but that wouldn’t be the case for me. I believe you will leave here before I do because I won’t leave till you do. I join your family, loved ones and doctors to root for you to come back to this world because your presence has been greatly missed by those that love you. I believe you have been with God long enough so I guess it’s time to come back home. It’s time for me to get off duty but I will see you tomorrow OK. Bye bye!” she warmly said and gently rubbed his hands. That day was the beginning of something hopeful and all we can do is keep our fingers across and hope for a miracle.

The next day, Solange was super excited to arrive at the hospital because she had someone she felt obligated to talk to everyday. The first thing she did was to clean Jaja up and apply the necessary cream that needed to be applied to prevent bed sore. After cleaning him up, she gave him food through pipe and made sure he looked neat and fresh.

When David arrived that day to check up on his son, Solange wasn’t present but David felt a huge difference in his son’s appearance but didn’t know whom to give the credit for such good job. All through the time David came visiting, Solange didn’t meet him because she had other things to do in other wards. Till the man left, he didn’t know who was behind his son’s sudden glow up. Other previous nurses did a good job when grooming Jaja but Solange’s own was remarkable and different; you could tell she did it with her whole heart.

Everyday, Solange would read the Bible and other uplifting religious books to unconscious Jaja. She would interact and talk to him as though she was having a conversation with someone that could reply her back. She bought nice robes for him that would be more comfortable than that ones the hospital provided. Each time Jaja’s parent or sister came around, they usually noticed one new pleasing thing or the other. It got to a point where they couldn’t hold back their excitement any longer and had to ask one of the doctor’s what was going on.

“Hello Doctor, how is everything over here?” Jaja’s mum asked one day she visited with her husband and Kiki. “Well, we are doing great; we are only waiting for a miracle soon on your son’s behalf” the doctor said and everyone sighed in agony. As they talked about Jaja’s condition, Kiki chipped in; “Yes, I have been meaning to ask, my brother looks extremely nice and well taken care of these days, what’s the secret?” she asked and her parents concurred. The doctor smiled warmly and reminded them that the hospital was known for outstanding care and quality experience but they still insisted that something was just different this time around. Due to the fact that the doctor wasn’t aware of what Solange had been doing in secret, he waived the topic by telling them that Jaja was in great hands and nothing more.

In order not to push the conversation any further, Jaja’s parent and sister let the whole thing slide, but they still knew deep down that something was just different. Too bad they were never fortunate enough to meet Solange whenever they came around.

Day after day, Solange continued in her good deeds towards Jaja and as time went by, she began to put him in serious prayers and even fasted severally because of him. For some reasons unknown, Solange carried Jaja’s case on her head as though she had known him a long time ago. She was the friend he never had and that last straw of hope to prove that humanity still exist.

Whenever Solange was in for night duty, she would read the Word of God (Bible) to him and other interesting books that were uplifting. Whenever she read, she would laugh and make gestures as though she was talking to a person that could hear and respond to her. Maybe Jaja could hear her because he was definitely still inside that body that seemed lifeless and numb.

Most days, Jaja would move his body slightly and Solange will jump up in excitement just for that happiness to come crushing when it dawns on her that there was nothing more to it. However, it gave the optimistic lady hope that someday, he would open his eyes and come back to a world that was slowly forgetting about him. Solange told her superior about the movements and they informed his parents about what seemed like a good news. With all that were happening, everyone’s dead faith began to revive little by little because it seemed like there was light at the end of the dark tunnel.

An additional two years passed and nothing much had changed about Jaja’s health condition, except his 24/7 neat countenance and outward appearance improvement. Up until then, Jaja’s family still hadn’t met Solange in person because she was never around whenever they came visiting every week.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that Solange wasn’t still aware of Jaja’s family’s wealth. She knew Jaja was from a well to do family but never knew the extent of their wealth. It was somehow a good thing because it meant she was doing everything from the genuineness of her heart and not due to any desire for a reward of material things in return.

It’s apparent that God didn’t want Solange and Jaja parent’s part to cross so she wouldn’t be aware of what might alter the purity of her heart towards Jaja. The hospital was a very big one no doubt, but not big enough for Solange and David’s path not to cross if God wanted it that way.

Everything carried on the same till Jaja’s health began to deteriorate drastically overnight. His condition became worst as the day went by and the doctors were at the verge of unplugging his life support machine because it felt as though there was no need to try to save the young man that has been in Coma for good 18 years.

