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His Not My Colour – Finale Chapter

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ final chapter
🏫A crazy Nigerian girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Final chapter
Theme: Marry me

πŸ˜₯Mrs Hunters POV πŸ˜₯

you’ll end up chasing everyone dear to you. and then what?, You’ll end up a sad lonely woman. A sad lonely woman, A sad lonely woman, a sad lonely woman!!

“No, No, No, No ooooo.” I got up immediately, my heart banging against my chest, really fast, why can’t I get this fucking words off my head, why is her words disturbing, I will not end up being a sad lonely woman, I won’t!.

“Is it a nightmare.” A voice asked behind me, and I looked in the direction of the voice, and it’s Elo, what is she doing here.

“I know you are surprised to see me here, well, I realized i couldn’t go home at 2am in the morning, so i asked the doctor for he’s help and he told me the only place I could sleep in was here, in your room, by the way good morning.” She says, casually and my eyes followed her as she goes over to the window and opened it.

“You want to talk about it?.” She asks, sitting back on the couch, were she most had slept. I kept quiet and observed her.

“I guess, you don’t want to talk, so I’ll go, I’ll be out of your face in a moment, have a nice day Mrs Hunters.” She stands up from the couch, I watched her as she walked over to the door, and I didn’t know when I said, ” I don’t want to leave a lonely life.” She stops in her tracks, and turns to me, “what?”

“Your words, those words you said to me, it keeps ringing in my head, it scares the hell out of me, I don’t want to live a lonely life, Elo.” She stared at me for a while, before walking back into the room and sits on the bed next to me.

“Then,maybe you should try being nice to your kids, and listen to them, be a good mother to them.” She says softly, patting my hand softly.

“I would really love to do that, but I’m too proud to beg.” I admit, biting my lips.

“Sometimes as Hunan beings, we have to learn to say sorry, when we are wrong, even if you’re saying that sorry, to a younger person. Your kids love you, Jake and Emma, loves you, I’m very sure if they find out you’re in the hospital, they will run with every single strength in their body, so all you’ve to do is show them how much you love and care for them, and then, they will show you how much you mean to them, Mrs Hunters.” She advice, and I kept quiet for a while, pondering on what she said.

“Sorry.” I whispered and she look at me, with a shocked face.

“Okay, I know I didn’t hear that very clearly, but I’m pretty sure I just heard the word sorry from you.” She utters.

“Well, I just thought if I’m going to go, on an apologizing spree, I figured out I had to start from you, I did do, bad things to you, and even when you saved my life, I insulted you. So I guess I’m, so…, so..rry.”

“Wow, this is incredible, famous Mrs Hunters, apologized to a nobody called Elo. Seriously, this would be a juicy story for the blogs.”

“Now, you’re making me regret apologizing to you.” I said, annoyed by her mockery.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to, apologise to me.”

“Well, sometimes as Hunan beings, we have to learn to say sorry, when we are wrong, even if you’re saying that sorry, to a younger person.” I repeat her exact words.

“Hey, that’s not fair, those were my exacts words.” She exclaims frowning.

“That’s a lie, those are my words.” I retort, grinning at her.

“Oh my gosh, who would even think, that you’re, a word thief, you stole my words.”

“Prove it.” I said smirking and she was about replying me, when my son walked in along side with Emma, Gage and one black girl, I think she’s Elo’s friend.

“Wow, I never thought, I would meet such a scene.” My son, Jake exclaimed and I smile.

“I also never thought, I would find joy in chatting with your girlfriend.” I replied him.

“Girlfriend huh?.” He state, grinning.

“Yeah girlfriend. Son I’m sorry, for all troubles, for the pains I brought on you, for being a bad…”

“Shhhh, I forgive you mum.” He said smiling, and I smiled back at him, I opened my hands wide and he wasted no time in hugging me.

“I also want to get in on the hug.” Emma yells, and I laughed, and Jake shifted a little, and Emma hugs me, then Elo also joins in on the hug, and then Gage.

“Gage!!.” Jake growls.

“What I’m also part of the family bro, I’m dating your sister.” Gage announced, and Jake glares at him, ready to beat the hell out of his friend, but Elo quickly comes to the rescue and calmed Jake down, and the hugging section was resumed.

