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IN THE DARK Chapter 19

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }



β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 19 β˜€οΈ

πŸ‘« Friends Again πŸ’

🍭 EVA 🍭

“You are here by sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor for the death of business tycoon Connor and his wife.

For attempted murder of Eva Connor and shipping in illegal goods into the country.

This is my final judgement!” The judge spoke and hit his gavel.

A scream broke out from the crowd. I strained my neck from where I stood at the witness box and saw Ethan’s mom crying profusely and shouting.



I had showed the video and record clip to the police and I filled a case against Rex and got myself a lawyer.

Ethan had begged me to withdraw the case but I refused.

I told him I was gonna finish what I started.

I wouldn’t rest till I see him rot in jail.

More investigations were carried out on Rex and they found out he shipped illegal and contrabands goods into the country.

He confessed his crime too.

He knelt before me and apologized. But I told him I already forgave him.

Yes, I already did because my mind is at peace knowing that he wouldn’t be able to leave the prison and he’ll pay dearly for the crimes he has committed.

The court made sure the companies were properly signed in my name, after I had presented my father’s documents.

I got my father’s properties back.

I got back my rightful inheritance.



As they handcuffed and led Rex away, I knew it was all over.

My parents can finally be at peace. Their wandering souls can now finally be at rest.

Even if I couldn’t get my parents back, I was still able to revenge their death.



Ethan stared daggers at me as I got to where he sat down on the floor outside the court.

He was holding his crying mother who was almost going crazy.

“You’re happy now right? You’re happy you finally got your revenge right?

You’re happy now seeing my father rot in jail right?” He asked, with bloodshot eyes.

“I’m more than happy.” I smirked and cat walked out of the court premises.

When they had seen the video of what Rex did, they were utterly so shocked.

Ethan mother had slapped Rex repeatedly on his face in tears.

She was so hurt as she didn’t expect her husband to do such heartless thing towards his own best friend all because of wealth.

She was very disappointed at him.



The news of Rex being in jail was all over the news.

It was the talk on everybody’s lips, it was so shocking.

People said good things about me being brave and smart.

Many people came out to speak on stations to applaud me for my intelligence and bravery.

They praised me for not keeping quiet forever.

But just two weeks Rex was jailed, he was stabbed to death by a fellow prison mate.

A fight had broke out in the prison between two prisoners and he was mistakenly stabbed.

Before they could rush him to the hospital, he died.

Ethan and his family were shattered and they blamed me for the death of Rex.

They grieve over his death and I also payed a condolence visit, even if I wasn’t welcomed.


Ethan and I became enemies. He changed his seat and started sitting far away from me.

He never looked at me twice and when he stares at me, it’s with anger and hatred.

I wasn’t happy that we weren’t on good terms but I couldn’t do anything.

I started adjusting from being in the dark to always being in light.

I stopped feeling sad, lonely or angry.

I was free spirited.

My insomnia had gone and throughout the night, I slept peacefully and soundly.

I started talking to other students but it wasn’t easy for me though.

Even after our test, I and Ethan still didn’t settle our differences.

It hurt me real badly and I yearned for his touch, kiss and caring eyes on me.

Those cute eyes that held so much love and affection whenever he stares at me.



“Ethan, I’m really sorry.

I just…..” My voice trailed off as he placed his lips on mine.

I was about apologizing before he cut me off with the sudden kiss.

I reciprocated the kiss and opened my mouth, giving him entrance into my mouth.

“I’m sorry Eva. I was being selfish and inconsiderate.

My father really hurt you and I’m really very sorry.

I’m sorry for acting blindly and avoiding you for weeks.

The truth is that, no matter how much I tried to hate you, I still couldn’t.

I love you so much Eva.” He said affectionately with tears in his eyes.

“Me too. I love you too Ethan.” I cooed softly and hugged him.

He wrapped his hands tightly around my waist and kissed my hair.

How I missed this!

Being in his arms!



“How dare you Nathan? You almost raped a student at school today?

What had gotten over you huh?

Your dad and I tried our possible best to bring you and your brother rightly.

So, why?” Martha rasped angrily and stared daggers at her son, Nathan.

Nathan was caught trying to forcefully have his way with one of his fellow students.

Thank goodness for the quick intervention of a student who quickly went to report to a teacher.

He was expelled.

His mother was really very angry while his father for the first time, whipped him with a belt.

His father was really disappointed.

” I’m sorry mom.

And I have another confession mom to make mom.” Nathan mouthed nervously.

“What is it? Spill it out!” Martha urged impatiently.

“I almost raped Jenny that night and that was why she had hit me with a vase on my head.”



🍭 EVA 🍭

Ethan and I are friends again but we haven’t talked about dating again.

We have even become more closer.

Just two days ago, ma’am Martha and Nathan came to school to see me.

Nathan went on his knees and apologized to me for almost raping me.

I told him I already forgave him, I held no grudges against him.

Martha also apologized to me and thanked me for forgiving Nathan.

They were surprised I could talk but I wasn’t in the mood to tell them the full story.

She had begged me to follow then home but I politely declined.

Before she left, she briefly told me about how Nathan was caught almost raping a student and that was how he got to confess that he almost raped me.

I was glad the truth was finally out.

I hugged the both of them before they left.

I felt so much peace.



“Thank you Eva. Now, we can finally rest in peace.” Dad muttered tearfully.

“It’s okay dad, I’m glad I could help. I’m happy that justice prevailed.” I retorted tearily.

My parents opened their arms wide while I ran to hug them.

“We have to go now Eva. Thank you and don’t you ever forget that we love you so much.” Mom said and they both released me from their embrace.

“Bye Eva and I love you so much.” Dad said with a smile.

“I love you both so very much!” I yelled as I watched their body fade away.

Finally, they disappeared into thin air.



I woke up breathing heavily and wiped my sweaty forehead with the back of my palm.

And also wiped my tears.

It was all a dream!

My parents are finally happy and they would rest in peace now.

There’s nothing more I could have wished more!

I’m grateful.


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