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MIRACLES : A Short Story





Written by Sonia Okehie ✍️

Miracles are more real than anything you can currently see or touch, but it’s quite unfortunate that some people still don’t believe that extraordinary things can happen in an ordinary world. This tale will open the eyes of many to the realness of Miracles. Are you ready? Well, I hope you are because this is one of a kind.

Several years back, a prominent and powerful man in the society had two beautiful kids; a boy and a girl. David was his name and he was married to only one wife name Esther. These two highly influential couple were blessed with two kids and they pampered their children more than you could ever imagine. The names of their kids were Jaja and Kiki.

Before the age of eight, Jaja and Kiki had landed properties of their own that were bought in their names.Their birthdays were always a show of wealth display because David and his wife usually went over the top to spoil their kids whenever it was their birthdays. Kiki was the envy of so many girls at that age, same with her brother Jaja. They were spoilt and never lacked anything they ever wanted.

Saying that David’s kids were born with a silver spoon is an understatement because their standard of living was much more than a regular rich man. Life so smiled at David’s family to the extent that they became a prayer point and reference for other people seeking to experience the good side of life.

Years passed and Jaja slowly approached 10 years old. For his 10 years birthday, David was ready to paint the town Red and Blue and shut it down if possible. An event planner was hired to make that day a memorable one indeed and invitations began to reach the hands of fellow wealthy men in the society who were the couple’s friends.That day was designed to be a great one indeed but something drastic happened that very day that changed the lives of the wealthy family and turned their smiles to tears.

On that beautiful day, Jaja was so happy for this 10th birthday and went playing with his elder sister Kiki. Prior to that day, Jaja received a pre-birthday gift from his dad and it was a cute bicycle. The little boy was extremely happy with his gift and couldn’t wait to go for a ride the next day. On that fateful day he went for a ride, the gateman wasn’t close by so the kids were left alone to play in the massive compound with no guardian to watch them and make sure they were safe.

“Kiki, push it to go faster!” Jaja said with so much excitement as he drove the bicycle, “Let me drive, let me drive too!” Kiki desperately voiced out, “Push me first, you will drive after me” he said and they continued their play. Few minutes into the bicycle ride, something sad happened.

It turns out that there was a slide pavement around the main entrance of the gate so while Kiki pushed Jaja with so much energy, the bicycle sped up and went very fast. Unable to gravitate well, the bicycle jammed the wall with full speed and Jaja hit his head on the hard concrete wall near the gate. Immediately the incident happened, he fell on the hard floor with force and instantly became unconscious.

As Jaja unconsciously laid on the floor, blood began to drip from his head, nose and ears. When Kiki saw that her brother was bleeding and wasn’t responding to her attempt to revive him, she burst into tears and ran inside the house to alert her parents on what was happening. “Daddy! Mummy! Jaja is not waking up, blood is on his body…Come please, Come!” she soberly said.

The look on Kiki’s face was enough to tell that there was serious fire on the mountain. Before she was even done talking, everyone rushed outside to see what was happening and saw Jaja lying helplessly on the hard floor. Esther almost collapsed due to the shock she felt that very moment; “What happened to my son? Get the car! Get the car!” she screamed. The driver drove one of the cars to the scene and they headed to the hospital with immediate effect. Kiki stay back home and wasn’t allowed to follow her parents to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, David and Esther were nervous and scared of the unknown because Jaja was still very much unconscious. They tried to revive him by shaking his body or calling his name but all to no avail. The blood never stopped dripping from his head, nose and ears. After about 20 minutes, they arrived at their family hospital and Jaja was rushed to the emergency ward with immediate effect. A doctor was contacted and treatment began instantly to revive the unconscious little boy whose birthday was unfortunately that very day but all effort yielded no tangible results.

It’s been over an hour since a whole medical team of qualified professionals have been trying to revive the little boy but all efforts proved abortive. After several hours, they became tired and resorted to the reality that Jaja was in a Coma state. They put him on oxygen because he wasn’t breathing well on his own. When they were done, Jaja was transferred to another ward and had lots of machines plugged to his body to sustain and keep him alive while still in Coma. After a fruitless day, one of the doctors called the couple to his office to break the unfortunate news to them.

“Firstly, I want you to calm down and not panic because this isn’t the end of the road. Your son is doing fine but we haven’t been able to revive him yet. He sustained a severe injury in the brain and it isn’t looking too good. There’s still hope that he might wake up anytime from now so there isn’t any need to feel too sad or hopeless. Your son has been transferred to another ward and breathing with the aid of an oxygen. Don’t worry too much, just take everything to God in prayers and keep your faith alive” the doctor said with a warm comforting smile on his face. The couple thanked the doctor for his assurance that Jaja was in good hands. David told the doctor to do everything within his power to make sure that his son wakes up from Coma and comes back to consciousness, no matter the amount of money involved. The doctor told them to go home and come back the next day in hopes of a good news. The couple thanked him once more and left.

Before leaving the hospital, David paid a hug sum of money to the hospital for a professional medical doctor to visit Jaja’s room every 10 minutes to check up on him since they were leaving. The hospital appointed one of their best doctor to keep an eye on the unconscious boy.

What a sad way for that beautiful day to end. A day that was supposed to mark a new age in the life of the obedient little boy. The exorbitant birthday party that was meant to be the talk of the town sadly had to be cancelled. A phone call was put through to everyone that was invited to inform them of the sad news. The disappointed and shocked guests shared in their pain and assured the couple that Jaja was going to be alright before the next day. “Amens” were said at the end of every good prayer by the disappointed guests.

All through the remaining hours of that sad day, David, Esther and Kiki never stopped sobbing and praying. The atmosphere was filled with sad vibes and negative energy because no one stopped crying. David called the hospital every now and then to get updates on Jaja’s health but the sad news still remained the same. It was such a terrifying day for that family but despite the fear and tension, they still had hope that everything would be alright the next day. Well, if only they knew what lied ahead. Sad!

First thing the following day, Esther was at the hospital to watch over her son and see how he was faring. She hoped that things would have gotten better by then but it only got worse than the day before. It broke her heart greatly to see her son lying helplessly on his bed; too bad she couldn’t do any other thing than stare at him. The nurses and doctors came in occasionally to administer treatment on the little boy. After about three hours later, David arrived at the hospital to see how things were going. It broke his heart to find out that Jaja’s revival couldn’t be determined by any person but God. They kept their faith alive and hoped for a miracle to take place.

One year passed, two, three, four, till sixteen years later but Jaja was still in Coma. At that time, he was now 26 years old but still unconscious and hadn’t shook his body for once since the day he was brought in. David and his wife were 16 years older, so was Kiki. That family went through a lot of trauma, pains and heartbreak all through those years but still had to keep their faith alive that someday their beloved son and brother would come back to them in full consciousness. It wasn’t easy for that grieving family but it’s refreshing to know that they hadn’t completely lost it due to what they were going through.

Jaja’s case has been a prayer point for well wishers and relative all through those years. Some of his friends even thought he was dead because they hadn’t seen him for over 16 years. David went silent on his son’s condition when he got tired of explaining to people what was going on. Also, he realised that the media were using insiders to get details about his son’s condition so they could run a story on it for the general public. He didn’t want his family’s business out in the public so he decided to go mute on the matter.

