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His Not My Colour Chapter Thirty Three

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ
🏫A crazy Nigerian girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Thirty Three
Theme: Please, help me.

😌 Elo’s POV 😌

“Ugh, I’m so glad to be back here, I missed you bed.” I sighed happily, laying down flat on the bed, and Jake chuckles.

“And I’m so glad to have you back, as my girlfriend.” Jake says, and lays down next to me on the bed.

“That’s so sweet, Jake and thanks for coming back, for me.” I said, a little bit tearful.

“Why won’t I?, When I love you so much.” He says, his eyes staring straight into mine, and my heart explodes into million fire works, how did I get so lucky.

“You’re my breath(a kiss on my forehead), you’re my heart beat(a kiss on my cheeks), you’re my life(a kiss on my lips), you’re my everything, Elo.” He whispers huskily, trailing kisses down my neck, and my breathing increased, I felt a tingling sensation between my legs, “oh godddddd.” I moaned as he takes my left br**st into his mouth, sucking it like his life depended on it.

My hands runs through his hair, pushing his head further, wanting more of the sweet pleasure, he makes me feel. His mouth sucked on my breast sensually and his hands travels down my body, he takes off my tight and then pulled off my panties, and puts in a finger, in my abode, then adds another finger, then brings it in and out repeatedly, I moaned out begging him not to stop.

“You’re so wet, fuck I want you now.” He breaths in huskily, and takes off his shirt and I helped him out of his trouser, and then his briefs, my body trembling in excitement, anticipating his dick in me. I brought out his manhood and stroked him repeatedly.

“Aghh, you drive me crazy trouble, no one can ever arouse me the way you do, not even Eva.” He groans and I stopped what I was doing immediately.

“What’s wrong babe, why did you do stop.” He questions looking confused.

“Why did you call her name, what brought Eva into this.” I asks him frowning, changing my kneeling position to a sitting position.

“Ugh, I didn’t mean to call her name babe, it’s just that she was here a couple of weeks ago, she tried seducing me and well I didn’t fall for her stupid charms, I wasn’t even attracted to her.”

“Wait, you mean that bitch, Eva, came here and tried seducing you.” I asks him shocked, I can’t really picture Eva doing something as low as that.

“Well.., yeah.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe that bitch, ohh, am so going to give her piece of my mind, how dare her seduce my boyfriend.” I uttered annoyed.

“Technically, I wasn’t really your boyfriend, you broke up with me.” Jake says, in a low voice and I huffed.

“Are you for real right now, like are you trying to say it’s my fault she seduced you or, are you on her side.”

“What! No, you know that’s not what I meant to say, I was only saying, do you know what, just forget I actually said anything.” He said, trying to end the argument, but I’m not ready to end it.

“Forget what, how do you expect me to forget something, that you already said, is already registered in my memory, so I can’t just forget it, okay.”


“Don’t call my name, like that, and do you know what, I’m going back to the hostel.” I quickly stood up and put on my panties and my tight, then arranged my clothes well.

“What the hell, Elo. You can’t just leave, when I’m still having one hell of a boner.”

“Oh, I’m about doing that Jake, I’m leaving, why don’t you go and meet Eva, to help you with, your boner huh?, Who knows, maybe she did succeeded in seducing you, but you’re just lying to me, I’m out of here.” I yelled, and walked out of his room.

“Come on, you can’t be really serious.” Is he seriously saying that, I’m already leaving your house, idiot.

Okay, maybe I did overreacted, but I’m not changing my mind, I’m going back to the hostel, what can I say, I’m too proud to beg. Ugh.


πŸ˜₯Mrs Hunters POV πŸ˜₯

I inhaled the cigarette, and took a sip from the glass of wine, the house feels fucking lonely, I feel fucking lonely. I sent my maids away, and my kids haven’t even paid me a visit since they got back from Nigeria. They hate me. I’m a bad mother, and a proud mother, who’s to proud to apologise to her kids.

I puffed the smoke out in the air, and stare at the TV blankly, a movie, is being showed on the TV, but I’m too broken hearted to know what the movie is about. I sighed heavily, and picked my sad self from the floor, and climbed my bed, with the cigarette in hand, I stared at the ceiling, and wonder, if this is how my life would remain for the rest of my days on this Earth, would my kids always be this distanced from me.

I was so deep in thought that I didn’t even know, when I fell asleep.

I feel hot, so hot. I could feel the sweats trickling down my face, and I can’t understand where the hotness is coming from, my nose caught a whiff of smoke and I opened my eyes immediately in panic, and I was shocked to see fire surrounding me, oh my God what I’m I going to do, I stood up from my bed and tried to look for a way out and there’s none. I quickly took my phone, from the floor and dialled the emergency number, oh damn, I don’t know the emergency number, i stared at my phone in confusion and then decide to call Eva , she didn’t pick, I called Jake next, he also didn’t pick, I called Emma, still the same thing. I called my three friends and none of them answered my call, I redialled all the numbers and still yet no answer, it was like the whole universe is angry at me. I stood in my room confused, not knowing what to do, I searched through my contacts, and my eyes caught a particular number, I took in a deep breath and dialled the number, praying the person answers it, no answer, I dialled it again, coughing out seriously, the smoke it’s already affecting, I sighed in relief, when call got answered.

“Help me, please help me, my house is on fire.” I said into the phone, and then fall to the floor, coughing out really bad.