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His Not My Colour Chapter Twenty Four

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ He’s Not My Colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ

His Not My Colour
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Twenty Four
Theme: One last fun

πŸ”Ή Elo’s Pov πŸ”Έ

“oh my God, Jake, i think I’m going to fall, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I yelled out, jake took me out to ice skating and I’ve been having a good time so far.

“You’re not going to fall, if I’m actually holding you, trouble. Stop being dramatic.” Jake says boredly.

“Did you just say I’m being dramatic, did you just call me a drama queen.” I said, hitting him on the chest and he rolls his eyes sighing.

“I didn’t call you a drama queen, I said you were being dramatic and you know it’s true.”

“Ugh, I can’t believe you right now, do you know what, stop holding me, if you think I’m being dramatic then I don’t want you, teaching me how to ice skate. Hmph.” I said, letting go of Jake’s hand, and that was a wrong decision, cause I came crashing down to the ground. Oh geez.

“Aren’t you going to help me up.” I ask Jake annoyed, seeing his just towering tight above me, having a huge grin on his face.

“Nope, I won’t help you up.” He says smiling.

“What do you mean by, you want help me up.” I asks, glaring at him.

“Exactly what it meant, babe.”

“Are you for real.” I asks, him shocked, I can’t believe Jake won’t help me up.

“Erm, let me think, oh yeah, I am for real. But I can help you, but you would have to agree that you’re actually a drama queen.” He says smirking and I glare at him, how dare him!.”

“No thanks, I’ll get up myself, I don’t need your fucking help.” I huffed and tried to get up but the stupid skating shoes made it really impossible, and so i fell flat on the floor again and my stupid boyfriend laughed at me.

“You’re so unbelievable, Jake. How dare you laugh at me, stop laughing.”

“I’m sorry babe, but I can’t, this is so hilarious, oh God.” He says, and burst into another round of laughter. Ughhhh!!!.

“Jake Hunters, help me get up.”

“Elo, cute trouble, I can’t do that, until you accept you’re a drama queen.” He says and oh God this snow is so freaking cold, ugh, I can’t believe I’m going to do what he his asking of me, well maybe before I go back to Nigeria, I should let him win in a challenge once. Okay, that’s just an excuse.

“Okay, fine, I’m a drama queen, now help me get up.” He smiled brightly and then stretched his hands out for me and I claimed it, and i got up on my feet with his help.


“Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! Give me my corndogs, give them back to me.” Jake yells running after me but I didn’t stop, I kept on running in the park. I took his corndogs from the corndog seller when the man was about giving it to him.

“For God’s sake, Elo, give me my corndogs.” He yells, and I can tell his already getting tired.

“Nope, I will not give them to you, unless you say that I’m not, a drama queen.” I said, standing, cause his actually resting a little bit and so there’s no way he can take the corndogs from me.

“No!, I’ll not do that.” He replies me frowning and I grinned, “if you won’t say that, then I’ll just eat it all.” I know his going to give in to my demands, because this is the very last corndogs, we actually ate it all up.

“You won’t do that.” He growls, glaring at me, am I not so wonderful, i helped Jake in finding his best food which is corndogs.

“Dare me.” I replied him smirking.

“Ugh, you are not a drama queen. Can I have my corndogs back, now!.”

“Not with that tone of voice, you can’t.” I said frowning at him, and he sighs.

“Please can I have my corndogs.” He pleads, and I smile then gave him two sticks of corndogs, and ate the other two.

“That wasn’t the deal, trouble, you were supposed to return all my corndogs, not eat them.” Jake yells frowning and I smirked at him, “we never had a deal mister.”


πŸ€ Jake’s Pov πŸ€

“Hmmhmm.” I moaned kissing trouble, our tongue rolling together, spittles missing, she groans in my mouth, her hands running along my hair, i separates from her and pulled off her gown, then carried her, to the bedroom.

“Wait, let’s bath.” Trouble says, and i groaned, i want to have her now, i don’t want to fucking wait.

“Come on Jake, I want to take extremely good care of you, let me do that love.” She whispers sexily in my ear, holding unto my dick. Her voice alone, made me stand up, and i offed my clothes quickly.

“Lay.” She whispers in my ear, and I lay down in the bathtub, anticipating what she has planned. She runs hands along my chest and my breathing increase, she climbs into the bathtub and then runs her hands along my chest, breathing feverishly, her touch alone, ignite flames of desires in me.

“I want you to let me take care of you, Jake. Do not interrupt me or try to touch me, okay.” She says, and I gulped down, then nod in agreement to her request.

