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His Not My Colour Chapter Two


His not my colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ
🏫A Nigerian crazy girl in an American school 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Two
Theme:New best friend

😊 Elo’s Pov 😊

“Wow.” I exclaim staring at the huge building in front of me, this school is huge and beautiful. I can’t believe I’ll be studying here. Wow, I’m so lucky.

I was still admiring the beautiful building of my school, when a car came from nowhere and almost cleared me out of the way. “Jesus Christ, shebi you’re blind, or you don’t know how to drive again, stupid idiot. Look at the fool oo, he can’t even stop and say sorry.” I yelled really loud.

“If you’re waiting for Jake Hudson, to say sorry to you then I’m really sorry to say this but you’ll have to wait for a really long time.” A beautiful black american girl says, coming to stand next to me.

“But his supposed to apologise for almost hitting me with his damn car.” I grumbled.

“Well like I said, Jake Hunters, never say sorry to anyone and you should be happy, do you know how many girls wish to be hit by Jake’s car.”

“Wait a minute, why would I want to be hit by his car, that’s the most dummest thing, I’ve ever heard.”

“Well to you it’s dumb, but not everyone would agree with you on that, and I hope you won’t change your thinking once you find out how handsome Jake is, I’ll really hate that.”

“Well you’re in luck, cause I’m never changing my thinking on that guy who almost killed me.”

“That’s good, and by the way, I’m Rose, Rose Winters.” She introduce, stretching forth her hand for an handshake.

“I’m Elo Oghenevo Amos.” I said, claiming her hand.

“Wow that’s a really heavy name you have there.” She comments laughing.

“Well you could just call me Elo. And would you mind taking me to the registry office.”

“I won’t mind, but first let me help you get rid of that luggage, right this way, new friend.” Rise says, taking me hand. Hmm, friend. I love the sound of that.

I’ve you forgotten that papa said you shouldn’t make friends with America people. My subconsciousness says.

Well she’s black, so that’s not all bad. I replied her back and shut my innerself off.

Ugh I sighed tiredly, plopping down on the soft matress, I’ve never been more tired in my life before, getting registered in this school is a lot of work, mostly if you’re nigerian.

“You can’t rest now, we have classes.” Rose says, walking into the room, you know the one good thing that happened to me today, is that I and Rose is sharing a room, and I’m so happy about that, I can’t imagine myself sharing a room with one of those snobby withe american girls.

“How come you’re still standing.” I asked her, sighing.

“Oh jeez, hello, you have to overcome that tiredness, cause we both have a class in two hours time, so you have to freshen up, so we could be on our way.” She says and do you know the only thing i grabbed while she was talking, is thst she pronounced my name wrongly, it’s Elo not hello but fine I’ll let it go, since I have a class in about two hours time, I better get prepared.

I pulled off my clothes, and tied my towel before walking into the bathroom, I and rose will be sharing. Once I was done bathing I put on some fresh clothes, and together we head to the school, on our way going for lectures, my mum called and i swiped the green button.

“Hello mummy.”

“My pinkin how you dey, you don reach America already.”

“Yes ma.”

“Ah, na you no fit inform us, see as I dey here dey worry, wether your plane don crash.”

“Mummy, I’m sorry, I was busy with the school registration, right now I even have a class to attend.”

“Ehh, make una come here oo, my pikin is officially going to school in the United States of America.” Oh geez.

“Mama, I need to cut the call now, like I told you I’m having my first lecture in the university.” I said, not wanting to keep the conversation going.

“Ehn, okay but make I pray for you small ehn.” She says.

“Mama, please don’t, as I’m talking to you right now, I’m already late for the class, you’ll only waste my time the more, mama bye bye, send my greetings to the rest of the family. Bye bye.” I said hurriedly and disconnect the call, I’m not ready for one of her long prayers, mama will say it’s a short prayer, but the prayer will take more that two hours.

“Is that your mother.” Rose asks.

“Yeah.” I answered simply, and asks her to hurry up, so I won’t be late on my first class in the university.

We both walked into the school, and Rose was taking me to the lecture hall, when I noticed people giving way for a group of guys to pass. “What’s going on rose and why are all this people moving out of the way for those guys, are they celebrity.” I question.

“They are kind of a celebrity in this university, they are the popular boys, the guy in the front is Jake, his parents are the richest in America, his mother owns this university, his the leader of the group, the second guy to Jake’s right is Carl, his the most mature one in the gang, his parents are also rich and the one at Jake’s left is Gage, his parents are also rich. This guys are the most handsome guys in this university.” She finished and I could see the adorable look she has on her face, staring at Carl dreamily. Oh geez, well I won’t argue with her this guys are handsome. If guys like this came to iyede, I’m sure a lot of girls would be fainting.

“So is it because they are rich and handsome that’s why people are stepping out of the way for them.” I asked confused.

“Like I said, they are the popular guys in this university and the most richest and let’s not forget Jake’s mum is the owner of this university, okay. Take my advice hello and stay very far away from them, mostly Jake his not a friendly person and ooh Jake is the guy that almost ran you over this morning .” She got my name wrongly again, I was about asking her what she meant by Jake not being friendly, when I actually got my answer. A pretty girl in a short blue dress, walked up to Jake holding a box in her hand.

“Hi Jake I made chocolate cake for you, I heard it’s your favorite.” The girl says smiling brightly, and then hands over the cake to Jake, Jake collected it and then dump the whole thing on the pretty girl, now that makes me mad, from where i come from we don’t waste food and mostly not cake, I love cake.

“Where are you going.” Rose asks, as I made my move to those stupid guys, called the popular guys.

“Were do you think, I’m going over there and I’m going to give those idiots a piece of my mind, that cake looks so delicious to be wasted, and so they are going to hear from me.” I said determined and walked over to the guys quickly, not listening to any of, rose pleading.

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