The very day it got to Solange’s notice that Jaja’s oxygen might be unplugged soon, she cried her eyes out. Later that day, she went to the doctor’s office to talk to him about Jaja’s case. Unknown to her, the man and woman seated at the doctor’s office were Jaja’s parent.

Immediately Solange walked in crying without knocking, she began to beg the doctor to give Jaja a second chance at life again. “I know why you are here and why you are crying. It’s sad because you are his personal nurse but we have no choice than to do what we feel is best because as things are now, his healthy is greatly deteriorating and we have no choice” the doctor sadly revealed.

Tears effortless fell off Solange’s eyes as she listened to the devastating news. Unable to give up, she kept insisting and begging for another chance for Jaja. “Sir, I know most times we get tired when things don’t go the way we hope it would, but if you look deeper, it can just be a way of God trying to prepare us for something better and bigger. Jaja’s health condition might be frustrating for now but what if God delayed everything this way for a reason? What if the devil planned to take Jaja’s life at an early stage in his lifetime and this is God’s way of keeping him safe here because something worse could have claimed his life without giving him a second chance? I know I might sound stupid but I believe in miracles and know for sure that Jaja will open his eye someday soon. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but that day is definitely around the corner because I can feel it more than I have ever felt anything in my life. Please reconsider your decisions, I beg you” she said and soberly walked away.

As the grieving lady walked out, David and his wife were left shocked to the brim.They couldn’t believe how a person that barely knew their son could love him with so much passion and genuineness of heart. Everything about the mysterious lady was angelic that Jaja’s dad had to ask questions with immediate effect. “Who is she?” Jaja’s mum curiously inquired, “Oh, she’s the nurse assigned to your son for the past 2 years now” the doctor revealed. It was then that it dawned on the couple who has been behind their son’s refreshing and neat grooming for the past 2 years they had been complimenting and asking questions but no one said anything tangible as to who was behind the recent glow up.

That day was truly a humbling one indeed for the couple because they had never seen such goodness and humanity in a long time. Due to Solange’s faith in Jaja ‘s health, David cancelled every consideration to permit the doctor to unplug the oxygen.

When it got to Solange’s attention few days later that Jaja had been given another shot at life, she was super excited and couldn’t stop the wide smile on her face that whole day. She happily danced for joy and ran to Jaja’s bed side to tell him the latest development and good news. That day, she exchanged duty time with a friend and worked overnight just to spend enough time talking to Jaja.

“Hello Buddy, I hope you can hear me today because I have good news. You are not going anywhere! Hope you are hanging on very well there? Please come back soonest because I know so many people can’t wait to hear you talk and see you lively again. Today we have a lot to talk about so let’s warm up and get ready because I’m not leaving your bed side” Solange happily said.

You know what the say about transition of life? Jaja was at the middle line between transiting to glory or coming back to his loved ones on earth. The good thing about everything is that Jaja could hear Solange very well and got to know her more than his parent because they weren’t spending so much time with him like Solange was doing. The more she drew closer and talked to him, the more he knew her better. Gradually, he began to like her as he got fond of her.

Of all the time Solange asked Jaja to come back, he wanted to but didn’t know if it was the best thing to do; due to the fact that there was a better option there if he stayed back. Heaven is beautiful and a place anyone would pick against earth, so it’s apparent why it was quite confusing for Jaja to finally make a decision; but not for too long because something unexpected finally happened one fateful day that restored joy in the lives of everyone that loved Jaja dearly.

On the 19th year, Jaja was about to clock 29 years of age so due to that, Solange decided to sing a melodious and soul calming songs for him. Earlier that day, David, Esther and Kiki came visiting to wish Jaja a Happy Birthday. That day, they all had tears in their eyes because it was a painful moment and a sad reality to take in. Not in a thousand years did that family ever believe that Jaja would stay in Coma for such a long time as 19 years. It was sad indeed but they still managed to hold their emotions together before leaving. If only they had an idea that joy was somewhere around the corner, then I believe they would have light those faces up with smiles; sadly they didn’t.

Around 7pm that day, Solange was about to get off duty so she hurried down to Jaja’s room to say ‘Goodbye’. Immediately she entered the room, goosebumps filled her body for reasons unknown so she walked really close to see his face properly. When she looked at his face, she smiled and was about to leave but her spirit moved her to look back again.

