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IN THE DARK Chapter 8

{ โ˜€๏ธ Being Lonely and Dumb๐ŸŒ€ }


โ˜€๏ธ CHAPTER 8 โ˜€๏ธ

๐ŸŒธ Finally In School ๐Ÿซ

๐Ÿญ EVA ๐Ÿญ

I rolled my eyes at Nathan and disengaged from the hug.

After other talks, I went to my room.

I just hope it’s a good idea working for the two proud boys.

I don’t want anything bad to happen.

I don’t just trust them, especially Nathan.

He’s always giving me that look I don’t understand.

But I seriously don’t like it.

And the winking? Gross!

I hate it.

Though they are cute, but they’re definitely not my type.

Proud peacocks!!



“What the hell are you doing?” I almost screamed out as Nathan continued to assault my body. But I refrained from saying it.

He smirked at me as he fondled with my breast.

I struggled hard as he continued to fondle hard on my breast.

He held my hair firmly and kissed my neck hungrily.

Mustering enough strength and courage, I used my knee and hit him on his groin.

He shrieked in pain and quickly release his grip on me.

I pushed him and ran out of the room panting heavily.

Jeez!! What was he about doing?


He must be crying and shrieking in pain.


I jerked up with a start from the bed with my breathing fast and heavy.


I just had a nightmare about Nathan assaulting me.

Would he had raped me if I didn’t hit him?

Oh God!!

Though it was a dream, I still felt restless.

My heart was beating faster non stop and I was perspiring profusely even under the air conditioner.

My body was visibly shaking with fright.

I felt so scared.

It felt so real!


Well, it’s been four days since I started tending to the boys minor needs.

Nathan and Carlos has been making advances towards me but I didn’t want to preoccupy my mind with negative thoughts.

“You’re so pretty and quite curvy.” Nathan had smirked and smacked me hard on my butt. That was two days ago.

I had only given him a death glare and walked out of his room.

Carlos had touched my boobs when I had gone to give him a cup of coffee.

I yanked his hand away and left his room too.

I don’t like they way they’ve been staring seductively at me, like they would eat me up that minute.

They give this lewd wink and a long a stare anytime our eyes meet.

And touch me at wrong places in my body.

I had caught Carlos twice staring at my butt when I was arranging his bed and Nathan, the same thing.

The boys are starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

Real uncomfortable.

I just hope my dream wouldn’t come to pass.


I woke up with a new feeling.

I suddenly felt a little bit happy and relieved.

I suddenly remembered why.

Today is the beginning of a new term and I’ll be going to school.

Finally! I’m in my final year in high school.

I got down from my bed and stretched out my body.
Then, I proceeded in going to the bathroom.

After brushing my teeth and taking my bath, I got out of the bathroom.

I toweled my body, rubbed my body lotion and wore my undies.

I ransacked through my wardrobe and finally settled for a long sleeved gown which stopped on my knee.

It has a v~ neck shape and little sparkles at my boobs region.

I combed my hair and let it fall down my shoulders.

I took out a white flats shoe and wore it.

When I was sure I was good to go, I took my phone from the bed and walked out of the room.

We all sat on the dinning table and ate breakfast of toasted bread and scrambled eggs with hot chocolate tea.

Carlos had gone back to the university while Nathan is done with high school.

But he’s still going to school for some practicals and tutorials but very soon, he’d be joining Carlos in the university.

God! I felt so relieved, especially now that Carlos is in school.

I and ma’am Martha rode in her car as she wanted to accompany me to school so as to sign some papers and complete other procedures.

I didn’t say anything but just nodded my head.



After the clearance ma’am Martha did for me, I was given my uniform, my books, map to find my way around the school and other things I needed as a student of the school.

Even if I couldn’t express my joy to ma’am Martha, I still wrote a thank you to her.

She gave me some money before leaving.

Finally, I’m back to school.

I got to the classroom and I was introduced to the students by my form mistress.

They seem arrogant but I care less.
I’m not here for any of them.

I made my way to the back seat of the class and sat at the last seat beside the window.

At least, I wouldn’t be too close to the students who were occupying the front seats.

There are vacant seats at the front but I just didn’t want to seat anywhere at the front.

I just wanna be alone at the backseat.


Some students tried to talk to me but I only ignored them.

Before lunch time, my name was on every students lips.

Some said I’m a snub, others said I’m arrogant and rude.

They said all sorts of bad words against me just because I refused to talk to any of them.

How pathetic of them.

School was boring but I still enjoyed the lessons.

I didn’t reply to any questions asked but just stared at the teacher and the board.

I was all alone at the back and I was glad.

I don’t want any fucking damn friends in my life!


I tried my possible best to avoid Nathan from sending me on an errand.

I dreaded going to his room, not after my dream.

Next day, I got ready for school.

The uniform fitted me so well and brought out my slender figure more.



One week later, two new students were also admitted into the school and in my grade.

A girl and a boy but I still didn’t give a damn about them.

Surprisingly, the boy who introduced himself to be Ethan walked towards my direction.

There were still vacant seat at the front but he didn’t seat on any.

But rather, he walked towards my seat.

He sat on the empty seat beside me.

I took a quick glance at him and he was smiling.

He looked so cute and his smile was adorable.

I faced outside the window staring at the chirping birds.

“Hey.” I felt a light tap on my arm. I turned and saw Ethan staring sweetly at me.

“Hi, I’m Ethan.” He introduced with a smile which revealed his cute dimples.

He stretched out his hand for an handshake but I just rolled my eyes and ignored him.

“Sorry.” He mouthed but I just ignored him.

Of all seats in the class that are vacant, I wonder why he choosed to seat with me.


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