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Top List: Igbo Native Names And Their Meaning In English



Igbo Native Name

All Completed Igbo Names: Read Igbo Native name and their meaning in English For New Born around the World

Igbo Native Name

Igbo Native name

On this page you’ll read complete Igbo Native name, meaning and why you should give your new born baby or yourself Good Name that attract good blessing, favor and other related feature of the name.

Let dive in…

Igbo Dictionary Name: boys and girls. 

Igbo names for girls and their meaning:

  1. Adaego
    Meaning: Daughter of wealth


  2. Adaeze
    Meaning: Daughter of a King


  3. Adaiba
    Meaning: The people’s daughter/Daughter of the people


  4. Adaku
    Meaning: Daughter born into wealth


  5. Adamma
    Meaning: Beautiful daughter
  6. Adanna
    Meaning: Her father’s daughter


  7. Adanne
    Meaning: Her mother’s daughter


  8. Adaobi
    Meaning: First daughter in the family


  9. Adaolisa
    Meaning: God’s daughter


  10. Adaora
    Meaning: The people’s daughter


  11. Adaugo
    Meaning: Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle


  12. Akwaugo
    Meaning: Precious daughter


  13. Amaka
    Meaning: Beautiful/good


  14. Amara/Amarachi
    Meaning: Mercy/Mercy of God


  15. Anwuli
    Meaning: Joy
  16. Apunanwu
    Meaning: Precious girl


  17. Azuka
    Meaning: Confidence


  18. Binyerechukwu
    Meaning: Stay with God


  19. Chetachi
    Meaning: Remember God
  20. Chiachogomnma
    Meaning: God has decorated me


  21. Chiagozie
    Meaning: God has blessed me


  22. Chiamaka
    Meaning: God is beautiful


  23. Chiamanda
    Meaning: God will not fail


  24. Chiasoka
    Meaning: God is too sweet


  25. Chiazakam
    Meaning: God has answered me
  26. Chibinobim
    Meaning: God dwells in my heart


  27. Chibuifem
    Meaning: God is my light


  28. Chibundo
    Meaning: God is my shelter


  29. Chidera
    Meaning: Once God says it (destiny can’t be changed)


  30. Chideziri
    Meaning: God wrote my story
  31. Chidiebere
    Meaning: God is merciful


  32. Chidinma
    Meaning: God is good


  33. Chidiogo
    Meaning: God is gracious
  34. Nkolika
    Meaning: Peace


  35. Nneamaka/Nnedi
    Meaning: Motherhood is beautiful


  36. Nneka
    Meaning: Motherhood is beautiful


  37. Nwabuona
    Meaning: A child is gold


  38. Obiageli
    Meaning: Born to win/wealth


  39. Obianuju
    Meaning: Born in the midst of plenty


  40. Obioma
    Meaning: Good heart


  41. Ogechukwu
    Meaning: God’s time is the best


  42. Olachi/Olachukwu
    Meaning: God’s pearl/jewel


  43. Olanma
    Meaning: Beautiful pearl


  44. Oluchi/Oluchukwu
    Meaning: Work of God


  45. Onyinye
    Meaning: God’s gift


  46. Ozioma
    Meaning: Good news


  47. Ranyerechukwu
    Meaning: Committed into God’s hands


  48. Somtochukwu
    Meaning: Praise God with me


  49. Ugonma
    Meaning: A beautiful eagle


  50. Uloma
    Meaning: Good house


  51. Urenna
    Meaning: Her father’s pride


  52. Utochi
    Meaning: Sweetness of God


  53. Zirachi
    Meaning: Ask God to do anything for you and he will

(53 Igbo Native Name for baby Girls.) 

More Name to be added after research ♋️…


Igbo names for boys and their meaning:

