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IN THE DARK Chapter 9

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 9 β˜€οΈ

πŸ‘« Finally Has A Friend πŸ‘«

🍭 EVA 🍭

Throughout that day in class, Ethan wouldn’t stop pestering me.

I get he’s free and all but I don’t like him and I seriously don’t want to be friends with him.

He’s such a talkative. Even though he knows I ain’t listening to any of his annoying talks , he’ll still continue talking endlessly.

I felt like smacking him hard on his mouth to make him keep shut.

His talks are annoying.



“Jenny, can we be friends?” Ethan asked as I ate lunch.

Yeah, he’s sitting on the same table as I am.

He’s really been a pest to me and I don’t know how to make him leave me.

Even when I keep snobbing him, he still talks and smiles with me.

I almost referred to him as a lunatic.

I mean, how can you be talking, smiling and laughing with someone who barely looks at you talk more of replying you back.

So crazy!

I rolled my eyes at him and continued eating.

“Jenny, I mean no harm. I just wanna be friends with you.” He pouted sadly.

I shook my head negatively and continued eating.

He didn’t say anything and focused on his meal.

Such a relief!

“I wonder why you are friends with this snobbish and annoying girl.

My mom said she’s dumb.

She’s very creepy and it’s better if you would just ignore her Ethan.” A girl huffed irritably as she talked to Ethan.

The students have really come to dislike me and distance away from me.

Not like I give a flying fuck to it.

It’s their business and not mine.

“I don’t care if she’s dumb or not. I still want to be friends with her,” Ethan retorted to my utmost surprise.

“Humph! It’s your choice.” She huffed angrily and walked away.

I rolled my eyes and looked away.


I won’t lie that Ethan is very handsome, he’s even most of the girls in my grade crush.

He’s also intelligent.

He’s nice too and he made friends with almost all the students in the class.

He’s so carefree and always smiling.

I’ve never met a more carefree guy as him.

Girls always rally around him chattering noisily and he would also reply them.

I guess even some boys would be jealous because of his handsomeness and girls closeness towards him.


Days turned into weeks still, I and Ethan hadn’t gotten along well.

Whenever I see him chatting happily with the girls, I feel a kind of jealousy tung in my heart.

Even if we don’t communicate at all even through signs or writing, I’ve come to like him.

He’s the only person that made me feel love, he didn’t neglect me and see me they way the other students saw me.

He made sure students never bullied me or made fun of me.

He was like my bodyguard and even if I couldn’t express my utmost gratitude to him, I still felt thankful in my heart.

Sometimes, when I stare at him, I find myself smiling at nothing in particular.

When he catches me staring at him, he would laugh.

But still, I couldn’t bring myself to accept his friendship proposal.


As I walked alone in the night and on the streets, I prayed fervently not to encounter any danger.

Well, ma’am Martha is sick and nobody is around.

She sent me to buy her some medicines a little bit far away from the house.

The day wasn’t too dark when I left home but as I walked home, the sky darkened.

I hastened my footsteps and walked home.

I’ve gotten halfway when two hoodlums approached me.

I became really petrified as they grabbed my arms forcefully.

They were reeking of alcohol and it irritated me.

“Hey pretty.” One of them drawled and smacked his lips and that got me more irritated.

I struggled to free myself from them but they were way more stronger than I am.

They pushed me to the ground and one of them laid on top of me.

I gasped in fear as I knew what they were about to do.

I hit, punched and struggled with them but I was no match for them.

One of them pinned me so hard and slapped me hard across my face.

He assaulted my body and opened my legs wide enough and unbuckled his trouser while the other held me firmly.

He was about pulling down my pant when I heard a loud grunt and he fell from my body.

I stood up and arranged my clothes properly breathing heavily.

I strained my eyes in the dark and saw Ethan fighting with the guys with a stick in his hands.

Finally, they two guys apologized to me and ran away in fear.

Ethan overpowered them.

They were seriously no match for him.

“Hey…” He didn’t complete his statement when I rushed to hug him tight.

He just saved me from being raped!

“Hey, it’s okay.” He cooed softly.

“We’ll talk about how you got here and how I got here also but first, I need to ask you something.” He said, after we had pulled away from the hug.

I nodded my head positively, telling him to go ahead.

“I saved you tonight, don’t you think we should be friends?” He asked, calmly.

I nodded my head positively.

He smiled and stretched out his hand.

“So, friends?” He asked with a smile.

I nodded positively and placed my hand in his.

We both shook hands.


Do you think Ethan has an hand in the incident of Eva being almost raped?

Or it was just a mere coincidence?πŸ€”.

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