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IN THE DARK Chapter 1

{ β˜€οΈ Being Lonely and Dumb πŸŒ€ }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 1 β˜€οΈ

😭 Painful Moment 😒


The door bell rang loudly and I was forced to open my eyes with a groan.

Who’s that by this time of the day?

I picked up my phone from my night stand table and unlocked my phone.

* 2:05am.*

Who’s at the door in the middle of the night?

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and got down from my bed.

I slipped in my legs in my flip flops and walked to my door.

The door suddenly opened and my parents ran in panting heavily with fright written all over their face.

“Eva, on no account should you come out. As I and your father would go the sitting room, find your way and run to the basement.

Hide there till everything’s finally over.

Don’t utter a word and do not come out.” Mom said, crying profusely.

“Mom, what’s going on? What is it? Are bad people here?” I asked shakily as tears poured out from my eyes.

“Just obey okay. And don’t you ever forget, I and your father loves you very much.” Mom cried and hugged me tightly and I reciprocated by wrapping my hands tightly around her.

“I love you so much Eva. Stay alive.” Dad cried and hugged me.

“And I love the both of you so very much.” I cried and hugged them together.

Dad was crying and it was the first time I have ever seen him cry.

What the hell is going on?

They both glanced at me one more time before walking out of my room.

I held loud shouts and wailings and I couldn’t help but leave my room.

I took my phone along.

I sneaked to the sitting room and hid behind a pillar where a white thick curtian was hunged in the dinning room.

That way, I could have a clearer view of what’s happening and nobody would see me.



“How could you Rex? We’ve been friends for years now.

So, why are you doing this?” Dad asked and he was on his knees holding tightly to mom.

Mom’s head was bent to the floor and she was crying.

“The contract was supposed to be mine! I was supposed to have had the 30 billion dollars but you took it away from me.” A man shouted angrily at dad.

They were three men all harmed with gun and riffle.

One of the men was dad’s close friend and business partner.

He has always posed to be a good man and at the first instance I saw him, I knew he wasn’t who he posed to be.

I warned dad about him but he told me I didn’t know him too well to have judged him wrongly.

Rex has this ugly and evil aura around him and I didn’t for once liked him.

He seems evil and jealous of my dad.

But dad was too clouded by his pretentious act.

I didn’t know what came over me, I took my phone and put it on a video recorder and videod the scene.

The sitting room was bright because of the lights that were on and thank goodness, I wouldn’t be able to be caught while videoing the scene.



“But it wasn’t my fault I got the contract instead of you.” Dad fired back angrily.

Rex walked closer to dad and landed a deafening slap across his face.

And that caused mom to cry out.

I held my mouth so as not to shout.

My legs were wobbling, my mouth was trembling and tears poured out in fast current.

“You always get everything Connor. You’re always in my way of success.

But not anymore, by the time I kill you, there wouldn’t be any obstacle on the way.

You wouldn’t be a threat to my success.

I won’t have any rival.” Rex laughed devilishly and walked to meet mom.

“I’ve always admired your beautiful wife but too bad you had her instead.

Everything I wanted, you always had them.

But not anymore!” Rex yelled with rage.

He was angry and at the rate his anger was, he was gonna harm my parents.

He dragged mom roughly by the hair while mom held her protruding stomach protectively.

Mom’s actually pregnant.

“Please, don’t hurt my wife and baby!” Dad begged.

He tried to stand up but the two hefty men pinned him down roughly.

I was almost tempted to shout at them not to hurt my mom but I restrained myself from doing so.

He pulled her and made her lie on the floor.

Then, he started unbuckling his belt.

I gasped quietly as my eyes almost popped out from it’s socket.

No, no, no, no!!!

It shouldn’t be what I’m thinking!

It shouldn’t!

I cried within.

He pulled his trouser and knelt in between mom’s legs.

He held her hand down and opened her legs widely.

Then, he brought out his dick and inserted inside mom.

Mom shrieked in pain as Rex forcefully had his way with her.

Dad was crying and pleading as he was held down by the two men.

I know if I should come out, I was gonna get killed and I didn’t want that to happen.

He brutally raped mom not minding the fact that she was heavily pregnant.

Mom was crying weakly and she was bleeding too.

It was a painful sight and I was crying profusely.

When he was done, he picked up his gun and shot mom at her stomach twice and once on her forehead.


Mom dropped dead immediately.

“Noooooo!” Dad screamed in fright as he stared at mom’s lifeless body.

My hands were shaking and my phone almost fell from my hand but I held my self.

The sight was terrible, frightful and painful.

He wore his trouser and smirked evily.

“How could you Rex? How could you?!” Dad cried weakly.

Rex laughed devilishly and walked up to him.

The men released him from their grasp and moved away from him.

Dad stood up and ran to hold Rex firecely but Rex was too smart for him.

He cocked his gun and shot dad on his forehead.

Dad staggered backwards and fell with an heavy thud on the floor.

Rex walked closer to dad and shot him thrice on the stomach and again on his forehead.

Oh my God!

My parents were both bleeding.

The place was filled with blood!

The sight got me nauseous.

He was about leaving with the two men, when he stopped dead track and stared at the stairs.

“He has a daughter! We have to find her and kill her!

I didn’t think much to it! Search the whole nook and cranny of this house and find her!” He ordered sternly.

With shaky hands, I saved the video recorder and took a silent walk towards another stairs.

It’s actually the stairs to the basement which is like an under ground passage house.

I tip toed quietly and walked to the stairs.

I punched the password digits of the basement and the door opened and then, I climbed in.

I got inside and closed the door, punching in the closed password.

My breathing became rapid as I sat on the floor.

I rested my back on the door and wept bitterly.

I opened my phone and called the police and paramedics.

I dropped my phone on the floor and wept bitterly.

My family is gone!

I’m left alone in this world!

My parents are gone!!

They were murdered in cold blood by a man my dad trusted so much with his life!



I heard the door open and close and I knew the men had left before even the police could arrive.

Rex shouldn’t think he’s escaped!

I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, I don’t care how many years it will take me.

I’ll revenge for the death of my parents!

I don’t care how many years it will take me to, but I must avenge my parents death.

If not now, but I’ll still carry out my revenge.

Rex won’t go unpunished!



What a great loss!!

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