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Lucifer’s Child Episode One

Lucifer’s Child

(Pregnant with his child)

Written by Annabel

Episode one


Yeah that is it bitch” I groan as I screw the slut”
Ah please I can’t take it anymore please stop” She pleaded but they sounded like music to my ears I love it when they beg.

I kept banging the hell outta her until she started closing her eyes like she was gonna pass out anytime soon,….ah shit I’ve not cum yet and the bitch is already giving up.

I took my gun from under the pillow and pushed her away from me before pulling the trigger…
I hat lazy sluts.

I took my phone and dialed Rick’s number, ricks my personal body guard….he picked after two rings.

📱Get me another slut now📱I ordered and hung up before he could say anything… And immediately a slut walked in looking all sexy and drooling at the same time but I wasn’t interested.

She cat walked to where I was laying naked on the bed, but stopped immediately she saw the body beside the bed, and she took to her heels but I shot her before she could get to the door.

Ah all those bitches are so stupid I need a new slut with tight pu**y to drill but all this wholes are f*cking boreholes.


What” I yelled at my stupid men as they all trembled in fear.
What do you mean that fool refused to give you my stuff after collecting payment he still got the guts to kill some of my men” I yelled at them and the chief guard stepped forward trembling in fear.

Sir he had his whole mansion guarded we couldn’t do anything” The idiot said and shot him in his forehead at once, no one dares gives me bad news.

Get ready we’re visiting that mother f*cker” I ordered and walked out on them”

Hey bitch are you going home? Daddy’s girl” Drake the school biggest bully said as his gang surrounded me.
Please drake I’m really exhausted I just wanna be led alone” I tried to reasoned with him”

Oh you’re exhausted did you get screwed by someone?” He mocked and his minions laughed at his terrible joke”
Please drake leave me alone please” I said but he shut me up by pouring water on me and his minions laughed even louder.

What have I done to deserve such treatment isn’t as if I’m not rich why are you guys always tormenting me?” I asked as tears fall down my cheeks but he only smirk and poured dirt on me before leaving with his minions.

So I’m going to go home like a piece of trash again, oh I hate this school”


Written by Annabel


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