  1. Ekene – The one who receives a lot of praise
  2. Chizutere – God’s envoy
  3. Ifeanyichukwu – No one is greater than God or God is the most powerful
  4. Obimnaetochukwu – My heart will praise the Lord
  5. Onochie – The one who can replace his father’s status
  6. Chimankpa – The creator knows my needs
  7. Emeka – Numerous excellent deeds or the almighty king has done so much
  8. Enyinnaya – A friend of his father
  9. Chinaka – Our creator decides or schedules
  10. Chukwuma – I shall live
  11. Abaeze – Branch of kings
  12. Achebe – He who is under the protection of the Goddess
  13. Afamefuna – My name will not be lost
  14. Akachukwu – The hand of the Almighty Lord
  15. Azubuike – Strength attained from past experiences
  16. Bunkechukwu – A man who belongs to the Lord
  17. Chetachi – A man who always remembers the Lord
  18. Cibuike – God is my strength
  19. Ekenedilichukwu – Offer thanks to the almighty one.
  20. Esomchi – One who follows into the footsteps of the Lord
  21. Chioke – A gift from the heavens
  22. Chukwudumaga – The Lord leads me
  23. Chukwueneka – God has been kind to us
  24. Ezesinachi – The chief comes from above
  25. Ezeudo – The prince of peace
  26. Chubunna – The lord is my father
  27. Chidozie – May the Lord fix it and make it good for you.
  28. Achike – Give praise to God
  29. Chibuikem – God is my power
  30. Maduka – People are worth more than earthly riches
  31. Chidindu – Show the whole world that God is alive
  32. Amaechi – No one knows tomorrow
  33. Chimamanda – My Lord will not fall nor fail me
  34. Amaka – King of ravishing gorgeousness who is versatile and spontaneous by nature
  35. Chukwuebuka – God is great
  36. Amandi – A man who does not trust anybody easily
  37. Chiekezie – Our heavenly father has made it for me
  38. Chiemeka – Our God has done marvellous
  39. Ebubechukwu – The greatness and the glory of God
  40. Chikanma – Our heavenly father better than anything in this world
  41. Anozie -The creator knows more than anyone else
  42. Debare – A man who was born during the good times
  43. Chibuzor – The Lord leads
  44. Chidiadi – God is present
  45. Amara – One who is favored without death or the end; blessed to be immortal
  46. Chidiebere – The Lord is glorious and great
  47. Diarachukwundu – He who lives for the creator of the universe
  48. Echezonanna – Always remember your father and your Lord
  49. Ejikeme – It is not by power or might
  50. Akunna – The wealth belongs to my father
  51. Amobi – No one know the heart of a man
  52. Munachimso – One who agrees with the Lord
  53. Nwabueze – The child is the king
  54. Nchedochukwu – Protection from the heavenly father
  55. Obiajulu – My heart is at peace
  56. Obiefune Ganiru – Full of good luck
  57. Golibe – A joyous man
  58. Gosifechukwu – Display the light of the Lord to the whole world
  59. Hanyechukwu – Leave everything into the hands of the almighty one
  60. Ifechi – One who illuminates the light of the Lord
  61. Ifechukwude – Written by the Lord
  62. Ifekristi – The light of Jesus Christ
  63. Ifemyolunna – Everything that I asked from the heavenly father
  64. Igwebuike – Great strength in a multitude
  65. Iheanacho Kufreabasi – One who never forgets the Lord
  66. Kwento – A man who protects the name of his family getting destroyed
  67. Lotachukwu – Do not forget our heavenly father
  68. Machie – Replacement of a lost gem or treasure
  69. Maduenu – The impermanence of life
  70. Kambili – Do not lose hope
  71. Ogechukwukana -Time spent worshipping the Lord is the best
  72. Okorie – Born on Orie
  73. Diokpa – First son
  74. Ifeadigo – The light has come
  75. Ebudedike – The glory of a hero
  76. Kaetochukwu – May our heavenly father be praised
  77. Kainyechukwuekene – Let’s praise God
  78. Nwolisa – Child of the Lord
  79. Ikenna – Power of a father
  80. Chibunna – God is the father
  81. Chijindu – The Lord hold life
  82. Ozoemena – May another one never happen
  83. Oguchinalurum – The fight God fights for me
  84. Tobenna – Worship the father
  85. Tobechukwu – Worship the Almighty
  86. Lotanna – Remember the father
  87. Lotachukwu – Remember Lord
  88. Chibidoro – Lord started
  89. Nwabugw – A child is a thing of pride
  90. Ugwu – Mountain
  91. Ochudo – He who chases after peace
  92. Ume – Breath
  93. Uwazurike – Road
  94. Nnamdi – My father lives.
  95. Chinedu – God leads
  96. Uchenna – The thoughts of the father
  97. Uchechukwu – The thoughts of God
  98. Zikoraifechukwu – Show the world the light of God
  99. Jidenna – Hold the father
  100. Onyekachi – Who is bigger than God?
  101. Zeribe – Avoid bad people
  102. Ndubueze – Life is king
  103. Chigoziem – God bless me
  104. Muonanu – The spirit can hear
  105. Somadina – May I not be alone
  106. Chikamso – I am following God
  107. Chibuzo – God is the way
  108. Uzodimma – The road is good
  109. Uzoma – Good
  110. Ogugua – Consolation
  111. Okenna – Father’s share
  112. Nwachukwu – God’s child
  113. Kelechi -Thank God
  114. Chizaram – God answered me.
  115. Oliseloka – God has thought well
  116. Chike – This is a short form of ‘chineke’ which means God the creator
  117. Nwadiaso – This child is sweet/holy.
  118. Beluchi – Cry to God
  119. Echezona – Do not forget
  120. Onyedikachi – Who is like God
  121. Nkemakolam – May my own not leave me
  122. Kamsiyonna – The way I asked
  123. Chukwudi – There is Lord
  124. Chukwunonso – God is close
  125. Munachiso – I am with God

