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IN THE DARK Chapter 7

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 7 β˜€οΈ

πŸ’’ Given An Option πŸ’₯

🍭 EVA 🍭

I heaved a sigh of relief as I stared at my complete scatterd clothes and other’s on the floor.

No single of my stuff’s were missing and it made me relieved.

I arranged my clothes inside the wardrobe before placing my shoes in the shoe rank.

When I was done setting my things appropriately, I climbed on to the bed and laid with my face facing up the ceiling.

Well, I was given one of the spare rooms in the house to make use of as my room.

The room is big and comfortable but it’s nothing like my room back at home.

There’s a reading table, a wardrobe, shoe rank, a big bathroom with a Jacuzzi and other’s.

The room is quite comfy and there’s also an air conditioner.

It’s simple and beautiful.

The room colour is pink and white and posters of some celebrities were hung on the wall.

The dim light colours made the room have a unique beauty.

Blue, green and red colours dim light, making the room glow and giving it another beauty.

Still checking out the room, I didn’t know when I fell asleep.



I and the family ate dinner together with the boys chatting noisily.

Seems they are super close.

I ate slowly on my meal not listening to their boring conversations.


“Hi Jenny,” Jonathan smiled and shook hands with me.

The three of us ; Carlos, Jonathan and I were sitting in the balcony.

Well actually, Jonathan had begged me to seat with the both of them in the balcony before going to bed.

Well, not having a choice, I agreed and followed him to the balcony.



“I’m Carlos and I’m the eldest. I’m twenty one and I attend Cambridge university.

I study business administration and we’re currently on holiday that’s why I’m home.” Carlos introduced himself with a prideful smile.

I just stared at him and nodded my head.

“I’m Jonathan but I prefer being called Nathan. I’m eighteen and in my final year in high school,” Jonathan said brimful of smiles.

His voice was laced with so much pride.

They’re so proud and full of themselves.

Every of their words and steps they take while talking and walking respectively, is filled with pride.

I dislike people like them ; people who are proud.

Mom said it isn’t good to be proud.

*A pride goes before a fall.*

I stared plainly at them and nodded my head.

“Don’t you have anything to say or rather write?” Nathan asked.

Like seriously, what does he expect me to say?

I was begged to come seat with them and not have a chit chat with them.


I don’t even know what to write.

And I don’t even seriously like the way we are sitting close to each other.

“Dammit!! I get it that you’re dumb but can’t you just write something on that your god forsaken jotter?!

You’re just nodding like a lizard without saying or writing anything!

A nice compliment will do!” Carlos suddenly half yelled at me.

What the heck?

What’s wrong with this guy?

Is it by force to say something again? Ha!

I stood up from where I sat and bowed my head before walking out of the balcony.

They stared shockingly at me as I walked out of the balcony but I care less.

I absolutely don’t have anything to say to them.

As days went by, I finally got to relax in the house having new family around.

I had taken a stroll around the house and it’s not just a house but a huge duplex!

Oh my!!

There’s a garden, a garage filled with different brands and colours of car.

There’s also a swimming pool, a relaxation place beside the swimming pool, a wide field with a tennis ball court and a basketball game space.

The floors are interlocking tiles while the field has a well trimmed lawn grass.

There’s even also a lion statue pouring out water. Just like a water fall.

The house is huge and breathtaking.

I was really so bedazzled.

The family had been so nice and caring towards me but I still didn’t bond very well with them.

The boys are nice too but their stares on me are always very creepy and I seriously don’t understand the looks on their faces whenever our eyes locks.

But one thing I’m sure is that, I don’t like that look at all.

Not even a bit.

I still stay and prefer being in the dark ; my room without turning on the lights.

Every night before going to bed, I seat on my window and stare up at the twinkling stars.

Sometimes, there are no stars but I still seat and watch the dark sky.

I had fallen asleep beside the window a number times when staring out of the window.

Other times, I don’t even fall asleep. I stay awake all through.

Two years ago, I fought seriously against insomnia.

I had stayed for four whole months without falling asleep.

I read boring books, watch boring movies but none helped me.

It was on the fifth month I had surprisingly slept off while sitting beside my bed and staring into space.

I was glad.

But I don’t sleep for long. I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and stay awake till it’s dawn.


“Jenny, in a month’s time, a new session of school would be starting.

According to what you told my husband and I, you haven’t been to school for two years.

And if I guess right, you’re gonna be in your final year in high school this new session.” Ma’am Martha said with all seriousness as she stared at me.

I nodded my head positively.

We were all in the sitting room and having a family discussion.

“Well, we decided to send you back to school. Would you prefer to attend a dumb school or a normal high school?” She asked.

I took my pen and scribbled down on my jotter and showed it to her.

*I’ll prefer a normal high school ma.*

“Alright,” She smiled.

“But…” She suddenly said making me cringe and stare curiously at her.

“You’re gonna be my sons maid. You’re just gonna be attending to their needs and that’s all.

So, what do you have to say? Do you accept?” She asked.

Like seriously?

Well, as it is now, I have no other option than to accept.

I have no where to go and they’ve done enough for me this past few days.

They’re even willing to put me in school.They’re super nice and it will only be nice for me to pay them back kindly by being their sons maid.

It isn’t something that’s difficult. Or that’s gonna be tiring.

I breathed in and out and stared at them.

I nodded my head positively.

“That’s great. You see Jenny, don’t think I’m punishing you by asking you to do this.

They have a maid but she went on a short break before you arrived but she would be back very soon.

So in the meantime, you’re going to fill in for her.

Hope you’re okay with that?” She expound plainly and twitched her lips.

*Thank you ma. I really do appreciate your kindness towards me.

It’s no big deal. I accept the offer. You and your husband have done so much for me already and I’m thankful and grateful for that.* I wrote and showed it to them.

Both parents smiled and hugged me.

Nathan suddenly gave me a lewd wink as I hugged his parents.


πŸ˜šπŸ˜”πŸ˜’ πŸ€”…..
Did Eva do the right thing?

Do you think it’s a nice decision to be a maid to the boys?

What’s gonna happen now?πŸ˜”πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸ€·πŸ€·.

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