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IN THE DARK Chapter 11

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 11 β˜€οΈ

😑 Rage, Bitterness And Anger 😳

🍭 EVA 🍭

I dragged my luggage and walked hastily along the road.

I stopped a cab and gestured my hands to him that I needed where to sleep for the night.

He understood me and told me he knew an hotel close by and I agreed to stay there.

After some minutes, the cabbie pulled over in front of an hotel.

I paid him and alighted from the cab carrying my luggage with me.

*I need a room for a week.* I wrote in my jotter and showed it to the receptionist.

She nodded and told me the amount and everything I needed to know.

After going through some processes of signing and all, I was given the key to my room.

I laid tiredly on my bed and sighed softly.

Is this life?

The only reason I’m striving to survive is because of my revenge plan on Rex.

Even if I want to die, I must accomplish my mission before I die.


I’ve been staying at the hotel for days now and I still go to school from there.

I was able to hire a personal cabbie who always dropped me off at school and bring me back to the hotel.

I and Ethan have really become close friends.

We hang out alot, we eat together too and I try my best to put him through topics he didn’t understand especially mathematics.

Even I don’t talk, he understands me better than anybody even without I writing on my jotter.

I’ve really come to like him and I can’t deny that fact again.

But I don’t know if he feels the same way about me.

I don’t want to have a one sided feeling.

Even if he likes me, it’s just as a friend.



I groaned in almost frustration as I dragged my luggage with me.

Well, a fire outbreak had occurred and all occupants were asked to leave.

Of course we are to leave.

Nobody knows what caused the fire outbreak but a fire alarm rang out.

And so, everybody had to run for their dear lives.

I turned my back and behold, the fire had surrounded the whole building and the fire extinguishers were trying to put out the fire.

I sighed and walked out of the premises to the road.


Now, the reason I’m so angry is because it’s late already.

What’s with me and darkness?



After walking for a while, I still didn’t know exactly where to go.

Suddenly, I thought of Ethan.

I have his number but would he take me in or worst still, will his parents agree for me to stay?

I don’t even trust anybody.

But I know that sooner or later, I’m gonna open up to him.

I just feel like I can tell him. If not now but later, but I’ll surely tell him.

I shook the thought of Ethan aside and continued walking.

Thank goodness, the road wasn’t dark because of the street lights.

It wasn’t very dark and people were still passing by.

But it was hard getting a taxi.


I heard a car horn loudly and I had to jump out of my unconscious state.

I was carried away thinking that I didn’t know a car was behind me.

I left and walked towards another lane.

The car stopped and surprisingly, Ethan alighted from the car.

What the hell!

Why’s Ethan always in time to save me anytime I need help?

Is he my guardian angel?

“Hey.” He called with a surprise look as he stared at my luggage.

I bent my head shyly and smiled.

After we conversed with me writing on my jotter, Ethan insisted I follow him to his house.

Without thinking much into it, I agreed.


As we were about entering his house which is a huge mansion, I hesitated for a while.

I stared at him doubtfully and hesitant to go inside.

“Oh!” He smiled lightly and walked closer to me.

He placed his both hands on my shoulders and stared intently at me.

His stares were giving me goosebumps already and making me feel shy.

“My parents aren’t home. They’ll be back in a week’s time.

For now, I’m the only one around with the house workers.

Don’t worry, I don’t bite. There’s a spare room for you to stay and I won’t cross my boundaries,” he smiled and ruffled my hair playfully.

I smiled lightly at him and nodded my head.

He held my hand and we both entered into the house.

A wow almost escaped my lips as we both stepped inside.

The house is magnificent and breathtaking.

I was really bedazzled by the fine interior decorations.

I stared around and saw pictures hung on the wall.

I saw Ethan’s picture and that of a little girl who looked exactly like Ethan.

I stared admiringly at the picture. They looked so beautiful.

“That’s Ella, my baby sister. She’s currently at my aunt’s but would be back tomorrow.” Ethan said with a smile as he saw the way I was staring keenly and admiringly at the pictures.

I turned around and suddenly, my eyes caught with a picture.

The anger I buried suddenly came crawling in.

I stared daggers at the picture as blood drained from my body.

I’m sure my eyes would have gone bloodshot already.

Pain, anger, bittetness and things I couldn’t fathom caused through me as I stared at the picture.

I was boiling with rage and my chest tightened up painfully with anger.




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