While life was horrible for the grieving family, a certain lady named Solange was very excited to graduate from nursing school after so many years of applying and getting rejected. On the day of Solange’s graduation, she was awarded the best graduating nurse and given instant employment in one of the best hospital in town; which happened to be the hospital Jaja had been admitted in for the past 16 years of his life. The excited young lady in her mid-twenties couldn’t wait to take over the world and help as many sick people as she could.

It wasn’t even up to a week since Solange started working as a nurse in the hospital and she was noticed by almost everyone due to her outstanding work ethics and character. Due to her optimistic nature and attitude, the head of operations appointed her to Jaja’s case to be his private nurse. Her duties included bathing him, cleaning him up and also giving him his injections.

The very first day Solange set her eyes on Jaja, she was somehow drawn to him in an unexplainable way. For unknown reasons, she felt obligated to his betterment and well-being. Initially, she wasn’t aware of what happened to him and also wasn’t aware of how long he had been admitted in the hospital. It was during one evening when she was at duty that a senior college of hers gave her the gist.

“Solange, I heard you have been appointed to Jaja in ward 18? That’s a huge one for you” a senior colleague said, “Yes I have, but what do you mean by ‘huge one’?” she innocently inquired and her colleague smiled faintly. “That gentleman has been in Coma for 16 years now. I started working here 10 years ago and he came in before I did. It’s really sad and I try to avoid that room due to the goose-bumps I feel whenever I enter there. I just pity for his tired family” her colleague revealed.

Immediately those words sank into Solange’s head, her heart shattered into tiny pieces. She felt highly devastated and couldn’t explain why her heart was in pains for a man she barely knew and hadn’t met before in her life. After what initially seemed like a casual conversation turned sour, Solange sadly walked back to her unit. All through the remaining hours of that day’s work, she couldn’t concentrate due to the sad energy in the atmosphere.

After about an hour later, it was time for Solange to take Jaja’s medication to his room. When she arrived at the room, her body instantly became cold and numb. She managed to administer the treatment she came to do and sat close to the bed afterwards.

For about 20 minutes, Solange just stared at Jaja without uttering a word. She watched him as he lay helplessly on the bed. After sitting close to him for a while, she managed to say something. “Hello, can you hear me? I don’t know if you can but I want you to know that I will be praying for you. It’s been a very long time you have been away from your family and loved ones, I know we just met not too long ago but I genuinely want the best for you. I believe you would wake up very soon. So many nurses have come and gone, with you still being here but that wouldn’t be the case for me. I believe you will leave here before I do because I won’t leave till you do. I join your family, loved ones and doctors to root for you to come back to this world because your presence has been greatly missed by those that love you. I believe you have been with God long enough so I guess it’s time to come back home. It’s time for me to get off duty but I will see you tomorrow OK. Bye bye!” she warmly said and gently rubbed his hands. That day was the beginning of something hopeful and all we can do is keep our fingers across and hope for a miracle.

The next day, Solange was super excited to arrive at the hospital because she had someone she felt obligated to talk to everyday. The first thing she did was to clean Jaja up and apply the necessary cream that needed to be applied to prevent bed sore. After cleaning him up, she gave him food through pipe and made sure he looked neat and fresh.

When David arrived that day to check up on his son, Solange wasn’t present but David felt a huge difference in his son’s appearance but didn’t know whom to give the credit for such good job. All through the time David came visiting, Solange didn’t meet him because she had other things to do in other wards. Till the man left, he didn’t know who was behind his son’s sudden glow up. Other previous nurses did a good job when grooming Jaja but Solange’s own was remarkable and different; you could tell she did it with her whole heart.

Everyday, Solange would read the Bible and other uplifting religious books to unconscious Jaja. She would interact and talk to him as though she was having a conversation with someone that could reply her back. She bought nice robes for him that would be more comfortable than that ones the hospital provided. Each time Jaja’s parent or sister came around, they usually noticed one new pleasing thing or the other. It got to a point where they couldn’t hold back their excitement any longer and had to ask one of the doctor’s what was going on.

“Hello Doctor, how is everything over here?” Jaja’s mum asked one day she visited with her husband and Kiki. “Well, we are doing great; we are only waiting for a miracle soon on your son’s behalf” the doctor said and everyone sighed in agony. As they talked about Jaja’s condition, Kiki chipped in; “Yes, I have been meaning to ask, my brother looks extremely nice and well taken care of these days, what’s the secret?” she asked and her parents concurred. The doctor smiled warmly and reminded them that the hospital was known for outstanding care and quality experience but they still insisted that something was just different this time around. Due to the fact that the doctor wasn’t aware of what Solange had been doing in secret, he waived the topic by telling them that Jaja was in great hands and nothing more.

In order not to push the conversation any further, Jaja’s parent and sister let the whole thing slide, but they still knew deep down that something was just different. Too bad they were never fortunate enough to meet Solange whenever they came around.

Day after day, Solange continued in her good deeds towards Jaja and as time went by, she began to put him in serious prayers and even fasted severally because of him. For some reasons unknown, Solange carried Jaja’s case on her head as though she had known him a long time ago. She was the friend he never had and that last straw of hope to prove that humanity still exist.

Whenever Solange was in for night duty, she would read the Word of God (Bible) to him and other interesting books that were uplifting. Whenever she read, she would laugh and make gestures as though she was talking to a person that could hear and respond to her. Maybe Jaja could hear her because he was definitely still inside that body that seemed lifeless and numb.

Most days, Jaja would move his body slightly and Solange will jump up in excitement just for that happiness to come crushing when it dawns on her that there was nothing more to it. However, it gave the optimistic lady hope that someday, he would open his eyes and come back to a world that was slowly forgetting about him. Solange told her superior about the movements and they informed his parents about what seemed like a good news. With all that were happening, everyone’s dead faith began to revive little by little because it seemed like there was light at the end of the dark tunnel.

An additional two years passed and nothing much had changed about Jaja’s health condition, except his 24/7 neat countenance and outward appearance improvement. Up until then, Jaja’s family still hadn’t met Solange in person because she was never around whenever they came visiting every week.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that Solange wasn’t still aware of Jaja’s family’s wealth. She knew Jaja was from a well to do family but never knew the extent of their wealth. It was somehow a good thing because it meant she was doing everything from the genuineness of her heart and not due to any desire for a reward of material things in return.

It’s apparent that God didn’t want Solange and Jaja parent’s part to cross so she wouldn’t be aware of what might alter the purity of her heart towards Jaja. The hospital was a very big one no doubt, but not big enough for Solange and David’s path not to cross if God wanted it that way.

Everything carried on the same till Jaja’s health began to deteriorate drastically overnight. His condition became worst as the day went by and the doctors were at the verge of unplugging his life support machine because it felt as though there was no need to try to save the young man that has been in Coma for good 18 years.

The very day it got to Solange’s notice that Jaja’s oxygen might be unplugged soon, she cried her eyes out. Later that day, she went to the doctor’s office to talk to him about Jaja’s case. Unknown to her, the man and woman seated at the doctor’s office were Jaja’s parent.

