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His Not My Colour (Short Description and Prologue)


His not my colour

His Not My Colour
🏫 A Nigerian crazy girl in an American school 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️

Story description (His Not My Colour)

Have you ever been in love with this hot handsome American dude, like his really hot, got all the swag and everything, infact people refer to him as the semi god and then you can’t date this handsome, god-like dude. I know that hasn’t ever happen to you but it has. Let me do a little bit of introduction so you’ll understand.

My name is Elo Oghenevo Amos and I’m from the southern part of Nigeria. My waec results was one of the best in the whole of Nigeria and the governor of my states took it upon his self and gave me a scholarship to school in any University of my choice. I felt so happy, my parent were so happy, before I could tell what was going on I was on a plane to the United States of America.

Everything was going smooth, I had a black american girl as a best friend, I made enemies with the popular girls and boys in the university, but then everything don’t always go so smooth, that’s not how life is. you see, i fell in love with the one guy, I considered enemy, the one guy at the top of my enemies list, but then what made it worst, is when this guy I’m catching feelings for also returns it.

And now his mum, the owner of the university doesn’t want me dating her son. You must be wondering why, well is because I’m not her son’s colour. Yeah her son is not my skin colour, and now is either I leave her son or my family back at Nigeria would die.


His Not My Colour
🏫A Crazy Nigerian Girl In An American school 🏫

😥 Elo’s Pov 😥

“So what, if you’re poor. So what, if you’re a Nigerian. So what, if your skin colour is different from mine. I still love you, regardless. Elo, what’s wrong, you’ve never cared about all this differences, so why do you care all of a sudden, why?.” He asks, his voice higher than normal and I flinched at the tone of his voice.

“Well, I guess I just realize it now, and besides I have never loved you, I took advantage of your love, I returned your feelings because I wanted to roll with the rich and popular kids. So please, do me a favour and forget everything we had, cause it was all built on lies, nothing else.” It breaks my heart to say such words to him, but it must be done, I have to do this.

“That’s a lie, Elo, you’re lying to me right now and I know it. You didn’t date me because I’m popular in school, you dated me because you love me, so stop all this Elo, stop it!!!.” He yells and punched the unfotunate tree next to him. My heart reached out for him, I want to hug him and tell him, I’m not going anywhere, that I would always love him and that I’ll never leave him but I’m afraid my family would get hurt if I do that.

“Of course it’s because you’re popular. If I really did love you, would I have excepted the 1 millions dollars your mother offered to me, to break up with you. Would I?.” That’s a lie, I tore the damn check in his mother’s face.


“You heard me right, Jake. Now listen to me very clearly, cause I will not repeat myself again, I want an end to these relationship, I’m breaking up with you Jake Hunter. I’m leaving you and I’m going back to my country, Nigeria and I do not want you looking for me. Goodbye Jake.” I turn my back on him, barely holding back the tears, I have to this, you can do this Elo. You’ve broken up with him, now all that’s left, is for you to walk away. I take in a deep breath and walked away, dragging my bag with me. I placed my bag in the trunk of the car that’s taking me to the airport and I was about entering the car, when a hand held me, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it’s Jake.

“Trouble please don’t go, fine if it’s money you want then I’ll give you more than what my mum gave to you, but please don’t leave, don’t leave me.” He pleaded, and I felt my heart shattering. I smiled a little at the use of my insane nickname he gave it to me. He would always say that, I’m his trouble.

“Thank you for the offer, Jake. But you see I had a deal with you mum and I don’t break deals, that easily. So goodbye.” I freed my hand from his hold forcefully and got into the car immediately and locked the car door.

“Elo, please don’t do this, please don’t leave me, please.” Jake begs, hitting the car window, tears streaming down his eyes.

“Please drive.” I whispered to the driver, and he did as told. I kept my eyes front, refusing to turn back and witness the only man I’ve ever loved break down in the middle of the road.

You might be wondering what’s happening, why I’m leaving the man I claim to love. Well why don’t I do a little rewind, so you can start afresh and get the story right.


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