Just as her inner guts instructed, she turned only to catch a glimpse of Jaja’s eyes blinking. Surprised and flabbergasted, she held her chest with one hand and used the other to touch his forehead. “Jaja, did you just blink those eyes of yours? I might sound crazy but I know deep down that I caught you blinking those eyes” she shockingly said.

As the atmosphere gradually became tensed, Solange closed her eyes and began to pray intensely. She held Jaja’s hands gently as she brought down mountains with tongues of fire and heartfelt prayers.

Gradually, the atmosphere began to get thicker and thicker and all of a sudden, there were hand movements but Solange was too occupied with prayers to notice. She subconsciously squeezed his hands gently as she prayed and after about 10 minutes into the intense prayer session, the hand movements became very obvious and that was when Solange noticed them.

“Oh My! Doctor! Doctor his hands are moving!” Solange screamed and ran out of Jaja’s room. In less than a minutes, she arrived at one of the doctor’s office and broke the good news to them. Immediately, every medical official that was present at that ward followed Solange back to Jaja’s room in haste. When they got inside the room, their eyes couldn’t believe the miracle that was right before their eyes.

The unbelievable miracle was too much to bear that some nurses immediately burst into tears. “Holy Lord! Are my eyes deceiving me? He woke up! He woke up! Oh thank you Lord” one of the doctor’s screamed. The atmosphere was intoxicated with mixed feelings of joy, tears and gratitude.

There and then, the doctors began a quick treatment on Jaja to fully bring back his consciousness. The clueless man who has been in Coma for the past 19 years of his life just silently laid there as he watched strangers rejoice for something he had no idea of. After about 3 hours of intense check up and treatment, Jaja was now fully back to his consciousness and the first word that come out of his mouth was “Solange”.

At that time, Solange wasn’t present in the room when Jaja called her name so the doctors smiled and told him that she would be with him shortly. Without wasting a second, the ‘phone call’ that David, Esther and Kiki had been waiting for the past 19 years of their lives finally came that fateful day.

On that day, David and his wife had a heart to heart talk about the possibility of their son never returning to them again. Esther cried that fateful morning but had no idea that a miracle was about to happen that evening. At around 9pm, David’s phone rang and it was their family doctor calling. He sighed in agony because he was used to hearing bad news from the doctor whenever he called. With no atom of hope for a good news, he tiredly pick up.

“Hello Doc, how are you doing?” David inquired, “I’m good sir, can you make it to the hospital tonight with your family?” the doctor asked, “isn’t it too late Doc? I was about going to bed when you called. How about tomorrow please?” he suggested and the doctor smiled. Before David could say anything else, the doctor dropped the news they had been hoping to hear for the passed 19 years. “Jaja is Awake!” the doctor said in excitement.

Immediately those words rang in David’s ears, his heart dropped. Unable to even breath properly, he screamed “What did you just say? It’s not true! Please tell me this is a joke, please!”.

The loud noise got to Esther and Kiki, so they hurried down to the living room to know the cause of such level of excitement. Before they arrived the living room, David was in tears and kept shaking his head in disbelief as he spoke on phone. Esther was nervous and tensed to know what was going on. Her heart raced as she watched her husband break down in tears of joy. Immediately the call ended, David turned towards his daughter and wife and gave them the warmest hug he had ever given them all his life.

“Baby what is going on? Why are you crying?” Esther curiously asked but David couldn’t put himself together to say anything. “Honey we are going to the hospital now, Jaja is Awake” he broke the good news. Unable to digest the heavy shocker, Kiki fell on the floor and rolled all over the living room floor.

On the other hand, Esther jumped up continuously till her feet began to hurt. She jumped as though her life depended on every jump. Shouts of joy filled the whole atmosphere to the extent that the gateman and driver came inside to find out what was going on. Unable to explain or say much, they all entered one of their cars and zoomed off to the hospital. In less than 25 minutes, they arrived at the hospital and picked race down to Jaja’s room.

When they arrived, two doctors were in Jaja’s room with Solange absent. The happy couple couldn’t contain the joy in their hearts when they set their eyes on their son. The fact that his eyes were open brought instant tears of joy to their eyes because it was too unbelievable to be true. As everyone gathered Jaja’s bed to see and touch him, the confused man who had no clue of what was going on kept saying “Solange”.

At first, they didn’t pay too much attention to that name because they were all caught up in the moment, but after a little while, David had to bring it to the doctor’s notice. “Doctor, who is Solange? My son has been calling her name since we arrived” he said. The doctor smiled and informed them that Solange is the personal nurse that has been assigned to him for the passed 2 years. David asked if it was the same lady they met the other day at his office and the doctor said “Yes”.