I watched her bring her mouth closer to my chest, then sucked on both my nipples, her hands slides down my body and held my dick, she pumps on it slow at first and my breath hitched. “Oh jeez, this is damn good, trouble, fuck.” My words encouraged her and she moves her hands faster, up and down my my dick, her mouth doing wonders to my nipples.

Then she stops and takes the sponge and soap, rubbed the soap on the sponge then kept the soap back, she smirks at me and pulled off her bra, setting her boobs free and my mouth wanted nothing else but to suck on both of them, my hands itched to have a feel of both of them, I wish I didn’t agree to what she requested.

She takes the sponge and sponged herself, while I watch, she scrubbed her boobs, and I gulped down saliva as I watch her play with her boobs, squeezing her nipples, her hands slide down to her pussy and she insert a finger in it then another one and pumped it on and out of her, her face shows delight in what she did, “trouble, you’re torturing me.” I groaned. I want to be the one touching and squeezing her boobs, I want to be the one pumping my fingers out of her.

“Shhhhhhhhhh.” She says placing a finger on my lips, then slide down my body with her boobs, leaving trails of soap on my chest, she slides back up her boobs, pressing really hard on my body, oh goddddddddd.

She smirks at me knowing the feelings she’s arousing in me, I watched her as she brings her fingers out of her wet self and then licked on both her fingers sensually and I glare at her, I want to be the one licking off her juice off her hands, not her doing that. This is pure torture.

“How are you doing love.” She asks smirking.

“You know the answer to that.” I groaned, glaring at her.

“Let me guess, you want to have a feel of my boobs, you want to suck on it and squeeze it, you want to bury your face between my legs and lap off all my juice, you want to have your dick buried in me like this…” She says and lower herself on my dick, she takes in all of it, “oh my goddddddddd, your dick feels so good in me.” She moans out, not moving. Seriously.

Okay, I’m not taking this torture anymore, “Get up!.” I growled and she got up immediately. One thing I found about Elo, is when it comes to sex, she’s a little bit daring, she loves to dominate me on bed but at the same time has a submissive side.

I got up from the bathtub, and carried her up against the wall, then slammed my dick into her without wasting time. “Oh my God, Jake.” I smirked watching the look of pleasure in her face. I turned on the shower and let the water drizzle on our body.

I thrust into her repeatedly, drops of water falling down my face as our moans mixed, “don’t you ever, fucking leave me, trouble.” I whisper in her ears as I repeatedly slam my dick into her wet hole.


😒 Elo’s Pov 😒

I opened my eyes gradually, and I smile as my eyes lands on Jake’s sleeping face, I take in a deep breath and untangled myself out of his hold, I sat on the bed and then checked the time, it’s 4:00pm, I still have time, Mrs Hunters said, my flight is 8:30.

I stood up from the bed and wore my clothes, then gathered my belongings, I took one look at Jake’s face and walked out of the room, this is it. I’m so sorry Jake but I have no choice.


πŸ₯€ Rose Pov πŸ₯€

“What are you doing Elo, why are you packing your stuff.” I asks Elo, walking into the room.

“I’m leaving rose, I’m going back to Nigeria.” She says, and I laughed.

“Elo, you’re so funny, now tell me why are you packing your belongings.” I asks her again, and the look of seriousness she had on her face, was enough to make me believe, that, she isn’t joking.

“Why? Why? Why are you going back to Nigeria, the semester isn’t over.” I utter frantically.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you why.” She says and kept on placing her things in her bag, I sighed and walked out of the room to call Jake, and then inform him of what his girlfriend is up to, once I was done with the call, I came back into the room and acted like I didn’t just snitch on my friend, I found out that, Elo didn’t even tell Jake she was traveling.

“Trouble, trouble.” Jake yells running into the room. Elo turns around and a look of shock appears on her face.

“What are you doing here. You’re not supposed to be here.” Elo says.

“Why? Because you don’t want me your boyfriend, to know that you’re leaving, Elo you’re traveling and you didn’t even care to inform me.” Jake utters angrily.

“You shouldn’t have come here Jake, now you leave me with no choice but to do this..”

“Do what?.” Jake asks her confused.

“It’s over between the both of us, Jake Hunters, I’m breaking up with you.” Oh my God, Elo did not just said that.

“What!!.” Jake and I yelled at the same time, staring at Elo in surprise.

“You heard what I said, I’m breaking up with you, Jake.” Shit.