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{ Being Lonely and Dumb }



😭 The Beginning ☀️

She was there when it all happened….

She was there when her parents were murdered in cold blood.

She witnessed it all!

But she couldn’t do anything at all, nothing!

In as much as she wanted to help, her hands were tied..

Her mother had warned her not to come out till the men were gone.

She obeyed her!

She had to!

For her own life!

For her safety.

She saw the men…

She knew their boss.

He’s someone she never expected to have murdered her parents.

Her mother was even pregnant of her baby brother.

But the man was heartless!

He raped her brutally and killed her.


The shock was too much for a fifteen years old girl to bear.

She couldn’t utter any word….

She knew the moment she talks, she was gonna get killed.

But she didn’t want that!

And then, she became or better still, pretended to be dumb.

She was lonely.

She was in the dark ..

Always curled up in the dark and holding her emotions.

She doesn’t cry!

She doesn’t smile or laugh!

No parents!
No sibling!
Nobody at all!

She seeks vengeance for the death of her family..

She wants revenge!

But she was forced to flee away from her parents house and unto the street.

Her life is at stake.

But one thing is sure, she’s gonna revenge!

Her name is Eva Connor…


Who’s gonna save her from the dark?

Did she get to speak again?

Who murdered her parents and why?

What about the revenge?

Did she succeed?

Find out!

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