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Lusifer’s Child Prologue

👿Lucifer’s Child👹
(Pregnant with his child)


Alexander brooks a man with few words but highly venomous cross his part and you’re dead.

He is a drug lord, heartless and ruthless that everyone around him call him a devil.

Now there is Shirley Dickson a nerd and a introvert always getting bullied….

What happens when Shirley father offended Alexander getting the beast angry will he spare her families life’s or will he finds interest in Shirley.

💯Extract from the story💯

No pls don’t take me away….mom, dad don’t leave me pls I won’t make it mom” I cried as his men took me away

Pls sir just let me go I promise I you will never set your eyes on me again pls” I pleaded and received a slap instead.

If I let you go bitch what the fun in that?” Get her into the car” He ordered and entered inside his and drove off.
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