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His Not My Colour Chapter Twenty Two

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ He’s not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ

His Not My Colour
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Twenty Two

😢 Jake’s Pov 😢

“Wow, I don’t know what has come over you Jake, but I’m out of here and do you know what, go to hell, you hear me, go to hell.” Elo yelled and grabbed her handbag, i watched her as she walk towards the door really angry and I just knew, I shouldn’t let her go, so I ran after her and held her hand, stopping her from taking any further step.

“Why are you holding my hand, you said i should leave right, well that’s what I’m doing so let go of my hand, this minute.” She yells, not even looking at me.

“I’m so sorry, I know I overreacted, and I’m sorry.” I pleaded with her.

“Oh now you know that you actually overreacted, Jake you more than overreacted, you also hurt my feelings, asking me to leave your house like that, actually broke my heart.”

“I’m so sorry, trouble, the thought of you breaking up with me, actually more than broke my heart, I don’t want you to leave me, never ever do that.” I said and she hugs me tightly.

“I’ll never leave you, Jake. You should also know my love for you, will never let me do that. I love you Jake Hunters.”

“And I love you too, Elo, cute trouble.” I replied her and she smiles, and I smile back staring into her eyes, I love staring into her eyes, she has beautiful eyes. I could feel the temperature change in the room, I couldn’t breathe anymore, and I know it’s also happening to her.

“Can I kiss you.” I ask huskily, lowering my face, my lips begging to touch her’s.

“Please do.” She says breathlessly and I did just that.

πŸ˜‹ Author’s Pov πŸ˜‹

Warning:πŸ”ž read at your own risk.

His lips merged together with hers, his lips moved hastily on her sweet lusious mouth so fervently. His tongue asks for an entrance and she let him in, both tongue explored their partner’s mouth hastily.

She has never had a kiss as sweet as this, his tongue aroused burning desires in her, she could feel herself getting wet just from his kiss, she moans against his mouth, running her hands along his smoothly silk hair.

He could feel his member raising up, poking against his trouser, begging to be inside the woman in her. He separates from her and trailed kisses down her neck to the top of her breast, his hands travels to her back and he unclasped her bra, then pulled it off, his breathing hightens as his stomach rumbles in excitement, his mouth takes in her succulent breast, and sucked on it.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned out, and that encourage him to suck on it the more, his other hand pinched and rubber her other breast. His breathing got intense and he carries her up and walked over to the couch were he placed her down on it gently.

Jake takes of his shirt, and pulled off his trouser, leaving his self only on his boxers, Elo lays patiently waiting for him, her eyes on his broad chest, her palms itch to have a feel of them.

“You know this situation, isn’t really fair right now, why don’t I take this off you.” Jake whisper in her ears, and pulled off her shirt, leaving her breast bare for him to see and touch. He takes off her panties next, and raised her skirt up, and lick his lips.

“What are you doing.” She asks astonished, on seeing him bringing his face down to the entrance of her pussy, “what do you think.” He replies her hoarsely, and without giving her chance to think, he lowers his head to her pussy. He dives into her with his tongue, stroking her not to much but enough to make her want more, not reaching the places she would want him to reach.

She trembles as his tongue lashed on her, but she wanted more, more of this sweet feeling, she tries to push his head downward a little bit but he raised up his head and smirked at her before saying, “beg me.” She frowns at his words and glares at him, refusing to beg him but she also know she needs his tongue on her again, to get rid of the uncomfortable feelong between her legs.

“Fuck you, Jake.”

“Aren’t we doing that already, love.” He replies her smirking.

“Just go on with it.”

“I said beg me, maybe I should show you a little bit of what your missing.” He says and lowers his head back in between her legs, he strokes her with his tongue, enough to make her want more and beg for it, he repeats the process again and she moans out, her legs trembles from the contact, she had never felt anything as sweet as this before. This is pure Bliss.

“What the fuck, Jake.” She yells out annoyed, when he stopped.

“Beg for it.” He whispers in her ears.

“I will not.” She replies him stubbornly.

“Beg for it.” He says again and insert two of his fingers in her wet hole.

“Ohhhhhh, geez.” She moans out.