(125 Igbo Native Name For Baby boys) 

More Name to be added after research ♋️…

Now that we have posted Igbo native name and their meaning you can give your baby, always try and give your child good Igbo name that people round you will be proud of.

Don’t forget to comment below any name that’s not on this page thanks we love you all.

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Net Worth

DanDizzy Biography (Net Worth, Music, Age, Career)



Dandizzy Biography Picture

Dandizzy Biography Picture

What’s up guys today on this page we’ll discussing about who is dandizzy, how old is dandizzy, complete list of dandizzy songs, Dandizzy lifestyle and music careers.

Dandizzy Biography

Dandizzy, is a Nigerian singer and rapper, He is a young Talented artist, He is one of the Youngest artists in Nigeria music industry, in 2019, he signed a record deal.

Dandizzy Real Name

Dandizzy Full Name: Daniel Tuotamuno Darius popularly known as dandizzy.


Dandizzy Career

Dandizzy started music in 2009 and is know for his freestyle skills in Nigeria Music Industry.

Dandizzy Real Age

Daniel Tuotamuno Darius was born on 6th October.  and hails from Opobo in Rivers state.

Dandizzy Social Media Handle

Twitter: @idandizzy

Instagram: @idandizzy

Dandizzy Phone Number

You can reach dandizzy on WhatsApp/Call.


List Of Dandizzy Songs

Who Goes Der

Denge Pose
Able God Rap Cover
Rapfrobeat Covers
Uncle Shuga Daddy
Nyor nyor nyor
Soft Play
ZoneOut Sessions
Number One
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List Of Olamide Songs Till Date



List Of Olamide Songs
List Of Olamide Songs

List Of Olamide Songs

Are you searching Old And Latest Olamide Songs, On this page you can get it and download it to your device like Mobile Phone, Laptop And Other Gadgets you wish Stream Olamide Songs.

Record Label: Yahoo Boys No Laptop (YBNL) is found Olamide and managed by YBNL Team.

Do you know:

Olamide Adedeji popularly known as Olamide Kick of his music career at early age of 10 years Old, Olamide was born on March 15th, 1989. He is Currently 31 Years Old this 2021.

Check below:

  • List Of Olamide Songs
  • Old Olamide Songs
  • Latest Olamide Songs
  • Olamide Full Name
  • First Olamide Songs

Note: We Keep Updating This Page To Latest Information Of Olamide Old And Latest Songs. 

Olamide Old Songs, Latest Songs And Full Albums.

• 2011 | Olamide Songs

Download First Olamide Songs in Full Album titled “RAPSODI” Loved by many Nigerian.

  1. I’m Going In (featuring Pheelz)
  2. Apa Ti Jabo (featuring i.D Cabasa)
  3. Emi Lo Mi (featuring 2Phat)
  4. Eni Duro
  5. Gapa
  6. Responsibility (featuring Adol)
  7. Jara On Top (featuring Ab1)
  8. Woman (featuring Jumoke)
  9. Kelegbe (featuring Lord of Ajasa)
  10. Dirty Rock (featuring B-Rank)
  11. Soundtrack of My Life (featuring Soul Joe)
  12. Lift Him High (featuring I.D Cabasa)
  13. Legendary Hustlers (featuring 9ice and Reminisce)
  14. Omo Toh Shan (featuring Wizkid)
  15. Fori Fori
  16. Boys Are Not Smiling (featuring Terry Da Rapman)

Olamide: I can’t believe Fans Rate this; Olamide first album songs contain 16 Songs.

