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IN THE DARK Chapter 10

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 10 β˜€οΈ

😷 Almost Got R*ped 🀫

🍭 EVA 🍭

I see no reason why I shouldn’t be friends with Ethan.

He’s been nice, friendly and cool towards me. And now, he just saved me from being raped.

And that’s enough reason to feel appreciative towards him.

The least I can do to appreciate him is to be friends with him.

“I was on my way from my uncle’s house which is close by when I saw two guys holding a girl roughly.

I wanted to drive towards my main direction, but my instinct told me otherwise. And so, I parked my car and walked towards the direction of the boys.

And when I saw that you were the one and they were trying to rape you, I ran back to look for an object.

I was just in time to hit the guy with the stick I found, off you.” Ethan expounded while I stared keenly at him.

We were standing beside his car.

I gestured my hand to my mouth and nodded my head negatively.

He seems he didn’t get me as he stared puzzlingly at me.

His countenance showed that he was confused.

I tried explaining to him I couldn’t talk using hand gestures.

He seems he finally understood me as he stared surprisingly at me.

“You can’t talk?” He asked.

I shook my head negatively.

He stared at me like I’ve grown two horns on my head and then, mouthed an oh.


Ethan dropped me off at my house and I was grateful but it wasn’t easy gesturing my hands for directions.

I entered into the house and went to ma’am Martha’s room.

I gave her, her drugs and she finally slept off.



As days went by, Nathan advances towards me was becoming alarming.

I was afraid to tell either of his parents. I know they wouldn’t believe a dumb stranger over their son.

It’s either he smacks my butt or he presses my boobs anytime he gets the chance to.

It made me detest him so much.

But everyday, I pray he doesn’t rape me.

That’s one thing I dread.

I’m still quiet and curled up in my dark room staring at the stars.

My insomnia has returned and so, I find myself staying awake all through the night.

I’ve gotten used to it already.

Sometimes, I’ll just switch on the small bed stand lamp and read my books.

Other times, I’ll just blank my mind from every thought, from this world and focus just on the dark sky and twinkling stars.

I haven’t come up with any revenge plan but I promise myself that I’ll do that soon.

I’m gonna map out my revenge neatly without mistakes.

Rex is sure gonna feel ten times the pains my parents felt before they died.

In his next life, he wouldn’t be heartless.

I just need a perfect time and plan.

It’s just a matter of time.


Over the weeks, Ethan and I have become so close.

I smile more and feel so many emotions I’ve tried to burial over the years.

I smile, laugh and enjoy his company.

He’s been nothing but a good companion.

I could remember vividly the day he fell sick.

I was so scared that I almost cried. I couldn’t bare seeing him sad and in pains.

But then, he smiled and told me he would be fine.

Two days later, he was fine and back on his feet.

I was so very happy that day.

I couldn’t contain my joy and jumped on him the day he came to school looking hale and hearty.



Once, he had rescued me from being raped in school by some bullies at an empty room on the third floor in school.

The guys said they thought I was dumb and naive.
And so, they wanted to use it against me.

But coincidentally, Ethan came to the room because he decided to check out the empty rooms on the third floor.

Thankfully, Ethan arrived at the scene and saved me.

The three boys were expelled.

Ethan has really being very protective of me and his closeness towards me made other girls jealous.

They always gave me death and angry glares anytime they see us together.

In as much as I’m closed to him, I haven’t been be able to bring myself to tell him the truth.

He’s like my prince charming in shinning armour but I still don’t trust him yet to tell him my secrets.


I struggled uncomfortably with Nathan as he kissed my neck forcefully.

His hands were pinning mine on the wall and he was so close to me.

He tried to kiss me on my lips but I turned my face away quickly and he ended up kissing my neck instead.

I hit and punched him but he was too strong for me.

“If you try to struggle with me again then I’ll kill you.

Even if you shout or cry, nobody would hear you because the room is sound proofed. You’re even dumbed by the way.

So, just let me have you quickly and fast and I won’t hurt you.

But if you decide to prove stubborn, then I’ll hurt you.” He threatened and pulled me roughly by my hair.

We were both in his room and he’s trying to hurt me.

He asked me polish his shoes and when I was about doing so, he grabbed me forcefully by the waist and locked the door.

And now, here I am, stuck with him in his room trying to hurt me.

And it’s late already.

What I’ve been praying against.

He turned me around swiftly and made me land hard on the bed.

He came on top of me and pulled his shirt and trouser leaving him in his briefs.

I tried to stand up from the bed but his slap threw me back to the bed.

The slap hurts.

I was almost at the verge of shouting at him to let me go but I restrained myself.

The last time I checked, I’m dumb.

Finally, I gave up trying to fight back since he was of no match for me.

I resigned my fate on whatever that’s gonna happen to me.

My body went lax as I let him do whatever he wanted with my body.

I’m the dumb girl with no emotions.

I don’t talk and I don’t cry.

And I won’t now.

He tore my clothes and placed one of my boobs in his mouth and sucked it hard.

He was obviously enjoying himself as he kept making annoying sounds.

He touched the waist band of my pant and drew it down.

Within the twinkle of an eye, I was stark naked.

He used his finger to caress my pubic area and I shuddered in fright.

He pulled his brief, revealing his hard, erected dick.

I almost gasped in shock as I stared at his big dick.

Whatever he’s gonna do to me, he’ll surely pay. That, I promise.

I turned my head swiftly and my eyes suddenly caught with the vase beside the bed stand table.

Mustering enough strength and courage, I turned and grabbed the vase.

Before he could understand what was going on and without thinking twice, I use all my strength and smashed the vase on his head.

He fell from my body and went unconscious on the floor, bleeding profusely.

I gasped in fear as I stared at the almost lifeless body of Nathan.



I tried to run away but a guard caught me and stopped me.

Guess, he felt suspicious about my sudden leaving.


“How could you Jenny? After everything I and my husband did for you. You decided to repay us this way.” Ma’am Martha lamented.

I’ve tried explaining to her over and over again but she wouldn’t believe me.

Nathan is in the hospital and he’s been treated.

Thank goodness he didn’t die.

And I’m utmost glad that a guard came in and took him to the hospital.

“I would have arrested you, but I’m not so wicked and heartless.

Go in there, arrange your things and leave my house!” She ordered sternly.

Without any word further said, I stood up and walked to my room.


I stared at the house I’ve come to call home for the past one month and few weeks, as I held my luggage.

She didn’t even care that it was dark already and I had no where to go.
This is what I’ve been afraid of, that’s the reason I refused to tell Nathan’s parents about what he’s been doing to me.

I know none of them were gonna believe it.

Even with my torn clothes and flushed cheeks, ma’am Martha didn’t believe me.

I don’t blame her though.

I shook my head sadly and rolled my luggage out of the compound.

Where do I go from here?
It’s late already.



Where will she go now?

Evil Nathan 😣.

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