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IN THE DARK Chapter 4

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 4 β˜€οΈ

🌻 The Appearance 🏡️

🍭 EVA 🍭

I opened my eyes and sighed softly.

I hope my wish comes true.

I’m gonna be so happy when I’ll be able to finally make Rex pay dearly for his atrocious crimes.

I’m gonna make sure of that.


I sighed dejectedly as I hung back my parents picture on the wall.

I’ve been holding the picture dearly to my heart.

I missed them so much.

I’ve been trying my best to think less about them, but I just can’t.

The incident is still fresh in my memory.

I still remember everything vividly even after two months of their death.

I’ve been eating junk foods and ordering some simple meal because I’m always too lazy to prepare myself a meal.

Twice, I had almost burnt down the house with my carelessness.

I was parboiling spaghetti and I totally forgot that I was cooking.

I was lost in thought as usual and crying until, I perceived a burnt smell.

I was lucky enough and I had to quickly switch off the gas cooker.

The other one was when I was cooking rice.

Same thing had happened.

And since then, I’ve become too afraid to cook.

This house and basement, is my only solace and I can’t imagining it burn down because of my carelessness and too much thinking.



The door bell rang loudly and I knew it was the delivery guy.

I wore my hoodie and walked out of the basement with my credit card.

I opened the door and bent my head as usual and took my order.

I didn’t want the guy to see my face.

I’ve been hiding my face under the hoodie anytime he comes to deliver my order.

I payed him and slammed the door at his face.

I took the package and walked to the basement.


I munched slowly on my fried chicken and sauce as I ate.

It was the order I had made.

Even though I wasn’t having the appetite to eat, I still forced myself to eat the chicken.

I opened the can of apple juice and gulped down little quantity.

I breathed in a sigh of relief and took the plates to the kitchen.

After washing the dishes, I took my bath and wore my nightie.

It wasn’t night though, but I just decided to wear my nightie.

I switched off the light and walked to my window.

I just placed my elbow on them and stared at the bright sky.

The sky seems so bright.

Thunder suddenly rumbled loudly and that made me shake in fright.

I moved away from the window and closed it.

I curled up beside my bed and buried my head in between my curled up knees.

I’ve always been scared of thunder ever since I was a kid.

I would always run to my parents anytime thunder rumbled, and they would cuddle me to sleep.

How I wish they were here!

I missed them so much.

The thunder grew so loud and I had to use my hands to cover my both ears.

I don’t want to go deaf.

I felt so scared and insecured! I need the warmth of my parents to cuddle me to sleep and tell me everything’s gonna be fine.


“Eva my child!” I heard the familiar voice of mom.

Even in death, I’ll still be able to recongnize that tiny and soothing voice of mom.

I took my head from in between in my knees and stared up.

The curtains were flying here and there.

I saw a figure who was wearing an all white.

Her black hair was flying around due to the heavy wind.

And it was if she was floating in the air.

I strained my neck a little and found out that the woman was my mother.

“Mom!” I cried out.

I was about running to hug her when a slight wind restricted me.

I felt so confused.

“You can’t come any closer my child! I’m no longer in your world.” She said sadly.

“I missed you so much mom.” I cried out.

“I missed you too my princess. I don’t have much time Eva, I just came to deliver a message to you.

You have to be strong.
You have to help your father and I get vengeance.

I and your father’s spirit are still wandering around because we seek for vengeance.

And you have to help us get it.

Try your possible best to help us so that our death wouldn’t be in vain and our wandering spirit would find rest.

And don’t forget, I’ll always be there to guide and help you.”

And with that, she smiled sadly at me and disappeared into thin air.

“Mom?!” I cried and slumped on the floor weakly.

“I promise mom! I promise to get vengeance for you and dad.” I said and wept bitterly.


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