“Beg for it.” He says again and rammed his fingers into her, and then pulled it out.

“For God’s sake, Jake, stop torturing me.” Elo yells out annoyed by his continuous toture on her.

“Beg!.” He smirks and rammed his fingers into her again, repeats the process a few time and then stopped.

“Okay, fine, please, I beg of you, don’t stop, plsssssss.” She begs him and he smirks. Then added another finger in her wet hole, and fingered fucked her.

“Oh goddddddddd, yes… Ahh. That’s it, Jake, oh my Goddddd.” She moans out, as his fingers fucks her pussy well enough.

Sweat drizzles down her face, as she’s been transported to a world of uttermost pleasure, her body shakes as she experience her orgasm, he removes his hands and replaced it with his tongue, once her juice started seeping out of her pussy, he laps all of her juice hungrily and lick his lips once he was done.


“Oh my God, that! was! amazing! Breathtaking.” Elo utters trying to catch her breathe, sitting up.

“What are you doing.” Jake asks surprised as Elo takes out his dick from his boxers.

“What do you think.” She asks him grinning, and without waiting for his reply she lowers her mouth on his firm cock, she takes it in little by little, and suck on it slowly then began to move fast, burping as she does that.

“Oh shit, that’s fucking good, trouble.” Jake says moaning out, pushing his ass up so she could have all his lengthy beast in her, sweet little mouth.

She moves her mouth down the length of his cock, saliva pouring out of her mouth, she moans feeling her pussy getting wet already, she could feel the pressure on her pussy and she wants nothing more than his cock buried deep into her but right now she can’t think of herself, she has to take care of him.

Her tongue mouth and tongue worshipped his cock, her hands held it firmly, her eyes remained in contact with his face, having pleasure, seeing the look of pleasure on his face.

“Hmmmmmmm, that’s it baby. Oh goddddddddd, this feel so good.” He moans out, holding unto her hair firmly, he could feel his so close to cumming so he warns her. Elo isn’t use to licking off a semen, but she felt if he could lick off her juice, then why can’t she.

“Are you sure you want to that.” Jake asks, on knowing what she wants to do.

“Yeah, how bad can it taste.” She replies him and lowers her mouth back on his dick, his shoots out his semen into her waiting mouth, and she eagerly swallow it, she almost vomited on the salty taste but refused to spurt it out, she swallow every inch of his semen, not one drop remaining.

“So… How did I do.” Elo asks nervously.

“You did more than great baby, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Jake says kissing her on the lips.

“I thought you said, you’ve only dated Eva.” Elo asks him suspiciously.

“Yes of course, but I’m a guy, I had few flings.”

“Ohhhhhh.” She says, feeling a little jealous.

“Come on babe, don’t ruin the mood with your jealousy.” Jake says, placing a kiss on her lips.

“I never said I’m jealous.” Elo replies him frowning.

“Oh please, we both know you were completely jealous.” Jake argues back.

“I said, I wasn’t jea……. Oh my godddddddddddddd!!.” Elo exclaims, as Jake rammed his dick into her without warning.

“You’re so tight babe, you feel so good.” Jake says, moaning in her ear.

“What the hell is….. godddddddddddddd.”

“Shhhhhhh, stop talking, you’re ruining the mood.” Jake says into her ear and slams his dick into her repeatedly, over and over again, their sweats merging together as one, as they cry out in uttermost pleasure.


πŸ˜‹ Elo’s Pov πŸ˜‹

My eyes open as the sun shines in my eyes, I turn my head to see Jake sleeping peacefully beside me, he looks so handsome, I can’t believe his mine, yesterday was my best day ever, we had none stop sex, we ended up eating naked and also well sleeping naked. Don’t worry, we both showered before sleeping but that doesn’t mean a little episode didn’t happen in the bathroom.

I untangle myself from Jake hold and walked out of the bedroom, to go cook for him, once i was done cooking I placed the food on a tray, I decided to check my phone for any miss calls from Rose before going to serve the food to Jake. I unlock my phone and there’s no missed call from Rose but I have one new video notification in WhatsApp, I click on it and my heart beat accelerated, on seeing what the video contains. This can’t be, no it can be true.