Immediately Solange walked in crying without knocking, she began to beg the doctor to give Jaja a second chance at life again. “I know why you are here and why you are crying. It’s sad because you are his personal nurse but we have no choice than to do what we feel is best because as things are now, his healthy is greatly deteriorating and we have no choice” the doctor sadly revealed.

Tears effortless fell off Solange’s eyes as she listened to the devastating news. Unable to give up, she kept insisting and begging for another chance for Jaja. “Sir, I know most times we get tired when things don’t go the way we hope it would, but if you look deeper, it can just be a way of God trying to prepare us for something better and bigger. Jaja’s health condition might be frustrating for now but what if God delayed everything this way for a reason? What if the devil planned to take Jaja’s life at an early stage in his lifetime and this is God’s way of keeping him safe here because something worse could have claimed his life without giving him a second chance? I know I might sound stupid but I believe in miracles and know for sure that Jaja will open his eye someday soon. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but that day is definitely around the corner because I can feel it more than I have ever felt anything in my life. Please reconsider your decisions, I beg you” she said and soberly walked away.

As the grieving lady walked out, David and his wife were left shocked to the brim.They couldn’t believe how a person that barely knew their son could love him with so much passion and genuineness of heart. Everything about the mysterious lady was angelic that Jaja’s dad had to ask questions with immediate effect. “Who is she?” Jaja’s mum curiously inquired, “Oh, she’s the nurse assigned to your son for the past 2 years now” the doctor revealed. It was then that it dawned on the couple who has been behind their son’s refreshing and neat grooming for the past 2 years they had been complimenting and asking questions but no one said anything tangible as to who was behind the recent glow up.

That day was truly a humbling one indeed for the couple because they had never seen such goodness and humanity in a long time. Due to Solange’s faith in Jaja ‘s health, David cancelled every consideration to permit the doctor to unplug the oxygen.

When it got to Solange’s attention few days later that Jaja had been given another shot at life, she was super excited and couldn’t stop the wide smile on her face that whole day. She happily danced for joy and ran to Jaja’s bed side to tell him the latest development and good news. That day, she exchanged duty time with a friend and worked overnight just to spend enough time talking to Jaja.

“Hello Buddy, I hope you can hear me today because I have good news. You are not going anywhere! Hope you are hanging on very well there? Please come back soonest because I know so many people can’t wait to hear you talk and see you lively again. Today we have a lot to talk about so let’s warm up and get ready because I’m not leaving your bed side” Solange happily said.

You know what the say about transition of life? Jaja was at the middle line between transiting to glory or coming back to his loved ones on earth. The good thing about everything is that Jaja could hear Solange very well and got to know her more than his parent because they weren’t spending so much time with him like Solange was doing. The more she drew closer and talked to him, the more he knew her better. Gradually, he began to like her as he got fond of her.

Of all the time Solange asked Jaja to come back, he wanted to but didn’t know if it was the best thing to do; due to the fact that there was a better option there if he stayed back. Heaven is beautiful and a place anyone would pick against earth, so it’s apparent why it was quite confusing for Jaja to finally make a decision; but not for too long because something unexpected finally happened one fateful day that restored joy in the lives of everyone that loved Jaja dearly.

On the 19th year, Jaja was about to clock 29 years of age so due to that, Solange decided to sing a melodious and soul calming songs for him. Earlier that day, David, Esther and Kiki came visiting to wish Jaja a Happy Birthday. That day, they all had tears in their eyes because it was a painful moment and a sad reality to take in. Not in a thousand years did that family ever believe that Jaja would stay in Coma for such a long time as 19 years. It was sad indeed but they still managed to hold their emotions together before leaving. If only they had an idea that joy was somewhere around the corner, then I believe they would have light those faces up with smiles; sadly they didn’t.

Around 7pm that day, Solange was about to get off duty so she hurried down to Jaja’s room to say ‘Goodbye’. Immediately she entered the room, goosebumps filled her body for reasons unknown so she walked really close to see his face properly. When she looked at his face, she smiled and was about to leave but her spirit moved her to look back again.

Just as her inner guts instructed, she turned only to catch a glimpse of Jaja’s eyes blinking. Surprised and flabbergasted, she held her chest with one hand and used the other to touch his forehead. “Jaja, did you just blink those eyes of yours? I might sound crazy but I know deep down that I caught you blinking those eyes” she shockingly said.

As the atmosphere gradually became tensed, Solange closed her eyes and began to pray intensely. She held Jaja’s hands gently as she brought down mountains with tongues of fire and heartfelt prayers.

Gradually, the atmosphere began to get thicker and thicker and all of a sudden, there were hand movements but Solange was too occupied with prayers to notice. She subconsciously squeezed his hands gently as she prayed and after about 10 minutes into the intense prayer session, the hand movements became very obvious and that was when Solange noticed them.

“Oh My! Doctor! Doctor his hands are moving!” Solange screamed and ran out of Jaja’s room. In less than a minutes, she arrived at one of the doctor’s office and broke the good news to them. Immediately, every medical official that was present at that ward followed Solange back to Jaja’s room in haste. When they got inside the room, their eyes couldn’t believe the miracle that was right before their eyes.

The unbelievable miracle was too much to bear that some nurses immediately burst into tears. “Holy Lord! Are my eyes deceiving me? He woke up! He woke up! Oh thank you Lord” one of the doctor’s screamed. The atmosphere was intoxicated with mixed feelings of joy, tears and gratitude.

There and then, the doctors began a quick treatment on Jaja to fully bring back his consciousness. The clueless man who has been in Coma for the past 19 years of his life just silently laid there as he watched strangers rejoice for something he had no idea of. After about 3 hours of intense check up and treatment, Jaja was now fully back to his consciousness and the first word that come out of his mouth was “Solange”.

At that time, Solange wasn’t present in the room when Jaja called her name so the doctors smiled and told him that she would be with him shortly. Without wasting a second, the ‘phone call’ that David, Esther and Kiki had been waiting for the past 19 years of their lives finally came that fateful day.

On that day, David and his wife had a heart to heart talk about the possibility of their son never returning to them again. Esther cried that fateful morning but had no idea that a miracle was about to happen that evening. At around 9pm, David’s phone rang and it was their family doctor calling. He sighed in agony because he was used to hearing bad news from the doctor whenever he called. With no atom of hope for a good news, he tiredly pick up.

“Hello Doc, how are you doing?” David inquired, “I’m good sir, can you make it to the hospital tonight with your family?” the doctor asked, “isn’t it too late Doc? I was about going to bed when you called. How about tomorrow please?” he suggested and the doctor smiled. Before David could say anything else, the doctor dropped the news they had been hoping to hear for the passed 19 years. “Jaja is Awake!” the doctor said in excitement.

Immediately those words rang in David’s ears, his heart dropped. Unable to even breath properly, he screamed “What did you just say? It’s not true! Please tell me this is a joke, please!”.