There and then, David sent for Solange but the doctor informed him that she might have retired home because her shift ended a long time ago. As they talked about the mysterious angel ‘Solange’, she walked into the room and there was a faint smile on Jaja’s face. “God evening sir” she politely greeted, “Oh, I thought you had left. Well, Jaja’s parent’s wants to meet you” the doctor revealed and walked away because he had other important things to handle that evening.

With the doctor gone, Solange was left with Jaja, his sister and his parents. “Hello my daughter, how are you doing?” David said, “I’m fine sir” Solange replied. Before anyone knew what was happening, Esther got up, gave her a tight hug and broke down in tears afterwards. “You are such an angel my daughter; how can I repay you back for everything you have done for my son and family? Jaja hasn’t stop calling your name since we came here” Esther soberly said.

Those words of appreciation almost brought tears to Solange’s eyes. They hugged each other for a long time before Kiki joined the hug too. David just sat there with tears in his eyes because everything still felt like a beautiful dream.

As the ladies hugged each other and didn’t want to let go, Jaja voiced out Solange’s name again and this time around, she hurried to his bed side to be with him. “Just look at you Buddy, those eyes are really beautiful; this world misses them. We are glad to have you back and can’t wait for you to carry on with your life again as though nothing happened. I know it might be difficult for you to get along with everything you have missed but I assure you that you wouldn’t do it alone because we are here for you. Remember I promised to never leave this hospital till you leave first? You have no idea how happy I am that I kept to that promise. We are so happy to have you back Buddy, Welcome back!” she soberly said.

Wow! Such beautiful words of life and hope. Solange’s little talk with Jaja left his parent mesmerised and smitten. There and then, they decided to make sure she never lacked anything all the days of her life. A massive level-up was just around the corner for the selfless lady with a pure heart.

In order for Solange to still be a huge part of Jaja’s life, they hired her as his private nurse when Jaja left the hospital and came back home. David bought a house for Solange not far from the mansion they lived in, so she could live near their house and come to work with ease.

Days passed, same with months and it clocked a year since Jaja came out of Coma. It was his 30th year at that time and Solange was 28. Both of them became inseparable and undoubtedly a match made in heaven.

With the help of top educational professionals, Jaja was home schooled and was able to pick up a lot of things that he missed out on all those years he was in Coma. Gradually, he began to get enlightened and levelled up intellectually.

As time went on, Jaja began to identify his feelings for Solange. Without an iota of doubt, it’s safe to say that these two had helplessly fallen for each other and are just waiting for the right time to make their love official. Jaja still had some healing to do and Solange respected that fact and didn’t push her feelings for him too sudden.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but definitely someday, they will make their love story official but for the meantime, let’s be grateful for the MIRACLE.

End of Story! ❤️

Written by Sonia Okehie


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“What the heck Charlotte, why did you do that?.” A voice growled walking towards where I’m standing, the owner of the voice stood infront of me and I could perceive his scent. Xander!

“Here, have this.” I opened my eyes to see he was giving me a face towel, his face towel. OH… MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD. Xander Andrews isn’t just standing in the space as me, but he just offered me his face towel, his personal face towel. I have seen him used this face towel a lot of times to clean up sweats on his face.

I stared at him in shock, my brain couldn’t just process the information right infront of me. Xander Andrew is giving me his face towel, to clean up the coke rolling down my dress. THIS IS A DREAM, IT CAN’T BE REAL.

“What are you doing Xander, why are you giving her your face towel?.” Charlotte asks him also as shock as me.

“Charlotte, you have to grow up and stop bullying people. So what if she made a crush list, I don’t see anything wrong in it. I am so sure 90 percent of the girls in this school, has a crush list, even though the list is not written in paper, some if them might have written it on their hearts. So you see, this is not enough reason to bully a person, so leave the girl alone.” Once Xander was done with his speech, I was left staring at him in total shock. Is he defending me right now, against his girlfriend Charlotte, oh my God.

“Xander, are you defending her. She wrote your name on that list, and you are my boyfriend, so she has no right to write your name on that list.” Charlotte yelled stomping her feet on the floor like a little child.

“Stop acting like a child charlotte, it wasn’t your name that was written there, so stop and one more thing, I’m not your boyfriend, stop referring to me as your boyfriend.” He glared at her, while Charlotte cheeks morphs into a darker shade of red from embarrassment. She huffed angrily, gave me the stink eye then stomped away. So.. Charlotte is not Xander girlfriend, well.. this is nice.

