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His Not My Colour Chapter Twenty Nine

His Not My Colour

💃🏿💃🏿 His not my colour 💃🏿💃🏿
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Twenty Nine
Theme: A warning.

☹️Mrs Hunters ☹️

I was busy watching my afternoon show, when a crying Eva, walked into my sitting room and I sighed, what does she wants now.

“With your crying mood, I can tell your plan to seduce my son, didn’t go so well.” I said in a bored tune, taking a sip from my cup of tea.

“Well, i almost got him, but that Nigerian bitch must have done something to him, for him to reject me, the way he did.” Ugh, she’s always complaining, never stops complaining, and I’m so glad the president daughter has her eyes on my son, which means, I don’t need this fool anymore.

“Ohh sweetheart, why don’t you sit next to me.” I said, placing a fake smile on my face and tapping the space next to me.

“Ohh mother, if I ever lay my eyes on that Nigerian bitch ever again, I’ll so deal with her.” She laments and I sigh, sorry Eva, but you won’t have that chance to do anything to her, I already took care of her. Yeah, I never told Eva my plans of dealing with Elo.

“You won’t be getting the chance to deal with her anymore, Eva. Cause I’ll be right there to protect her.” My son says walking into the room, alongside his two friends and my daughter, and I am more than shocked to see him, I quickly replaced the shock look on my face and smiled sweetly at my son.

“Ohh, son whatare you doing here, you never told me you were coming.” I utter.

“Mother,save your dramatic lies, I don’t want to hear it. How could you kidnapped, Elo’s parent, how could you do that.” He yelled at me, how did he find out, wait a minute, it must be that goody two shoes I call my daughter, she’s the only one that overheard my conversation with Elo, and I confirmed my suspicious when I turned to look at her and she looks downward immediately. Aghh.

“Come on son, I was only being a good mother to you, I was protecting you.” I cried out In dismay, but my words only angered my son the more.

“For Christ’s sake mum, kidnapping my girlfriend’s parents and then forcing her to go back to her country, isn’t protecting, and since when did I ever need your protection, huh?.” I had to step back, afraid my own son would hit me, I could see his trying so hard not to hit me.

“Jake, will you stop raising your voice at me, I’m your mother and I gave birth to you, don’t you ever talk to me like that, ever again.”

“Yeah, you’re my mother, my mother who takes away the only woman I love so dearly. Now, let me tell you something mother, I am going to Nigeria, to get my girl back and I don’t want you coming between the both of us, ever again.”

“I’ll not sit back and watched you date that filthy Nigerian girl, is never happening, never.”

“Is either you let me date the woman I love or, I’ll leave you the same way father left you, you won’t have a son anymore, mother.” He spits out with so much venom, and my eyes widen in shock, he’s just angry, there’s no way he can really mean that right, he would never disown me as a mother, right.

“Don’t you think, I’m saying this all because of anger, cause I mean it, hurt her again, and then you’ll get to find out if I’m joking or not, good day mum.” He says and walked out and his friends along with Emma, followed him.

I fell back on the couch, I can’t believe I’m on the verge of losing my son, because of a girl. I can’t let that happen, I can’t lose my son the same way I lost my husband, to another woman, I can’t let that happen.

She had lost her husband, due to her insensitive character, all she ever cared for was her status and money, she woke up one day to a divorce papers on her bedside drawer, and that was the end of the relationship, she’s lucky her husband wasn’t able to take the kids from her, even though he almost did.

If letting her son date the Nigerian girl, would make him not to leave her, then she will have to accept Elo, even if she hates the girl, for her son, she will accept her.


🔘Jake’s POV 🔘

“Jake, don’t you think that was too harsh, you wouldn’t really leave her right?.” Emma, asks.

“No, if there’s one thing mother fears a lot, is the thought of any of us leaving her, so let her think I’m going to leave her, and then she will never try to harm Elo. But just so you know, if mother ever touches Elo again, then I will carry out my threat.”

“Wow, so what’s next.”

“What’s next, is that I’m going to Nigeria, to get trouble back.”


😥 Elo’s POV 😥

“Elo! Elo! Elo! Elo, I say come back here, come back here, Elo.” My mum yells, following me into the sitting room and I ignored her and sits next to my father.

“Elo, why are you ignoring your mum, are you not the one she’s calling.” My father says, taking his eyes off the news his watching in NTA News 24, he has been watching this news since in the morning and this is already 7:30pm in the evening, if anybody dares change it, the kind of slap the person would receive ehn, let me not talk. I don’t know why somebody will buy Gotv, then all we will be watching in this house is news 24hrs.

“Papa, tell mama to leave me alone, is it by force to eat, I said I don’t want to eat, I do not want to eat, ahh!.” I exclaim frowning.

“Will you shut up, that your mouth wey you dey run like tap so, ehn, I will soon cut it. Papa Ajiri, tell your pikin Elo, make she come eat.” My mum said, hands on her waist, glaring at me, but wait oo, is it by force to eat, this woman should leave me alone, no be food dey do me now.

“Mama, I said I don’t want to eat.” I retort, shaking my head stubbornly.

“Elo!! Oya enter….”

“Woman it’s okay, stop turning my house to a mad house, go, I will talk to her.” My father concludes, cutting my mum off.

“So, na me dey turn this house into mad house abi, so you dey tell me say, me I dey mad, no problem I go enter house, but make you better talk this daughter of yours, talk to her.” My father sighs, as my mum walked out of the sitting room and then turned to me, ” Elo, why don’t you want to eat?.”

“Papa I’m not hungry, I don’t feel….”

“It’s a lie, no mind you pikin oo, she wan eat, but na that her america burger na im dey make her no eat.” My mum yells from the kitchen and I roll my eyes.

“You see your life, when they will say go to school you won’t go to school, what you just said now, does it even make sense to your ear.” My father yells back.

“That one, na im concern you my husband, and as for you Elo you better con eat oo, just because I dey disappointed In you, no mean say I dey ready to bury any pikin oo, you better con eat, how person go dey for three days, no eat. Open mouth dey tell me say, you no hungry. What nonsense.” She utters and hissed, ooh geez, is it bad that I don’t have appetite to eat.

“Elo, see, I don’t understand this erm, your youthful heartbreak oo, but listen to your mother and eat, put something in your stomach. Wait, did somebody knock on the door.” My father asked, and I shaked my head, signifying a *no,* after a little while I heard a knock, and my father exclaimed, ” I knew I heard a knock, Elo go and open the door, I don’t know why at your young age, you won’t be hearing things well.”

I sluggishly stood up from the chair I’m sitting on and walked over to the door to open it, my eyes almost got out of their sockets and my mouth hung wide open as I stare at the person, standing right before me, I closed the door and opened it again, but he was still standing there, in front of me, I close the door again and then open it again, he is still standing here, i still closed the door again and then opened it again, but the image refused to go away,and he is fucking real.

How in God’s name is this possible. “Jake.” I whispered, staring at him, shocked.