The loud noise got to Esther and Kiki, so they hurried down to the living room to know the cause of such level of excitement. Before they arrived the living room, David was in tears and kept shaking his head in disbelief as he spoke on phone. Esther was nervous and tensed to know what was going on. Her heart raced as she watched her husband break down in tears of joy. Immediately the call ended, David turned towards his daughter and wife and gave them the warmest hug he had ever given them all his life.

“Baby what is going on? Why are you crying?” Esther curiously asked but David couldn’t put himself together to say anything. “Honey we are going to the hospital now, Jaja is Awake” he broke the good news. Unable to digest the heavy shocker, Kiki fell on the floor and rolled all over the living room floor.

On the other hand, Esther jumped up continuously till her feet began to hurt. She jumped as though her life depended on every jump. Shouts of joy filled the whole atmosphere to the extent that the gateman and driver came inside to find out what was going on. Unable to explain or say much, they all entered one of their cars and zoomed off to the hospital. In less than 25 minutes, they arrived at the hospital and picked race down to Jaja’s room.

When they arrived, two doctors were in Jaja’s room with Solange absent. The happy couple couldn’t contain the joy in their hearts when they set their eyes on their son. The fact that his eyes were open brought instant tears of joy to their eyes because it was too unbelievable to be true. As everyone gathered Jaja’s bed to see and touch him, the confused man who had no clue of what was going on kept saying “Solange”.

At first, they didn’t pay too much attention to that name because they were all caught up in the moment, but after a little while, David had to bring it to the doctor’s notice. “Doctor, who is Solange? My son has been calling her name since we arrived” he said. The doctor smiled and informed them that Solange is the personal nurse that has been assigned to him for the passed 2 years. David asked if it was the same lady they met the other day at his office and the doctor said “Yes”.

There and then, David sent for Solange but the doctor informed him that she might have retired home because her shift ended a long time ago. As they talked about the mysterious angel ‘Solange’, she walked into the room and there was a faint smile on Jaja’s face. “God evening sir” she politely greeted, “Oh, I thought you had left. Well, Jaja’s parent’s wants to meet you” the doctor revealed and walked away because he had other important things to handle that evening.

With the doctor gone, Solange was left with Jaja, his sister and his parents. “Hello my daughter, how are you doing?” David said, “I’m fine sir” Solange replied. Before anyone knew what was happening, Esther got up, gave her a tight hug and broke down in tears afterwards. “You are such an angel my daughter; how can I repay you back for everything you have done for my son and family? Jaja hasn’t stop calling your name since we came here” Esther soberly said.

Those words of appreciation almost brought tears to Solange’s eyes. They hugged each other for a long time before Kiki joined the hug too. David just sat there with tears in his eyes because everything still felt like a beautiful dream.

As the ladies hugged each other and didn’t want to let go, Jaja voiced out Solange’s name again and this time around, she hurried to his bed side to be with him. “Just look at you Buddy, those eyes are really beautiful; this world misses them. We are glad to have you back and can’t wait for you to carry on with your life again as though nothing happened. I know it might be difficult for you to get along with everything you have missed but I assure you that you wouldn’t do it alone because we are here for you. Remember I promised to never leave this hospital till you leave first? You have no idea how happy I am that I kept to that promise. We are so happy to have you back Buddy, Welcome back!” she soberly said.

Wow! Such beautiful words of life and hope. Solange’s little talk with Jaja left his parent mesmerised and smitten. There and then, they decided to make sure she never lacked anything all the days of her life. A massive level-up was just around the corner for the selfless lady with a pure heart.

In order for Solange to still be a huge part of Jaja’s life, they hired her as his private nurse when Jaja left the hospital and came back home. David bought a house for Solange not far from the mansion they lived in, so she could live near their house and come to work with ease.

Days passed, same with months and it clocked a year since Jaja came out of Coma. It was his 30th year at that time and Solange was 28. Both of them became inseparable and undoubtedly a match made in heaven.

With the help of top educational professionals, Jaja was home schooled and was able to pick up a lot of things that he missed out on all those years he was in Coma. Gradually, he began to get enlightened and levelled up intellectually.

As time went on, Jaja began to identify his feelings for Solange. Without an iota of doubt, it’s safe to say that these two had helplessly fallen for each other and are just waiting for the right time to make their love official. Jaja still had some healing to do and Solange respected that fact and didn’t push her feelings for him too sudden.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but definitely someday, they will make their love story official but for the meantime, let’s be grateful for the MIRACLE.

End of Story! ❤️

Written by Sonia Okehie


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They open the purse and bring out the list of codes then they examine the list for a while before typing in the code. The red light above the gate turns to green and they pumped their fists in victory as they entered into our compound.

The men swiftly walked to the mansion qnd again brought out the list of codes and examined it once more before typing in the code to the main entrance to the mansion.

The door clicked open and the three men walked inside the mansion. Our four maids rushed to the scene probably to check out who walked in and they were greeted by the sight of pistol guns pointing at them. They immediately began to quiver and plead for mercies but the men seemed to be void of emotions and mercies, they shot the four innocent maid right there and then in cold blood.

The man holding the briefcase seemed to be the leader of the gang and he gestured to the rest of the goons to head upstairs. The three of them went upstairs to the showroom in which the heirloom was kept in a glass showcase and they shot the glass open with one of their pistol guns, the glass broke into millions of pieces and the splinters flew to different angles of the room.

Immediately they shot the glass open, I turned to look at dad, he had a cringe on; a very vivid demeanor of pain appeared, one could know he was deeply hurt by the theft of his prized possession.

The men carefully removed the green coloured oval shapped Emerald Stone then in the same manner of carefulness, placed the emerald stone into the red briefcase after which they shut the briefcase and absconded out the room and the mansion as well. After that sequence, Ms. Tiana pauses the video.

” Now look closely.” Ms. Tianna adds then rewinds the video a few minutes back to when the goons entered into the mansion and had their guns pointed at the maids. She then zooms in on one of the men, the one who shot the maids.

” Look at the arm of this man.” She says and points to the man. We all lean in closely and focus our attention at the image put before us. The man was wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt which exposed his inked arm. Ms. Tianna was drawing our attention to the tattoo on his arm. She then further zooms in on the tattoo.

” Take note of that skull tattoo on his arm.” She begins and that’s when we notice the large viper tattoo on his arm amidst other small detailed and less important tattoos.

” That’s the symbol of a popular mafia gang, The Skulls.” She says and my family and I’s lips form a puzzled gape as a blantant demeanour of shock and surprise sprung up on our faces.

” That means the-”

” The Skulls stole our emerald stone.” Karissa chimes in interrupting Ms. Tianna. We all recline back into our seats as we processed the new information in our heads as Ms. Tianna shut her laptop then placed it inside it’s bag.

” Dad, do you know the Skulls? Or at least a member from the mafia group. You should know them, Tianna here says they’re popular.” Caleb asks and dad slowly shakes his head in disaffirm. But then, his face lits up like as if anyone idea just struck him.

” Actually I do, I do know the Skulls and the leader of the gang too.” Dad says and a large portion of our downcast mood vanished. We beckoned on him to tell us but it seemed like he had quite a hard time remembering the name of the leader. He had a grimace on and scratched the back of his head as he cracked his brain to get the name of the guy.