“Here, have this.” Xander said with a smile on his handsome face. I smiled happily and politely refused his face towel.

“Ariana, don’t disgrace me in the middle of the cafeteria by not taking my face towel, it would put a dent on my bad boy records.” He said charmingly, still stretching the handkerchief to me. I smiled taking the handkerchief from him “Thank you.” I mouthed then rushed out of the cafeteria, blushing like crazy.


“So… How was my show back there, did you guys enjoyed it.” I asked with a smirk, sitting down on my seat.

“Yup, it was one hell of a show but don’t you think you shouldn’t have done that Charlotte.” Jasper said, “Nope. The bitch has been clinging on to me, like really hard, telling everyone we are dating. So this was me hitting two birds with one stone. Finally I get to, get rid of charlotte and also be a hero to Arianna and that’s what I call, killing two birds with one stone.” I grinned at him, throwing a few chips in my mouth. Jasper only shakes his head.

“Don’t worry henry, I will take good care of your car.”

“You haven’t won the bet yet, Xander.” Henry reminds me.

“With the progress I’m already having, consider the bet won. Besides, how hard can it be dating just one girl.” I uttered, smirking at him. Ariana, you are one lucky girl, cause you are going to be the first girl I will be dating for a whole freaking month. This month is going to be damn interesting.

🌺 Ariana🌺

I sat down happily on one of the benches in the football field, my mind going back to what happened between me and Xander in the cafeteria. I stared at his face towel in smilesI brought the face towel close to my nose and sniffed it really hard, drawing in his scent. I love his scents.

“You must really have a big crush on Xander, for you to be doing that.” A voice I know to be James walker’s voice, said. I brought down the face towel from my nose, having a look of embarrassment on my face. “Well yeah, that’s true.” I said biting my lower lip.

“I will advise you to be careful, Xander is not the kind of guy to defend people that easily. I know him so well.” James warned with a far away look in his eyes.

“Why do you say that, and how do you know him?.” I asked him curiously.

“I can’t tell you that, but you have to believe me when I say you should be careful.” He said, his voice distant. I stared at him confused, wondering what he means I should be careful of Xander. Like, why should I be careful, Xander is not a dangerous guy, he might be a playboy but I don’t see why I should be careful of him.


Now, for all of you saying Xander isn’t cute, and I should change his picture. Please and please, I’m not looking for a cute guy. I’m looking for a guy, with bad boy vibes. The tattoo and the piercing. The reason why he is said to be the most handsome in his school, is because of, a lot of girls wants to go out with him. They like because, he is bad boy. So nobody should send me any DM, asking me to change the picture if Xander.

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20210108 013945

Episode 3!
After I pulled myself away from her, she got up and walked out of the bathroom. I sat there for a while, and then I took my towel and covered myself, then stepped out of the bathroom and ran into my room. I quickly dressed up and went to the kitchen to fix lunch, shortly after, I heard her call out my name again, I ignored and pretended not to hear, she called the second time and I quietly closed the kitchen door and continued cooking.

It wasn’t long, when I felt the door to the kitchen open, and she walked in, “bia Amaka, didn’t you hear me call your name?” She asked. “No aunty, the door was closed maybe that was why I didn’t hear you, I am sorry”, she continued, “it’s okay, make sure you put your uncle’s food in the food flask, I don’t have the strength to cook for him in the night. Before I forget, when last did you see your period?”…”last month, aunty, I have
not seen it this month” I replied. “It’s okay. Hope you still have enough pads?” “Yes, I do” she said okay and walked out of the kitchen.

She didn’t touch me again after that day and we both acted like it didn’t even occur. I begged her to help me get in touch with my younger sister, I needed to know how she was fairing and two days later, I got the opportunity to speak to her, as soon as she heard my voice, she started crying, she told me how she was suffering over there, she hasn’t started school yet and she eats only once a day and sleeps at midnight to wake up by 5am to prepare my aunt’s kids for school, I was so heartbroken and so helpless, but I assured her that I would do everything possible to get her out of that house.

Though, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. Every day, I thought of my sister suffering, her heartbreaking voice when she was talking to me on the phone, I lost appetite and concentration in school; I became so moody that everyone around me noticed it, including my
aunty and her husband. This continued, until one Saturday evening.