• 2012 | Olamide songs

Best Olamide Album Of His Music Career, when he found/create YBNL known as Yahoo Boys No Laptop (Music Record Label)

  1. Money
  2. Fcvking With The Devil
  3. Lights In The Air (ft. Buckwyla)
  4. Jale
  5. Voice Of The Street
  6. Panumo (ft. Davido)
  7. Street Love (ft. Minus 2)
  8. Picture
  9. Owotabua
  10. Fuji House (ft. Dammy Krane)
  11. Ilefo Illuminati
  12. Remember (ft. Kay Switch)
  13. Nyarinya
  14. Ewo Idi
  15. Stupid Love
  16. Jesu O Kola
  17. Emotional Blackmail (ft. Kidakudz)
  18. International Local (ft. Tiwa Savage)
  19. First Of All
  20. Industreet (ft. Reminisce and Base 1)
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Never in History has any Nigeria Musician Released Album such as Olamide did, at 2012 olamide Full Album Songs Contain List Of 20 (Twenty)

• 2013 | Olamide Songs

Complete 2013 Olamide Songs – Full Album . Which he was know as “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth in Nigeria and around the world at 2031, see song below…

  1. Intro
  2. Esu Pofo
  3. Rep Augbo (ft. Buckwyala)
  4. Anifowose
  5. Skammer
  6. Eleda Mi
  7. Baddo Love
  8. Position Yourself
  9. Skit (ft. Ketchup)
  10. Gbadun Arawa
  11. Motivation (feat. Ice Prince, Endia, Pepenazi)
  12. Church (ft. Viktoh)
  13. Sitting On The Throne
  14. Mu Emu (ft. B Banks)
  15. Turn Up
  16. King Shii
  17. Durosoke
  18. Dope Money
  19. Yemi My Lover
  20. Rayban Abacha
  21. Higher (ft. Bez)

Olamide Songs Listed 21 According to olamide to 2013 Full Album.

• 2014 | Olamide Songs

Street OT: Olamide 2014 Songs – Full Album Mixtape.

  1. Oga Nla (ft. Pasuma, Lil Kesh)
  2. Zero Joy
  3. Blood Money
  4. Ya Wa
  5. Hood Rap
  6. The Real MVP
  7. Up In The Club (ft. Viktoh)
  8. Skelemba (ft. Don Jazzy)
  9. Prayer For Client
  10. Batifeori
  11. Bang (ft. Chinko Ekun, Lil Kesh)
  12. Goons Mi
  13. 1999
  14. Falila Ketan
  15. In My Circle (ft. Phyno)
  16. Alaaru
  17. 100 To Million (ft. Viktoh, Chinko Ekun)
  18. Story For The Gods
  19. Hustle Loyalty Respect (ft. Reminisce)
  20. Possible (ft. B Banks)
  21. Usain Bolt P (ft. Lil Kesh, Chuka, Pepenazi, Chinko Ekun)
  22. Eni Sun

Download Olamide 22 complete songs of 2014 Mix tape and stream on your player.

• 2King | Olamide Songs

The beginning of collaboration of Olamide Albums with other famous musician in Nigeria was at 2014/2015.

In no doubt, phyno was the first rapper olamide sing with for 2014/2015 Olamide Songs – “2King“.

  1. Cypher
  2. Koba Koba
  3. Nobody’s Fault
  4. Ladi (ft. Lil Kesh)
  5. God Be With Us
  6. Une
  7. Real Ni**a
  8. Confam Ni (ft. Wizkid)
  9. Carry Me Go (ft. Stormrex)
  10. For My city
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2King; 2014/2015 – Olamide Songs contain 10 List.

• 2015 | Olamide Songs

Eyan Mayweather: Recorded as the 5th Studio Album of Olamide Songs List – Albums.

  1. Eyan Mayweather
  2. Inferiority Complex
  3. Don’t Stop
  4. Where The Man?
  5. Igara Chicken
  6. Boom Boom Boom
  7. Ball
  8. Akara
  9. Say Something
  10. Be Happy
  11. Kana Finish
  12. I’m Ok
  13. Matters Arising
  14. Lagos Boys
  15. Mama mi
  16. Melo Melo
  17. Sold Out
  18. Bobo
  19. Toriomo
  20. Jega
  21. OG Wahedee

Download: Olamide 2015 Songs which contain 21 List Of Music.