” Aha.” Dad hollars in eureka.

” His name is Mr. Nelson, Nelson Visser but he is popularly known as Venox .” Dad says and Tianna writes it down on her small notepad.

” Do you know anything else about them Mr. Alfred?” Tianna further asks and dad twitches his mouth side to side alongside his eyeballs moving in a similar manner as he probably searches his head for more information about the Vipers.

” No, I don’t think so.” Dad finally gives an answer.

” Alright then. I’ll work with this information while trying to gather more useful informations and clues. The investigation still continues and if any of you guys stumble on useful information we can work with, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll keep in touch and surely get back to you all with more investigation results as soon as I can.” Tianna says and gets up from her seat taking her handbag and laptop bag.

” Good Day to the McKenna family.” She bids and we reply in courtesy but it comes out as a mumble because we all talked at the same time. Tianna then struts out of the house.

” At least we know who or what gang is responsible for the theft.” Mum sighs and speaks for the first time ever since this meeting began.

” Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon and recover our diamond.” I add.

” But dad, are you sure you don’t know any other information concerning this Venox guy and the vipers?” Caleb asks again.

” I wish I did son. Venox doesn’t really step out much hence he’s not in the spotlight. If any operation needs to be carried out by the vipers, he usually has his men do it under supervison of his child.” Dad says and I furrow my brows.

” He has a child?” I asked a follow up question and dad nods.

” A boy or a girl?” Karissa asks.

” I’m not so certain but with the news flying around, the child is probably your sister’s age.” Dad answers Karissa and everyone glances at me for a second before returning to their initial position.

” Isabella, since Venox’s child is your age, then you should know whoever the person is because these days it seems like you’re friends with everybody between the age of 23 to 25.” Caleb teases and I roll my eyes.

” If we’re to work and agree with what you just said Caleb, that means anyone of my friends could be Venox’s child, so how on earth am I supposed to figure out which one of them is the child in question when I don’t even know the simplest detail about the person which is the gender?” I retort.

” But what’s with all the fussin? On a serious note, how does knowing the identity or gender of Venox’s child help us here?” Karissa questions.

” Dad said Venox’s child is usually the one who’s in charge of operations so there’s a huge chance he or she organized or staged the theft.” Caleb answers and I nod seconding to his statement.

” Finding Venox’s child should be a priority as well.” Caleb adds.

” I believe that once we find his child, the trail to the whereabouts of our emerald stone won’t be far fetched.” Mum says.

” I agree.” I say.


I stare amorously at the golden face mask Fiori had left behind that night at the ball. It must’ve fallen off her face due to the hasty manner in which she left, I still don’t know how she dropped her mask behind without her even knowing.

She was, in fact she is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. With her pretty and sparkly deep blue eyes and a wonderful smile that could light up the darkest heart no to mention that flowery tattoo she has which compliments her glowing skin in alluring ways; she was indeed a beautiful woman.

How I wish she had stayed longer at that ball, at least long enough for me to learn her name or get her phone number or long enough for us to finish up that kiss under the glazing stars and shining moonlight but no, Ava came in and ruined it all.

Ava knows that she”s not even my girlfriend, she knows her stance in my life and knows that we’re not into anything commited. She knows that she’s just like a toy to me so why does she feel so entitled over me? Sigh.

But why do I feel so attached to this girl I barely know? Why have I not been able to sleep without seeing her face or thinking about her ever since my life was graced by her beautiful personality that night? Why am I suddenly fall head over heals for her? Oh Fiori, what have you done to me?

I’ve always considered myself as a man who doesn’t love women or feel any other type of emotion for the feminine kind except from lust. I always want them for their body and that’s all but in Fiori’s case, I find myself intensely attracted to not just her body but her personality, her intellect and wonderful smile. In fact, I’m attracted to her whole being and existence.

But I don’t believe in the term “Love At First Sight.” I totally disagree with that motion.

But then again, I ask myself…Could what I feel for Fiori really be love or the usual lustful attarction?

I take a look at the mask once more and smile the say, ” Surely, fate will bring us together again.”

All of a sudden, I am jolted into reality by someone continually calling my name. I look away from the mask and I’m greeted by the presence of Coco.

She was dressed in black leather pants and a white long sleeved peplum top complimented with a pair of black long leather boots. It’s sexy how the leather pants bring out her curvy body but I’m done with Coco, right now her sexiness is equivalent to dust and literally means nothing to me.

” What have you been thinking about? I’ve been yelling your name for the past minute!” Coco questions furiously and I dropped the mask on my table.

I leaned my arms uprightly on my desk with my elbows touching the top of the desk directly. I interlock my fingers then place my head on top and stare at Coco.

” Hi.” I simply reply ignoring all her fuss.

” What is that?” She questions pointing at the mask. I look at the mask then push it away, hiding it behind some books.

” I believe the reason you came into my office was for something important. I don’t expect you to raise your voice at me neither do I expect you to question me regarding the items in my office.” I wittily dismiss her question and she rolls her eyes and huffs.

” Anyways.” She begins in a drawled tone.

” Neo organized your men and they were able to infiltrate and get hold of a very expensive and rare gemstone.” Coco announces and my eyes lit up as my lips part to form a lopsided grin.

” Where is the gemstone?” I ask.

” Neo has it in a safe place. He said he’d see you later today.” Coco answers and I nod.

” Okay, with that settled. s there anything else?” I ask.

” Well, there could be.” She says seductively and winks.

Okay where is the going?

She struts over to where I sat and kneeled in front of my chair. She looks at me in a risque manner then bites her lower lips before tugging on my belt, in order words telling me to take my trousers off.

What the flying fuck? She want to give me a blow job? Here and Now? At work? What the fuck again?

” What in the name of- Coco! Are you crazy?” I question then push her away. She falls to the ground in a recoiled position, she lets out a small yelp as she lands on the rugged floor.

” A simple no would’ve been fine. You didn’t have to push me that hard.” She mumbles but loud enough for me hear her. She gradually gets up from the floor and stands in an upright position then dusts off the dirt on her clothes.

” Next time you try this Coco, you’re getting fired.” I bluff angrily. But she doesn’t know I’m bluffing. Despite her sexual advances in which I obliged once, I can’t bring myself to fire Coco because she is a very smart and intelligent girl who’s the best Personal Assistant I’ve ever worked with.

” Come off it Ryder. You’re acting like you haven’t had quickies with those scrawny ass girls you bring in here.” She snaps.

Okay, she got me. It’s true. But just because I decide to do what I want with other girls doesn’t mean I have to do them with her too.

” Leave my office Coco.” I clear my throat and curtly and sternly say.

” Fine, I’ll leave. You can be so annoying sometimes Lorenzo.” She says vehemently and I chuckle. I watch her stomp out of my office in her fit of rage with a smirk on my face. But next time she calls me by my last name, she’d have her head chopped off.

After she slammed my door shut, I recline back into my chair and pick up the mask remembering my Fiori.


I was seated cross-legged on my couch with a big bowl of popcorn beside me and a can of orange soda in my hand. I occasionally dipped my other hand into the bowl of popcorn then shoved in a handul into my mouth and accompanied it down with a sip of orange soda while I watched Stranger Things on Netflix.

