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His Not My Colour Chapter Thirty

His Not My Colour

๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ His not my colour ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฟ
๐ŸซA crazy Nigerian girl In An American School ๐Ÿซ

โœ๏ธ Written by Wilfred Bright โœ๏ธ
Chapter Thirty

๐Ÿ˜‘ Jake’s POV ๐Ÿ˜‘

I felt so nervous as I stood in front of Elo’s house, I contemplated, if I should knock on the door or not, would she be happy to see me, or… I took in a deep breath and then knocked on the house door. No answer.

“Are you sure, this is her house. This place is so…” Emma states, looking around the compound with a disgusted look.

“For the last time Emma, this is the house, and if you don’t like the state of the compound, remember I never asked you to tag along.” I whispered to her annoyed.

“And Emma, I don’t see what’s really disgusting in this place, the compound is neat, it’s just the sand that’s too much and how can you even see that much, when it’s dark.” Rose asked,yeah you guessed right, the whole gang is here both Carl and Gage, everybody wants to follow Jake to Nigeria, and see how his love story goes. Ugh.

I ignored them and knocked on the door again, I waited for about a few minute and still no reply, I was about knocking on the door again, when the door got opened by the one person I so much wants to see. Trouble.

She opened the door, and I grinned, then her eyes grew big and her mouth opened really wide, staring at me in uttermost shock, but what she did next, I didn’t expect it, she closed the door on me, like, she actually… Oh wait she’s opening it back again, and well she closed it back again, what in God’s name is wrong with her.

Carl gave me a confusing stare, and I shrugged my shoulders, I was about knocking on the door, again, when she opened it, “Elo, is there anybody at the door, why are you closing it and then opening it back again, who’s at the door.” A man’s voice asked from inside the house, and I’m pretty sure, Elo didn’t hear him, cause she’s too busy staring at me shocked.

“Jake.” She whispers, and I had the intense urge to kiss her, and that’s exactly what I did.

๐Ÿ˜ฎ Elo’s POV ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

To say I’m shock it’s an understatement, I am more than shocked to see Jake, standing in front of my house, and when he kissed me I was too shocked to even reply, okay scratch that, I did returned the kiss, why wouldn’t i kiss the one lips have been dying to kiss.

“(Clears throat, twice) I don’t know what’s going on but whatever is happening in front of my house has to stop.” My father says, clearing his throat and, jake and I quickly separated from each other.

“What are you doing here.” I asked him still shocked by his presence.

“I should be the one asking the questions, not you. Why did you lie to me?.”

“Or maybe I should be the one asking the questions. Firstly, Elo who’s this young man?.” My father asks eyeing Jake.

“Isn’t it obvious, he is Elo Americana boyfriend.” My mum says walking into the sitting room.

“I wasn’t asking you Beatrice, I am asking my daughter,and I want an answer from her.” My father says, glaring at my mum and she hissed.

“Good day sir, good day ma’am.” Jake greeted, stretching forth his hand for an handshake.

“Abeg na wetin he talk.” My mother asks my dad, having a confused look on her face.

“Are you asking me, even me too I didn’t hear what he said.” My father replies her.

“I thought you are Mr English, the only man who has gone to school, for the whole of iyede, wetin happen na, wey you no con understand this one.” My mum mocked.

“When they will say go to school, you will not go to school, have you seen your life now, is it the English he spoke that I did not understand, or his Americana accent.” My father retorts and my mum hissed.

“Abeg e, make I hear, anyway Americana people, you all should come and seat down, ehn.” What does she mean by all of you should come and seat, is it not just Jake, agh mum and English.

“Mama what do you mean by….. Oh my God, noway, Rose, Carl, Gage and Emma, you guys are here too!.” I exclaimed, how is it possible I didn’t see them.

Uhm, because you were to busy with Jake. My subconsciousness replied boredly, and I rolled my inner eyes at her. Yeah I have inner eyes, no need to be surprised.

“Don’t you even dare, try to hug me.” Rose yelled, using her hands to make the stop sign.

“Rose, come on don’t tell me you’re mad at me.”I grumbled frowning at her.

“Why won’t I be mad at you, we are supposed to be best friends, and you couldn’t even tell me Mrs Hunters kidnapped your family and forced you to break up with Jake and leave.” She utters angrily.

“Well, what were you expecting me to do, I was so confused, all I wanted to do was save my family, I couldn’t think!!.” I exclaimed.

“Ugh, I guess so. I’m sorry, I was just mad at the fact that you couldn’t even confide in me, but well it’s okay and I missed you.” She cried out and opened her hands wide for a hug, and I wasted no time in getting in on it.

“You should apologize to Jake, you really broke his heart.” Rose whispered and I sighed, then separated from Rose and walked over to Jake.


“Seriously you’re going to go with an hi, you should have seen how shattered my brother was, so don’t you just hi hi him.” Emma yelled out, and I rolled my eyes, why should I apologise to him, he wasn’t the one who’s family was kidnapped, so what if I didn’t tell him about the whole ordeal, ugh, they all need to stop blaming me.

“Trouble.” Jake calls softly and I raised my head to look at him, ohh, how I miss hearing that name, trouble. “Trouble, I’m sorry my mum kidnapped your family, and I’m sorry I didn’t find out the truth on time.” He apologized, his eyes boring into mine affectionately, at that moment, I forgot the company I had around me, all I wanted was his lips against mine, my wish would have been granted if not for the rudely interruption from my dad. Agh.

“Elo! Elo! Elo! Elo!.” I took a step back, away from Jake frowning at my father.

“Yes Papa.”

“Tah! Will you shut up your mouth, did I raised you up to be kissing a man in front of me, a man that you’re yet to introduce to me.” Father asked glaring at me and I sighed.

“Papa, this is Jake hunters, Rose, Carl, Gage, and Emma, Jake’s sister, any other thing.”

“And who’s this Jake to you.” Ugh seriously, why the many questions now. Agh.

“Ohhhh God, na wetin be your own na, Papa Ajiri, E no dey obvious say, na this guy be the Americana boyfriend, abeg Elo no mind your Papa. Jake you’re highly welcome, as I dey see you so ehn, you don marry my pikin already.”

“Mama!! Were you not the one saying, you were disappointed in me for having a boyfriend and now you’re saying all this.” I exclaimed, my eyes as wide as a saucer.

“So….” She drawled, wait, is she seriously sayings that, ugh, I can’t believe her.


It’s late in the night, I and Jake could be seen in the football field, sitting down on the bare grass, we haven’t really said anything yet, I guess we both don’t know what to say. I’m not complaining about the silence, I kind of love it.

“So did you miss me.” Jake asks, breaking the peaceful silence between us. Did I miss him? Of course I did, I miss him every little single moment that passed.

“No, I did not miss you.” I replied him, keeping a straight face and he looks at me really, shocked by my lie. “You’re joking right, you don’t exactly mean that.”

“Who told you I’m joking, I did not miss you Jake hunters.” I stated flatly, staring at the beautiful stars that adorns the evening sky.

“And you think I’ll believe that right.” He says smirking, and then he pokes the side of my waist, and I yelled out asking him not to do it again, but of course Jake didn’t listen, he continued, and ugh, I’m a very ticklish person, soon I found myself lying down straight on the floor, laughing my ass out, with Jake on top of me, tickling the hell out of me, our laughter resonated through out the football field. aghhhh, i feel so happy.