I was crying profusely in my room, when my aunty walked in, I didn’t notice her presence until she spoke, “Amaka, what’s wrong with you lately and why are you crying? Don’t tell me you are pregnant o” I quickly turned to face her, “no o, am not pregnant, am just worried about my younger sister, she’s suffering so much in port Harcourt and there’s nothing I can do to help her, that’s why am crying” I replied. Then she said, “Who told you there’s nothing you can do? We live in a duplex, you have this room all to yourself, why not invite her to come live here with us and be happy, instead of this, am tired of seeing you in this mood”. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was shocked beyond words, I knelt down to thank her but she told me to get up, as she turned to leave the room, I realised I had no means to invite my sister over, what do I know?

“Aunty but there’s a problem o. How do I get her over here and what am I going to tell Aunty Precious for her to let my sister go?” I asked, then she walked back into the room and sat on the bed, before replying me, “Nne, sit down, let’s talk” I did as I was told. Then she continued, “Getting your sister here and taking care of her is
not a problem at all, I can help you achieve that in just two days, but that would cost you, are you
ready and willing to pay the price?” She asked. I looked hard at her in confusion, “But aunty you know I don’t have money, it’s you and uncle that has been taking care of me, the only money I have is N8000 that I have saved up from my pocket money to school, where will…” she cuts me off, “Hahahahaha, you are just so innocent that’s why I love you so much. I don’t need money from you. Only accept to be mine and never resist me or speak about it to anyone. Let me have you, give me your virginity without struggle and that’s all” she said.

I moved away from her and said, “No ooo. God forbid. I cannot allow you touch me down there am not ready yet, besides, you are a woman and
am keeping myself for my husband. It’s only a man I will allow down there not a woman, that’s an abomination. Aunty Do you even know what you are saying?” She laughed again and replied, “Okay then. Since you say no, do not bring up the issue of your sister to me again. Let her continue to suffer in Port Harcourt. One day, she will die and her blood will be on your head, since you have the means to save her but you refused. Imagine keeping yourself for some stupid guy that doesn’t deserve you.

My dear, in this age and era, girls don’t give guys their virginity anymore, they either allow fellow girl to break it or they break it by themselves, no man deserves a woman’s virginity. Gone are those days. When you marry, you give him sex and that’s all. Afterall, no man marries as a virgin. I want to go and prepare for fellowship. Make sure you prepare dinner before I get back, funny girl” then she walked out of my room…

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20210109 121655


Babysitting His Crazy Kids

Genre: Romance, Comedy, suspense.

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞

“C’mon dad we gonna be late for school!” Noel shouted at hospital dad who laid numb on his bed.

“Daddy! Daddy! I can’t find my Toothbrush” Kayla screeched in excitement.
No one knows what’s so exciting about that.

“Dad! Junior just peed on his bed… And he’s crying so hard.”
Janietta screamed out from the baby’s room.

Me Romeo looked so frustrated as he head their complaints.

“What!” He weakly shouted, almost in tears.

Gosh! These children are a handful.

He pried his eyes a little open gazing at the wall clock..

He cut off his words wh n he noticed the presence of his kids in the room.

It’s almost 7:00

And he’s got to ready them before eight for school, dress’ them up , prepare breakfast and lunch for them and also be at work.. all this before 8:00@m.

He quickly jumped off his bed and tied his robe.

“The three of you. Off your clothes and line up in the bathroom. I’m bathing you guys all at a time”
He instructed before dashing off to attend to his wailing nine months old baby.


Meet 30yrs old David Romero. Father of four beautiful kids. And yes, a single Dad.

His children, Noel…8, Kayla…5, Janietta…10 and Junior a nine months old baby.
They are a handful.

He lost his precious wife during the delivery of his last baby precisely nice months ago.

He has been the one taking care of his kids ever since and trust me when I say it has been Hell.

His kids has virtually a mind of their own.

It’s very hard for David to cope with all this and his new job as the supervisor of a ‘Duvel Company’.

The responsibilities are just more than he can handle..

Getting a new wife is gonna be hell cause his kids.. doesn’t what a new mommy!.

What about a Nanny?? Duh!
They definitely don’t want one either…
It’s supposed to be just ‘Them’ and their ‘Daddy’

But David is not ready to do this alone…!

He definitely needs an assistance..

Read on from this story….
The kids Reaction to his father’s numb idea😂.
And what they plan to do to ruin it!!

© Angel Louis.

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