It was two days ago a meeting was scheduled between my family and Tianna at our mansion. Tianna hasn’t gotten back to us since then, she and her team are probably still doing their findings.

Being at the family’s mansion that day sent fearful chills down my spine, that was the first time I’ve been there in more than a month. I silently prayed to my God throughout the meeting hoping not to have nightmares that night and thank God my prayers were answered.

Zane and I have been cool and our relationship has been flowing smoothly without any hitch or fight since two weeeks ago when we reconciled. Just few days ago, went on an amazing boat cruise date and it nothing short of wonderful. Hopefully we stay happy and problem free forever.

I do feel kind of guilty though, I haven’t even mentioned the happenings at the Ball to Zane talkless of the kiss I had with Ryder. I do intend on telling him someday but I can’t bring myself to do that. But I’m thankful Ava hasn’t told him anything yet, I hope.

Although, it’s a shame that I never got to meet Ryder again, he seemed like a very nice person.

My door bell chimes and I am jolted by the sound, someone’s at the door. Who could it be?

I take a hanfull of popcorn into my mouth then dropped the can of soda on the side table. I pause the movie I was watching them get up from the couch with a small grunt.

I ambled leisurely to the door and twisted the doorknob. The door swung open and I was stunned and left dumbstruck by the presence of the motorcycle rider. The one who helped me fix my car that night.

Holy Shit! What is he doing at my house?

Contrary to what I thought, he seemed relaxed and kind of unsurprised to see me. Like he knew I lived here or something. He had a small smile on his face, Ha, I remember those pink lips of his and his wonderful eyes and side swept hair. He looks a lot handsome than I remember, I probably didn’t view his features well that night because of the rain.

” H- Hi.” I was finally able to say a word of greeting after gaining my orality back. Wow, this guy is so hot! I can’t believe I’m still this swooned over him even after meeting him before. Damn.

” Hello.” He says in a well pronounced and polished British Accent. Something about that voice seems so- so familiar and stricking but I can’t seem to place my five fingers on it.

Holy Cow! I remember now! That’s the amazing British voice that weird haired waiter had at the restaurant that day.

But hold on a minute. Why does this handsome looking hunk have the face and looks of the man that helped me fix my car but has the amazing voice of the weird haired waiter at the Restaurant.

Could I be hallucinating, maybe my mental episodes are returning.
Am I dreaming? Imagining things? I mean what the hell is happening here!
𝚃 𝙱 𝙲🍂 🍂
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The gang who stole the emerald stone are called the Vipers and their leader has a child. Who could this child be?

Seems like Isabella is transfixed. How can the man at her door have the looks of the motorcycle rider and the voice of the waiter at the same time?


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Latest Story

THE VIRGIN Chapter Six



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]💕💋

✍🏽Written BY: 🦋Nuella Emerald💎

𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝗦𝗜𝗫- 𝑻𝒓𝒐𝒖𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒔 𝑾𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏 𝑹𝒆𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒄𝒊𝒍𝒊𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒔.



I watch the mysterious stranger ride away on his motorcycle till he was far out of sight.

Various thought and questions regarding this mysterious stranger roamed around inside my head and they desperately needed answers. But the main question here is why would a man decide to help a total stranger fix her car under this thunderstorm? Could he be dangerous to me? I don’t know if I should be scared for my safety or not, I’m very confused as it is.

I shake my head and sigh eluding my head of all thoughts concerning this mysterious man, what I should be focused on is the date I have with Zane which I’m already fourty-five minutes late too. I set the gear selector to D4 then press my foot against the acceleration pad as I begin to stir the stiring wheel as I drove to Leslie Restaurant.

If fate pleases, the mystery man and I will surely meet again.


I arrive at Leslie’s Restaurant after a ten minute drive. I park my car in front of the restaurant and alight from the stalled vehicle. I shut the door to my car and scurry to the restaurant because of the heavy rain. The valet man opens the door for me and curtly greets me a good evening. I reply him with a nod and a small smile as I enter into the restaurant.

I take few steps and pause at some distance away from the entrance, then I scan the restaurant’s premises for Zane. I smile as I finally find him seated on a table for two at the far end of the room. From his facial demeanor and his whole body composure, I could code from his jumpy body language that he was indeed very nervous and indeed anxiously waiting for me to arrive. He checks and glances at his watch at little intervals; he knows I’m late and he’s probably thinking I won’t show up. I chuckle at his jittery comportment.

Despite all that Zane has done to me, I still find myself loving him even after I tell myself not to. In fact, the more I try to hate and withdraw myself from him, the more and more I fall deeper in love with him. Sometimes I wonder and ask myself why I’m still attracted to this chucklehead even though he hurts me but the only answer I get is 𝙏𝙧𝙪𝙚 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙉𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝘿𝙞𝙚𝙨.

I sigh and mentally brace myself for whatever this date might hold in store for me then I strut over to where Zane sat with my heels clicking rhythmically as I walked. He spots me walking over to him and his jitters and nervousness immediately dispear welcoming in a more calmer demeanour of equanimity and a hearty, cheerful grin graces his lips.

I quickly fade my smile as I approach the table. I can’t let him know that I’m happy to see him, off course, he would think I have completely forgiven him, hence, he won’t try so hard to pacify me anymore.

” Hi.” I say as I sit opposite him dropping my purse on the table.

” Hey. I was getting worried, I thought you weren’t going to come.” He says with a smile and I hum a reply.

” You look beautiful tonight.” He clears his throat then compliments. I put up a faint small smile.

” Thanks.”

Zane was clad in a red colored blazer with a white buttoned inner shirt and a matching colored pair of pants. It’s odd to see Zane dressed in formal wear, he’s usually dressed in casual wear no matter the situation or occasion, even when we go on formal dinner dates, he dresses casually.

Zane loves to wear either T-shirt or a sleevless shirt so he can showboat the array of tattoos he has on both arms. His tattoos are so amazing and that was the first thing that drew me to him, those tattoos posses a strange aura of manliness that compliments his husky build and I really love that feature.

Zane tends to unbothered by nature and doesn’t give a damn about what people say about him, but for him to dress formally to this dinner date, that’s more than enough to tell me that he really cares about me and desperately wants my forgiveness. He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes but I already forgave him. He’s showed me that he’s willing to change and I’m all for that.

” Hey waiter.” Zane called out and I was jolted out of my absent minded state in which I gushed over him and back into reality.

A primly dressed waiter with dark shades on and oddly long black hair which is quite strange for a male, identifies with his title then swiftly walks up to our table with a short jotter and pen in his hand.

” Good Evening, What may I get for you both?” The waiter asks in a profound British accent. He must be British.

” I’d have the Chilli’s Grilled Fettuccine Chicken.” Zane orders and the waiter sharply writes it down into his jotter.

” And what might the lady have?” The waiter asks. I must say, I do admire his British pronunciation.

” What will you have Bella?” Zane repeats the question like I just didn’t hear this amazing British accented waiter ask me.

” Vegetabled layered Rice please.” I order and the waiter nods then writes it down.