“Get in on the hug, stop standing there like a stranger, any friends of Elo, is also family.” I said, beckoning in the strange girl, and and she awkwardly joins in on the hug. I guess I won’t be dying a lonely death after all.


Three years later


πŸ˜‹ Elo’s POV πŸ˜‹

“Wake up, sleepy head.” A familiar voice says, and I groaned, ” leave me alone Jake, I want to sleep some more.”

“So…, does that mean, I should eat the pancakes and the hot chocolate I made for you.” Just the name chocolate, made me sit up immediately. Hmmmmm, it scents so nice, I smiled at Jake widely, and made to carry the tray, where my sweet deliciousness is placed.

“Wow, not even a good morning or a good morning kiss.” Jake says, taking the tray of sweet deliciousness away, aww.

“Good morning, now can I have my breakfast back.” I ask pouting.

“What about my kiss.” Ugh, I glared at him but nevertheless, gave him a kiss on the lips. “Now can I have my breakfast back.”

“Sure.” he says and gave me the tray of sweet deliciousness, I sighed happily and started eating. I was almost finishing the cup of coffee, when I drank something, that’s a metallic and has a shape of a circle. I stared at Jake confused and brought out the circle thing out my mouth, and ohh my God, it’s a fucking ring.

“Elo we’ve been dating for so long now, and every blessed day, my love for you, keep on increasing, you’re my heart, Elo, you’re my everything. Elo, would you do me the honor of being my wife, will you Marry me.” Jake proposed and takes the ring from my hand.

“No.” I answered simply, keeping my face straight.

“Wait, what.” He asks shocked.

“You heard me right, no, I’ll not marry you, Jake Hunters.”

“But why, I don’t get you, Elo. We have been dating for three years now, and you’re saying no to me, why?.” He asks really shocked, by my rejection.

“Look around you Jake, there’s nothing romantic about this proposal, no candles, no red light or flowers, and in the movies the guys carried the lady out on a date, then put the ring in a drink, not in a mug of chocolate!!.” I utter exasperated.

“Seriously, you said no to me, because there’s no flower, no candles, or red light, and also because I dipped the ring in your mug of chocolate!! ” He exclaims in disbelief.

“Yeah.” I answered simply.

“Wow, what happened to the moment been romantic.” He exclaims.

“I don’t care, I want a romantic scene.” I mutters frowning.

“Wow, my girlfriend is crazy.” Jake says, and tickled me on my waist, and I laughed out, begging him to stop, but he continues.

“Please hahaha Jake, oh my God, hahaha stop please.” I laughed out begging him at the same time.

“Nope, I will not stop, till you say yes to my proposal.” He says, still tickling, I tried staying strong, and not give in to his demands, but it was damn hard, “yes, yes. I’ll marry you, now stop.” He grins at me and then, stops and lays down on the bed next to me.

“What are you thinking.” I ask him, breaking the silence that has gotten between us.

“I’m just imagining you, in a wedding gown, you would look so beautiful.” He says, staring deep into my eyes and I smile.

“Hmm, but you do know you’ll have to see me in my graduation gown first. I can’t believe I’ll be graduating tommorow, I can’t wait.” I utter, excitedly.

“And I can’t believe, I’m dating a girl I once called a demented witch.” He says, and I turned to look at him, “What!!!!!!.” I shrieked.

“Uhm, I think I should go keep those plates in the kitchen.” He says nervously, trying to get up from the bed, and I used all my strength to push him down back on the bed, “You’re not going anywhere, Mister.” I growled angrily and his eyes widen in shock. Coming to America, three years ago, I never thought I would fall in love with a sweet, handsome American guy, and now I can’t believe in few months time, I’ll be getting married to this hot guy. Aww, I can’t wait!.

The end.

PS: if anyone noticed, I didn’t mention Eva name, that’s because I want to leave that part to you guys imagination and I know the ending it’s unexpected, even I myself didn’t know it was going to end, till I wrote the chapter, that’s how I write all my stories. So tell me, how do you picture Eva’s ending.