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His Not My Colour Chapter Three

His not my colour

💃🏿💃🏿His Not My Colour💃🏿💃🏿
🏫A Nigerian Girl In An American school 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Three
Theme: Enemies

😋 Elo’s Pov 😋

Jake was about walking away with his friends when I shouted, “Hey! Hey! Stop right there!!.” I yelled walking up to him, in quick strides, Jake looks around confuse if his the one I’m calling, then he started moving again. Idiot.

“I SAID STOP RIGHT THERE, yes it’s you Mr Jake I’m talking to you.” I yelled out again, and finally got to his front.

“How dare you throw food away, if you didn’t want the cake you should have just said no. Hmm, this cake is really delicious ooh.” I said in delight, cutting out from the cake on the girls face, hey don’t look at me like that, I love cake.

“Godddddd, girl you bake the best cake. I’m literally in heaven.” I moaned the more, cutting more pieces of cake from her hair.

“Godddddd, Jake your missing a lot. Do you know what, why don’t we make a deal, I could be your secetary and take all this goodies from you. What do you say, is it a deal.” I ask him stretching my hand for him to shake and he only looked at me blinking his eyes then walked right past me. That’s rude, he should simply say, yes or no.

“So is that a yes or a no, hey I’m confused.” I yelled out running after him and his friends, I used my hand and dragged him back, forgetting my hand is coated in cake.

When he turns around to stare at me, he has this look that he would love to kill me right there and then bury me alive.

“So…… Is it a yes or a no.” I asks smiling awkwardly. He tightens his fist looking at me and then walked away.

“So am I hired, am I not.” I yelled after him but he didn’t stop he just kept on walking.

“You could be my secetary.” A voice says behind me, I turned around and to see Gage smirking at me.

“First thing first, do you also get those sweet goodies.”

“Of course.” He says still having his smirk on.

“Prove it.”

“Okay, who wants to give me a chocolate here.” He yells out and a lot of girls rushed over to him, yelling “take mine.” I collected each of the sweet deliciousness from them and Gage looked at me surprise. Why is he surprise.

“Well boss you juys got yourself a secetary.” I said grinning opening one of the chocolates.

“So sweet hmm.” I moaned out taking a bite frpm the chocolate.

“Okay then lead the way, secetary.” Gage says, giving me an amused look.

“Yes boss.” I said dragging him by the hand, then I stop all of a sudden and stare at him shocked, “wait where are we going.”

“Oh me, I don’t know, you were the one dragging me, leading me to God’s knows where.”

“Erm, you asked me to the lead the way, I was only doing what you asked me to.” I argued. He was about to say something when rose was walked in on us. “Rose how could you….” She stops in mid-sentence, on seeing Gage. Ugh.

“Rose, eyes here.” I snapped and she smiled nervously at me.

“Actually we have a class now, English actually.” Rose says trying not to stare at Gage.

“Okay then, boss I’ll be going now. See you later.” I said and dragged a lovesick Rose by her hands.

“Elo let go of my hand, you don’t even know the direction to the lecture hall, you’re going the wrong way.” Rose yells and I stopped immediately.

“Excuse me, I wasn’t the one eye raping Gage a minute ago.” I huff.

“What do you expect, his so handsome.”

“Ugh, please lead the way to the lecture hall.” She rolls her eyes at me and then together we both walked to the lecture hall.

“Hey, I’m Lisa, would you mind giving this to Gage for me.” A girl says, the minute my ass touched my seat, she smiles at me stretching a white canvas to me.

“Sure why not.” I said taking it from her and that was how half of the class queue in front of my desk, handing me various stuffs to give to Gage and of coures I collected each and every one of them.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE!!!.” A voice yells and everyone rushed to their seats, making way for a model figure girl, in sparkling clothes, two beautiful girls stands at both her left and right side, and I looked at them wondering who they are. Well, I did not have to wonder much, since I have Rose sitting next to me.

“The girl in front is, she’s the queen bee of this school, her father is the prime minister and also Jake’s fiancee, trust me when I say you don’t want to mess with her. The girl at her right is Emily, the second in command, she’s also from a rich home, and lastly the third girl is Emma, she’s the sister of Jake and together this girls are the 3 E, they are the most popular girls in this university, Elo stay away from them.”

“Are the two of you deaf, I asked what is going on here.”

“It’s nothing act..”

“What is going here is none of your business.” I said cutting off Rose and everybody in the class gasps. Like wait I be Delta babe oo, and you expect me make I respect this thing, how that one wan take happen.

“Okay I get this feeling that you’re new in this school, so I’ll introduce myself, I’m Eva Richardson, my father is the prime minister of America and lastly I’m Jake’s fiancee.” She says and I yawned out.


“Look here new girl, I run this school so you better learn how to respect me or I’ll make sure you get expelled.”

“Typical rich kids, always running to their parents to solve their problems. Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! A black girl just insulted me, I want her expelled. Girl in the real world we fight fight our own battles, we don’t need our mummies and daddies to do it fo us but of course you can’t fight for yourself, so run along cry baby, run to mama and let her change your diaper, baby Eva .” I mocked and the class burst out laughing, Eva’s face turns red in embarrassment, she angrily walks out of the class not without saying, “This is not the end.”

“Girl do you know what you’ve just done.” Rose exclaims.

“Nope.” I said, popping the p.

“You just made yourself an enemy.”

“Nah, in Nigeria that girl is no match for me, so whatever game plan she has let her bring it on and I’ll show her that I’m a true nigerian girl.” I said grinning.

To be Continued…

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