” Is there anything else I might get you both?” The waiter asks and Zane shakes his head in disaffirm before looking at me and I do the same.

” That’s all for now.” Zane says and the waiter bows before leaving.

” And oh.” Zane says and the waiter pauses then turns to face us.

” A bottle of red wine would be fine.” Zane adds and the waiter nods as he writes it down before he bows the turns to leave again.

Silence followed immediately the waiter left. I twitch my lips from side to side as I look around admiring the ambience of the restaurant while Zane tapped the table in a continual manner producing a rhythimic beat.

Zane refused to say a word neither did I. I expected him to start pleading for forgiveness but he didn’t. Okay, let’s go with that. I won’t push him to apologize to me, let it be a freewill action coming from within. All I know is that after I’m done eating, I’ll get up and leave and today will be very last time Zane would ever get to see me.

” I heard what happened to the maids and your family’s heirloom. I’m so sorry about that, accept my condolences dear.” Zane sympathizes breaking the silence and I arch my brows at that as my faces scrunches into a puzzled composture.

My dad insisted on keeping the incident that transpired that night a secret and sternly warned us not to tell anyone because if any of my dad’s frat members by chance hear that our heirloom went missing, then my dad will be immedietly ejected from heading the fraternity because it can only be headed by the individual who’s ranked the most wealthiest mob boss and since my dad isn’t the wealthiest anymore because of the missing emerald stone, he’s not qualified for the position.

So the question is, who must’ve told Zane about the incident? Off course, I know my siblings wouldn’t dare do such or else my dad would have their heads for supper. My parents are completely out of the picture as well. Avery and Brooke on the other hand know about the incident because I had secretly told them but I know very well that they wouldn’t have told Zane without my permision or informing me first. So who the hell told Zane?

Hope it’s not what I’m thinking…

” Thanks.” I curtly say and Zane nods.

” I also heard you moved to a new neighborhood.” Zane says and I’m left transfixed for a split second. Who told him that as well?

I was about to question him but then I’m interrupted by the waiter’s returning presence

The waiter arrives at our table with a tray containing our food while another waiter trails behind him holding an ice bucket containing the bottle of red wine and two glass cups.

The other waiter drops the ice bucket amd glasses at the centre of our table, bows then leaves. The first waiter drops the tray on the table then hands us our dishes.

” Your Chilli’s Grilled Fettuccine Chicken.” The waiter says and removes Zane’s dish from the tray then drops the dish on Zane’s side of the table.

” And the Vegetable Layered Rice for the beautiful lady.” The waiter adds, then in the same vein drops my dish on my side of the table. My cheeks flutter red as those words “𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙡 𝙡𝙖𝙙𝙮” slipped out of his lips scented with his impeccable British accent. Zane looked uncomfortable for a moment when he sighted me blushing to the waiter’s compliment. Jealous much?

” Thank you.” I say to the waiter. The waiter pops open the bottle of red wine with a mechanized bottle opener then pours out some of the liquid into the glass cups fulling each of them nearly to the brim. After that he places each glass of red wine on our individual sides of the table.

” Is there anything else?” The waiter asks taking the tray from the table then putting it underneath his arms.

There is something so charming about this waiter’s British accent and I can’t find myself getting enough of it. I find myself keenly watching his lips as he speaks because I love the way words slip out of his mouth so swiftly yet comforting. But I wonder why he has his hair so long that it covers almost covers his eyes? Is it even proper to have this kind of hairdo at an elite restaurant like this?

The most surprising thing is how he sees so well amidst all that hair and the dark colored shades he’s wearing.

” Yeah. Hold on.” I say to him then reach for my purse and bring out a hundred dollar bill.

” Here’s a tip. You have a really nice British accent. I like it.” I say as I stretch the money to him. I spy his lips part into a small grin as he collected the tip from me.

” Thank you miss. Thank you sir.” He appreciates and I smile, Zane on the other hand ignores him. The waiter then bows and turns to leave.

Zane and I began to eat our food and occasionally drink from our red wine as well. My mind was occupied with the thoughts of who could have possible told Zane all about what has happened in my life during recent times. The questions and thoughts were bitting and needed answers to, I couldn’t hold it in or keep it to myself any longer, I had to ask.

” Zane.” I call out to him and he hums a reply then looks away from his food and faces me.

” Who told you about what happened in my family’s mansion.” I ask and use my fork to pick up pieces of lettuce and spinach mixed with rice then take it to my mouth.

” That’s a secret.” He says as I chew my food.

I swallow then say ” Since when did we start to keep secrets from each other? Or are you hiding anything else from me?” I ask and he nods in dissaffirm before he faces his food then uses his fork to pierce the edge of his chicken then uses his knife to slit the pierced part out, he dips the freshly slit piece of chicken in chilli before proceeding to take it to his mouth.

” I’m not keeping any secrets from you dear. Whoever must’ve told me about your family’s loss is unimportant. Eat your food sweetie.” He says amidst chewing his food and I look down at him with a suspicious eye before blinking my suspicions away and resuming my meal.

” What about my new residence? Who informed you about that?” I question and he drops his cutlery on his plate, they make a clinking sound as they land on the earthenware. From the manner he dropped his cutleries, I see he’s getting disgusted and irritated by the inquisitive questions.

” Babe, what’s with the questions? What’s with knowing the person who tells me these things? Why are you making an unimportant detail seem so important? I don’t think it’s necessary for you to know who told me and so eat your food.” Zane disagrees and I say nothing but look at him in such a stern manner that will surely urge him to tell me what I want to hear.

And by the way, Babe? BABE!? What gave him the right to call me Babe? We’re not a couple anymore and we won’t be a couple until he opens his damn mouth and utters out the simple words “I’m sorry” to my face. Until he does that, were just friends and nothing more.

After a while, it seemed like my stern look touched him. He looks like he’s ready to talk.

” It’s Caleb okay. Caleb was the one who told me about your new apartment. But as for who told me about your family’s loss, that’s a secret I’ll share with you later on.” Zane snaps and I nod a reply without saying a word to him. He was very rude in his approach hence, I won’t be saying a reply to that statement of his.

Caleb? Caleb told him about my new house? Imma have to confirm that myself because Zane has proven numerous times that he cannot be fully trusted and he didn’t fail to prove it again tonight. I know Caleb and Zane are acquaintances and somewhat friends but I don’t think Zane will go behind my back and tell Zane something like that without informing me first. Although, Caleb doesn’t know about Zane and I falling out and our “breakup” so he probably assumes we’re still dating and saw no reason to inform me first.

Zane and I didn’t have another conversation after that and I was almost close to finishing my food and I had already told myself that I’ll permanently leave Zane’s life the moment I’m done eating and he hasn’t rendered and apology.

” Isabella.” Zane calls out to me and I nod then hum a reply answering to my name.

” I’m sorry for everything I’ve done in the past to hurt you. I’m sorry for cheating on you with Ava and I’m sorry for using harsh words on you my Angel. The reason I arranged this dinner was to seek for your forgiveness and it won’t be complete without you forgiving me.” Zane finally says an apology and I rejoice inwardly. Finally, all I’ve been waiting to hear all night.

