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His Not My Colour Chapter Twenty Eight

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Twenty Eight
Theme: Revealed

😀 Eva’s POV 😀

I watched as Jake eyes widen, in surprise and I smirk, I’ve got his attention. I walked up to him with a sexy smile on my face, “so should we go inside or..” I drawled, trailing invisible lines on his chest. He held my hand and then said, “There, would be no need for that, cause you’re leaving my house, right this minute.”

“Come on Jake, I know you want me, I know you want this.” I said pointing at my body, besides, which guy wouldn’t want this.

Jake smirks, and then whispered in my ear, “Tell me Eva, what is there to want in your body, is it your deflated boobs.” He touched my boobs, raised it up and brought it down back, having a sly smile on his face.

“Or is it your ass, please what will i be holding, if I’m banging you against the wall, Eva, I could stare at your naked body all day, and my dick will never raise an inch, I don’t fuck slut, Eva.” Jake’s spits out, having a disgusted look on his face, and I quickly picked up my coat and covered my body in shame. If I can’t even make his dick hard, then how am I going to seduce him. Oh geez.

“That’s more like it, cover up cause nobody want to see your disgusting body, now you better get out of my house or I’ll call my security to throw you out.”

“This is not the end, Jake.” I said angrily and walked out of his house, God, I’ve never been this ridiculed before in my life. Aghhhhhh.


“I can’t believe, Eva would be so shameless.” Carl utters, having a disgusted look on his face. Eva, shameless attitude wasn’t really a surprise to me, since I already know what kind of girl she is. She is a slut.

“Well, let’s look at it from a bright side, shameless Eva, made you come to school today.” Gage comments, and I rolled my eyes.

“So.. Jake, have you tried calling Elo.” Carl asks, and I blinked my eyes severally, looking at him shocked.

“Why should I call her, she was the one who broke up with me, not the other way round.”

“So.., but don’t you think she might have her reasons, like Elo doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that would date a guy because of money.”

“I don’t care if she loved me for my money, or my popularity, I don’t fucking care, Carl. The bottom line is that she left, okay, and so I do not want to talk about her.” I snapped.

“Well, I was just saying, no need to snap at me.” Carl mutters, glaring at me.

“You know, Carl might be right, what if Elo had her reasons.” Emma says walking into the class.

“Emma, please, I do not have time for your lectures, aren’t you supposed to be having lectures.”

“Nope, I’m free and Jake, Carl is right, Elo did had her reasons, she was forced to go back to her country.” Emma revealed.

“What are you saying, Emma.” I ask her, looking confused.

“Exactly what I’m saying bro.”


🀯 Emma’s POV 🀯

“Gage, I don’t really know about this, just because I had lunch with you, doesn’t mean I want it to be a regular thing, it’s just a one time thing and that’s it.” I said into the phone, how Gage got my number, I can’t tell.

“Come on, Emma, I don’t see anything wrong with the both of us eating together, again. Must it be a one time thing, and hey, there’s fried chicken.” Ugh, well I guess eating with Gage, in a fancy restaurant, can’t really mean, we are on a date right, yes, it doesn’t really mean we are on a date.

“Fine, I’ll be there, but just for the record, this is not a date.”

“Of course it’s not a date.” He says, and I can feel the sly smile, gracing his kissable lips. Ugh.

I hung up, and then look for a dress that’s is as normal as possible, a dress that doesn’t scream, hey I’m going on a date. I didn’t put on any makeup, I carried my purse and then head downstairs, I felt tasty so I went to the kitchen first to grab a bottle of water, once I was done drinking, I placed the empty bottle in a waste bin and head for the sitting room, I was about going in, when I head my mum’s voice. “Sorry Elo that’s one thing I can’t do for you, you better leave this country or your mother fingers would be mailed to you, don’t dare me, Elo.” Elo, what’s Elo doing here, I peeped through the door and Elo was right there in the middle of sitting room, glaring at my mum, I’m sure if she had the chance, she would kill my mum right there. But what does my mum, mean by she would mail her mother’s finger to her. Hmm.

“You’re so wicked, and to say you’re a mother, is actually disappointing.” Elo spits out.

“Oh please spare me the insults Elo. Since I’m feeling generous, here’s the cheque my son returned, you can have it and leave my son, my country and my school, failure to do so and you know what will happen. My men will be at the airport, watching out for you, they would give you, your plane ticket and watch you board the plane, after that they will report to me. No funny business, Elo, don’t dare me.” My mum threatened, and I gasp in shock, I watched as Elo, tore the cheque angrily and walked out of the house.

“You can come out, Emma. I know you’re behind that door.” My mum drawls, and I walked into the sitting room, slowly.

“Now, my precious daughter, I know you must have heard the conversation, between Elo and I, you better not say a single word to your brother, or I might be forced to forget you’re my daughter.” My eyes widen in shock, as I stare at my mum, she can’t really harm me, can she do that.

“Now, I can see you’re all dressed up, why don’t you run along and forget what you heard and saw.” She says casually and then walked out of the sitting room.

End of flashback

πŸ˜₯ Jake’s POV πŸ˜₯

“So you’re saying, mum is the reason why, Elo broke up with me.” I ask, Emma once she was done talking.

“Yeah, and i later did my findings, and I found out mum had her whole family kidnapped, so the only way Elo could save them, was by breaking up with you and also leaving the country.” Emma explained, and I dig my hand into my hair, furiously. Here I was getting angry at my cute trouble, not knowing she was actually facing a huge problem and to think she tore the cheque in my mum’s face, well that’s my cute trouble.

“So.. now that you know the truth, what are you going to do.” Gage asks.

“I’m going to travel to Nigeria and get my trouble back, but first I have to have a word with my mother and make sure she doesn’t cause any more troubles to my girl.” I said determined.

“Okay, I understand the part where you want to talk to your mother, but are you really going to travel to Nigeria.” Gage asks shocked.

“Yeah, I’m getting my trouble back.”