• 2016 | Olamide Songs

Album Titled: The Glory released on 2016 with 14 songs of Olamide.

  1. The Glory (Intro)
  2. Letter To Milli
  3. Journey of a thousand Miles
  4. Underground ft Akuchi
  5. Pepper Dem Gang ft Davolee
  6. Lori Titi Yi
  7. Grind ft So.Sick
  8. Woyo
  9. Be Mine
  10. Oluwa Lori Glory
  11. Omo Wobe Anthem ft Burna Boy
  12. Owo Blow
  13. Symbol of Hope
  14. Who You Epp ft Wande Coal & Phyno

• 2017 | Olamide Songs

At 2017 Olamide Full Album title “Lagos Nawa” contain 17 List, which was among top download music/album:

  1. Fe Nu Shey Street
  2. Radio Lagos
  3. Yagaga
  4. The One
  5. Oro Paw Paw
  6. Bend it Over (featuring Timaya and Reminisce)
  7. Shine
  8. Saysay Maley
  9. Mo je dodo
  10. Lagos Nawa
  11. Everyday is not Christmas
  12. On a Must Buzz (featuring Phyno)
  13. Shanko Baby
  14. Fine Fine Girls (featuring Tiwa Savage)
  15. Wo!!!
  16. Enimimomi
  17. Wo Spritiual

• 2018 | Olamide Songs

Olamide drop songs: Mafia Family which rock up with new team on ybnl and other musician artist:

  1. Olamide – Welcome
  2. Olamide – Oke Suna
  3. Picazzo – Macaroni (Feat. Olamide)
  4. Olamide – Motigbana
  5. Fireboy DML – Jealous
  6. Yomi Blaze – Ika (Feat. Olamide)
  7. DJ Enimoney x LK Kuddy x Kizz Daniel x Olamide x Kranium – Send Her Money
  8. Fireboy DML – I’ll Be Fine
  9. Olamide – Poverty Die
  10. Fireboy DML – Fire Down (Feat. Picazzo Rhap)
  11. Lil Kesh – Le Le Yi (Feat. Fireboy DML)
  12. Limerick & Olamide – Lie
  13. Temmie Ovwasa x Fireboy DML – Finally
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This are old and latest Olamide Songs which turn into Albums, stay live on this page while we update more Latest songs of Olamide.

Do not forget to comment below:

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Net Worth

Wizkid Net Worth And Biography



images 2

Wizkid Pictures

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun known professionally as Wizkid Around the world – today I’ll talk about wizkid net worth, Beautiful Houses and give you his Phone number, social media handle to follow him and reach him.

Wizkid Profile

  • Name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun
  • Popular Name As: Wizkid
  • Age: He is currently 30 years old
  • State Of Origin: Lagos State Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Source Of Income: singer, star boy clothing line
  • Record Label: Star Boy Records
  • Marriage: N/A
  • Net Worth: $30 Million Dollars

Wizkid Lifestyle

Wizkid Lifestyle

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is professionally known as Wizkid, was born on the 16th of July, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria, He is currently 30 Years old.  His family stays in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.


Wizkid Phone Number

Wizkid Phone Number

Wizkid as top popular Nigeria and world wide musician, fans do want to call Wizkid For Connection, but unfortunately they find it hard to reach him online while still yet they are following him online..

Wizkid Phone Number

Wizkid Mobile Number

Wizkid WhatsApp Number

Wizkid Real Phone Number


Wizkid Net Worth

Wizkid is currently one of the richest and the most influential artist in Nigeria, with an estimated net
worth of $30 million Dollar.

Wizkid Houses Around The World

13 Wizkid 1.27billion London luxury mansion in 2020 2.6 million pounds YouTube Brave 11 14 2020 10 39 37 AM

Wizkid the top musician in the world and has lot of mansion and luxurious cars, below are where he build his house.

Wizkid House In Nigeria:

According to report Wizkid Dayo has three houses In Nigeria and located at Lekki, Banana Island, Surele and it worth #64m (naira)

Wizkid Houses In London:

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Fans Around the World Love Wizkid House Located In London as the best Beautiful Mansion Worth #1.6billion (naira)

Conclusion: Wizkid Is A Musician – Singer.

Don’t forget to comment below 🔥🔥

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