” I forgive you.” I begin and he stands up from his chair beaming with smiles and was about to lean in and embrace me but I halt him with my palm.

” On one condition.” I say and he groans. He sits down with an unpatient look on his face and I take his hand then clutch them slightly. I look into his grey coloured eyes with a smile and he stares back into mine with a hearty smile on his face as well.

” Promise me you’ll never hurt me again.” I say and he laughs, he was probably thinking I was about to give him a very serious condition but the truth is that this condition may seem simple to him but yet it’s the hardest thing a man could ever do to his woman. He nods in affirm.

” I promise.” He says and I grin. I get up from my chair then go sit beside him.

” Do you want to know something babe?” I ask then take his glass of red wine and gulp down the content.

” What?” He asks with a curious smirk.

” I’ve actually forgiven your silly ass a long time ago but I just needed to hear those magic words from you in person.” I tell him and he chuckles.

” Oh really?” He questions and I snicker.

” Anyways, that’s not so surprising. I’ve always known my girlfriend to be a proud peacock.” He teases jokingly and we both laugh.

” A pretty proud peacock.” I correct him with a giggle.

” A pretty proud annoying peacock.” He adds in a playful manner and we laugh to that.

” You know me so well.” I chortle and he smiles. I then take his hands again then began to sway them side to side.

” But that’s how a girl should be.” I say and he arches his brows.

” Annoying? A girl should be annoying?” He says in a jerky manner and laughs then I roll my eyes.

” No silly.” I say and smack his shoulders playfully then his laugh titters down.

” So what do you mean?”

” I meant a girl should be proud at times, it tells the boys in a stern way that we can’t be toyed with. It’s one of the languages of our feminine fiercness.” I state and he rolls his eyes with an unamused demeanour then I chuckle and began to poke his cheeks with my fingers until he let out a smile.

” Do you want to know something babe.” He asks me.

” Yeah.” I answer with a slice of enthusiasm.

” I love you.” He says and before I could say a word, he crashes his soft lips on mine and I recriprocate and we share a short kiss.
𝚃 𝙱 𝙲🍂 🍂
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IN THE DARK Chapter 18



In The Dark

{ Being Lonely and Dumb }


🌟 CHAPTER 18 🌟

😇 Finally Done and Dusted! 😮


Mom fidgeted with the hem of her shirt and twitched her lips painfully.

She was trying hard not to cry in front of the policemen.

Dad’s been missing for the past four days now and the police hadn’t have a trail yet.

They’ve been giving us different excuses and all, and it’s starting to piss me off.

It’s making me angry and seeing them as incompetent fools!

Mom has been crying and she wouldn’t eat or go out of her room.

I sighed sadly as the police stared apologetically at us.

Same old news!

They haven’t found him yet or any trail?

It’s getting out of hand already.

Where’s dad? Who knows what he’s passing through right now?

Is he held captive or what?

I haven’t really being happy these past few days.

Dad’s missing and Eva broke up with me.

Our relationship was barely even a month.

I missed her so much, I missed us together.

My dad too, I pray nothing bad happens to him.

I pray he’s safe wherever he is right now!

I just want him to be back to his in one piece and in a good shape.

Gosh! I really missed my dad so much.

I stomped my fisted fist on the desk angrily and it made the police jerk up frighteningly.

“You’re nothing but incompetent fools! My dad’s missing for the past four days and you still haven’t found anything yet?

Hump!” I barked angrily.

“We are really sorry, we are gonna try our best this time around.” One of them spoke apologetically.

“Sorry for yourselves!”



🍭 EVA 🍭

Revenge has clouded my sense of reasoning and judgement.

I changed from that cool, sweet and smiling teenage girl to a bittered, revengeful and angry teenage girl that seeks revenge for the death of her parents.

I wasn’t this tough but life made me this way.

I wasn’t this bittered girl but life turned me into one.

Where is that happy, jovial, caring, kind and peppy girl in me?

All because of the death of my parents, I became a shadow of myself.

I became this girl in the dark, dumb and lonely.

I became this girl that held in all her emotions.

The girl that was always curled up in the dark, with her gaze outside her window to the dark sky and the twinkling stars.

I pray everything ends very soon.

I wiped my tears and devoid my face from every weak countenance except anger.

Nothing but anger.



“Torture him!” I ordered sternly and sat on the chair and crossed my legs together and watched as the guys torture Rex.


Rex was forced to seat on a chair and a bucket of water was poured on him.

Then, a wire was plugged in and placed in between his legs.

His body vibrated in pain as he was being electrocuted.

He was jerking violently on the chair he sat, but he was tightly tied on the chair.

After electrocuting him for some minutes, his head was dipped into a big bowl of water for some minutes.

He breathed in and out tiredly as his head was brought out.

He gasped loudly and breathed weakly and tiredly.

One of the guys placed a knife in the hot coal and brought it out, after it has been hotted.

Rex panicked in fright as he watched the guy advanced towards him with the hot knife in his hand.

“No, no, no, please.

Please don’t do this!” He begged weakly as he cried out in pain.

His voice was already hoarse from crying and it was becoming barely audible and he had to force out tears because he was tired.

The guy knelt in front of him and pierced the hot knife on his knee.

A loud, piercing scream broke out from his lips as he cried in anguish.

He was perspiring profusely and he was jerking up and down in pain.

Another scream rang out as the guy pierced the hot knife on his face.

He drew two lines on his face and it gave him an ugly look and an everlasting scar.

He tore his arm with the same hot knife.

He got to his legs and he did the same thing.

He shrieked in pain and finally passed out.

I stared at his overly bruised body and his ugly scarred face.

His face, arm, knee and leg was bleeding profusely from the deep cut made by the hot knife.

Sting of blood were also smeared on his back from the hot iron.

“Wake him up and continue till I tell you not to!”

One of the guys kicked him hard on his ankle and he jolted awake.

A deafening slap was sent flying across his face and he had a deep cut on his lips.

He spat out blood and wept bitterly like a a baby.

A cut was made on his ear, thigh and hand.

He was bleeding profusely.


I called the police and within an hour, they arrived and took Rex away.

By that time, he was overly and seriously so bruised up.

He had so many cut on his body. His face was the worst.

Blow, slap, hit, punch and hot knife scars were all over his face.

His face looked so swollen because of the punches melted on him.

His eyes were just half and slightly opened because it was swollen, due to the blow he refused.

His head was already made bald and one of his hands was broken.

He looked like a corpse.

There was blood stained all over his body and face.

He looked totally ruined.

As the police van drove him away to the police station, I felt a heavy burden been lifted up my shoulders.

At that moment, I knew he was never gonna be free from prison. Not when I have two solids evidence against him.

Finally, I can let go of the anger and bitterness I felt towards him.

Now, I feel accomplished and my heart is at rest.

He has suffered enough and passed through hell, and I know wherever my parents are, they would be proud of me.

I know I didn’t entirely do the right thing by torturing him first, but I still never regretted doing it.

I can’t wait to finally see him rot in jail and pay for the evil crime he committed.

I’ll make sure he never comes out from jail.


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