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IN THE DARK Chapter 12

{ β˜€οΈBeing Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 12 β˜€οΈ

😱 She Finally… 🀫

🍭 EVA 🍭

“That’s my father, Rex Antonio.” Ethan said with pride.

I turned my gaze to face him and his eyes almost popped out from it’s socket as he stared at me.

“Jenny, what is it? Why are you suddenly so angry?” He asked fearfully.

I carried my luggage and stomped out of the house in anger.

He called after me but I was already out of the house.

This is so unbelievable!

Rex is Ethan’s father?!


The guy I’ve come to like so very much happens to be the son of my worst nightmare.

The way he had called his father’s name showed he likes his father very much.

But I don’t give a damn to it.

With anger and bitterness, I rolled my luggage along the street.

The day was already getting darker, but I still didn’t give a damn about it.

All I wanted was to be far away from this mess.


I don’t know what drew me closer to Jenny but I found myself drawing closer to her.

Saving her from different danger was all coincidental and it made me even want to be with her all the time.

She’s too reserve and withdrawn and all I ever wanted was to bring her out of her shell.

Being friends with her as being one of my greatest joy.

I’ve come to really like her alot but I know there’s more to the like I feel towards her.

I feel more than just like towards her but I still can’t fathom exactly what.

All I know is that, I wanna be close to her, I wanna see her smile and be the reason for her smile and laughter.

I want to see her more free with me.

I want to be there for her all the time, even in times of trouble.

I want to be her hero. Her prince charming in shinning armour.

I want to be a shoulder she can lean on, a person she can trust.

Through that eyes of her, I can see pain, bitterness and anger.

And I want to be the one to erase it all for her.

I want to be that friend she can trust and tell her secrets to.


I sighed sadly as I watch her leave the house.

I could see so much hatred and anger as she stared at my dad’s picture but I still couldn’t point my finger as to why.

She was filled with rage that I’ve never seen in her before and it looked alarming.

I raked my hand through my hair and ran out of the house.

I need to go after her, she might be in danger as it is late already.

She doesn’t even have anywhere to go.

Somehow, I see her as my responsibility.

And I need answers from her.


🍭 EVA 🍭

I squatted on the floor tiredly and clutched my luggage closely.

The incident of two years ago came rushing in.

I felt so pained and embittered as tears welled up in my eyes. I was fighting back the tears and holding them from pouring out.

I must get my revenge back at Rex and nothing, I mean nothing will stop me from doing that.

Two boys suddenly staggered towards me.

I quickly stood up and tried walking away when I felt a strong hand on my arm.

“Hello princess!” One of them drawled and stared at my body like he would devour me anytime soon.

Okay, what’s with me and bad guys?

I tried removing his hand from mine but the other guy held my other arm.

“Not so fast pretty!” The other guy drawled, grinning like a certified fool.

They were both dragging me and trying to pull me to the ground but I struggled with them.

One of the boys landed a deafening slap across my face.

I spat out blood from my mouth as my lips got a cut from the slap.

“Allow us fuck you and you wouldn’t get hurt. But if you try to prove stubborn, we would have no choice to fuck you mercilessly till you go unconscious!” The other said sternly with his face so hard as a rock.

I hissed irritably at his vulgar words and spat at his face.

He looked at me disgustfully and landed another slap on my face.

“If you don’t wanna loose your life, let her go!”

I tilted my head and saw Ethan looking angrily at the boys.

I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding and breath a sigh of relief as I stared at Ethan.

The two guys grinned and released their grips from me.

They advanced towards Ethan and a fight broke out.

My heart was thumping loudly as I watched them fight.

The guys were stronger than Ethan but he still tried his best to beat them.

I felt so scared and confused.

He was able to bring down one of they guy’s while he fought tiredly with the other.

As Ethan held the guy by his neck, the other guy who had passed out, suddenly and slowly got up from the ground and picked up a big rod from the ground.

He walked slowly towards Ethan’s back.


Oh my God!

He was gonna hit Ethan with the rod who’s absolutely unaware.


I found myself screaming out so loud .

Ethan turned and quickly dodged the rod.

He took it and hit the guys and they both passed out.

I ran towards him and hugged him, sniffing hard.

“Oh my God Ethan! Thank goodness , nothing happened to you.” I cried out in fright and hugged him tight again.

I felt so scared that something bad was gonna happen to him.

My whole body was convulsing in fright.

I had been so scared!

Ethan suddenly pulled away from the hug and stared surprisingly at me.

“You can talk?!” He asked, with a shock countenance.

And that was when I realized that I had spoken and even cried, something I haven’t done for two years.


Finally, she talked πŸ˜›πŸ’ƒ.

What’s gonna happen next?
Is she gonna tell him the truth or lie to him?

Now that she knows that Rex is Ethan’s son, should she carry out her revenge plan?

And how’s Ethan going to react when he finally knows the truth of what his father did?

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